Group 02 Development Presentation


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Group 02 Development Presentation

  1. 1. URBAN DESIGNFOR SMARTER STREETSHamish Mackenzie (Project Leader)Camilla Nicholson (Liaison Officer)Athanasios Papastergiou (Media Officer)Qinyi Chen (CAD Manager)Bartlomiej Drazyk (Artistic Design Engineer)Nicholas Lake (Quality Assurance Manager)Vijesh Mehta (Traffic Engineer)Milo McGrath (Design Engineer)Paik Quinn Teoh (Marketing Manager)
  2. 2. Princes Circus British MuseumOxfordStreet City Covent Garden
  3. 3. Princes Circus
  4. 4. Project ObjectivesImprove pedestrian experienceReduce congestionAchieve economic growthCreate a fresh public space in the heart of London
  5. 5. Mapping and Surveying
  6. 6. Public Opinion Would you appreciate a development of Would you use this as a Princes Circus to make it morerecreational space/area to relax? pedestrian friendly? Yes No Yes No 16% 46% 54% 84%
  7. 7. Public Opinion “I would use this space to have lunch, if it was nicer” “I’ve been wandering around for 10 minutes looking for somewhere to stop and sit and have lunch, I settled for here” “The emergency services use this route heavily, you “These crossings are no less safe than could never completely pedestrianise it” anywhere else in London” “Cycling accidents happen here often” “This space is confusing for pedestrians” “It would be a waste of my tax dollars to do this“This junction is too busy to be altered” development” “it should be a chill space, and a stopping zone”
  8. 8. PERS AnalysisQualitative assessment of siteBasis for evaluation of futureproposals
  9. 9. Results of PERS Effective Width 3 Dropped kerbs/gradient Maintenance 2 1 0 ObstructionsQuality of Environment -1 -2 -3 Permeability User Conflict Legibility Surface Quality Personal Security Lighting
  10. 10. Local Economic Activity
  11. 11. Business QuestionnaireDo you feel a development of Have you ever experienced orPrinces Circus would improve witnessed a road accident in Princes business? Circus? 25% Yes 33% Yes No 75% No 67%
  12. 12. Traffic and Pedestrian Flow Data Motorized Vehicle Count Pedestrian & Cyclist Count2 2 En En del l 1 del l 1 Str Str eet ee t 3 3
  13. 13. Traffic Desire Lines: Trend 1Bloomsbury St. is busier than Shaftesbury Av. TOTAL weighted TOTAL weighted TOTAL weighted on Bloomsbury on Bloomsbury on Bloomsbury TOTAL weighted TOTAL weighted TOTAL weighted on Shaftesburyl on Shaftesburyl on Shaftesburyl At all times at least ¾ of all motorized traffic is on Bloomsbury St.
  14. 14. Traffic Desire Lines: Trend 2Easily re-routed taxis compose most of traffic Morning Peak Afternoon Peak Total Crossings Total Crossings 0% 1% 0% Cars Cars 5% 10% Motorbike/Scooter Motorbike/Scooter 23% 25% 24% London/Tfl/Taxi 10% London/Tfl/Taxi Bus/Coach 10% Bus/Coach Van 13% 10% Van Lorry 41% 28% Other (Slow moving Lorry vehicle)
  15. 15. Traffic Desire Lines: Trend 3A possible closure of lower Bloomsbury St. would affect only 1/10 vehicles, as taxis use it only as a shortcut En de ll St re et No buses are affected
  16. 16. Traffic Desire Lines: Trend 4One way streets incompatible with users’ desires (especially Shaftesbury St.)
  17. 17. Proposed Solution
  18. 18. Proposed Solution Proposed SolutionPartial pedestrianisationShieldingSafe havenIncreased spaceIncreased seatingEncourage taxis to find alternative route
  19. 19. Looking ForwardWEEK 2Completion of surveyingCompletion of Full CAD DrawingsProduction of in-depth Baseline ReportDevelopment of broad design proposals
  20. 20. Looking ForwardWEEK 3Development of design proposalsCompletion of Full CAD Drawings of ProposalsEnvironmental AppraisalSetting out of Project Report
  21. 21. Looking ForwardWEEK 4 WEEK 5Completion of full CAD Full Project Report Editingdrawings of Final Design Presentation PreparationProposal Reviews Project ReviewDesign ConclusionsCost-Benefit Analysis
  22. 22. URBAN DESIGNFOR SMARTER STREETSThank you for listening,and we welcome any questions