Briefing to Afghan MoD for AMNC


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Briefing to Afghan MoD for AMNC

  1. 1. Presentation for Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Ministry of Defense
  2. 2. Our Mission • Provide Integrated Logistics Services (ILS) and Logistic Support Analysis (LSA) • Conduct comprehensive security vulnerability assessment to identify all potential threats, delivery mechanisms and present vulnerabilities • Develop a comprehensive Defense plan that combines personnel, technologies and training to meet the threats • Oversee the deployment of qualified technologies to meet current and future Defense requirements based on our assessments to ensure MOD is prepared for potential hostile threats • Review and recommend to MOD the most effective Defense products from across all vendors to satisfy protecting the AFG assets against air, surface and sub-surface threats; including intelligence & counter intelligence operations methodology • Provide a world class Defense training plan and threat counter measures methodology to defend against viable security breach • Continuously review and update plans, recommendations, methodologies and implemented programs to ensure that their effectiveness is meeting current and future MOD “Targeted Objectives”
  3. 3. INDEX Mission Objective Acquisitions Services Capability Equipment Acquisitions Services Capability Operational Capabilities Liaison Between MOD And International Institutions Project Management Services Capability Armed Forces Personnel Training Capability Logistic Support Services
  4. 4. MISSION OBJECTIVE Provide Qualified Services To The Armed Forces For The: • • • Acquisition and management of complex and critical equipment and services. Development and training of the personnel in order to become self sufficient in all operations. Development of infrastructures and facilities.
  5. 5. ACQUISITIONS SERVICES CAPABILITY AMNC Service Capabilities for Equipment Programs Includes: • • • • • • • • Requirement Identification Statement Of Requirement Preparation Budget Forecasting & Donor Relation Proposals Evaluation & Preparation Acquisition Evaluation Contract Negotiations Legal Contracting Services Contract Management
  6. 6. EQUIPMENT ACQUISITIONS SERVICES CAPABILITY Equipment Acquisition Evaluations Will Be Performed With The Aim To Achieve The Best Value For Money And Will Take Into Account A Multitude Of Factors Including: • • • • Costs Analysis Suppliers Auditing Fielding Time Product Specifications And Quality (Reliability, Availability & Maintainability)
  7. 7. OPERATIONAL CAPABILITIES • • • • • • • • • Operational Readiness Analysis Command Control Communications, and Intelligence (C4ISR) Defense Supplies, Services, Equipment and Maintenance Technology Transfer & Industrialization Defense Mobility Services Border Security system Armed Forces Personnel Training Strategic & Tactical Planning Technical Support Contract
  8. 8. PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES CAPABILITY Additional services to maximize each project success may include : • Complete management of complex projects.  Plan and manage the entry to service fielding, the logistic support and the maintenance of the acquired equipment.  Job creation & Industrialization  Plan and organize human resources.  Plan and manage initial and recurrent training services • Development of policies, regulations, process and documentation. • Risk assessment analysis and identification of mitigation actions.
