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Experience - Case Studies
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Experience - Case Studies

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  • 1. Guy Peters
    Guy Peters
    San Francisco, California
  • 2. Guy Peters
    Building a business is similar to climbing a mountain – plan well and execute flawlessly
  • 3. Guy Peters
    Growing brands with over 1,100 years of history
  • 4. Guy Peters
    Making a Difference
    The company was not growing its new sleep business unit at an acceptable rate, so they hired me to accelerate growth. I helped grow company revenue to $165M from $131M and double my business unit revenue to $30M from $15M in one year.
    Patient Volume Growth at Pacific Pulmonary Services
    Guy joins PPS
    100% growth in 24 months
    200% growth in 18 months
  • 5. Guy Peters
    Team Leadership
    I was put in charge of a high-performance, new product development team to solve a critical go/ no go decision. I led this team to resolution:
    Graphic design
    Microbial Technology
    Consumer Food Center
    Customer Marketing
    External Manufacturing
    R & D
    Easy Omelets - a breakfast product made of microwaved Egg Beaters and cheese in a cup.
    Challenge: Prior to me joining the group, the brand team had launched Easy Omelets in test markets to poor performance. Uncertainty surrounded the message, pricing, flavor mix, design, manufacturing, human factors, and appropriate support dollars.
    Action:We took Easy omelets out of test market and conducted quantitative and qualitative research to determine viability and likely outcome of a national launch. In case of a “go” decision, the team also focused on partner negotiations, ingredients, package design, distribution, manufacturing, pricing, and marketing mix.
    Result: Through research, we determined that consumers were not likely to buy this product based on specific criteria. Post-trial research was favorable but pre-trial results were not acceptable. I discontinued the project and saved the company $8.5M in launch expenses.
    “Although it has been taken off the market for revamping, Nabisco Easy Omelets may be ushering in a new era of microwaveable foods.
    - New Product News
  • 6. Guy Peters
    Creative Marketing With Little Money
    The company was struggling financially due to a leveraged MBO prior to me arriving.
    We needed a new product that would generate far more revenue than past new
    product introductions.
    I developed a unique new product concept and I determined that, with only $100,000
    in launch support, we could sell more new product than we usually did with $2M in new
    product launch support. I conducted test market research to prove the concept and
    deployed an “allocation” launch plan to increase demand at introduction.
    Winner: Pro Golf’s 2002 Product of the Year Award
    “The Noodle might never have been seen by consumers if it weren’t for Guy Peters, who championed the idea at Maxfli. Peters, now Director of Marketing for both TaylorMade and Maxfli, never wavered in his crusade to introduce the Noodle.”
    -Golfweek Magazine
    Grew revenue from $0 to $20M in the first year. Noodle is the biggest selling golf product in Dunlop’s 120 year history and garnered several industry awards while spending $100,000 (5% of normal new product launch support). It was the #1 selling two-piece golf ball worldwide by volume in 2005.
  • 7. Guy Peters
    Creating a Brand
    RadarGolf is a new brand created from scratch for start-up Radar Corp. Grew revenue from $0 to $1M in first year.
    I was responsible for the following:
    BusinessWeek awardedRadarGolf “Best Consumer Product” along with the iPod Nano .
  • 18. Guy Peters
    Dunlop Slazenger Group
    • A $125M Business Unit
    • 19. Responsible for all marketing
    Guy +
    TaylorMade-adidas Golf
    • A $500M Business Unit
    • 23. Responsible for all marketing except product development and Tour marketing
    Guy +
  • Guy Peters
    Fruitful Relationships
    A Celebration of Jamba Juice and its Consumers
    A book about the strong emotional connection between a brand and its consumers
    Global Power
    The 93 Million Mile Extension Cord
    A book about global energy consumption and the move from fossil fuels to clean energy, with a focus on solar power
  • 27. Guy Peters
    Bringing the necessities to build any business
    Energy (sustainable!)
    Hard Work
  • 28. Guy Peters
    The act or process, or a manner of growing; development; gradual increase.
    1 inch in the first 15 years
    24 inches in 1 day
    How does bamboo grow so fast?
    Rhizome (a strong root system)
    Tropical climate (water)
  • 29. Guy Peters
    Growing a World-Class Business
    A strong root system
    Strategic Planning
    & Brand Identity
    Tactical Planning
    & Execution
    Guy Peters
    Plenty of water
    A little sunshine
  • 30. Guy Peters
    Edward Hughes (previous boss)
    CEO, Aculon
    “Guy is one of the most creative and energetic marketers I have met. He is not afraid to explore the path less trodden in search of new insights. This creativity when combined with an "always on” mentality make him a powerful marketer.”
    Jon Dupuis (supplier)
    Group Account Director, Cossette Communications
    “Guy is one of those rare individuals who can dissect a business issue from all angles and then build a strategically-sound, customer-centric, plan to achieve the set business goals. All while making you laugh.”
    Roger Beasley (supplier)
    VP, Director of Strategic Planning, Erwin-Penland Advertising
    “Guy was my Client at Maxfli Golf and Radar Corp. And I'll have to say, one of the best Clients I've worked with over my 20 years in the Ad business. Not only is Guy one of the smartest strategic thinkers I've been around, he also understands how to bring people together, making staff, Agency partners and other resource providers feel like one big team working toward a common goal. Also, while effective as a strategist and a leader, Guy never loses site of the details that go into making great ideas a reality, and ensures that no stone is left unturned in translating strategic vision into reality. I truly look forward to the day that we may work together again.”
  • 31. Guy Peters
    Jim Doty (previous boss)
    VP of Marketing, Pacific Pulmonary Services
    “Guy joined our organization in March, 2008, and immediately raised the level of our marketing department. He quickly grasped our business model, conducted market research, developed messaging, created sales collateral, and personally spent time in the field training our sales team. This effort helped more than double the revenue in his Business Unit during his tenure. Unfortunately, a dramatic reduction in the reimbursement revenue we receive from Medicare, our largest revenue source, has forced us to downsize and Guy’s Director of Marketing position has been eliminated.”
    Shannon Sullivan (direct report)
    Marketing Manager, Sony
    “Guy was great to work for – extremely creative, driven, results-oriented and high energy. He taught me a lot about how to always push for more, approach hurdles with solutions and maintain a positive attitude.”
    Craig Gunckel (supplier)
    EVP and General Manager, RockTenn Company
    “Guy is one of the most creative and innovative people I have ever met. He has a passion for both life and the products he represents. It is a passion that is rarely exhibited and is very refreshing.”
    Chris Savarese (previous boss)
    Founder and CEO, Radar Corporation
    “Guy is an excellent marketing professional! His experience working for large organizations as well as smaller technology start-ups gives him a broad range of marketing and sales skills. Guy is a natural leader. He is very creative and not afraid to take risks with his strategic and tactical approaches. It is a pleasure working with Guy.”