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  • Health
    The ‘Health & Wellbeing Strategy’ adopted October 2013 includes a section on food and identifies a set of key aims. A team of public health professionals are responsible for implementing these as part of their existing strategic and outreach work.
    Parks & Green Spaces
    The UK has statutory allotment provision for individuals wishing to grow their own food. Bristol City Council has considerable land and property interests in and around Bristol. Some of this has been leased at minimal rent to community groups and organizations including social enterprises for food growing.
    Parks officers have introduced food growing in demonstration beds and among formal flower beds and have been active working with community groups to identify suitable places for community orchards.
    Work is underway to raise the standard of sustainable procurement to reach Soil Association ‘Silver’ catering award
    Waste Management
    Changes to the city’s waste collection has substantially reduced the amount of wasted food by providing weekly kerbside food waste collection while reducing residual waste collection services to fortnightly. Campaigns have encouraged home composting.
  • Bristol City Council works formally and informally with a wide diversity of partnerships towards more sustainable food systems:
    Food Policy Council: diverse group of professionals working towards sustainable food systems locally, nationally and internationally
    Bristol Food Network: grassroots activists and sustainable food professionals at centre stage of sustainable activity in Bristol
    The Green Capital Partnership consists of key city stakeholders and organisations working towards a more sustainable city who have directly supported food projects through ‘Community Challenge’ awards, organised food related events and keynote speakers in ‘Big Green Week
    The Soil Associations ‘Food for Life Partnership’ was piloted here and operates on a ‘whole school’ approach. The City Councils Healthy Schools programme provides the key link to schools in the city.
  • Hartcliffe Health & Environment Action group: long standing holistic community initative providing growing & cooking skills in extremely challenged neighbourhood
    Get Growing garden trail: event to showcase local community food growing citywide
    Local Food Newsletter: Bristol’s key food communication
    Bristol Pound: local currency to support local economy
    Severn Project: example of social enterprise growing food as therapeutic and commercial venture
    Fareshare’s Feeding the 5,000 annual event: raising profile of wasted food
    Sims Hill Shared Harvest: Innovative Community Supported Agriculture run by the community
    ‘Feed Bristol’ : Pioneering food growing initative by Avon Wildlife Trust a local conservation charity
  • http://www.foodforlife.org.uk/
  • 3 enjoying-bristol-dorothy

    1. 1. URBAN FOOD STRATEGY MIX Sustainable Food Workshop for European Cities Re-engaging the population with food: Overview of initiatives in Bristol Dorothy Greaves Bristol City Council, UK Dorothy.greaves@bristol.gov.uk http://bristolfoodpolicycouncil.org An URBACT II Thematic Network - Sustainable Food in Urban Communities
    2. 2. The Challenges in Bristol 17,000 children and young people in Bristol are obese and a further 11,000 overweight. Multi-generational loss of skills means that heavily processed convenience food and takeaways are the norm for many people. 10 out of 35 neighbourhoods in Bristol have no greengrocer. Many high streets, especially in the most vulnerable neighbourhoods are dominated by empty shops, poor quality fast food and off licenses as a consequence of supermarket monopolisation. An estimated 40% of food produced in the UK is wasted along the supply chain The UK imports 90% of fruit and 60% of vegetables
    3. 3. Bristol approaches to changemaking Re- aligning City Council services: Health Parks & Green Spaces Procurement Waste Management Partnership working: Green Capital Partnership Food For Life Partnership Sustainable Food Cities Network Championing local initiatives: Bristol Local Food newsletter Bristol pound
    4. 4. Re-aligning City Council services
    5. 5. Partnership working
    6. 6. Championing local initiatives
    7. 7. URBAN FOOD STRATEGY MIX Sustainable Food Workshop for European Cities THANK YOU… Dorothy Greaves Bristol City Council, UK Dorothy.greaves@bristol.gov.uk http://bristolfoodpolicycouncil.org An URBACT II Thematic Network - Sustainable Food in Urban Communities