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  1. 1. Prelims
  2. 2.  2012 seems to be the year of movie franchise revivals. Benedict Cumberbatch, the actor who was lauded for his titular role in the series „Sherlock‟, is going to appear in the prequel to a famous movie franchise as the main antagonist. Which character is he going to voice?
  3. 3.  LittleCumbrae is the smaller of the two Cumbrae islands in Scotland. Thanks to a rocky terrain, it is sparsely inhabited and has seen a few changes in ownership. In 2009, the Poddars, a Scottish-Indian couple bought it with a view to using it as an international base to promote something. There were some rumours that the island would be renamed to "Peace Island". Thanks to their affiliation with an organization, local media reports (a la India TV) often incorrectly say Little Cumbrae is owned by someone. Who?
  4. 4.  The New York Times has launched a new India- centric blog, whose logo is shown. The name of this blog is one that has been invoked before in relation to India and writing, and comes from a product once deeply associated with the country. Also seems like a wordplay on the popular media phrase signifying the collective word for Indian businesses
  5. 5.  This flag was adopted by a country as its national ensign in 1951 when it became an independent kingdom under King Idris. He was overthrown in 1969 in a coup, so this flag was replaced, and was followed by two other designs. In 1977, the countrys flag was simplified to the point that anyone could easily paint it. Finally, after another regime change in 2011, the 1951 flag was restored. Which countrys flag history are we discussing here?
  6. 6.  The 1954 World Cup in Switzerland was the first that featured this regularly and it has found a place in every World Cup since. Though the most famous incident regarding this happened between Pele and Bobby Moore in the 1970 Mexican World Cup, the first recorded incidence was in 1931 in a match between France and England, which ended with a 5-2 win for the French. What?
  7. 7.  Kalyanam Iyengar is credited with founding of a famous empire in the manufacturing sector. Their product, being world famous, comes in 2 sizes- small and large. The daily output is nearly 1.25 lakhs in terms of numbers, but the demand is a lot more than this. Initially it was a family business, given down from one generation to the next. But soon their monopolistic ways made the government to step in and abolish the empire. Now, production is wholly state-owned. The product is based purely on agro-based raw materials, which made it easier to achieve Geographical Indication.
  8. 8.  At the Championships at Wimbledon last year, Venus Williams played the veteran Japanese tennis player Kimiko Date-Krumm in the second round. The match was won by Williams and turned out to be a minor classic; the tense encounter ended 6-7, 6-3, 8-6 for the American. In some sections of the media, the match was, rather uncharitably, dubbed the "Zimmer frame special". What is a Zimmer frame and why was it applied to this match?
  9. 9. A few months before the recent Commonwealth Games, the Commonwealth Games Council for England polled a sample of the English public, giving them three choices. As a result of the vote, they chose something in place of what they used earlier. This now matches the choice of the English mens Test cricket team and the English womens Lacrosse team. What change?
  10. 10.  Gabe Carimi, a jewish American rules football player, was picked up in the 2011 NFL Draft to the Chicago franchise. He was immediately nicknamed the X, in reference to a famous Quentin Tarantino movie. What?
  11. 11.  The song tells the story of a pimp-like "afro- gipsy, rastafari" character named Diego who walks into a crowded nightclub at midnight, and the DJ, as he sees Diego walk in, plays the "twelve-oclock anthem", "the song he desires most", which happens to be the 1979 rap hit "Rappers Delight" by Sugarhill Gang. Its first verse: "I say the hip hop, the hippie...", pronounced phonetically in Spanish, the way it would sound to someone who does not understand English, becomes the songs chorus. Although technically meaningless and sometimes referred to as gibberish, the chorus is a more-or-less phonetic pronunciation of the first verse almost in its entirety. Which Chartbuster?
  12. 12.  In 1974, he was granted honorary citizenship of every country that is a member of the United Nations. However, recently, he announced his desire to give up the citizenship of the country he belongs to. This is after he attended protests in a country which is politically very opposed to his own. Who?
  13. 13. X is Indias first spiritual social network online and a community for Indian philosophical networking. The site says that it is „designed to encourage direct interaction between seekers and spiritual Gurus hailing from various faiths across the world. The purpose of the site is to enable healthy conversations among the spiritually inclined.‟ The purpose of these conversations is not to find “like-minded people” or “Acceptance” but the freedom to share thoughts. X?
