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Gps india product profile


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  • Garmin
  • T6P
  • DL700E+
  • S230
  • S730
  • S930L
  • AP 083
  • Probino3209ic
  • PL660/800
  • TP200
  • 29 0550
  • 29 0442
  • 300126
  • 29 0126
  • 301126
  • 260550
  • 21 0550
  • 280550
  • 25 0550
  • 290450 989362 Nishant Sharma
  • Apresys Temp & RH Data Logger
  • Speed Gun
  • Trail Camera
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    • 1. • eTrex 10Basic Handheld • GPS 72H Mapping • eTrex-20/30 •Oregon-450/550 Handheld • GPSMAP-62/78 •Montana-600/650 • Nuvi-2465LM/2565LM (India)Car Navigators • Nuvi-40 LM/ 50LM (India)Maps, Services • Data Cables •Map Cards& Accessories • Carry Cases •Repairs GPS India Networks Pvt. Ltd. D – 67, Ground Floor, Defence Colony, New Delhi – 110 024, India. Tel: +91 11 4174 0346/7 Fax: +91 11 4174 0348 Email: Web:
    • 2. DALI U3061i
    • 3. Detector type Amorphous Silicon mirco-bolometer Detector Array 384×288 characteristics size/format Field of 29.9°×22.6° or 14.8°×11.1° view/min focus distance Spatial 1.36mrad or 0.67mrad Image manage resolutions(IFOV) NETD ≤0.06℃@30℃ Frame rate 50HZ Focus Manual electronic focus•160×120 uncooled FPA detector Image display Spectral range Display 8~14μm Monocular OLED display(800×600)•One-hand operation Brightness/Gain Automatic/Manual adjustment•Carrying light Image polarity Hot black/hot white•Monocular OLED display Thermal image Electronic zoom 2X Noise reduction Yes•Good cost performance adjust Image Yes•Optional Lenses 18mm & 37mm enhancement Calibration Auto/manual•Works properly even after 1.8m drop test. Crosshair On/off Storage card 2G micro SD card Image storage File format picture or video Battery type Li-Ion, rechargeable Battery More than 3hours continuous operation operating time Power supply Charging system Intelligent charger External power 10~15V DC Power ≤4.5W(Normal operating at 25℃ ) consumption Operating -20℃~+50℃ temperature Environment Storage -40℃~+60℃ temperature Physical Weight ≤900g characteristics Dimensious 139mm×64mm×163(172)mm Extermal DC Yes input
    • 4. ED Spotting Scope (APO 83) Technical Specification Objective type Doublet,Fluoro glass,APO Field of view(degrees) 42°×(25x)-66°×(75x) Field of View 15.5m/46.5ft(75x) (ft/1000yds)(m/1000m) Objective lens Diameter ¢ 83mm Zoom eyepiece structure 8/5 Lens focal length 562.1mmHigh-quality ED lens material imported from Ohara co. Japan, high accuracy Field of view at 1,000m 122 mgrinding technology processed in Taiwan, to ensure perfect color correction, toachieve higher degree of color contrast and color restoration, lens separation Zoom eyepiece focal length 22.6mm ~ 7.63mmdesign, all optical components by total broadband multi-coated high-level andsharp, bright and transparent view. Actual field of view 1.7 degrees to 0.9 degreesFeatures:•All-metal structure, to ensure product durability. Visual field of view 42 degrees ~ 66 degrees•The outer surface of rubber armor to provide a solid grip handle, while effectiveagainst external damage. Near focus (m/ft.) 7m/21ft•Waterproof design-effectively prevent the rain and mist, dust, etc.•Big round hand wheel, ensure precise focusing, convenient, comfortable feel. Field of vision at 1000 m / 1000•Multi-angle bracket. 29.5mm ~ 15.5/88.5 ft ~ 46.5 ft yards•360-degree rotation.•Designed effective shading when needed with sight, to facilitate search and locate Exit pupil parameter 3.3mm(25x)~ 1.1mm(75x)targets•8 pieces 5 groups optical design Minimum focal length 7m•Water & Fog proof (Nitrogen purged)•Shock resistance Coating Super STM coated•Low distortion eyepiece even at sharp edges and the center•Excellent optical performance. Weight 2450g•Large eyepiece-wide field-grow great viewing pupil designed to provideconvenience Length 520mm•Excellent eyepiece bayonet reasonable design, easy assembly and disassemblyeyepiece, while with the eyepiece locking mechanism to ensure the safety eyepiecewill not fall. Waterproof Yes
