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iGOCo - Message Board

  1. 1. Messrs G Owen & Co - Message Board Top Search: Message Boards Home - The Web - Search This Site - Stock Quotes - Auction & Classified - News - Calendar Welcome gowenandco Personal Homepage | Recent Posts | [Un]Subscribe | Edit User Info | Logout ● New Messages since last access r No new Messages since last access r Charity Law / Legislation (58) r NightShelters/Rough Sleepers (10) r Events • Shows (28) r Publications • Voluntary/Public Sector (64) r Finance - Voluntary Sector (54) r Regeneration (41) r Fundraising (169) r Resources • General (49) r Governance (49) r Training/Workshops (22) r HR/Recruitment - Voluntary Sector (73) r Voluntary Groups 1 (361) r ICT (37) r Volunteering (28) r Misc • Businesses (76) Master.com Terms and Conditions | Texis & Texis Webscript Copyright © 2000 Thunderstone Management Consultancy ● Purveyor Events | Shows | Conferences | Venues | Eco-Tourism | MICE Voluntary ● Not-for-Profit Sector & Fundraising Freelance ConsultantsÕ One-Stop-Shop for Fundraising & Organisational Governance matters http://www.gowenandco.co.uk/ (1 of 19) [15/03/2010 11:13:26]
  2. 2. Messrs G Owen & Co - Message Board + much more ● Aimed at New / Small / Emerging Voluntary Organisations/Groups & Grant-Aid Funders. All you ever wanted to know about Fundraising & Voluntary Sector ● Organisational Management Governance but did not know where to ask or find 24:7! ● Voluntary Sector Support Presentation(s) Bespoke Training Workshop (s) Fundraising Capacity Building Governance Project Development OnLine Forums/Group Advice Help Please visit our web page: Donating on the Internet http://www.gowenandco.co.uk/ (2 of 19) [15/03/2010 11:13:26]
  3. 3. Messrs G Owen & Co - Message Board As an on-going special promotion aimed at both voluntary organisations and even funders, we are offering £60 worth of DSC vouchers which can be used to towards the purchase of publications, training, or material at the Directory of Social Change: What do you have to do???? We are simply looking for feedback on anything relevant that you feel is not covered by this web site, with details of what you wish to see included. The winning group will not only receive the above vouchers but also have their idea published in a separate web page on this site acknowledging their contribution. So please get writing now!! Approach / Philosophy: Professional and experienced with a long track record. Highly motivated with a holistic approach. Worked as an innovator in a variety of jobs, statutory, voluntary, plus private sector activities, and http://www.gowenandco.co.uk/ (3 of 19) [15/03/2010 11:13:26]
  4. 4. Messrs G Owen & Co - Message Board pro-actively involved with community work 38 Years +. When engaged to provide presentation(s), training, and workshop(s), this can be done at your site, (or if you do not have a suitable room, or training facilities we can arrange this with a venue (at as low cost as possible using our networks). We also come as a package equipt with all the written material for participants to take away; Laptop(s); Screen; and Presentation; LCD Projector; etc. Certificate of Attendance/Completion are subsequently sent out as evidence of attendance/accreditation for display, kite-bench marking, or funding to cover. Our Ethos is: Striving to Create Provisions for TomorrowÕs Organisations TodayÕs Ideas for Tomorrow Mainstream Community Cohesion. Also visit our link Web Sites & Directory Entries at: Visual Impairment & Disabilities: For people with visual impairment, copies of each, any of the web pages contained on this web site can be viewed or obtained and available from us in larger print, (e.g. Aerial 12/14 point +) on receipt of a request. Anyone requiring variation version to this are asked to please state when requesting. [N.B: A nominal charge may be made it cover the cost of administration/copying where hardcopy versions are required.] Ordinarily a larger print version will be sent direct in data format via e-Mail. http://www.gowenandco.co.uk/ (4 of 19) [15/03/2010 11:13:26]