  14. 14.  X is a 2011 English 3-D UAE-Indian co-production film produced by BizTV Network, and directed by Sohan Roy. The ancient Indian concept of Navarasas, or the nine human emotions, are represented by an ensemble of nine major actors from India and Hollywood. The movie was shortlisted for Best Movie at the 2012 Academy Awards but failed to get nominated. However, the Screenplay of the movie was added to the permanent core collection in Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. Name the movie, famous for being banned in TamilNadu a day before it‟s release.
  15. 15.  Around 1992 India came to the United States to find energy investors to help with Indias energy shortage problems. In December 1993, X inked a 20-year power- purchase contract with the Maharashtra State Electricity Board, which allowed them to construct a massive 2,015 megawatt power plant. The power project was the first step in a $20 billion scheme to help rebuild and stabilize Indias power grid. In 1996, when Indias Congress Party was no longer in power, the Indian government assessed the project as being excessively expensive and refused to pay for the plant and stopped construction. From 1996 the company tried to revive the project and spark interest in Indias need for the power plant until 2001, without success. X?
  16. 16.  The English script moves from left to right, the Arabic from right to left, the Chinese from top to bottom. Whos script moves from left to right diagonally?
  17. 17.  X,as a little boy, wrote a letter to Robert Ripley, with a drawing of his dog. He explained the amazing facts that the beagle ate shards of glass and other sharp objects, with no apparent harm to him. Ripley published the drawing and the story. The boy, decades later, takes ideas from his beagle and becomes the creator of Y. X and Y?
  18. 18.  Professor LM Das, who has perfected a new refined technology, says he conceived the idea of using with Delhis pollution levels in mind. In the early 80s, it was a bold initiative - an idea ahead of its time. Lay acquaintances thought he was talking about making a bomb. Detractors in the scientific community dismissed his research as a freak project." is like a slightly temperamental child. You need to tame it. Once controlled, it can be much more efficient than imagined”.
  19. 19.  Gowalia Tank Maidan is a park in central Mumbai which had a huge significance in India‟s struggle for independence from the British. The Gowalia Tank was initially used to bathe cows. Go - Walia comes from the marathi word Gaie (cow) Wala (owner of the cattle). The Maidan that exists over there presently was built by filling earth over the tank. Howis the tank more popularly known, or give me funda of significance. (HINT)
  20. 20.  Duringthe 2002 Lucknow Mahotsav, an NGO named Mahila Samkhya had organised a word game. Following this, an appeal was made to the Indian Government to consider suitable changes in something, but nothing happened. Much later, in 2007 the issue gained significance due to a certain development. What am I talking about?
  21. 21.  X Capital Management in 2007-08, bought an 80% share in DaimlerChrysler LLC, which has been their biggest acquisition so far. X Capital chose its name because the founder Steve Feinberg wanted to invoke the image of the company guarding his clients funds. But, later it dawned on him that the name makes them seem like a „gigantic many-headed dog that traps you on one side of a river and threatens to eat you alive if you ever try to escape.‟ We all know Y, which is another pronunciation of X, although in a different context.
  22. 22.  Smaug
  23. 23.  Baba Ramdev
  24. 24.  India Ink
  25. 25.  Libya
  26. 26.  Jersey-Swapping
  27. 27.  Tirupati Ladoo
  28. 28.  Zimmer Frame
  29. 29.  English National Anthem
  30. 30.  The Bear Jew
  31. 31.  Las Ketchup song
  32. 32.  Superman
  33. 33.  SpeakingTree
  34. 34.  Dam999
  35. 35.  Enron
  36. 36.  Lilliputians
  37. 37.  Charles Schulz Peanuts
  38. 38.  Hydrogen autos
  39. 39.  August Kranti
  40. 40.  Inclusion of gender-neutral terminology in govt, especially changing Rashtrapati to Rashtrapramukh
  41. 41. X – Cerebrus Y - Kerebros
  42. 42. Finals
  43. 43.  Written Round 3 Questions +5/0 for each
  44. 44.  United Colours of Bennetton
  45. 45.  Eveready
  46. 46.  37 Questions Team number + pounce +10 for each question – Part points as and when applicable +10/-5 for each pounce Pounce time limit is QM‟s discretion Half answers will not merit points. Neither will points be deducted This is the penultimate Round
  47. 47.  What is blanked out?
  48. 48.  Manneken Piss
  49. 49.  Two soccer captains celebrating what?
  50. 50.  Puma and Adidas buried their differences in friendly soccer match with the CEOs participating. You can see the two logos on the sleeves. The companies were founded by two brothers who were at loggerheads since World War II.