    • 5. ProBino3209icFeatures: -Laser Radiation: FDA Class 1/CE Class 3AMeasurement Range: 10 -1200yardMeasuring Time:1-3 secondsAuto Power Off after 9 secondsPower: CR123A battery or equivalentThe ProBino3209ic is waterproof and nitrogen filled, standard IP549x magnification gives you plenty of power, with a wide field of view to track movement.The depth perception benefits of binoculars.Rugged, waterproof construction.The digital compass includes a declination setting for navigation.Measurements in yards or meters.Includes a built-in inclinometer.Battery power indicator for easy battery level checks. SpecificationsThe common CR123A battery is easy to change in the field.Two numeric displays so compass and range can be viewed simultaneously Magnification 9xImproves filter lens visibility in bright sunlight Objective Lens Diameter 32 (mm)Hunters that want the benefit of one piece of equipment that includes: Binoculars,Rangefinder, Inclinometer, Compass Measurement Accuracy ±1m/yd Transmitting Diameter 16mm Receiving Diameter 32mmFunctions Mode:- Exit Pupil Distance (mm) 15.5MM•SD – Sight Distance •AZ – Azimuths/Compass•HD – Horizontal Distance •PPV – Vertical Distance of two targets MAX Measure Range 1,200yard•VD – Vertical Distance •PPD – Sight Distance of two targets Battery CR123A•INC – Inclinometer •PPH – Horizontal Distance of two targets Waterproof Grade IP54 Display OLED Package Contents: - Dimension 145.8×156.5×58.4mm •Apresys Laser rangefinder TP2000 •Lens Cloth Rangefinder •Operators Manual Inclinometer Range ±60 •Carry Case •Warranty Card Compass Accuracy ±1 •Neck strap Lens Coating Multicoated Lens System
    • 6. Powerline660/Powerline800Apresys – Laser Rangefinders Powerline Series, a leader in high-quality, high-value sporting optics for more than many years,has added a laser rangefinder to its 2011 product line. The newPowerline Series laser rangefinder features 6x magnificationand a 660-yard laser rangefinder with +/- one-yard accuracy.Apresys — Laser Rangefinders Powerline Series accuratelyreads distances from 5-660/5-800 yards/meters, with +/- one- Specificationsyard accuracy, and is powered by a single CR2-3V Li battery. The Models PowerLine660 PowerLine800optics feature 6x magnification and the unit has an in-view LCDdisplay for a bright and clear sight picture. Measure Range 5Y~660Y 5Y~800YApresys Laser Rangefinders Powerline Series features clearly Measure Accuracy ±1Yobserve the objects at the same time, measurable and fixedobjects within a certain distance. With high precision, short Field of view 7°time, simply display, low power consumption and automatic eyepiece diameter 16mm 24mmpower-off and so on. POWERLINE Series be of the latesttechnology, while achieving the target range, height and angle Magnification* Aperture 6 x 24mmmeasurement. While access to target distance, but also shows Exit pupil diameter 3.8mmthe level of the telescope to the target point distance, and theangle between the target point and instrument (ie pitch angle). Diopter adjustment range ± 3 diopterInstruments laser power is small, on the human eye safety; do LCD red /blacknot need any more than cooperation on the target can bemeasured; small size, light weight, easy to carry. Using CR2-3V Power source CR2-3V Li batterybattery, purchase and replacement are very convenient. 4 1/2”×6”×2 1/8” DimensionsApresys Laser Rangefinders Powerline660/800 widely used for (115×152×54mm)sightseeing, watching sports, golf, field hunting, camping and Weight 190gmountain climbing, hiking and other outdoor sports. Store capacity last 20 groupsPOWERLINE660/800 improve the quality of outdoor activities,A good favor for measuring the distance Dustproof, Waterproof, Anti- shock