  9. 9. ARMED FORCES PERSONNEL TRAINING CAPABILITY Afghanistan armed forces shall reach self sufficiency in operations, maintenance, support and management. AMNC shall provide services for improving individual Skills and transfer of knowledge through. • • • • • • • English Language Courses Information Technology Training Project Management Training Basic And Advanced Technical Training Basic And Advanced Operational Training Team Building Training On Job Training
  10. 10. ARMED FORCES PERSONNEL TRAINING CAPABILITY AMNC additional service capabilities include research and identification of qualified specialist personnel to work side by side with Afghanistan personnel to provide:     On job training Defense logistic expertise Maintenance expertise Operations, command and control, security expertise
  11. 11. LOGISTIC SUPPORT SERVICES AMNC can support the establishment of the integrated logistic support (ILS) management environment to make sure that the acquired equipment perform as required through their life cycle. The ILS consist of:        Maintenance planning Human resources management Spare parts management Facilities development Logistic services development Engineering services Documentation development and management
  12. 12. Security System Team member Team member and partner for supporting AFG MOI DECO is conducting Training Programs at domestic and overseas locations, including training at US Embassies throughout the world. DECO has conducted training in over 75 countries over the last six years. DECO training offers an expansive realm of customizable security and anti-terrorism training solutions. Examples of our training programs include: • Anti-terrorism Measures • Force Protection Measures • Surveillance Detection • Crisis Management and Response • Physical Protection • Counter-intelligence Measures • Weapons/Live Fire Training • Simulation Training • Tactical Operations • Defense Tactics • Non-lethal Weapon Systems
  13. 13. City & Guilds is one of the world’s leading vocational education businesses. Since 1878, millions of people have used our qualifications to enhance their skills and today millions more are learning skills that are widely. Qualifies over 2.2 million learners in 80 countries every year City & Guilds have more than 8500 centers in 81 different countries – and an international network of 21 offices to support them Focus Is Improvements in Education and Training City & Guilds advise governments on education reform and can lead on sector wide: implementation of reform programs quality improvement design of qualification frameworks City & Guilds work with individual education and training organizations to: improve the quality of teaching and learning ensure effective delivery of vocational education and training programs improve the teaching of science and maths improve English language skills City & Guilds work with industry sectors to: deliver train the trainer programs recognize and quality assure in company training programs develop sector wide occupational standards and qualifications with quality assured training materials
  14. 14. CareerNet Global: Has on August 24 2013 been asked by City & Guilds to deliver IESOL to Kabul University for 6000 students:
  15. 15. UK DEFENCE FORCES City & Guilds have been working with the Ministry of Defense for over 5 decades supporting them with the up skilling of their personnel in various occupations within the Army, RAF and the Royal Navy. Training and education play a major part in the military career and we are here to support you and recognize your achievements from the start. Our qualifications ensure that all the skills and education you gain throughout your military career are directly transferable to professional civilian qualifications. Around 30,000 armed forces personnel have been registered with City & Guilds over the past 3 years and received qualifications from levels 1-7. From the day they you join and start basic training, right through to the day you gain resettlement training for a future career in civilian life, you can obtain nationally recognized City & Guilds qualifications at levels 1 to 7.
  16. 16. UK & Global CAREERNET has been supplying both recognized and bespoke courses and training to the security industry for over a decade; through a team of qualified and experienced teachers, trainers and practitioners within high and low risk environments. Courses include City & Guilds, CIEH and High field Qualifications in Safety and License to Practice in the Security Industry (SIA); Door Supervisor, CCTV, Security Guard, Conflict Management & Close Protection. In addition to these we also provide Maritime Protection, Operational Security Services and Training, Close Protection, Business Travel and Situation Awareness, Pre Deployment Training (PDT), Condo Training, CBRN, Medical, HSE First Aid, Personal Safety Training and Conflict Management and Physical Intervention courses. We also provide QTLS Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector, PTTLS, CTTLS, DTTLS and Awards and Certificates in Assessment and Quality Assurance, TAQA (CAVA).
  17. 17. Military-Standard Munitions and Explosives Training Overseas and commonwealth countries have traditionally looked to the UK Ministry of Defense to provide munitions and explosives training for their Armed Forces. Due to the current commitments of the UK Ministry of Defense, the provision of such courses for the armed forces of overseas and commonwealth countries has been indefinitely suspended. CAREERNET has a long association of working with the UK Ministry of Defense in the training of overseas military organizations. As a result, we are now able to offer three military-standard courses that directly reflect the content, detail and practice of the Ministry of Defense training schools. These courses are designed specifically for the armed forces of overseas and Commonwealth countries. The training provided is fully accredited by the City & Guilds of London Institute. The training team at CAREERNET is able to deliver these courses in any country around the world, providing that appropriate firing range facilities are available. Overseas armed forces often prefer to send their delegates for training in the UK. To meet this need, a series of open courses for military personnel is available at CAREERNET's UK training centre on Salisbury Plain.