  5. 5. Messrs G Owen & Co - Message Board Welcome to our Message Board, at Messrs G Owen & Co, Voluntary Sector & Fundraising Consultants’. Our Subject folders include Charity Law & Legislation, Events/Shows/Venues, Voluntary Sector Finance, Fundraising, Governance, HR & Recruitment in the Voluntary Sector, ICT, Miscellaneous and Businesses, Night Shelters & Rough Sleepers information, Publications in the Voluntary & Public Sector, Regeneration, Resources and General, Training & Workshops, Voluntary Groups, Volunteering, Management Consultancy ●Events | Shows | Conferences | Venues | Eco-Tourism | MICE Please also visit our webpages/sites. Press Play to begin About us @ Messrs G Owen & Co Forum GroupÕs are all about making life easier for communication Aimed http://www.gowenandco.co.uk/ (5 of 19) [15/03/2010 11:13:26]
  6. 6. Messrs G Owen & Co - Message Board at Groups/Organisations: We have established Forumwebsite page as yet further channels especially introduced to support both Groups/Organisations enabling us to widen the scope dialogue and empower you to interact and engage on issues that matter. Please use this medium to ask questions or issues relevant to the voluntary sector. If you have not yet been received an invitation to join simply visit us and join now through the Messrs G Owen & Co @ link by clicking on the image here For illustration purposes, three movies (in QuickTime format) of our training presentations can be viewed by clicking on the hyperlinks below Introduction to Fundraising Fundraising Strategy Fundraising on the Internet: Surveys & Polls via Messrs G Owen & Co @ Yahoo! Groups [For Group Members only Join Now!]: . These include: Grant-Aid Funding Considerations! Messrs G Owen & Co Questionnaire Evaluation Form Fundraising @ Messrs G Owen & Co Poll 3 http://www.gowenandco.co.uk/ (6 of 19) [15/03/2010 11:13:26]
  7. 7. Messrs G Owen & Co - Message Board About your Voluntary Group/Organisation Regeneration Survey @ Messrs G Owen & Co Please give your view on the diverse aspects of Messrs G Owen & Co's Work Please evaluate our web site(s), presentation, training, workshop sessions that you have particularly attended, with feedback where applicable. Group e- Mail: mailto:gowenandcogroup@yahoogroups.comManager e-Mail: mailto:gowenandcogroup-owner@yahoogroups.comTo Join: mailto:gowenandcogroup-subscribe@yahoogroups.com Click below for the LATEST NEWS on Charity Reform + Other Voluntary Sector News: Search Community Newswire [Latest News & Stories in the Voluntary Sector]: http://www.gowenandco.co.uk/ (7 of 19) [15/03/2010 11:13:26]
  8. 8. Messrs G Owen & Co - Message Board Surveys & Feedback: Click here to take our Online Feedback Survey @ Messrs G Owen & Co Click here to participate in a Regeneration Survey @ Messrs G Owen & Co For Grant-Aid Funding Bodies Please participate in the following Poll & Questionnaire to gain evidence-based feedback: Social Audit Report @ Messrs G Owen & Co We carried out a Social Audit to help us discover what our social impact potentially is. The Social Audit is a result of a comprehensive evidence- based assessment of Messrs G Owen & Cosocial performance. It is based on establishing how well the services and provisions meet the needs of its key stakeholders and then on publishing this information openly. Just as the financial audit demonstrates a businesses financial well being, the social audit is designed to reflect a businesses social well-being in terms of those most directly affected by its actions and service delivery. A summary of the Social Audit Report @ Messrs G Owen & Co may be viewed on this web site or a full copy downloaded [In Acrobat .pdf Format]: View Messrs G Owen & CoÕs Strategy Plan http://www.gowenandco.co.uk/ (8 of 19) [15/03/2010 11:13:26]
  9. 9. Messrs G Owen & Co - Message Board Advertise & Link to us @ Messrs G Owen & Co Click on the two Animations below: N.B: Please read our terms carefully By using this website you agree to this agreement whether or not you have read it. If you do not agree to this, you may not access or otherwise use this Website. From time to time, Messrs G Owen & Co may modify the agreement. Accordingly, please continue to review this agreement whenever accessing or using the Website. If at any time you do not wish to accept this agreement, you may not use the Website. You may only use this and any other of our website(s) in accordance with the terms outlined. Please also see our web pages entitled: Copyright & Intellectual Property Messrs G Owen & Co- and - Web Site User Conditions Messrs G Owen & Co- and - Privacy Policy Messrs G Owen & Co- and - Retainer/Fee(s) What Does it costs for Consultancy @ Messrs G Owen & Co- and - Accessibility of Web Site(s) @ Messrs G Owen & Co- and - Latest Fundraising Newsletter @ Messrs G Owen & Co http://www.gowenandco.co.uk/ (9 of 19) [15/03/2010 11:13:26]
