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Flash Mobile Social Pikkle
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Flash Mobile Social Pikkle


Published on …
Amazing company located in Japan which creates networked social entertainment using cutting edge technologies.

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  • Transcript

    • 1.  
    • 2.  
    • 3. Matthew Bellows GM Floodgate [email_address] David ‘DC’ Collier CEO, Pikkle KK [email_address]
    • 4. Innovation target In-game Connectivity Out-of-game
    • 5. In-game!
    • 6. Flitzer (Handygames)
      • Keep your streaker away from the cops during the World Cup matches
        • Moves like:
        • Pompon-Chick, Tail-Wag, Goalpost-Sucker
    • 7. Nice Lil Puzzle Games
      • Slyder (Mobliss/Sandlot Games)
      • Tower Bloxx (DChoc)
      • Monkey Pole Climb (Paul Carruthers)
    • 8. Planet For You by Capcom
      • Very accessible RPG
      • 3D “globe” to get between different parts of the game
      • Then battle monsters
    • 9. Horror Games
      • Resident Evil: the Missions (Capcom)
        • 100 short timed missions. Unlockable characters.
      • Alone: The Horror Begins (Centerscore)
      • Darkest Fear I & II (Rovio)
      Darkest Fear movie
    • 10. Hudson : emoji puzzle
      • Create “word chains”, but using graphic symbols.
      • Computer says:
        • animaL
      • Ends in “L”. So you can say:
        • Lamp
      • But, you have to find the picture for “Lamp”
    • 11. Spinblocks 360 (Centerscore)
      • Will be released with a level editor too
    • 12. Extensible games
    • 13. Level Editors for Mobile Games
      • Pixeline Zoo
        • Push the hay into the hippo’s mouth & level editor
      • Pinball Factory (Airborne)
        • Import and image, place the bumpers, and upload
      • Mile High Pinball (N-Gage)
        • 80 Screens of adventure pinball
        • 2 Player bluetooth, web based high scores, level editor.
    • 14. Episodic Games/Series
      • Fantasy Warrior II Good & Evil (DChoc)
      • Ancient Ruins 1 to 4 (Handy Games)
      • Era of Eidolon (WataGame)
    • 15. SmartPhone and Palm
    • 16. Smartphone/Palm Mobile Games
      • ATLANTIS Redux Bundle (Tetraedge)
        • 15 meg game! $14.95 on Symbian or MS Smartphone
      • !PyroManiA! (WildGamer)
      • Battlecake (Herocraft/HiTech)
        • Grab a cake and attack!
    • 17. Connected!
    • 18. Multiplayer/Networked Car Racing
      • Asphalt Urban GT Multiplayer (Gameloft)
      • Need for Speed Underground (EA)
      • Everything we asked for…
        • Networked, multiplayer, etc.
        • Better performance than imaginable only 2 years ago
        • Limitations of the medium
    • 19. Puzzle-Bobble Online by Taito
      • “ Battle” type Real-time puzzle-bobbling!
      • After the battle you can send “one-key” taunts to the other side. Very polite ones…
      (C)TAITO CORP.1994,2006
    • 20. Pet Trap by Mikoishi
      • Uses a game mechanic that works well for head-to-head realtime gaming: the ”pipe dreams” slow water mechanic...
      • Flow:
        • Create a unique gamer tag
        • Enter the global game lobby and chall e nge players
        • Play head2head with someone in the next room or the otherside of the world
        • Track global leader boards, download new levels and rate the games
    • 21. Pet Shop (Floodgate)
      • In-game locations synched to player locations for LBS phones
      • Unlocked pets, awards and items downloaded from the network
      • Talent show competitions between pets in your town, city, state and country
    • 22. Path of a Warrior by Gamevil
      • RPG with really deep offline standalone, and online battle against other players.
      • $10/month flat rate “all you can play” – the right price for young people
      • (compares to normal $3 per DL or $25 flat rate)
      • Finally a business motivation for developers to make multiplayer games!
    • 23. IMO by Com2Us
      • Massively multiplayer Korean epic.
      • Like Online games, it enables Hack&Slash format so that it will be accessible to not only Mobile RPG users but also Online game users
      • Mobile Fantasy World
    • 24. PC and Mobile FMC fixed-to-mobile convergence
    • 25. Mobile/PC Cross Platform
      • Star Wars Battlefront (Mikoishi)
      • Conspiracy Corporate Warfare (Evil Machines)
      • Ragnarok (SkyZone)
      • Hinter Wars (Activate/Nokia)
    • 26. The Sims2 (EA)
      • More hardcore RPG’ing
      • Amazing web integration
      • Just not as fun as the N-Gage version…
    • 27. Out of Game experience
    • 28. DuoGate from KDDI
      • DuoGate = two entries: access from both the PC and the mobile phone.
      • Super sticky user-generated content: DuoMail, DuoBlog, DuoAddress, DuoSnap, DuoMusic
      • This year number portability hits japan.
        • “ one-way” content has no stickiness with users – you can get the same games on any carrier.