  51. 51.  "Selective about Reality" is the (rather appropriate, some would say) tag line for Vaishnavi Communications. Clients include the likes of Ginger Hotels, Dr. Batras Positive Health Clinic, The Chennai Open Tennis Tournament 2011, and TCS. So why has the firm been in the news lately?
  52. 52.  Niira Radia‟s PR Firm
  53. 53.  Illustration in mythological woman Orpha. Orpha means to turn back. Orpha given name to Oprah. Friends call her Oprah. Like her namesake, she turned back her name to make Harpo productions. Left Pic is Harpo marx, comedian and Groucho‟s elder brother.
  54. 54. ID this prominent Indian Freemason.
  55. 55. The humor in both strips is based on Pascals wager - a reasoning developed by Blaise Pascal (on the right) to convince agnostics/atheists of the logic of believing in God.
  56. 56.  Audio Identify poem and voice.
  57. 57.  Federer reciting „If‟ by Rudyard Kipling
  58. 58.  The band is a project started by two musicians, who began writing music together when studying as undergraduates at Smith College and Mount Holyoke College in the United States, although have stated that „music was always a part of their life at home.‟
  59. 59.  Zeb and Haniya
  60. 60.  What is blanked?
  61. 61.  CurrentlyUS attorney for theSouthern District of New York, X is engaged in a no of high-profile corruption cases including the one of insider trading against Rajat Gupta, former McKinsey head. This Firozpur-born lawyer has appeared on the cover of TIME magazine with the title “This Man Is Busting Wall Street”.
  62. 62.  Ashtray of Air India First Class given to lucky travellers. "The ashtray is approximately 4" x 3" across and 2 1/2" tall. It is mostly unglazed porcelain with a glazed serpent around the lip of the ashtray. "The ashtray is composed of a shell-shaped centre with a serpent twined around its perimeter. "The reflection of an elephant´s head looks like a swan and the reflection of a swan appears to be an elephant. This forms the bottom support of the tray.” Designer?
  63. 63.  Promotion for which movie‟s premiere?
  64. 64.  India‟s first Test match victory against Australia, Indian team was being lead by „Ramchand Gulabrai Sipahimalani" famous as G S Ramchand. He was also the team manager of Indian team participated in ever first ODI World Cup in 1975. Following words of famous Australian Cricket Captain Mark Taylor, are truly expressing greatness of this player of unmatched caliber "Sir, my name is Mark Taylor. I am here to receive an award on behalf of my team. Can I request to shake hands with the man who led India to their first win over us?” If you search for him on GettyImages, this photo is the one that you can see most often. Why is it so significant for him, and for Indian cricket in general?
  65. 65.  First ever cricket brand endorsement
  66. 66.  Identify this famous Kenyan economist.
  67. 67.  Diana Henriques is an American financial journalist and author working in New York City. Since 1989, she has been a reporter on the staff of The New York Times. Her bestselling book The Wizard of Lies grew out of her work as the lead reporter in newspapers coverage of a scandal that erupted on Dec. 11, 2008, with the arrest of X, the founder of a respected Wall Street brokerage firm who confessed in March 2009 to operating a multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme. HBO is making a movie about X in which actor Robert De Niro is set to star, which is based on the book by Diana.
  68. 68.  Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now! is a 1972 childrens book bybook by author X. The gist of the book is that Marvin K. Mooney -- ostensibly a young child whose bedtime has come -- is asked to Go in many ways. Two years later, when X was challenged by political columnist Art Buchwald for never having written a political book, he took a copy of the book and crossed out "Marvin K. Mooney" and wrote in "Richard M. Nixon." Buchwald was so delighted that with Xs consent he printed the text as his column for July 30, 1974. Nixon resigned ten days later on August 9th. (Pic of book cover on next slide)
  69. 69.  What?
  70. 70.  Edward de Bono‟s 6 thinking Hats
  71. 71.  In February 1967, An electrical engineer working at Electric and Musical Industries (EMI) called Godfrey Hounsfield was on a weekend ramble in the English countryside, where he conceived a wondrous but ambitious idea, an idea so ambitious it would require considerable financial investment to get it off the ground. EMI was involved with X which released Y around the same time. With Y helping EMI doubling their profits in a year, Hounsfields idea could be probed and it came to fruition in the form of the invention of the CT scan, and got Hounsfield the Nobel Prize for Medicine in the year 1979. During his Nobel acceptance speech, Hounsfield credited the role of X and EMIs profits from the sales of Y as the biggest factor in his achievement. X &Y?
