Sustainable Communities Through Intelligent Information: Harnessing the Power of Road Data

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Sustainable Communities Through Intelligent Information: Harnessing the Power of Road Data






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  • Here is a little about the roadmap ahead
  • iPhone data is only from users of TomTom navigation application on the device – and GPS trace data only passed to TomTom if the user subscribes to LIVE services and the device is docked in the TomTom holder3rd party GPS data only used in selected countries (US, South Africa & New Zealand)GSM probes only active in 8 countries (notably NOT US)Incident data = journalistic data describing the cause of the congestion / delay e.g. accidentNote: Not all data sources are available or used in every country
  • Traffic and 10.1. An overview of the products and esri compatibility
  • Updated by Barry : HD Flow is now 1 minute in all countries (previously it was 3 minutes in US)
  • ArcGIS 10.1 – Easily integrate traffic with MultiNet!
  • Great Data, Great Tools, Intelligent and creative users drive furhter innovation, solve problems and make great things happen.
  • With consent of our users, we receive anonymous data via each of the channels. If they opt in, every time a user connects his or her (non connected) PND to the computer using the TomTom Home software (our Itunes, we were there earlier by the way) we receive data. Many people want to be part of the TomTom community and share their data anonymous so we can make navigation even better.The same goes for our mobile applications, in dash navigation, our track and trace solutions and our connected devices.
  • Today TomTom collects in billions of measurements every day. To date we collected over 5 trillion measurements and this number is only growing. We recently announced
  • Overview products – full esri compatibility – details on products to follow
  • Speed / travel time data linked to MultiNet Link IDCompact* static add-on file for MultiNet maps in 37 countriesSpeed Profiles file adds approx. 2% to map file sizeAll significant roads in the area included in file updates (every 3 months)
  • Output in shapefile formatFields reported for each timeperiod for each link:Average Travel TimeMedian Travel TimeAverage SpeedMedian SpeedSample SizeStandard deviation of speedTravel time ratioPercentiles of speed
  • Key info:(speed, travel time, percentiles, variances from free-flow, etc)
  • In APAC you see Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and New ZealandAnd we are planning to add more countries