    • 7. LRF TP2000Apresys Laser Rangefinder TP2000 are the first in a new line of low-costprofessional Laser Rangefinders with inclinometer and data output. ApresysLaser Rangefinder TP2000 are lightweight range-finder provides “thru-the-lens”viewing, eliminating parallax issues so you know the laser energy is travelingdirectly along your line of sight. Apresys TP2000 Rangefinder/Hypsometer isoffering crystal clear optics with the data shown right in the heads up display soyou don’t have to take your eye off the target. The diopter adjustment ofTP2000 by Apresys also provides comfortable viewing for eye/sunglass wearers.TP2000 Laser Rangefinder’s by Apresys feature an integrated tilt sensor, allowingyou to measure horizontal or vertical distance and instantly calculate the heightof any object with the built-in, 2-shot routine! Data communication is via a wiredStandard RS232 serial. Use the Closest, Farthest or Continuous mode for multipletargets. See TP2000 Construction Handout for more information. SpecificationsFeatures: - Distance: 5 to 2000m typical, Inclination: +/- 70•Measurement range up to 2000m Measurement Range: degrees•Memory last 40 readings•Inclination, vertical distance, horizontal distance Accuracy: Distance: +/- 0.5m Inclination: +/- 1 degrees•2-point Flexible Height routine Horizontal , slope, vertical distance and 2-•High accuracy point Flexible Height routine Target•Light weight Operating Modes: acquisition: Closest, Farthest, Continuous and•Data Communication (Serial RS232 or Bluetooth) Rain Mode•Water and Dust Resistant Dimensions: 120x127x52mm•Wide temperature range Weight: 420 g•8X Magnification Data Communication: Serial RS232 (with RS232)•In-scope LCD•Feet, Yards, Meters, and Degrees units Power: 9V Alkaline Battery (batteries not included)•Tripod Mountable Eye Safety: FDA Class 1 (CFR 21) Environmental: Water & Dust Resistant, IP 54Package Contents: - Temperature: -4°F to +140°F (-20°C to +60°C)•Apresys Laser rangefinder TP2000 Laser Rangefinder Optics: 8x Magnification•Carry Case Field-of-view: 330 ft @ 1000yds•Neck strap Display: In-scope LCD•Lens Cloth•Operators Manual Units: Yards, Meters, Feet and Degrees•Warranty Card Mount: tripod (1⁄4″ ×7)
    • 8. Night Vision Binoculars 290550Description: -As one of Apresys premier models, new Apresys 5x Night Vision Binocular – 29-0550combines optical excellence and mechanical precision with compact dimensions. Apresys 5x1st Generation Night Vision Binocular delivers portability and premium performance from anattractive body encased in a rubberized finish for robust, extra-comfortable handling.Furthermore, Apresys Night Vision Binocular 29-0550 is equipped with exclusive 5xmulti-element glass optics, individually treated with a premium coating of differentlayers of metal oxides and fluorides ensuring minimum reflections on the glasssurface and increased light transmission for a crisp, clear view. These Apresys NightVision Binocular features improved ocular lenses with precise diopter adjustment,Apresys Optics exclusive Steel Stringer System for precision and control. SpecificationsApresys Night Vision Binocular 29-0550 features – built-in infrared illuminator which Magnification 5xprovides clear and bright viewing in complete darkness. Apresys Night Vision Image Intensifier Tube 1+Binocular 29-0550 gives users a new level of operational reliability with suchinnovations as a low battery indicator and extended Infrared operation when the Objective Lens Diameter (mm) 50battery is losing power. Range of view (m) 217It is a remarkable night vision device incorporating the very latest advancements and Resolution (lp/mm) 36-40safety features making it an excellent choice for observers who depend on high Spectral sensitivity (nm) 400-900performance during extended viewing. Power Supply 3V Lithium Operating temperature (℃) -30 to 45Key Features:- Dimension (mm) 196x153×66•Compact & Portable Weight (g) 1135•High Magnification Objective Lens•Long Range Viewing Focal Length (mm) 80•Steel Stringer System for additional precision & control Aperture 1 FOV @ 1000m 160 m•Fully Multicoated & Multi element optics Focusing Range 3m•Two Image Intensifier Tubes Material/No of Elements Glass/4•Superior resolution Ocular Lens•Durable rubber Armor Key Contents:- Focal Length (mm) 12•Built-in Powerful IR Illuminator •NVB Unit Inter-ocular Distance (mm) 56 – 74•Low Battery Indicator. •User Manual•Reliable & easy to use Diopter adjustment ±4 •Lens Cleaning ClothOne Year Warranty & Lifetime Maintenance •Portable Carry Case Material/ No of Elements Glass/5 Weight (g) 1135