  72. 72.  Beatles and Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
  73. 73.  Thisis the image of thefacebook.com, the old domain of facebook. The title bar had the photo of a guy who was rumoured to be X, to the extent that even early Facebook insiders thought that it was X. It was later revealed out to be Y, the American Rhythm and Blues musician, best known as the lead vocalist for the J. Geils Band.
  74. 74. X – Al Pacino Y – Peter Wolf
  75. 75.  Richard Hoggartin his "The Uses of Literacy", a 1957 book discussing British popular culture. The term appears in Chapter 8, "The Newer Mass Art: Sex in Shiny Packets," under the sub-title: "Sex and Violence Novels". Hoggart provides a list of "imitations" of the "terse, periodic titles" of these novels, including "Sweetie, Take It Hot"; "The Lady Takes a Dive"; "Aim Low, Angel"; "Sweetheart, Curves Can Kill"; and "______________________". This was also the title of a song in the 1967 Beatles movie „Magic Mystery Tour‟, though not performed by the Beatles. This is the story of the origin of which band‟s name?
  76. 76.  In the world of DC comics, there was once a wizard who went by the name of X. He is supposed to have got his powers from 6 powerful elder Gods, Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achille s and Mercury. He had been using his powers for many centuries to fight the forces of evil, but he had became old and frail. He therefore passed along part of his power to young Billy Batson, who shouts his name to transform into Captain Marvel. Sometimes Captain Marvel is also erroneously referred to as X, since that is his trademark word.
  77. 77.  SHAZAM
  78. 78.  Path taken by?
  79. 79.  Thisis Waldi. This is the first ever official Olympic mascot, used for the 1972 Munich Olympics. Waldi was created by German designer Otl Aicher, based on a real long-haired Dachshund named Cherie von Birkenhof, which Aicher used as a model. The 1972 games were designed to be an optimistic "Rainbow Games" and it was, on Aicher‟s part, a conscious and specific colour choice. Funda?
  80. 80.  To dissociate from colours of Nazi party
  81. 81.  Connect. (Hint)
  82. 82.  Leander Paes and the Munich Massacre. Leanders parents (his father, Vece Paes was a former Indian hockey midfielder, and representing the Indian team in the 1972 Munich Olympics, and his mother Jennifer Paes is a former basketball player from India participated in the 1972 Summer Olympics, part of the official games squad The games were closed for 4 days because of this incident and his parents having nothing to do ,well conceived him. Leander was born on June 17, 1973 and the Games were held between August 26 to September 11, 1972.
  83. 83.  Thefirst visual shows a military tactic used mainly by soldiers hailing from the kingdom shown in green in the second visual. Archers,mounted on light horse, would feign retreat; then, at a full gallop, turn their bodies back to shoot at the pursuing enemy. The maneuvre required good equestrian skills, since the stirrup had not been invented at the time .A corruption of this tactic is now a common phrase in the English language, though the historical links are questioned.
  84. 84.  Parthian shot and Parting shot
  85. 85.  Who‟s tombstone?
  86. 86.  Ludwig Boltzmann
  87. 87.  The lady in the picture is the daughter of Lord Curzon. In her childhood, her familys Indian servants used to call her ________, the nickname stuck with her for the rest of her life. Notoriously, she became the mistress of her sisters husband, who was also the leader of the British Fascists, Oswald Mosley. Thanks to her involvement with that lot, her nickname was sometimes amended to X Y in the press, a pun on the title of a popular nursery rhyme. Identify X Y! For added points, what is her link to British sport?
  88. 88. X is Baba, after her father being referred to as ‘Baba Sahib’ XYis Baba Blackshirt , a pun on Baba Black Sheep. The lady is Alexandra Curzon. She had an extended affair with her sisters husband Oswald Mosley, leader of the British fascists. TheF1 connect is Oswald Mosleys son is Max Mosley, ex-FIA President. Philandering Galore!
  89. 89.  Big Kahuna
  90. 90.  What is blanked out?
  91. 91.  Who‟s Oprah standing next to?
  92. 92.  Gregory David Roberts
  93. 93.  This new film is based on a well- known series in a different medium. That series began in 1987 while its author was at Stanford University. Unusually, the film will not be mass- released in theatres but will be screened in select campuses internationally. The only Indian institute to have the movie screened was IITB in autumn 2011. The lead actor is Raj Katti, who, like most of the cast, is a student from the California Institute of Technology. Though not quite Clint Eastwood, he will also be playing a man with no name.