  10. 10. Messrs G Owen & Co - Message Board http://www.gowenandco.co.uk/ (10 of 19) [15/03/2010 11:13:26]
  11. 11. Messrs G Owen & Co - Message Board TrainingConsortium provides a FREE search engine and the most extensive listing of trainers, consultants, speakers, and vendors/organisations. Registrants designate a target audience, specific industry, areas of expertise, geography (national and international), language, program length and more. TrainingConsortium's databases also contain detailed listings of individuals, businesses, companies, and corporations that provide quality products and services in a variety of business fields and industries, including the voluntary sector. Use TrainingConsortium's search engines to find businesses and products related to management, personal, professional development, and business, including Messrs G Owen & Co. This virtual community connects businesses with customers without liens or commission and is a great networking resource. You will definitely find what works best, so stop by and check it out! Messrs G Owen & Coare both Members and Affiliates. http://www.gowenandco.co.uk/ (11 of 19) [15/03/2010 11:13:26]
  12. 12. Messrs G Owen & Co - Message Board View Messrs G Owen & Co Guestbook Sign Messrs G Owen & Co Guestbook [Only for Voluntary Groups/Funders and associated Bodies, so please DO NOT SIGN, if not bonified and relevant, otherwise this will be deleted] Messrs G Owen & Coare: Also Members of: http://www.gowenandco.co.uk/ (12 of 19) [15/03/2010 11:13:26]
  13. 13. Messrs G Owen & Co - Message Board Knowledge Base @ Messrs G Owen & Co Thank you for your interest and support we value your visit to our web site. Messrs G Owen & Co accepts payment using NOCHEX http://www.gowenandco.co.uk/ (13 of 19) [15/03/2010 11:13:26]
  14. 14. Messrs G Owen & Co - Message Board Subscribe Sponsor Contribute via PayPal to make fast, easy and secure payments to Messrs G Owen & Co http://www.gowenandco.co.uk/ (14 of 19) [15/03/2010 11:13:26]
  15. 15. Messrs G Owen & Co - Message Board BBC Radio Five Live - Parliament [House of Commons] - LIVE! Local & UK Weather: BBC TV News Live! Improve your Messenger experience for free at www.msgplus.net by courtesy of Messrs G Owen & Co Get the unique Messrs G Owen & Co Toolbar What does the Messrs G Owen & Co Toolbarlet us do? Instant access to our site from any site on the web Search from anywhere on the Web Get instant access to useful links Accelerate your organisations search using the Effective Results @ Messrs G Owen & Co. http://www.gowenandco.co.uk/ (15 of 19) [15/03/2010 11:13:26]
  16. 16. Messrs G Owen & Co - Message Board It is free, with no spyware or viruses, does not open pop-ups or hijack your searches, and no personal information is required. Search Search for what? Search http://www.gowenandco.co.uk/ (16 of 19) [15/03/2010 11:13:26]
  17. 17. Messrs G Owen & Co - Message Board About SSL Certificates as used by Messrs G Owen & Co We have provided and placed a host of downloads on this web site, (i.e. useful templates, documents, publications, forms, & material), in good faith entrusting the integrity of visitors to honour making a contribution, subscribing, or payment where asked. They represent many hours, (and even years) of accumulative work, experience and expertise on our part to help voluntary groups/organisations. Please remember to make your contribution before downloading anything, (other than our brochure and reports), either via PayPal/Nochex/American Express, or by sending us a cheque made out to Messrs G Owen & Co. http://www.gowenandco.co.uk/ (17 of 19) [15/03/2010 11:13:26]
  18. 18. Messrs G Owen & Co - Message Board This web site, as indicated on each page, is monitored and tracked as to visitors and IP Addresses and if we sadly find that this is ignored you may be contacted, (and deprive other voluntary groups/organisations), necessitating us to making such data available by subscribed password only. The money goes towards helping us to develop more material to benefit others please support. 2004-2010. http://www.gowenandco.co.uk/ (18 of 19) [15/03/2010 11:13:26]
  19. 19. Messrs G Owen & Co - Message Board http://www.gowenandco.co.uk/ (19 of 19) [15/03/2010 11:13:26]