Ch 4, Sec 1 NE Colonies
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  • 1. Ch 4, Sec 1: The New England Colonies MAIN IDEA : The New England Colonies were founded by reformers and developed around tightly knit towns and villages.
  • 2. The New England Colonies
    • _____________ played a large role in the founding of the colonies.
      • Religion
  • 3. The Puritans Leave England for Massachusetts
    • Puritans:
      • Wanted to reform the Church of England and have simpler forms of worship
    • Massachusetts Bay Colony:
      • Based on:
        • Biblical laws and teachings
      • John Winthrop:
        • A lawyer and devout Puritan; the first governor
  • 4. The Puritans Leave England for Massachusetts
    • Only _____________ had the right to vote for governor:
      • Male church goers
  • 5. Problems at Massachusetts Bay
    • Thomas Hooker established the _________ to set limits on the power of government.
      • Fundamental Order of Connecticut
    • It did these two things:
      • Gave all male property owners the right to vote for governor
      • Limited the power of the governor
  • 6. Problems at Massachusetts Bay
    • _____________ established Rhode Island
      • Roger Williams
    • To practice religious:
      • Tolerance:
        • Willingness to let others practice their own religious beliefs
    • The first ___________ was built in RI in 1763
      • Jewish Synagogue
  • 7. Puritans at War with Native Americans
    • Metacom:
      • King Phillip, a Native American chief
    • _____________’s War destroyed NE towns and killed hundreds of settlers
      • King Phillip’s
  • 8. Life in New England Towns and Villages
    • Sabbath – Holy day of rest
    • Town Meetings – settlers discussed and voted on many issues
    • Economy:
      • Sawmills
      • Shipbuilding
      • Whaling