        • But if the user has their own data on the system, they are less likely to switch carriers.
      http:// /field/
    • 29. MoSoSo mobile social software aka SNS social networking apps v
    • 30. Vodafone SNS “V-Town”
      • A mobile community announced by Vodafone Japan.
    • 31. Mobile Game Town
      • SNS and game community
      • Get points by signing up for other commercial sites!
      • Spend points decking out your character
    • 32. Gocco by Index
      • Japan’s largest mobile SNS
      • 240,000 users
      • Create a personal “card” and then exchange it with your friends
      • Friend list, diary, blog tools
      • http:// /
      NEW NEW
    • 33. Getting started with MoSoSo
      • DodgeBall (google)
      • Rabble (ex moviso guys)
      • PeepsNation
    • 34. Personal home-pages
      • #1 site: Mahou no Island (Magic Island)
      • Also Forest-Page:
        • 100M page views/month
        • 55K new users register month
        • 67% are late teens (16-19)
    • 35. Avatars
    • 36. Jamango Island by U-F-T
      • A virtual island with real people and virtual characters
      • Access from WAP, J2ME, PC
      • Toro, surfer. Lola, student. Crash, rock-club owner. Nora, stripper!
      • These “lead characters” interact with real users in the world, and even keep their own diaries.
    • 37. Avatar Studio + games by G-Mode
      • One central “avatar buy and sell parts” appli
      • You can then use the same avatar in many different online games.
    • 38. Messaging
    • 39. Mini-Lovey by GameVil (Korea)
      • Tamagochi which lays eggs
      • After you raise one character to full size, it lays an egg that you can send to your friend (in order to do sort of super distribution).
      • When you send the egg to your friend, somebody has to pay for it, which can be you or the person who wants to receive it.
      • If you decide to pay, a premium SMS is sent to the other user. And when the other user downloads the game, the payment is charged to you.
    • 40. Deco-mail
      • Docomo’s hit platform this year.
      • html email platform that has created a new messaging business
      • Contrast this with the failure of MMS…
      Copyright(c)1998-2006 by KF STUDIO.All rights Reserved. demo
    • 41. Hello Messenger by KDDI
      • “ push-to-talk” VOIP goes to the next level
      • Up to 5 folks can chat with
        • Avatar
        • Voice
        • Text (including emoji)
        • and Pictures!
      • It also has the Push-To-Talk, walkie-talkie style communication service.
      • KDDI claims: their service is superior because of the ability to communication via voice, text and images (photos) altogher
      • Targeted at high-school female students, who are considered heavy text message users.
      ©Yamashita Kohei/mountain mountain
    • 42. Emotion Mail
      • Your phone reads your incoming mail and based on the content the characters expression changes.
      • Character shows on the outside mini-LCD so you don’t even have to open the phone!
    • 43. Real-related
    • 44. Fantasy Sports Apps
      • Mobile League Sports Network Sports Picks (Dchoc)
      • Danger & T-Mob DK
      • ESPN built a whole MVNO on fantasy sports
    • 45. The Shroud (Hardcore 3D)
      • GPS RPG & International Farmer’s League
      Add movie
    • 46. LBS Games
      • Yes, they still exist!
      • Journey/Journey II (Mopius)
        • RealReplay coming?
      • Swordfishing from Blister Entertainment
    • 47. IdolMaster / Namco
      • Rockstar sim: you’re a TV show producer managing a star’s career.
      • Board-game type progression helps you pick up different skills for the character
      • Take shots in game in the arcade, then use them as screensavers on your phone
    • 48. Konami: Beat-Mania
      • Customize on the phone, play in the arcade
      • Based on your arcade points, you can then access the same from the phone and change the in-game arcade experience
      • Creates a hierarchy between players, cos you can see things in the other players game you haven’t managed to get yet – kind of like avatar items, but in-game
    • 49. Music ID and Purchasing
      • Shazam/Cingular MusicID
      • Integrated identification and purchase (tone, image, MP3)
    • 50. Lets Get Our Driving License! By Asobism
      • If getting a driving license in the real world was this easy!
    • 51. Google Mobile
      • Suite of apps
      • WAP & J2ME Search, SMS queries, Froogle shopping, maps and directions
      • All without the carriers!
    • 52. Advertising
    • 53. Advergaming Continues…
      • Coke, Range Rover Mobile Games (Blue Sphere)
      • Agencies setting up mobile groups and selling product placement in games
      • Dovetails with increased interest in search and mobile search
      • Mobile TV ads on Sprint
    • 54. AgaGame ( )
      • High-quality java games for Free!!
      • Advertising “points” model.
      • When the game launches, you get a choice of two ads. You have to click through and go to one of the destination sites, check that ad, and only then can you get “points” to continue the game.
    • 55. mobile payment systems: Felica++ The internet is not the only network… - Natsuno Takeshi
    • 56. DoCoMo iD credit card
      • Docomo has launched their own credit card.
      • High-end branded status image.
      • Use your phone (with Felica), or the normal plastic card, on the same account
      • iD = “i” as in i-mode
    • 57. Keitai-Coin by KLab
      • Now you can pay users to play your games!
