ASP.NET MVC 4 Overview


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My ASP.NET MVC 4 introduction session at Sinergija12.

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ASP.NET MVC 4 Overview

  1. 1. ASP.NET MVC 4 Overview23.10.2012Gunnar Peipman
  2. 2. About me• Name: Gunnar Peipman• From: Tallinn, Estonia• MVP: ASP.NET, 5 years• Job: developer, architect,consultant• Community: speaker, blogger• Hobbies: new tech, beers,heavy metal, national cuisinestravelling
  3. 3. Agenda• New project templates• Support for DotNetOpenAuth• Bundling and minification• Device based filtering• Mobile enhancements• Task support for async controllers• ASP.NET Web API• What is coming next?
  4. 4. New project templates
  5. 5. Available templates• Empty• Basic• Internet application• Intranet application• Mobile application• Web API• Single Page Application
  6. 6. Support for DotNetOpenAuth
  7. 7. What is DotNetOpenAuth• Library that supports different externalauthentication systems• Supported:– Twitter– Live ID– Google Accounts– Facebook– All othet OAuth providers• Now ships with ASP.NET MVC
  8. 8. How it is used in MVC?• Coming with internet application template• Switched off by default• Easy to enable and use• Users can log in through external systems• Users can join their different accounts on yourapplication level
  9. 9. Demo: DotNetOpenAuth
  10. 10. Bundling and minification
  11. 11. Why bundling and minification?• Bundling: files of same time are concatenated• More than one group of files is supported• Saves some requests to web server• Minificaton: making script and css files smaller• Whitespace is removed• For JS it is possible to use short names of vars• Saves some bandwidth• For user: page loads faster
  12. 12. Demo: Bundling and minification
  13. 13. ResultsFiles SizeNo optimizations 21 750KBBundling and minification 10 337KB52% 55%
  14. 14. Mobile enhancements
  15. 15. New mobile sites• Built on jQuery mobile• Support bundling and minification• Can use device based views• Can use CSS media queries• Support Viewport meta tag
  16. 16. Demo: Mobile site in action
  17. 17. Device based filtering
  18. 18. Era of multiple devices
  19. 19. What are challences?• Different screen sizes• Support for touch/multi-touch• Different technical platforms
  20. 20. Device based filtering• ASP.NET MVC detects devices automatically• If there is view for device then it is usedautomatically• Device settings can be overridden in code
  21. 21. Demo: Device based filtering
  22. 22. Task support for async controllers
  23. 23. ASP.NET Web API
  24. 24. What is Web API?• Simple and lightweight framework extension towrite Web 2.0 API-s• Uses ASP.NET MVC framework• Makes use of HTTP standard command• Supports content negotiation• Supports self-hosting
  25. 25. Web API and WCF• Web API:– is quick and simple service layer– is scaled with web application– perfect fit for modern public web apps and their API-s• WCF:– is powerful enterprise-class service framework– scales differently than web application– supports complex components like workflows
  26. 26. Demo: Web API controllers
  27. 27. What’s coming next
  28. 28. Planned for Fall 2012 Update• SignalR• Support for Windows Azure Active Directory• Web API – OData, tracing, help page generation• Single Page Application• Project template for Facebook applications• Web optimization framework update• NuGet update• Providers system update
  29. 29. Thank you for your attention.
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