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  • Briefly introduce the basic things that make C/D/H who we are:Our Core Values and how we live them out in our workThe depth of our expertise in our service areas, few can compareEdge - the reasons why C/D/H is better than our competition in these service areas
  • Why do we describe who C/D/H is by sharing our core values?Because they are truly the core of who we are and what we do. We don’t just display these phrases as platitudes on a wall and point to them during staff meetings. C/D/H staff live and breath these values each day. They are evaluated and their annual bonuses are based upon how well they follow these principles. It is just the right way to do business.So let me explain them…Active Collaboration:Collaboration is essential to serve our clients. We provide thoughtful counsel and solutions based upon the unique needs of each client. Active Collaboration with one another and with our clientsis absolutely critical to accomplishing our work effectively. [ More explanation if you have more time]Despite it’s recently popularity in business language, we’ve been using the term “collaboration” for over ten years. At C/D/H it means…our consultants can neither be “Wall Flowers” nor “Rambos”, neither “reclusive introverts” or “Know-it-Alls”. By theirvery DNA, they must excel working alongside others, whether it is working collaboratively with staff to solve deep technical problems, or working collaboratively with our clients to design solutions of extraordinarily high value. We promote active collaboration through tools we share with our clients including Microsoft Office SharePoint Server portal.Active Collaboration – our first core value.[ End of the Active Collaboration Core Value additional Information]Continuous Improvement:Technology evolves daily. We continue deliveringvalue to our clients by investing heavily in our consultants’ continued education. This provides them with the most current knowledge in the technologies that we specialize in.[ More explanation if you have more time]Each staff member has an educational budget and specific annual educational goals. You’ll not a find a more widely certified consulting staff in Michigan. Continuous improvement also applies to our projects! With each project, we get better, quicker, and more knowledgeable because our consultants share new knowledge with one another so we can collectively bring it to bear for your project.Continuous Improvement – our 2nd core value.[ End of theContinuous Improvement additional Information]Genuine Commitment:Projects don’t usually fail because of technology, they almost always fail when your technology partner is not committed to your success. At C/D/H, we are not looking to complete a single transaction simply to move on to the next client, we wish to establish a long-term trusted relationship with you. Our goal is to do such a good job that we earn the right to work with you on your next project. We take a long-term view of our relationships.[ More explanation if you have more time]Many of our consultants have been with us for 8, 10, or 12 years or more. They are committed and strive to establish long-term relationships with our clients. We won’t treat your company as a revolving door, parading new consultants through on a regular basis. We bring our “A” team every time. Experience has shown that you’ll likely establish a long-term business relationship which grows in value over time with our consultants.Genuine Commitment – our 3rd core value.Our last core value, andthe most important one!Unquestionable FairnessIt seems most companies achieve a fairly low standard when dealing with their customers and their employees. Unfortunately, the most anyone can expect is to ask themselves “were we fair” in our dealings? Did my service provider treat me “fairly”?We don’t accept this and set a high-bar for ourselves. We bring honesty, trust, integrity and reliability to our working relationship with you. From our daily communications, to our billings, to our documentation, we will be polite, professional and always treat you with unquestionable fairness. After completing your project we expect you to feel that the value you received far outweighed the cost and that you were treated with “unquestionable fairness”. Perhaps it is why we have such a high level of repeat business. “Unquestionable Fairness” is how we always treat our clients and one another.
  • Under these broad serviceheadings arean infinite number of options because the needs of each client are unique. Therefore, we don’t pull “cookie cutter” solutions off the shelf. We rely on our experience and expertise in these areas to serve as the foundation for developing solutions that are right for each client and their unique circumstances. AIM –Our first area of expertise is in Access & Identity Management, which we call “AIM”. AIM is broader than just IT security, but it certainly includes IT security.“With the new laws about financial and operating controls, companies are forced, often by the government, to establish, maintain and report on proper information access. They have to know the right people, who have the right roles, and have authority to the right information. SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, PCI, DSS, and FISMA are all recent regulations forcing companies to deploy security and identity management systems to control access to their networks. C/D/H’s certified security experts can develop and deploy solutions that ensure your systems are in compliance with Federal, State, and local laws as well as any industry regulations.For clients who progressively use technology , AIM allows them to streamline and automate business processes, to bring value to end-users via single sign-on, to quickly add or remove users from dozens of systems and applications, and to enable secure remote access for remote or mobile employees.[DON’T READ THIS SECTION] Security and identity defined: cross directory identity integration, security, access control, authentication, role based security, authorization and management, provisioning, firewall configuration. COLLABORATION –“Collaboration is the new business buzz-word, but it has been around for many years. Only the tools are changing. People must share knowledge with each other inside and outside the organization. Companies, trying to reduce costs,realize the wasted effort when people act upon poor or wrong information - often when the correct information is available from the person in the cubicle next to them! And when that person next to them is not in the cube, but working from home, in another state, or in another country, it is more difficultto get the right information. So collaborative systems like email, portals, document management systems, telephony, instant messaging, video conferencing and other technologies are fast gaining popularity because they makeit EASIER to communicate and collaborate with others. So people become more productive, getting things done faster, and at a higher quality.”[DON’T READ THIS SECTION] Collaboration defined: messaging systems (e-mail, IM, Video), portal systems, telephony, Web 2.0 enabled systemsINFRASTRUCTURE – “Infrastructure is our heritage, it is where C/D/H began. Infrastructure is defined many ways. We define it as the plumbing and wiring that keeps your “networkmachine” working! You can’t collaborate if your email system is unavailable! You can’t add a new ERP system unless your infrastructure can handle the traffic! You cannot provide remote access without the proper Internet bandwidth and software! For most of us, if the Internet is unavailable, it’s like trying to work without a phone, and if the entire network is down, business comes to a grinding halt! The network and its’ integrated systems of servers, storage, applications, computing devices is perhaps one of yourmost important assets. Keeping those assets running at peak efficiency with the correct tools, solidprocesses, and best practices is how we serve our clients.” Our experts in virtualization, operating systems, network design, and data center management have always been in high demand because of their depth of experience and vendor independence.”[DON’T READ THIS SECTION] Infrastructure defined: directory services, networking technologies, network operating systems, virtualization, server-based services, desktop engineering, system management, data center management, and storage managementPROJECT MANAGEMENT- “We’ve been in this business for nearly 20 years and we concur with Gartner’s research which states that somewhere between 50 and 75% of all IT projects “fail”. “Fail” means the project falls short in one of the 3 areas of the project triangle. 1) It comes in over budget, or 2) it comes in late, or 3) it is deployed and doesn’t fully solve the problem or provide the value that it was originally designed to address. From our experience, a project will succeed or fail, most often not because of the technology, but because of the quality of project management. The proper project management methodology employed by a highly trained and certified project manager is a key to ensuring your project is part of the successful 25% and avoid the common pitfalls of IT project failures.[DON’T READ THIS SECTION] Project management defined: program management, PMO processes, project management services, tool identification, analysis, and recommendations[DON’T READ THIS SECTION] Consulting services defined: planning, design, architecture, engineering, testing, implementation, documentation, knowledge transfer, audits, and assessments.  