      • http://
      • Users get points for looking at ads, signing up their friends etc.
      • Partner companies (eg an advertiser) signs up with the kcoin service to allow them to PAY users CASH to look at their ads.
      • The points are sent to the users phone as Edy e-money, so they can immediately use it, or cash it in.
    • 58. Town Pocket: Felica Promotion
      • In-store pods you touch with your phone
      • Collect ‘em all 
      • http://
    • 59. Toru C a
      • Next generation Felica!
      • For example, when a user buys a CD at a store using DoCoMo's "Osaifu-Keitai" mobile phone with wallet functionality, they can wave their DoCoMo phone in front of a reader/writer to receive information about the CD, the artist, any promotional coupons offered by the artist's recording label, and more.
    • 60. M-commerce: GirlsWalker
      • Japan’s leading mobile commerce site
      • 9M registered members buying stuff on a daily basis!
      • Secret of their success: very small target of high-spenders
    • 61. The US approach to m-commerce (sounds of crickets chirping)
    • 62. Media
    • 63. Phone UI take-over
      • Customize everything inside and outside the phone, down to the whole application menu!
      • The hidden “drama menu” easter eggs!
    • 64. LISMO from KDDI
      • KDDI launched LISMO, their mobile music service.
      • Social Merchandising
      • Includes “uta-tomo”: social based music search:
        • find out who else likes this song, visit their personal page, leave comments, …
      • “ Location-based” music search:
        • What is the most played song in this street?
      • Toshiba phone has a 4GB HD, just like the iPod nano.
    • 65. Using da hardware
    • 66. Camera Games!!
      • Kick Real (Siemens)
      • Devil Darts
      • Photo Aquarium (Mobcast/KDDI America)
      • ARTennis (mobile ping pong)
    • 67. SuperStar by AreaCode
      • Sticker-based street game designed for the city of Tokyo. Ran in conjunction with Ubicomp 2005.
      • Players collect Puri-Kura stickers using their cellphone cameras and Mobot image recognition software
      • When you collect a sticker you form a link to that player – from now on whenever she scores points, you do too, and vice versa
      • Online flash app allows you to explore your superstar network
    • 68. Relax to Win Mobile (Vyro Games)
      • Galvanic Skin Response bluetoothed to your mobile to control a dragon on a racetrack.
      • Due out in 2006. If it makes it, we can all die happy.
    • 69. Innovative merchandising
    • 70. Space Invaders x Pacman
      • Taito & Namco
      (C)TAITO CORP.1978,2005 (C)1980,2005 NAMCO LTD.
    • 71. “ Girl Games”
      • Metrogirl (Dchoc)
        • jokes, minigames, “rescue me!” SMS
      • Girls Night Out Solitaire (Limelife)
      • Word Heaven (Limelife)
      • Supermodel-Milano (Watagame)
        • Are the bots women too?
      • Ibiza Party Sim (THQ)
      • Love Triangle Dating Challenge (Long Tail/ Gameloft)
    • 72. Hudson: Suppli Time!
      • Quiz game about how to stay beautiful.
      • Take your supplements!
    • 73. Sega: Mushi King & Love’n’Berry
      • Card scanning battling for boys’n’girls!
    • 74. And Girl Games for Guys
      • Bikini Machine (Blue Sphere)
      • Sexy Poker 2006 (Gameloft)
      • Leisure Suit Larry (VUG)
      • College Girls
      • Playboy on AMPD
      • Hot Secretary (Bling Games)
      • Cherrysauce et al (moantones)
      • Glu’s Wet Hot Waterslide??
      • … .
    • 75. Mini Game Collections
      • Three Stooges: Makin’ Dough (Big Blue Bubble/Kayak)
      • Homies Dominos ‘n Dice (Starwave/Humagade)
      • California Games (Mforma)
      • Gorillaz Mobile Game (Real Networks)
    • 76. Namco VIP Course!
      • Appli Carrot 300yen/month all you can eat
      • Stay a member for more than three months and get access to special VIP games!!!
      © 1980-2005 NAMCO
    • 77. Flash games
      • Baka-ge (Cybird) Nose-hair game
      • LogJam by BlueSkyNorth
      • Game trailers:
        • Naruto
    • 78. SkillJam by AirMedia
      • A store-front within the service.
      • New games are added without going thru the long test cycle…
    • 79. CharaJam by Pikkle
      • Flash game portal
      • Community and merchandising around the games!
      • Featuring a consistent character that you customize
      • Integrated with screensavers, messaging and other content using the same characters.
      • Visual high-score pyramid where you can see your competitors
      • Now looking for Flash games to distribute in Japan!
    • 80. Cascada Mobile
      • In-Game P2P Recommendation
      • Client-server infrastructure with SMS for intra-client communication
    • 81. It’s a carrier’s world! Games are just one “Data Service”
    • 82. The carriers World communication games
    • 83. Fartbox (Morpheme)
      • Play farty tunes, send them to your friends (3650 version only), play Brown Alert and make sure you're not the one to 'follow through'. Use the timer to set your phone to blow off random poots in polite company.
    • 84. Innovate more! So we can include your game next year!