  18. 18. These courses are designed specifically for the armed forces of overseas and Commonwealth countries. The training provided is fully accredited by the City & Guilds of London Institute. The training team at CAREERNET is able to deliver these courses in any country around the world, providing that appropriate firing range facilities are available. Overseas armed forces often prefer to send their delegates for training in the UK. To meet this need, a series of open courses for military personnel is available at CAREERNET's UK training centre on Salisbury Plain.
  19. 19. Sample of Courses Offered: International Vocational Qualifications (IVQs) International English Qualifications Vocationally Related Qualifications (VRQs) Professional Development Visual Presentation Practical Data Processing Text Production Skills Engineering Operations Oil & Gas Maintenance Process Technology Training Skills English Language Leadership & Management Coaching & Mentoring Health & Safety Management Welding Beauty and Complementary Hairdressing Media and Photography Logistics Travel, Tourism and Aviation Sport and Recreation Retail and Warehousing Trained Sectors: Agriculture Automotive Engineering Construction & Engineering Technology Creative & Media Education & Training Health Care Security & Spectator Safety Services Industries OIL & GAS
  20. 20. ILM offers industry-recognized leadership and management qualifications. Level 2 Certificate in Team Leading Principles of Team Leading including FAMP Award and Certificate in Effective Team Member Skills Award and Certificate in Leadership and Team Skills NVQ Certificate in Team Leading Level 3 NVQ Certificate in Management Award, Certificate and Diploma in Leadership and Management Certificate in Effective Management Certificate in Principles of Leadership and Management Certificate in Leadership Level 4 Award, Certificate and Diploma in Leadership and Management Award in Leadership Level 5 NVQ Diploma in Management Award, Certificate and Diploma in Leadership and Management Diploma in Principles of Leadership and Management Level 6 Award in Management Level 7 NVQ Diploma in Management Award, Certificate and Diploma in Executive Management Award, Certificate and Diploma in Strategic Leadership Diploma in Strategic Leadership and Executive Management
  21. 21. HEALTH SECTOR Integral Clinical e-Learning Courses • Patient Safety • Clinical Governance • Fire Safety • Risk Assessment • Spiritual Awareness • Blood Transfusion • Confidentiality • Health & Safety • Vulnerable Adults • Information Governance • Basic Life Support • Patient Consent • Infection Control • Chemotherapy • ECG • Child Protection • Diversity & Equality • Manual Handling • Intravenous Therapy • Mental Health Act • Food Hygiene • Medical Gases • Point of Care Testing • Blood Gas Analysis • New Numeracy Support and • Spirometry Assessment Tool • Sexual Health • Mentorship support • Airway Management • Anaesthetic Drugs • Breathing Circuits and their Uses • Breathing Management • Circulation and Invasive Monitoring • Surgical Scrub • Supportive Pharmacology • Control and Scavenging of Waste Anaesthetic Gases • Laser and Electro-surgical Unit Plume • Managing Sharps and Waste • Universal/ Standard Precautions • Draping • Liability and Accountability • Pre-operative Assessments • Skin Preparation • The Human Rights Act • Patient Assessment in Recovery • Conflict Resolution • Fire Warden/Marshall • Anaphylaxis • Consent • Lone Worker • Pain Management in Recovery • Complaints Handling • COSHH • Management of the Acutely • Patient Group Directories • Record Keeping • Display Screen Equipment • Slips, Trips and Falls • Sickness Absence • Whistle Blowing • Violence and Aggression • Recruitment and Selection • Health Informatics • Managing Diabetes • Insulin Use • Cervical • Customer Care Ill Patient
  22. 22. Our Information Technology Team Members Team member and partner for supporting AFG MOI SSG Services: Cyber Defense services IEW Operations & Maintenance services Biometrics & Security solutions Simulations training support Information Systems & Technical services Logistical services & support
