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Mobile marketing is increasing by the day. Our privacy is being taken for granted.

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  1. 1. Technology White Paper www.srustimobile.com Srusti Mobile Are Door to Door Salesmen dead? A case study on modern Marketing practices September 2008
  2. 2. Are Door to Door Salesmen dead? www.srustimobile.com Are Door to Door Salesmen dead? Contents – September 2008 Section 1: Background 3 1.1 A common man’s struggle 4 Section 2: The Marketing 5 2.1 Introduction 6 2.2 Factors 6 2.3 A new breed 7 2.4 Conclusion 7 September 2008 Contents – Door to Door Salesmen dead?
  3. 3. Technology White Paper www.srustimobile.com SECTION 1: Background Srusti Mobile a mobile VAS Company
  4. 4. Are Door to Door Salesmen dead? www.srustimobile.com 1.1. A Common man’s struggle “I am one of those people that don’t answer the phone and won’t answer the door if I don’t know who is on the other side. I have no need or desire to talk to strangers when I am in the sanctuary of my home. If a telemarketer does snag me I hang up on them. I don’t wait for them to finish their 15-minute rant and then try and sneak a “No Thank You” in between breaths. I have been harassed by those people enough to have lost all obligation for courtesy. Especially those who refuse to take ‘no’ for an answer which last time I checked was all of them.” - Anonymous Boggler September 2008 Contents – Door to Door Salesmen dead?
  5. 5. Technology White Paper www.srustimobile.com SECTION 2: The Marketing Srusti Mobile a mobile VAS Company
  6. 6. Are Door to Door Salesmen dead? www.srustimobile.com 2.1. Introduction It is a popular belief that the Door-to-Door salesmen are dead. As you can see from an anonymous blogger, the Door-to-Door salesmen are resorting to mobile-based sales and marketing. None of us are immune to these sales and marketing harassments. Some of them are so aggressive that you feel your privacy has been rudely invaded. The tele- sales (and increasingly marketing campaigns) are invading our personal space without giving much though to our privacy. 2.2. Factors There are a number of factors contributing to this change in the market place, 1. Increasing fuel cost mean it is not cost effective anymore to travel to various places. 2. As more and more couples are opting to work, there are increasingly empty houses, which leads to issue of increased cost of sale. 3. As cities are moving out of central locality to satellite townships, Door to Door salesmen are finding it difficult to identify target market. 4. Telephone rates are falling especially mobile call rates. 5. Increased number applications in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems giving ammunition to the companies who want to lower their cost base by automating routine tasks such as product marketing. 6. Most companies feel it is easy to track progress when marketing person sitting in the office then on the road. September 2008 Contents – Door to Door Salesmen dead?
  7. 7. Are Door to Door Salesmen dead? www.srustimobile.com 2.3. A New bread A new breed of Door-to-Door salesmen is rising from the ashes of traveling salesmen. They can be sitting across the ocean thousand of miles away, speaking your own language in your own accent. Welcome to Global trading. So, How does it affect me? You are the ‘potential customer’ for the marketers. They choose the time suitable for them and don’t allow you to speak a word. 2.4. Conclusion SafMobileTM can help to eliminate the unnecessary calls when you want to enjoy the peace. Simply active privacy mode, only important calls (i.e calls from numbers in your address book and implicitly approved numbers such as work numbers) can get to you other SPAM calls will be terminated with a polite DND message ‘Please do not disturb’. Life can be little bit peaceful with Srusti Mobile’s SafMobileTM September 2008 Contents – Door to Door Salesmen dead?
  8. 8. This White Paper Discusses: • How the aggressive marketing is affecting our daily lives. • Why now is the time for us to make changes to protect our and our children’s privacy? Srusti Mobile Reaching Beyond Limits a mobile VAS Company Headquarters: Development Office: Administration Office (Ireland): Srusti Mobile Pvt. Ltd.#774 First Floor, Srusti Mobile Pvt. Ltd., #230A, #114, Shelmartin Avenue, nd nd 22nd A cross, 18th mail, 22 cross, 22 main Fairview, nd 3rd sector ,HSR layout, 2 sector, HSR Layout, Dublin – 3 , Co. Dublin Bangalore-560034, India Banglaore-560034, India Ireland Tel: +44 (0)1482 586149 Tel: +61 (02) 8705 6960 Tel: +1 212 652 5302 Fax: +44 (0)1482 323577 Fax: +61 (02) 8705 6961 Fax: +1 212 202 4684