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LAD Planning LAD Planning Presentation Transcript

  • LAD Planning
  • Component Steps
    • 1. Revisit the Municipal Development Plans/Municipal Agricultural Development Plans
  • Component Steps
    • 2. Formulate/update the agricultural development plan with strong emphasis on the business and marketing aspects ensuring presence of the following:
    • Municipal Agriculural Profile
    • Municipal Agricultural Development Strategic Directions
    • Identified Programs/Projects
    • Five-Year Agricultural Development Investment Plan
    • Resource Mobilization Plan
    • Monitoring and Evaluation Plan
  • Component Steps
    • 3. Plan Validation and legitimization
    • 4. Plan presentation to resource institutions
    • 5. Inclusion in the LGU’s Annual Operations and Investment Plans and those of agencies committing to provide support/assistance.
  • The MAP
    • Ensure completeness of information
    • For Resource-based SWOT Analysis
    • and competitive assessment to:
    • - highlight the “strengths” of the area to capitalize
    • - identify “weaknesses” to overcome
    • - pinpoint “opportunities” to exploit
    • - underscore “threats” to neutralize
  • The Municipal Agridev Strategic Directions or VMGOS
    • - declares the general or agricultural development
    • Vision
    • Mission
    • Goals/Objectives
    • Strategies
  • The Municipal Agridev Vision
    • image of desired future
    • gives clear direction, hope
    • forward-looking
    • A blueprint for change
  • Agricultural Development Vision of Sagay, Camiguin
    • A self-reliant, god-centered and dynamic agri-aqua and tourism-based community, living and working in accordance w/ the principles of sustainable development.
  • The Municipal Agridev
    • A general statement of how the vision will be achieved
    • Can be formulated by asking the following questions:
    • What actions are needed?
    • 2. Who will do them?
    • 3. What conditions should
    • be there?
  • Agri-dev Mission of Sagay, Camiguin
      • To enable the people of Sagay achieve better quality of life for the present and future generations.
  • The Municipal Agridev Goals
    • The sectoral targets of the vision with long term focus
    • Considerations for stating thegoals:
    • How to attain the vision and accomplish the mission?
    • 2. Statement of intended outcome or impact?
    Examples: Increased income better health for the population increased productivity improved educational services
  • Goals of Municipality of Sagay
    • 1. Prevent environmental degradaion and promote the regeneration of natural resources
    • 2. Accelerate socio-economic growth through increased agri-aqua production and tourism development
    • 3. Improve the level of human development through the delivery of basic social services and appropriate educaation for community empowerment
  • Agri-Dev Goals of Sagay, Camiguin
    • To improve the living condition of the people and enable them to become self-reliant through poverty alleviation, sustainable agriculture, rural industry and tourism development.
  • The Municipal Agridev Objectives
    • Targets to be achieved in the short-run quantified in terms of degrees of achievement and timelines
    • Has the following characteristics:
  • Agri-Dev Objectives of Sagay, Camiguin
    • 1. To achieve an accelerated socio-economic growth.
    • 2. to increase overall agricultural production as a base for industrialization
    • 3. To increase the real income of marginal farmers and sustenance fishermen thereby reducing poverty incidence in the municipality
  • The Municipal Agridev Objectives
    • SAMPLE Objectives Statement
    • At the end of five years, the following shall have been achieved by coconut farmers:
    • Increased coco farm productivity by 80%;
    • Increased income from P 10,000/quarter to at
    • least P 20,000.00;
    • 3. Send all three children to school;
    • 4. Afford the family’s basic needs.
  • The Municipal Agridev Strategies Examples: - Hastening land reform and improving services delivery - Food self-sufficiency - Dissemination of commodity-specific agri-fishery technologies - Agro-ecological and agro-system based development - Market-based approaches (commodity-Specific, value-adding)
  • The 5-Year Agridev Investment Plan
    • Contains the objectives and strategies; programs/projects/activities; expected outputs; timeframe; and responsibility centers.
    • basis for AOP and AIP
  • The 5-Year Municipal Agricultural Development Investment Plan 2006-2010 Municipality of _______
  • Resource Mobilization Plan
    • Identifies programs/projects and sources of resources/assistance which include the LGU itself and external institutions (NGAs, NGOs, ODA)
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Plan
    • Determines M & E membership, track progress and performance of programs/projects implemented based on target quantity and quality standards.