Sustainable Communities Through Intelligent Information: Harnessing the Power of Road Data Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Sustainable Communities through Intelligent Information: Harnessing the Power of Road Data September 6, 2012 Brought to you by:
  • 2. Today’s SpeakersSteve ResslerPresident and FounderGovLoopChris ThomasGlobal Manager for Government ActivitiesEsriMichael DannehyPre-Sales ConsultantTomTom
  • 3. Housekeepingo Twitter Hash Tag: #gltraino At any time during the next hour, if you would like to submit a question, just look for the "Ask a question" console. The presenters will field your questions at the end.o If you have any technical difficulties during the Webinar, click on the Help button located below the slide window and you’ll receive technical assistance.o And finally, after this session is complete, we will be e- mailing you a link to the archived version of this Webinar, so you can view it again or share it with a colleague and a GovLoop training certificate.
  • 4. Improved Long Range PlanningAccounts for All Transportation Modes Meets Goals of Green Government Allows for Real Time Decisions Addresses Traffic Congestion Improves Public Safety Involves Everyone
  • 5. Custom Area Analysis – PM Peak vs. Free Flow
  • 6. Traffic congestion wastes time and fuelIn the US in 2010 this represents: “1.9 billion gallons of wastedfuel, equivalent of about 2 months of flow in the Alaska Pipeline.”“4.8 billion hours of extra time.” Based on travel delay time. “Approximately 40% of totaldelay occurs in the midday and overnight.” Annual Figures based on the 2011 Urban Mobility Report
  • 7. Traffic congestion costs society money “In the US in 2010, congestion(based on wasted time and fuel)cost about $101 billion in 439 urban areas”Of this “$23 billion was theeffect on truck operations; thisdoes not include the value of thetransported goods in the trucks.” The cost to the averagecommuter was $713 in 2010 compared to an inflation- adjusted $301 in 1982. (Figures based on the 2011 Urban Mobility Report)
  • 8. Technology for sustainable societiesReduce trafficcongestion for allBuild intelligentinfrastructureSave people andgovernments timeand money17
  • 9. Technology for a greener worldHelp to reduce fuelconsumptionIdentify accident hot spots andimprove safetySmart products and serviceshelp reduce CO2 emissions
  • 10. TomTom’s Live traffic product portfolio
  • 11. Connected GPS probes TomTom smartphone TomTom LIVE TomTom Business navigation navigation Solutions TomTom in-dash 3rd party GPS systems 3rd party smartphone navigation navigation20
  • 12. Journalistic traffic data Information on accidents, road closures, road construction etc. Sourced from traffic control centers Across 23 countries21
  • 13. TomTom Traffic Data Fusion The best real time traffic information on highways, major roads and secondary roads.22 10 January 2013
  • 14. Real Time TrafficMake traffic awareness a reality with ArcGIS 10.1 and TomTom Traffic HD Traffic HD Flow23 10 January 2013
  • 15. HD TrafficReal Time Incident Data24 10 January 2013
  • 16. HD TrafficTarget Customers and Use Cases Target Customers Typical Use Cases• Traffic Control Centers • Dynamic navigation routing• Emergency Response Centers • Dynamic pre-trip route planning• Internet Mobility Portals • Traffic situation monitoring• Logistics & Transportation25 10 January 2013
  • 17. HD FlowReal time speeds for the entire road network26 10 January 2013
  • 18. HD FlowTarget Customers and Use Cases Target Customers Typical Use Cases• Traffic Control Centers • Monitor road speeds over wide areas• Emergency Response Centers • Dynamic navigation routing &• PND / Smartphone manufacturers display• Internet mobility portals • Dynamic pre-trip route planning27 10 January 2013
  • 19. esri makes implementation easy and the data easy to useArcGIS 10.1 – Tools Build Network Datasets with Live and Historic TrafficAdd historical and/or Live Traffic Color code roads by current speed28 10 January 2013
  • 20. TomTom Real-Time Traffic Coverage23 countries and growing Availability September 2012 Additions by end 201229
  • 21. Why use TomTom Real Time Traffic with ArcGIS?Differentiators More congested roads correctly reported and fewest errors - as confirmed byHigh quality independent TÜV testing.Fast update Fresh data every minute - minimising time from observation to publicationesri compatible Harness the power of great data and esri tools. Also secondary roads – giving average of 60% increase in number ofSuperior coverage incidents reported due to increased addressable locations. Flow data from proprietary growing fleet of GPS probes, sensor data plusWide range of sources incident data from governments and other sources Data is generated entirely by the established TomTom Traffic system – noCost effective and green additional roadside infrastructure or sensors needed. No installation or difficult roadside maintenance neededFlexible esri utilities make for quick set up times. Grab the data and get underway.30 10 January 2013
  • 22. TomTom’s Historical traffic product portfolio
  • 23. Anonymous GPS measurements TomTom HOME Mobile App In Dash Navigation BUSINESS SOLUTIONS CONNECTED PND32 10 January 2013
  • 24. Large database of traffic movements• > 6 trillion anonymous GPS measurements since 2007• > 6 billion new records per day• Many roads with >20,000 measurements (some >100,000)33 10 January 2013
  • 25. Historical trafficProduct Overview Speed Profiles Custom Custom Area Analysis Travel Times34 10 January 2013
  • 26. Speed ProfilesPurpose: To enable better time-specific route choices and more accurate ETA• Highways, urban and rural arterials and secondary roads throughout Europe, North America, South Africa and APAC• Data specific for each 5-minute period of the day and each day of the week• Easily links to TomTom base map MultiNet35 10 January 2013
  • 27. Speed Profiles Target Customers Typical Use Cases• Routing and Navigation Industry • Improved time-specific routing & ETA• Geo-Marketing Companies • Travel time insights• Traffic Planning Departments • Road network performance insights36 10 January 2013
  • 28. Custom Area AnalysisPurpose: Provide historical travel times and speeds over a broad network of roads• Analysis of traffic performance over a wide area on specific days and times• Retrospective studies with no need for roadside infrastructure or field studies37 10 January 2013
  • 29. Custom Travel TimesPurpose: Provide performance information on specific roads, days & times of day• Can be studied retrospectively without need for roadside infrastructure• Provides key information for traffic engineers and plannersOutput Report contains:• Spreadsheet with results from data analysis• Graphs of travel time comparisons• Overlay for visualising roads and data38 10 January 2013
  • 30. Custom Travel Times & Custom Area Analysis Target Customers Typical Use Cases• Traffic Engineers and planners • Analysis of bottlenecks and effect of road changes.• Road management companies • Road KPI before/after infrastructure changes • Prove impact of road works • Effects from traffic light/junction or infrastructure changes39 10 January 2013
  • 31. Traffic Stats internet portalEasy access as a wealth of historical traffic data• Access to TomTom historical traffic products from any internet enabled computer anywhere – anytime• Reports available within 24 hours• Data can be downloaded for use in esri applications / traffic modelling tools.• This web portal is ideal to access the application such as Custom Travel Times and Custom Area Analysis40 10 January 2013
  • 32. Historic traffic coverageWorldwide coverage in 40 countries41 10 January 2013
  • 33. Why use TomTom Historical Traffic? Highest road mileage covered – with 40 countries covered and >1.8More roads, more data million miles in North America and >2.0 million kilometres in Europe Data generated from the largest and growing historical traffic databaseHigh confidence – large • More than 6 trillion data points collected since 2007sample • Over 6 billion new measurements per day • Roads travelled over 20,000 timesesri compatible Leverage the combined power of esri tools and TomTom dataGreen No roadside equipment required. Save time and resources. No need to pre-plan data studies, retrospective studies possible at anySave time time42 10 January 2013
  • 34. Tools and data for making a difference Through the esri user community the intelligence, knowledge and creativity of our combined effort can make it happen43