GSA Center for New Media and Citizen Engagement : Three Missions


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    Altogether there are about 80 people working to provide both government wide leadership in Customer service and to manage and operate our primary communication channels.
  • GSA Center for New Media and Citizen Engagement : Three Missions

    1. 1. GSA Center for New Media and Citizen Engagement
    2. 2. GSA Center for New Media and Citizen Engagement • Three missions: • Make it easier for government to engage with citizens • Make it easier and desirable for citizens to engage with government • Get it done efficiently and effectively • Government-wide center of excellence for new media, citizen engagement, and “gov 2.0” • Our customers are primarily other agencies
    3. 3. Office of Citizen Services 2010 AA and DAA Dave McClure Martha Dorris Global Gov Innovation Network Chief of Staff Earl Warrington Citizen Facing Agency Facing Technology Support Team John Murphy Darlene Meskell Center for Customer Service Excellence Sheila Campbell FCIC Theresa Nasif Citizen Services Performance Dashboard Citizen Notifications and Alerts Center for New Media/Citizen Engagement Bev Godwin Gwynne Kostin Cloud Computing PMO Katie Lewin FedBook Tom Freebairn
    4. 4. Federal Center for New Media and Citizen Engagement • The Center makes it easy for the government and the public to constructively engage with each other online to meet 21st century citizen expectations for participation, collaboration and service. • The Center is an accelerator and incubator for governmentwide solutions of new media and citizen engagement technologies, practices, and policies.
    5. 5. Center for New Media and Citizen Engagement New Media Technology Innovations •Enhance governmentwide capacity for citizen engagement and new media •Scan environment for citizen engagement solutions based on user needs, preferences and trends • Ideation and dialog tools • Innovation challenges and prizes •Evaluate tools •Identify barriers and find solutions to policy challenges •Recommend tools and approaches to implementation (build, buy, create BPAs) •Replicate promising efforts from federal, state, local governments & private sector •Build prototypes based on user-center design •Implement new initiatives •Build government wide capacities •Provide feedback to private sector entities on government requirements New Media/Citizen Engagement Services & Delivery •Evangelize open government engagement principles •Run and consult on citizen dialogs, innovations challenges, and new media •Model behavior in GSA •Implement repeatable services, tools, and processes across agencies •Manage purchase agreements •Conduct user testing of products/services •Gather and report customer feedback to assess user satisfaction with tools/services •Develop case studies •Consult with and support agencies •Convene and participate in communities of practice •Get the message out on citizen engagements Acquisition Support Security/Privacy Support Infrastructure/Tech Support Metrics & Consumer Pulse Capacity Building OMB OSTP WH New Media Agencies
    6. 6. We Enable and Support Others’ Innovations
    7. 7. 33 Terms of Service on 165 Signed, 651 Uses
    8. 8. Additional Government-Compliant Citizen Engagement Tools Innovation Challenges & Prizes