    • 9. Night Vision Binoculars 290442Description: -Apresys Night Vision Optics is proud to supply tactical night vision equipment withimage intensifier tubes built by leading manufactures in Russia. Apresys Night Visionproducts line includes monocular, binoculars, goggles, weapon sights and accessories.Night Apresys Optics – Explorer Night Vision Binocular combines optical excellenceand mechanical precision with compact dimensions. Its compact shell houses twohigh–performing intensifier tubes cradled inside. Apresys Optics unique steel stringersystem, add precision and control. Additionally it is integrated with a refined andpowerful infrared illuminator, which provides clear and bright viewing in complete Specificationsdarkness. The 290442 is a reasonably priced best night vision binocular that gives Image intensifierusers a new level of operational reliability, with such innovations like built-in infrared Gen 1+ tubesilluminator which provides clear and bright viewing in complete darkness Magnification 4x Objective Lens 42mm Aperture Angle Range of Key Features: - View 15º •Alloy Shell. resolution 32-36lp/mm •Large Objective Lens. Focusing Range 4m to infinity •delivers portability and premium performance •Used in complete darkness Focal Length 12mm •Built-in powerful IR Illuminator Diopter Adjustment ±4 •Reliable & easy to use •One Year Warranty & Lifetime Maintenance View Range 250m Battery CR2 Battery life time 30 hours Operating Temp -40°C - +50°C Dimensions 180x 116x 54mm Weight 935g
    • 10. Night Vision Binoculars 300126Description: -Night Vision goggles 300126-2+ is a kind of night vision goggleswhich can be viewed by two eyes and can be mounted with helmet,small in size, light in weight. Magnification can be changed byreplacing different objective lens, 1x and 3x and 5x are available.Other objective lens with different focal distance can be alsoprovided to meet your needs. This helmet-style night vision gogglecan go with laser IR irradiator installed in the gun, and it is able to Specificationsshoot the target which is within 150m.It also can be used as hand NVG 40° I NVG 40° I NVG 40° Iheld Dim-light telescope. It adopts Russian Gen-super 2 image NVG 40° M 2+/1х- M 2+/1х- M 2+/1х-intensifier tube with the function of anti-glare and built-in IR LR MR HRIlluminator. It is mainly used for military observation, sea defence, IIT 2+ Gen Identification range of human body,frontier reconnaissance, surveillance, suppress smuggling, drug m 180 220 240smuggling investigation and vehicles and aircraft maintenance under Magnification 1dark condition etc. Angular field of view, degree 40±2 Focus range, m 0,25-2.5-∞ Diopter Adjustment -6 +5Key Features:- Resolution, lp/mm min - max 40 - 45 45 - 57 57 - 64•Small in size, compact rugged Goggle system Supply voltage, V (2 universal ”AA” b 3 atteries)•Multi-purpose: Hand-held, head-mounted or helmet-mounted•Comfortable, flip-up headgear, reliable and Active performance period 80•Multi-coated all-glass optics, superior resolution without IR illumination, min, hours•Wide angle infrared illuminator, long range viewing Active performance period 40•Optional 3x, 5x lenses available with IR illumination, min, hours Interpupillary Adjustment, mm 57-73•Weather and fog resistant Output pupil diameter, mm 15•Limited one-Year Warranty Output pupil relief, mm 15•Low battery indicator Goggles weight (with 2 batteries), no 550 more, g Mask weight, no more, g 180 Bag weight, g 250 Operating resource, hours 10000
    • 11. Night Vision Binoculars 290126Description: -Apresys Night Vision Optics is proud to supply tactical night vision equipmentwith image intensifier tubes built by leading manufactures in Russia. ApresysNight Vision products line includes monocular, binoculars, goggles, weapon sightsand accessories.Night Apresys Optics – Explorer Night Vision Binocular combines opticalexcellence and mechanical precision with compact dimensions. Its compact shellhouses two high–performing intensifier tubes cradled inside. Apresys Opticsunique steel stringer system, add precision and control. Additionally it isintegrated with a refined and powerful infrared illuminator, which provides clearand bright viewing in complete darkness. The Night vision goggles 290126 are themost popular model. They are intended for