  • In summary, let me review why you should be working with C/D/HWhat is our “edge” over the others?ConsultantsOur consultants are different.  They view consulting as a profession, not a trade, and you will see that reflected in their attitude.  We invest heavily in technical training for our consultants to keep them at the top of their field, as demonstrated in the many certifications each hold.Our consultants are measured and rewarded based on the core values of the firm, which quickly differentiates them from our competitors. And because of our focus on Active Collaboration, this results in a \"hire one, hire all\" perspective, where the consultant becomes a conduit to all resources of the firm and ensures a solid peer review of key work.    Our process is differentFrom the moment we start to talk to a new client we make every effort to drive out ambiguity and remove guessing. We immerse ourselves in our client’s unique situation; we understand their reality.Our project managers are PMP’s who are highly collaborative and as well as being technically knowledgeable. Likewise our consultants are not only technically certified, but are schooled in the fine art of client interaction and true “consulting”.From project startup through execution to project close, you can expect attention to detail, high levels of collaboration, and accurate project reporting. 4. As a result, we are very proud to state that for nearly 20 years, less than 1/2 of 1% of our billings have ever been disputed, virtually ensuring a successful project outcome for our clients.THEREFOREOur clients are differentTheyexpect to be treated differently. They are looking for a professional who can act as their trusted advisor in the matter of information technology. Theyhave access to technicians, they are looking for a partner who can objectively and confidently give them technical advice with a vendor-agnostic approach.They seek to establish long term relationships with ourconsultants and recognize that the value of the relationship increases over time. They have worked with other IT related companies and don’t care for the haphazard and poorly executed approach of most other organization . And finally, they are different because they not only have the desire to “do the right things” (projects, technology) , but also have the desire to “do things right.”
  • So that has been a brief overview of our firm and what you might want to know about C/D/H
  • Why C/D/H

    1. 1. CDH CDH Our clients June 8, 2009
    2. 2. CDH Quick Facts About Us Approach Partnerships • 20th Year • Vendor Agnostic • Microsoft Gold • Grand Rapids & • Non-reseller • VMware VAC Royal Oak • Professional • Cisco Premier • 30 Staff Services Only • Novell Platinum June 8, 2009 2
    3. 3. CDHWhoCDH is Core Values CDH Expertise Our Difference June 8, 2009 3
    4. 4. CDHCore Values Active Continuous Genuine Unquestionable Collaboration Improvement Commitment Fairness June 8, 2009 4
    5. 5. CDHExpertise P I C • Project Management A • Infrastructure • Collaboration • Access & Identity Management (AIM) June 8, 2009 5
    6. 6. Recent Innovative Cisco CDH Projects Completed P • Wide Area Wireless Design in Utah I C • Wireless Tower Build & Deployment A Management • Multi-Connection Routers for Ships • Cisco Unified Communication Stack • Network Analysis and Firewall Re- Design June 8, 2009 6
    7. 7. Recent Innovative CDHMicrosoft Projects Completed P • Virtualized Data Center with Hyper-V I C • Fault Tolerant Clustered Exchange A • Cisco Call Manager Integration with Office Communication Server • Remote Site Recovery via DPM • System Center Design’s and Deployments • Multiple SharePoint Corporate Intranets June 8, 2009 7
    8. 8. Recent Innovative Novell CDH Projects Completed P • Migration Planning and Data Center I C Design A • Single Sign-On, Multi-Factor Authentication for Hospitals • Virtualization on Linux using XEN • Identity Vault with Connectors to Building Access Control and HR System June 8, 2009 8
    9. 9. Why for Your CDH CDH Projects? Professional Innovative Credentialed June 8, 2009 9
    10. 10. CDHEdge • Our consultants are different. • Our process is different. Therefore: • Our clients are different. June 8, 2009 10
    11. 11. CDHWhy CDH • Active Collaboration • Continuous Improvement Core • Genuine Commitment Values • Unquestionable Fairness • Access & Identity Management CDH Expertise • Collaboration • Infrastructure • Project Management Our • Consultants Difference • Process • Clients June 8, 2009 11