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Effect of chilling stress on genomics of plants

Effect of chilling stress on genomics of plants



Botany Assignment

Botany Assignment



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    Effect of chilling stress on genomics of plants Effect of chilling stress on genomics of plants Document Transcript

    • Assignment Effect of Chilling stress on Genomics of PlantsSubmitted to: DR. RIZWAN RASHEEDSubmitted by: ___________Roll No. _______ MSc 4th Smester (Evening) Department of BotanyGovernment College University Faisalabad
    • Contents 1. Introduction 2. Effect of Stress 3. Effect of temperature regions 4. Chilling Sensitivity and contribution of membrane lipids 5. Effect on rice 6. Effect of low temperature on plant growth 7. Role of Bacteria in plant life 8. Future Prospects
    • Effect of Chilling stress on Genomicsof PlantsIntroduction:Genomics is deal with the study of genomes or genes of organisms. It is used for genemapping and DNA sequence of the organisms. So, the genomics is said to be the study ofgenes of all the cells, tissues at DNA, MRNA and protein levels. Genomics play veryimportant role in life history of plants or organisms. It has a broader scope in scientificstudy. On the basis of stress, plants are divided in three classes, plants who bear hightemperature, low temperature below freezing, low temperature above freezing. Thesestress shows that how the internal metabolism change and their bio-activity effect. Due tothese stress plant make them tolerate to the environmental conditions, so they becamemore adapted and tolerant. Finally future prospects are determined.Effect of Stress:Cold stress severely effect on plant life. Plant growth effect by cold stress. This stressmay effect by cold stress. This stress may effect transcription and post-transcriptionallevels, DNA,MRNA and gene relation. This stresses may lead to degradation of DNA andRNA.Low Temperature leads low O2:- Due to low temperature, O2 deficiency occur whichleads to stop the plant metabolism. Low O2 badly effect on plant life. Low O2 effect oncrop yield. O2 stress may change at molecular level, bio-chemical physiological,genetically and morphological changes. By providing proper amount of O2 , crop yieldmay increased.Effect of temperature regions:Plant that grow in temperature regions -5oC can survive due to their adoptions. If they donot adopt this environmental conditions, they do not survive and lead to death and cropyield may effected. Due to plant them suitable conditions crop varies and crop yieldenhanced.Chilling Sensitivity and contribution of membrane lipids:Due to chilling stress, lipid fatty acid breakdown occurs which lead to death of plants andso crop yield becomes less chilling temperature may effect membrane integrity.
    • Effect of water stress on plants water is a polar and vital solvent. It is the basic need ofplants. It provide medium for all bio-chemical processes. It regulated plant growth anddevelopment due to water limitation plant growth adversely effected because all chemicalprocess need water for proper functioning. If water stress takes place arid conditionoccurs which is harmful for plants. So adequate supply of water is necessary for plantgrowth and regulation.Effect on rice:Rice is very sensitive to chilling temperature on microspore releasing stage. At this stagemale sterility takes place. The gene expression also effected by chilling treatment. Generegulation also stops which effect on crop yield.Low temperature is the major a-biotic stress on plant yield and their production. It mayeffect on phenotype and genotype of the plants. It cause DNA and Protein degradation.Effect of low temperature on plant growth:Due to low or chilling temperature, plant metabolism effected. All the bio-chemicalsprocess effected.Role of Bacteria in plant life: Bacteria play a very important role in plant life. They enhanced their growth and development by fixing nitrogen. Plant acclimation and low temperature: Due to low temperature plant genes and their regulation may effected.Future Prospects:In future If proper supply of temperature is given to plants then so many advantages takesplace i.e 1. Plant growth will increase 2. Plant metabolism enhance 3. Plants become more tolerant. 4. Crop yield enhance that is positive sign for economy.