performance of various kinds of Specificationsactivity in conditions of low light exposure when you need to orientate on small Image intensifierdistances, closed spaces and to have free hands. Additionally it is possible to use Gen 1+ tubesit as a binocular with changeable objectives to increase multiplicity and additional Magnification 4xIR illuminator. Objective Lens 42mm Aperture Angle Range of 15º View Key Features:- resolution 32-36lp/mm •Shock proof carbon filled plastic. Focusing Range 4m to infinity •Comfortable Helmet mask. Focal Length 12mm •Built-in protection from bright flashes •Used in complete darkness Diopter ±4 Adjustment •Built-in powerful IR Illuminator View Range 250m •Adjustable illumination, according to the size of the spot light •Reliable & easy to use Battery CR2 Battery life time 30 hours •One Year Warranty & Lifetime Maintenance Operating Temp -40°C - +50°C Dimensions 180x 116x 54mm Weight 935g
    • 12. Night vision device 301126Description: -If you are looking for high-quality hands free night vision gogglesperfect for night travel or camping, nature study or providingsecurity for your house, law enforcement or urgent repairs in thedarkness, we are proud to offer you our most convenient PN-14KNight Vision Goggles with 2+ image intensifier tube. Specifications Magnification 1xFeatures:- Field of view 40°•Generation 2+ image intensifier tube Resolution under illumination•Automatic screen brightness control circuit 0.82 5×10-3 lx, cy/mr•High-light cutoff protection circuit Diopter adjustments ±4 d•Built-in IR illuminator Focus range 0.25-∞ m•Removable lenses 27F/1.25, 100F/1.5; 216F/2.3 Power supply voltage 1.5 V•Removable light filter for high light conditions Batteries 1xAA battery•Soft rubber eye shield Maximal consumption current•Design of the device provides comfortable observation at at T=20±5oC, mA, without 120 / 240any IPD illuminator / with illuminator•Illuminator operation indication Battery life for continuous work•Low battery indication without IR illuminator on at the 24 Hours•Desiccation cartridge temperature of +20oC,min,•Two variants of head mount Overall dimensions, mm 182х124х64•Rigid and watertight design 0.5•Operating temperature range from -50°C to +50°C,* 0.75(with mask and w/o Weight, kg counterweights) 0.9(with mask and counterweights)
    • 13. Night Vision Scope 26-0550Description: -Night-vision monocular was designed to provide enhancedviewing capabilities in low light conditions, including completedarkness. Night vision does not require additional light source,although an integrated hazard-free infrared (IR) illuminator willgreatly enhance the scope’s effectiveness in complete darkness.Night vision scope is ideal for a variety of activities such as: SpecificationsWildlife observation, Astronomy, Boating, Search Rescue and Lens magnification 5xHunting. Objective lens diameter 50mm Field of view 12.5° Eye relief 15mm Kit Includes:- •Night Vision Monocular Recognizing distance 220/175m •Wrist Strap •Lens Cleaning Cloth Focus range 1.0m~∞ •User Manual Image tube grade 1+ •Portable Carry Case One Year Warranty & Lifetime Maintenance Eyepiece Diopter adjustment +/-4° Power supply CR123 Battery life 20-60hour Dimensions 81 x 203 x 51mm Weight 613g Operating temperature -30°C to +45°C
    • 14. Night Vision Scope 21-0550Description: -Night-vision monocular was designed to provide enhanced viewingcapabilities in low light conditions, including complete darkness. Nightvision does not require additional light source, although an integratedhazard-free infrared (IR) illuminator (7) will greatly enhance the scope’seffectiveness in complete darkness. Night vision scope is ideal for avariety of activities such as: Wildlife observation, Astronomy, Boating,Search and Rescue, Hunting... Specifications Model 21-0550 Lens magnification 5x Objective lens diameter 50mm Field of view 14º Resolution 48lp/mm Eye relief 12mm Kit Includes:- Recognizing distance 1.2-450m* •Night Vision Monocular Focus range 1.5 m -∞ •Wrist Strap Image tube grade 1+ •Lens Cleaning Cloth •User Manual Eyepiece Diopter adjustment ± 4 •Portable Carry Case Power supply 3V (CR 123A) •One Year Warranty & Lifetime Maintenance Battery life 48 hours Dimensions 81 x 203x 61 mm Weight 530g Tripod Compatible Yes