  94. 94.  This is an image from a match in last year‟s Copa America football tournament. You see the referee holding something. This is a recent innovation that has been used in South American football for the last couple of years and was introduced to such an international tournament for the first time. It was invented by the Argentinean player- turned-businessman Pablo Silva who has a company called "9.15 Fair Play Limit" that produces it. Some reports claim that since its introduction, the number of goals in matches has gone up. What does the referee usually use it for? (Pic next slide)
  95. 95.  This is a recent innovation that has been used in South American football for the last couple of years and was introduced to such an international tournament for the first time. It was invented by the Argentinean player- turned-businessman Pablo Silva who has a company called "9.15 Fair Play Limit" that produces it. Some reports claim that since its introduction, the number of goals in matches has gone up.
  96. 96.  When a free kick is awarded, there must be a gap of at least 10 yards (9.15 m) between the ball and the defenders. A common defensive tactic is to creep forward, esp. when the referees attention is distracted. This makes it more difficult for the free-kick taker to attempt a direct shot on goal (whenever possible). This has led to the introduction of an aerosol spray can that the referee can use to (temporarily) mark the 10 yard spot, thus helping to enforce the rule.
  97. 97.  Just like his earlier movies such as "Days of Heaven" or "The Thin Red Line", writer-director Terence Maliks fare does not usually resonate with mainstream audiences and often polarises critics and viewers alike. His latest film (about such weighty topics as the creation of the earth) won the Palme dOr at the 2011 Cannes International Film Festival. It is exquisitely shot and has an interesting cast of performers, but its narrative and plot are hard to grasp. Which film is this, which prompted a theatre in Stamford, CI, to put up Bigger pic in next slide this notice outside their building?
  98. 98.  This is a question about two terms X & Y- you wouldnt find either of them in a dictionary, at least, not yet. Both X and Y refer to groups of people who believe in two separate American conspiracy theories. X is the older of the two, having been around since 2008. It was coined principally in opposition to one person. The terms associated controversy flared up once again in the end of April 2011, but has significantly died down since. Partly because of events associated with Y. Y was coined in early May 2011 (by online media). Both X and Y are coined from nouns which are the exact opposite of each other. Which two words are these?
  99. 99.  Birthers and Deathers (Birtherscame once again into prominence after the US healthcare bill)
  100. 100.  X are a type of explosives crafted from one Bomb and 5 Gel. At point blank range, it can cause a total of100 damage to mobs and 200 to the player. When thrown, they will stick to the first solid block they touch (including a ceiling) and not roll or fall, which allows them to be more easily controlled at the cost of shorter overall reach. They explode after 3 seconds. If an X attaches to a block, and the block is destroyed before the bomb explodes, the bomb will fall straight down and stick to whatever block it lands on.
  101. 101.  Delhi Police
  102. 102.  LVC7 slides. Inexhaustive list. All go into connect in the same way. +5 for each ID in the list. Points for connect shown on each slide. Maximum of 43 points up for grabs
  103. 103.  Xs famous quotation continues to be well-remembered in Mexico: "Entre los individuos, como entre las naciones, el respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz", meaning "Among individuals, as among nations, respect for the rights of others is peace." The portion of this motto in bold is inscribed on the coat of arms of his state Oaxaca. "Law has always been my shield and my sword" is a phrase often reproduced as decoration inside court and tribunals buildings.
  104. 104.  He was killed by gunshots while walking home from a cinema with his wife Lisbet in central Stockholm on February 28 1986. The murder is still unsolved and a number of theories as to who carried out the murder have been proposed. Christer Pettersson, was convicted of the murder in 1988 after having been identified as the killer by Lisbet. However, on appeal to Svea Court of Appeal he was acquitted. Pettersson died in 2004, legally declared not guilty of the Palme assassination.
  105. 105.  Venezuelan military and political leader Together with José de San Martín, he played a key role inHispanic-Spanish America„s successful struggle for independence from the Spanish Empire, Today considered one of the most influential politicians in Latin American history
  106. 106.  X is an Arab nationalist political ideology. It was a major influence on pan-Arab politics in the 1950s and 1960s, and continues to have significant resonance throughout the Arab World to this day. It‟s an Arab nationalist and pan- Arab ideology, combined with a vaguely defined socialism, often distinguished from Eastern bloc or Western socialist thought by the label Arab socialism. Arab socialism also developed as a rejection of communism, which was seen as incompatible with Arab traditions.
  107. 107.  Oneof the first questions after coming out of 27 years in jail – “Is Don Bradman still alive?”