  23. 23. Our subject matter experts have a global reputation for excellence in training and security Advanced Crisis Response Team Border Control Management Border Interdiction CBRN Awareness and Operations Combating Domestic Transnational Terrorism Crisis Response Team Critical Incident Management Cyber Forensics Management Designated Defensive Marksman Explosives Incident Counter Measures Fraudulent Document Recognition Hostage Negotiations Identifying & Developing Investigative Information Instructor Development Courses Integrating CT Strategies at the National Level Interdicting Terrorist Activities Interviewing Terrorist Suspects Major Case Management Major Event Security Management Maritime Assessment Representative Maritime Interdiction of Terrorism Maritime Port & Harbor Security Management Officer Survivability Police Leader’s Role in Combating Terrorism Post Blast Investigation Suicide Bomber Workshop Surveillance for Law Enforcement Tactical Commander’s Course Under Water Explosive Incident Counter Measures VIP Protection Vital Infrastructure Security AMNC Partner Companies have Trained over 5,000 International Defense & Security Personnel Professionals in various disciplines in these countries Afghanistan Albania Argentina Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh Botswana Brazil Burkin Faso Chad Chad Colombia Djibouti Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Ethiopia Georgia Hungary India Indonesia Iraq Jamaica Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Kyrgyz Republic Lebanon Liberia Malaysia Mali Mauritius Mexico Morocco Mozambique Nepal Niger Nigeria Oman Pakistan Panama Paraguay Peru Philippines Senegal Serbia South Africa Tajikistan Thailand Trinidad Tunisia UAE Uzbekistan Vietnam Yemen
  24. 24. Our Concept of Operations • • • • • • Donor approved and funded Creating jobs for AFG nationals Meeting International Standards Technology transfer to Afghanistan Scalability and sustainability Source of fund for MOD and AFG GDP
  25. 25. Liaison between MOD and International Institutions AMNC WILL PROVIDE SUPPORT FOR THE MOD IN: Ministry Of Defense US Congress International Industries European Union AMNC Donor Relation with European Union Foreign Congregational Reporting Service Donor Relation with US Congress FundRaising Rest Of The World 1. Liaison with international institutions 2. Lobbying for obtaining the funds for the acquisitions 3. Providing detailed reports about the spending to funding partners 4. Ensure that transparency is maintained in the entire process
  26. 26. Sustainment & Modernization Focused • Sustainment and Modernization are inexorably linked – Neither effort should be planned or executed without the consultation of the other – Sustainment planning and implementation Modernization Sustainment ASIP AAIP MECSIP OBS/DMS Pgm AFGLSC EMAP SE Tech Data Safety Pgm
  27. 27. Afghan AMNC & Strategic Partners PMO Organization The Program Management Office (PMO) Long Term Staffing Objective Ministry Program Manager Technical Director Deputy Program Manager Finance • Senior Finance Manager • Financial Analyst • Program Cost Control EVMS • Scheduler • EV Analyst • Risk Manager Contracts Quality / Process • Contract Specialist •Procurement Specialist • Contract Compliance • Quality Inspectors, required disciplines CM/DM • Configuration Manager • Data Manager Security Tech Writers • Technical Writers Pool
  28. 28. Why US • AMNC has the international reach between the Donors and Industries around the world to deliver credible solutions for the MOD. • No single company can provide all the support and technology to meet the complex requirements of Afghanistan. AMNC integrates technical solutions from the best in the industry to the MOD requirements. • Solutions must be comprehensive, integrated and adaptable – AMNC is highly capable and understand that the Defense industry will continue to evolve rapidly, and solutions will be flexible enough to overcome this situation. • AMNC focuses on the people as much as the technologies – technologies are worthless without the personnel that can properly use them in accordance to the international regulatory bodies in a rapid, cogent and effective manner. • AMNC provides MOD an end to end effective solutions with the people, processes and technologies.
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