    • 15. Night Vision Scope 28-0550Description: -Night-vision monocular was designed to provideenhanced viewing capabilities in low lightconditions, including complete darkness. Nightvision does not require additional light source,although an integrated hazard-free infrared (IR)illuminator will greatly enhance the scope’s Specificationseffectiveness in complete darkness. Night vision Model 28-0550 Lens magnification 5xscope is ideal for a variety of activities such as: Objective lensWildlife observation, Astronomy, Boating, Search 50mm diameterRescue and Hunting. Field of view 13º Resolution 48 lp/mm Recognizing 1.2-450mKit Includes:- distanceNight Vision Monocular Focus range 1.5 m -∞ Image tube grade 1+Wrist Strap Identification range 1.2-200mLens Cleaning Cloth Eyepiece Diopter ±4User Manual adjustmentPortable Carry Case Power supply 3V (CR 123) Battery life 48hOne Year Warranty Demensions 81 x 203x 61 mm Weight 530g
    • 16. Night Vision Scope 25-0550Description: -Night-vision monocular was designed to provide enhancedviewing capabilities in low light conditions, includingcomplete darkness. Night vision does not require additionallight source, although an integrated hazard-free infrared (IR)illuminator will greatly enhance the scope’s effectiveness incomplete darkness. Night vision scope is ideal for a variety of Specificationsactivities such as: Wildlife observation, Astronomy, Boating, Lens magnification 5xSearch Rescue and Hunting Objective lens diameter 50mm Field of view 14ºKit Includes:- Resolution 48lp/mm•Night Vision Monocular Eye relief 12mm•Lens Cleaning Cloth•User Manual Recognizing distance 1.2-450m•Portable Carry Case Focus range 1.5 m -∞One Year Warranty & Lifetime Maintenance Image tube grade 1+ Eyepiece Diopter ±4 adjustment Power supply 3V (CR 123A) Battery life 48 hours 81 x 203x 61 Dimensions mm Weight 530g Tripod Compatible Yes
    • 17. Night Vision Scope 29-0450Description: -Night-vision monocular was designed to provide enhancedviewing capabilities in low light conditions, includingcomplete darkness. Night vision does not require additionallight source, although an integrated hazard-free infrared (IR)illuminator will greatly enhance the scope’s effectiveness incomplete darkness. Night vision scope is ideal for a variety ofactivities such as: Specifications Magnification 4xWildlife observation Astronomy, Boating Search and rescue Image Intensifier Tube 1+Hunting... Objective Lens Dia (mm) 50 Field of view(m) 15° Kit Includes:- Resolution(lp/mm) 32 •Night Vision Monocular Eye Relief 12 mm •Wrist Strap Power Supply 3V (CR123) •Lens Cleaning Cloth Operating temperature(℃) -22 to 45 •User Manual •Portable Carry Case Recognizing distance 1-200m •One Year Warranty & Lifetime Maintenance Focus Range 1.0m-∞ open about 30 Battery life hours infrared Eyepiece Diopter adjustment ±4 Dimension 182x76x63mm Weight(g) 340
    • 18. Temperature • High Accuracy (179A-T1) •Wireless (199-WT1) • With LCD Display (179-T1) •With Printer (179-T1P) Data Logger • With Two Channels (179-T2)Temp & Humidity • High Accuracy (179A-TH) • With Printer (179-THP) Data Logger • Wireless (199-WTH) • Temperature Data LoggerUSB Data Logger • Temp & Humidity data Logger Disposable • USB Disposable data logger GPS India Networks Pvt. Ltd. D – 67, Ground Floor, Defence Colony, New Delhi – 110 024, India. Tel: +91 11 4174 0346/7 Fax: +91 11 4174 0348 Email: Web:
    • 19. Radar Speed GunA portable handheld radar speed detector facilitates the use ofprofessional K band and boasts common features of professional trafficpolice Radar: good performance and low cost.Performance:•Fast movement; Driving speed can be displayed instantly by pulling thetrigger and traffic rule violators have no time to reduce speed.•Long distance; Driving speed from far can be detected with accuracy.•High accuracy; No matter how strong or weak a signal is, the radar speed specificationdetector can display and determine the running speed of a car with an Speed Range 16-318KPHerror of ±1/10m,which is much more accurate than most portable 10~20 µW Operating voltage 10.5-16.6V One calibrationequipment available. Power Output tuning forkMax Current 750MaFeatures:- Capacity of Li-ion 1350Ma•Equipped with an adjuster low-voltage display, high-frequency indicator Batteryvolume switch, noise inhibitor and distance switch. Size 200x81x220 mm Weight 788g (Incl. Battery)•Internal super-precision crystal detection when the test button is Distance 1066mpushed, internal crystal will send 96KPH Signal to test if the radar can Supply Voltage +10.5 to +16.5 dc voltage, maximum 0.75 ampswork with accuracy. Reverse polarity line to diode protection•It can also test various displays. Long distance, three-digit display within protection16-318KPH speed range, super-fast response simply click within 1.6- Temperature -40 to +60°C16KPH, it is always accurate. Relative humidity +95% (non-condensing) Internal accuracy ±0.1m•The radar is appraised and approved for use by the state Traffic External precision ±0.1mExternal precision calibration: frequency modulatordepartment. 96 simulated Doppler signal detection internal integrated•Absolutely safe; the electro-magnetic radiation is below the state Internal testing appliances, and display the light-emitting diodes.regulation and weaker than that of a microwave oven. Three integers, the light-emitting diode, Power on, RF Display•It can be carried personally. It is equipped with lithium battery and interference and low voltage.charger. Full Charged battery can last for 5-10 hours. Lock tracking Synchronization tracking, error-free input.•Fitted with portable braces. antenna types Conical Lens types Precision ground reflection•Anticorrosion, Light weight, Aluminum Frame, PVC Coating. Polarity Positive Cycle•Super accuracy Digital signal process Beam Width 8 Standard•LED display, bright and easily readable Shot down Scotty emission, blocking hybrid light-emitting Receiver Type•100% solid-state integrated appliances and transistors and other diodesaccessories. Microwave signals Capacitive diode Radar frequency The K-band
    • 20. Compact Hunting Trail Camera – IS320Description: -Ultra compact design 147mm x 94mm x 46mm with a powerful 5 MegaPixel camera or Video recorder. Movement sensor operations for Gameobservation and Security. Maximum operation time is 12 months on8AA batteries capable of 12000 pictures. It will support up to a 32GBSD card useful when taking video footage. Night time operation issupported with 32 LED’s that are infra red and invisible to the animal.Ideal for discovering the availability and movement of Game in yourarea. Also used by farmers and home owners wanting added portablesecurity.Features & Specs:-•Ultra Portable Size (147mm*94mm*46mm)•One Second Fast Trigger Time•Full Automatic IR Filter•LCD Display•55 Degree Wide Angle PIR Sensor•30 Night Vision LEDs•Battery/working Indicator and Lighting Sensor•PIR Sensitivity Adjustor (2m~20m)•Photo Taken Delay: 1 second ~ 60mins (default 1 min)•3P Multiple Frame•640*480 at 30 Frame per Second High Resolution Video recording•Support to 32GB SD Card•Temperature, Date Time, Moon Phase Imprint•Auto Exposure•Auto White Balance•Password Protection•Power Supply: 8*AA Cell batteries•TV Output•Standard Socket for Camera Tripod•Water Resistant
    • 21. • Consumer Headsets • General Aviation HeadsetsSennheiser • Commercial Aviation Headsets • Accessories & Adaptors (By Pilot USA) • Ear Defenders/Electronic Ear Defenders • Tactical Safety Goggles 3M Peltor • Aviation Headsets • Helicopter Headsets • Binoculars Olympus • Digital Cameras • Digital Voice Recorders • Binoculars • Stabilized Binoculars Fujifilm • Night Vision Binoculars • Digital Cameras • Compasses (Mirror & Digital)Miscellaneous • Fugawi Navigator • Global Mapper GPS India Networks Pvt Ltd D – 67, Ground Floor, Defence Colony, New Delhi – 110 024, India. Tel: +91 11 4174 0346/7 Fax: +91 11 4174 0348 Email: Web:
    • 22. Contact us: WE, AT GPS INDIA ARE ALWAYS READY TO CATER TO ANY OTHER SPECIFIC REQUIREMNTS THAT OUR ESTEEMED CUSTOMERS MAY HAVE. GPS INDIA NETWOKS (P) LTD. D-67 Ground Floor, Defence Colony, New Delhi – 110024. Tel.: +91-11-41740346-47 Fax: +91-11-41740348 Mail: