Next Generation of Government Summit - Official 2011 Program


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Next Generation of Government Summit 2011 Official Program

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Next Generation of Government Summit - Official 2011 Program

  1. 1. Washington D.C. ////// July 28-29, 2011
  2. 2. NEXT SUMMIT8 Things To Do while attending the Next Generation of Government SummitDuring the next two days while you’re attending the Next Generation of Government Summit, you will see that there is a lot of awe-someness going on. But, you may be wondering, how do I make the most of my time here to maximize awesomeness? Here are theTOP 8 THINGS TO DO to get the most out of NGGS for you personally and for you to bring back to your team and supervisors back atyour agency!1) Expand outside your network. It is likely you are going to the Next Generation of Gov’t Summit with co-workers. When that happens,it is very easy to hang out with the people you already know. That said, make sure to expand outside that network - go to sessions byyourself, start talking to someone while you are getting a danish in the morning and talk to someone you’ve never met at the bar afterday 1.2) Say hi to the speakers. Remember in college how everyone said to go to a professor’s office hours; but it’s kind of scary at first. Sameis true with speakers at conferences. Make sure to say hi to them - they aren’t scary celebrities but real people who would love to meetyou. Bonus pro tip - introduce yourself to the speaker before they speak - usually they are bored then and even more available.3) Raise your hand. It’s amazing what happens when you raise your hand and either give a comment or ask a question at a conference.Afterwards, other attendees will come up to you and spark a conversation as they often they have the same thought or are working onthe same problem.4) It’s quality not quantity. I’m big on folks expanding their network but at the same time I like to focus on quality not just quantity whenmeeting new people. At the reception after day 1, it’s better to spend 30 minutes w/ 3 different people than 5 minutes each with 14people.5) Have fun & let your light shine. How lucky are we to be surrounded with hundreds of passionate government leaders. This doesn’thappen every day. So cherish and really live for the moment by having fun, letting your light shine and going all in. Just be sure to putyour grumpy face or daily troubles away for 48 hours.6) Be real. There is nothing better than having honest and real conversations with people like you. The more you give, the betteranswers and advice you will receive. In sessions, let us know the real problems you are facing. As you meet others, have the frankdiscussions. We are all in this together and real conversations will make the next generation of government truly better.7) Create a 1 pager. When you get back to work or home, create a 1 pager to share with your colleagues and supervisors. Generallypeople love learning and want to hear what you have learned. And even if they don’t read it, they will be impressed that you took thetime to write up your lessons learned. It also won’t hurt your chances on getting approval to attend in 2012. Plus it’s fun to look back atit later.8) Continue the dialogue. Next Gen conversations and learning doesn’t stop after the summit. Follow-up with the people you met. En-gage in the Next Gen group on GovLoop. Join and get more involved with Young Government Leaders. Discover or create your ownnetwork at work. There are so many ways to keep your innovative and diligent spirit alive throughout the year! Steve Ressler Dave Uejio Founder and President President GovLoop Young Government Leaders
  3. 3. NEXT SUMMITDay 1 Agenda- Thursday July 28, 2011 Stay Social! Don’t forget to use: @nextgengovt & #NGGS11 throughout the conference!Grand Ballroom Salons III & IVJW Marriott, Washington, DC Time Event/Speaker Topic 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Make friends and eat 9:00 AM - 9:10 AM Steve Ressler- Founder of GovLoop, Welcome Session Co-Founder of Young Goverment Leaders Dave Uejio- President of Young Government Leaders 9:10 AM - 10:00 AM Opening Session Keynotes 9:10 AM - 9:40 AM Nicholas Charney- Office of the Assistant “Scheming Virtuously” Deputy, Acquisitions Sector, Library and Archives of Canada 9:40 AM - 10:00 AM Evan Ryan- Assistant to Vice President Joe Biden, “The Power of Public Service” Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Liaison 10:00 AM - 10:20 AM Fred Dust- Partner, IDEO “How to Create Innovation in Gov’t” 10:20 AM - 10:30 AM Break 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM Breakout Sessions 11:30 AM - 11:45 AM Break 11:45 AM - 12:45 PM Lunch “Digital Government: Me, My Career, Patrick Ibarra- The Mejorando Group and My Future” Agenda Continued on the Next Page!
  4. 4. NEXT SUMMIT12:45 PM - 1:15 PM Break1:15 PM - 2:15 PM Breakout Sessions2:15 PM - 2:45 PM Break2:45 PM - 4:00 PM Speed Networking- Facilitated by Chris Dorobek4:00 PM - 4:15 PM Presentation of the Next Gen Leadership Awards4:30 PM - 6:30 PM Networking Reception- (optional) @ Laughing Man TavernDay 2 Agenda- Friday July 29, 2011Grand Ballroom Salons III & IVJW Marriott, Washington, DCTime Event/Speaker Topic8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Make friends and eat9:00 AM - 9:45 AM General Session “Why Congress Matters: how it Dr. Kenneth Gold- Director of The Government affects your daily operations Affairs Institute, Georgetown University9:45 AM - 10:00 AM Jonathan Shepard- USAID, 2011 Funniest Fed Comedic Relief10:00 AM - 10:45 AM General Session “Creating Change in Government: Steve Ressler- Moderator, GovLoop When to Hold, Fold and Use the Cards Matt Collier- Senior Advisor to Director John You’ve Been Dealt” Berry, Office of Personnel Management Andreas Addison- Management Analyst II, City of Richmond, VA Haley VanDyck- Director of Citizen Engagement, Federal Communications Commission
  5. 5. NEXT SUMMIT10:45 AM - 11:00 AM Break11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Breakout Sessions12:00 PM - 12:15 PM Break12:15 PM - 1:15 PM Lunch “Feeling Non-Essential? Tips from Jamie Naughton- Speaker of the House, Zappos on Delivering Happiness at Work”1:15 PM - 1:45 PM Break1:45 PM - 2:45 PM Breakout Sessions2:45 PM - 3:00 PM Break3:00 PM - 3:45 PM Closing Keynote Session3:00 PM - 3:15 PM Kriste Jordan- Senior Advisor, Office of Security “Public Service: It’s personal” Technology, Transportation Security Administration, Department of Homeland Security3:15 PM - 3:30 PM Daniel Patrick Forrester- Author, “Consider: “Consider - Harnessing Reflective Harnessing the Power of Reflective Thinking in Thinking in Government” Your Organization”3:30 PM - 3:45 PM Kathryn Fink- Community Development, “The Power of a Community Like You - Lessons from”3:45 PM - 4:00 PM Summit Close
  6. 6. NEXT SUMMIT One Size Does Not Fit All: What It Really Means to Have a Work-Life Balance Thursday, July 28th 10:30 – 11:30 Location: Salon II, Grand Ballroom Work-Life is blurring as we check our work phones in bed and check Facebook at work. So how do we have work-life balance? In this session, we’ll talk what work-life balance means in 2011 and how to achieve your definition of it. Whether your definition is working from Starbucks, clocking 80 hour/weeks in an office but loving it, moving back to your home- town closer to your family, or teleworking 3 days a week – we’ll discuss it all. Bryce Freeman, Operations Manager, Procter & Gamble Melanie Keller, Associate Director for Management, Center for Drug & Research, Food and Drug Admin. Andrew Krzmarzick, Director of Community Engagement, GovLoopBIOS Bryce Freeman is a manufacturing operations manager with Procter & Gamble, currently leading Covergirl and Max Factor cosmetics manufacturing for North America. Bryce is married to Laura Beane Freeman, Ph.D., a cancer researcher at the National Cancer Institute. They have two young children and live in Colum- bia, MD. Bryce is an avid marathoner and triathlete, and he has enjoyed volunteering with Big Brothers/Big Sisters, United Way, and his collegiate fraternity. Melanie Keller is the Associate Director for Management for the Center for Drug Evaluation & Research at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). She leads all aspects of the Center’s administrative operations which includes 3,300 employees and a budget of $900M. Before that, she was at the National Institutes of Health for 11 years, and her most recent role there was the Executive Officer at the Center for Science Review (CSR). Melanie’s favorite work activities include conflict resolution, EEO, employee and labor relations mat- ters, saving and spending large sums of money, building relationships, and mentoring the next generation ofleaders. She is married with an 11 year old daughter, Ally and 9 year old son, Ben. She sings in her church choir, coachesher daughter’s cheerleading squad, and is co-leads her son’s cub scout den with her husband, Craig. When it comes to work-life balance, Andrew Krzmarzick is ruined for life. He started working full-time from home six years ago and can’t imagine going into an office five days a week ever again. Fortunately, as the Community Manager for GovLoop, Andrew gets to work from almost anywhere (but mostly Durham, NC), spend a lot more special moments with his wife and son, pursue his passion for serving in his church and community, and carve out ample opportunities to read inspiring books and train for triathlons. His insights on the impact of flexible work environments, generational diversity and social technology on government can befound on GovLoop and have been featured in Federal Computer Week, Government Executive, and Federal News Radio.Along the way, he picked up a MA in Theology from the Catholic University of America and a BA in Philosophy from IowaState University of Science and Technology.Sessions
  7. 7. NEXT SUMMIT Public Sector is Multi-Sector: Tips on Navigating and Managing Across Sectors Thursday, July 28th 10:30 – 11:30 Location: Salon I, Grand Ballroom Public sector is not just government employees – it requires federal, state, local government as well as non-profits and government contractors. In this session, we will discuss how to manage across sectors to get projects done as well as tips on navigating a multi-sector public service career.Jonathan Benett, Program Manager, Supplemental Nutrition Asst. Program, Food and Nutrition Service, USDAJenn Gustetic, Associate Director, Strategic Engagement and Communications, Phase One Consulting GroupAdrienne Spahr, Founder & Principal Consultant East Coast, Green Living ConsultingBIOS Mr. Benett is a business and Information Technology (IT) professional with extensive experience in Program and Project Management, Strategic Planning, Operations, and Business Development; specializing in the identification of federal business requirements, and the development of innovative technology solutions to meet the unique challenges of the federal government. He is currently a Program Manager at the United States Department of Agriculture – Food and Nutrition Service responsible for supporting the IT requirements of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) which puts healthy food within reach for more than44 million people or nearly 1 in 7 Americans. Ms. Gustetic’s experience has focused on the public sector with concentrations on open government, inno- vation, public private partnerships, prize and grants management, and technology policy. Ms. Gustetic is an associate director at Phase One Consulting Group and in that capacity manages all of the firms open govern- ment, innovation, new media and communications work. Currently, for the Department of Transportation, Ms. Gustetic has managed the development of the DOT Open Government Plan and its subsequent implementa- tion. In this role, she works with several White House level working groups and acts as an advisor on innova-tion and open government to senior executives and political appointees across this and other Departments. Ms. Gusteticspent several years as a Federal employee at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) as the senior programanalyst for $400 million in annual transportation security grant programs. Adrienne is a LEED accredited professional with over 15 years experience in the environmental sector. She has a B.A. in environmental studies from the University of Colorado, Boulder and a M.A. in Public Policy from the University of Southern California, focusing on urban planning, transportation policy, and sustainable development. Adrienne spent 6 years as a strategic planning and policy consultant for the federal government. She is a lead coordinator for the Internationally established GreenDrinks DC Chapter and part of a consortium of green business leaders in the Washington DC area. Green Living Consulting is a member of the U.S. GreenBuilding Council, Green Building Institute, and Sustainable Business Network of Washington. Sessions
  8. 8. NEXT SUMMIT Lessons from The White House: A Conversation on Getting Big Projects Done Thursday, July 28th 10:30 – 11:30 Location: Cannon, Hart & Russell Room Join us for a candid conversation with a panel of young political appointees from the White House as they provide a peak into their experiences in the first 2.5 years in the Obama Administration. They will share best practices on getting big projects done, coordinating with large amounts of stakeholders, and tips to federal employees on working with the Administration. Aditya Kumar, Deputy Assistant to Vice President Joe Biden; Former Special Projects Director to Rahm Emanuel and Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Obama for America Eugene J. Huang, Partner, True North Venture PartnersBIOEugene J. Huang is a partner with True North Venture Partners, a venture capital fund focused on early stage investmentsin the clean technology sector. Eugene has spent his career working at the intersection of technology, public policy, andfinance, and has a proven track record of success in solving some of the most difficult challenges that companies can faceduring all stages of growth. Between 2006 and 2011, Eugene served in a number of senior roles in the White House, theU.S. Treasury Department, and the Federal Communications Commission. In these roles, Eugene was responsible for awide range of policy initiatives including international technology and innovation policy, the government operations and civicengagement chapters of the U.S. national broadband plan, and international economic and finance policy with a specificemphasis on U.S. bilateral relations with China. Eugene was also a White House Fellow between 2006 and 2007, servingas an advisor to Secretary of the Treasury Henry M. Paulson.Sessions
  9. 9. NEXT SUMMIT Speak Up: How To Be A Great Public Speaker Thursday, July 28th 1:15 – 2:15 Location: Salon I, Grand Ballroom From giving a presentation to your SES to presenting your ideas in a meeting, it is essential to be a great public speaker. In this session, you’ll learn from Dave Ueijo tricks on preparing great presentation, creating compelling Powerpoint and presentation materials, and how to quickly and effectively pitch your idea at a meeting.Dave Uejio, Special Assistant to the Director, Office of human Resources, National Institutes of HealthBIO Dave Uejio is the President of Young Government Leaders. In this capacity he sets the strategic direction for and oversees the operations of the National board and YGL’s 9 chapters across the country. Dave is also the founding President of YGL’s Bethesda Chapter, and previously served as Vice President. He is well regarded as a public speaker, presenting on personal branding, public speaking, intergenerational recruitment strate- gies and social media at conferences and events across the country.Dave Uejio serves as Special Assistant to the Director in NIH’s Office of Human Resources. Following his graduation fromthe University of Minnesota’s Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs with a Masters in Public Policy, Dave came to NIH as aPresidential Management Fellow. He is currently the principal analyst in the Office of the Director of OHR. He directs theoffice’s Special Initiatives Group, which oversees NIH’s employer branding, social media recruitment, and executive recruit-ment and onboarding programs. He also manages the Office’s Presidential Management Fellows. Dave has a great deal ofexperience briefing senior leadership on pressing matters, as well as contributing as a member of the OHR leadership team. Sessions
  10. 10. NEXT SUMMIT Gov2.0 Ninja – Proven Tips on Implementing Gov 2.0 in Your Agency Thursday, July 28th 1:15 – 2:15 Location: Cannon, Hart & Russell Room Learn from David Hale, the award-winning founder of the Pillbox program, how to implement gov 2.0 projects in your agency based on his experience within NIH David Hale, Project Manager of Pillbox, National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of HealthBIO David Hale is the project manager of Pillbox, a National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health/Food and Drug Administration open government initiative. Through collaboration with clinical and patient com- munities, Pillbox has restructured government health data to create a platform for innovation, promoting the development of resources which empower and enable communities to solve health challenges. Known as a technology entrepreneur in government, Mr. Hale is a frequent speaker on the subject of open government and community engagement in the process of opening health data. He is part of the CommunityHealth Data Initiative (CHDI), a initiative of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to help consumers and com-munities derive value from the nation’s wealth of health data. As a member of the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge WorkingGroup, an implementation of CHDI, he is developing a collaborative framework for government, communities, and technolo-gists to improve outcomes through the creation of environments for health application development.Mr. Hale has also lead work related to semantic and natural language processing of H1N1-related social networking com-munication for biosurveillance, determination of public sentiment, and targeted information dissemination.Sessions
  11. 11. NEXT SUMMIT A Framework to Manage Your Career Thursday, July 28th 1:15 – 2:15 Location: Salon II, Grand Ballroom To achieve a successful career government, no one is going to do it for you – you need to manage your own career. Frank DiGiammarino walks the audience through his career framework which provides a foundation to thinking through key decisions and building the skills to be the successful leader.Frank DiGiammarino, Deputy Coordinator for Recovery Implementation, White HouseBIO Frank P. DiGiammarino serves as the Deputy to the Special Advisor to the President for Recovery Implemen- tation. In this capacity, Frank is responsible for coordinating a complex and diverse network of government departments and agencies to act quickly in disbursing $787 billion to speed economic recovery. A recognized change agent, Frank came to the Executive Office of the President from the National Academy of Public Administration where he was the Vice President of Strategic Initiatives. Prior to the National Academy, Frank spent many years as a senior consultant and strategist. Former positions include Director and DoD PracticeArea lead at Touchstone Consulting Group, General Manager and Director of Program Management at Sapient Corporation,and Principal Consultant with the State and Local government practice at American Management Systems. Frank holds aBachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Massachusetts and a Master of Public Administration from TheGeorge Washington University. Sessions
  12. 12. NEXT SUMMIT Building a Network Within and Across Agencies and Sectors Friday, July 29th 11:00 – 12:00 Location: Salon I, Grand Ballroom Don’t quite know your co-workers or others with similar interest and age? Been yearning for that network of people you can ping for a quick question, happy hour partner or career builder? Learn from those who have been there and success- fully developed a network within their agency. Ramona Carey, DHS Emerging Leaders and Special Assistant to the Senior Counselor to the Secretary Of- fice of the Secretary, Department of Homeland Security Noha Gaber, Founder and President (2006-2011) of EPA Emerging Leaders Network and Team Leader, Of- fice of the Science Advisor, Environmental Protection Agency Lars Leafblad, Principal, Keystone SearchBIOS Ramona Carey joined the Department of Homeland Security in 2008 as a Presidential Management Fellow in the DHS Office of Intelligence & Analysis. In her current position, Ramona supports the DHS Blue Cam- paign to combat human trafficking – a DHS campaign managed by Office of the Secretary to coordinate and enhance the Department’s anti-human trafficking activities. Since 2009, Ramona has served as the co-leader of DHS Emerging Leaders, formerly known as the Homeland Young Professionals. Prior to joining DHS, Ra- mona participated in the National Language Flagship Program in St. Petersburg Russia, worked as a healthanalyst at the U.S. Agency for International Development, and trained primary school teachers in Mozambique. Ramonahas an M.A. in International Affairs from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. Noha Gaber joined the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as an environmental engineer in 2005, driven by a passion and a determination to make a significant positive impact in environmental protection. Her work at EPA is at the nexus of science, policy and management. In her role as the Executive Director of EPA’s Council for Regulatory Environmental Modeling, she works with staff from across EPA to help ensure the quality, consistency and transparency of the computer models that EPA relies upon in its work. Noha is also the founder and president (2006-2011) of the EPA Emerging Leaders Network (ELN), an EPA employee orga-nization that works to provide networking and professional development opportunities for EPA’s future leaders. Lars Leafblad is an executive search consultant and a principal with Minneapolis-based KeyStone Search. He is also the founder and curator of Pollen ( , a virtual community of several thousand civic-minded connectors who share jobs, internships, boards, and events with one another . He also serves on the board of directors of and on advisory boards for The Salvation Army – Twin Cities and the Public and Nonprofit Leadership Center at HHH School of Public Affairs. His full biography can be found at
  13. 13. NEXT SUMMIT Project Management 101: Getting Things Done In Government Friday, July 29th 11:00 – 12:00 Location: Salon II, Grand Ballroom There is a science to project management called the PMP exam. However, there is a true art to actually getting big proj- ects done in government. Here from young successful govies on how to get projects done in government – navigating the bureaucracy to building teams and alliances.Bill Brantley, Human Resource Specialist, Office of Personnel ManagementBrent Bushey, IT Program Manager, Office of the CIO, DHS, Immigration and Customs EnforcementJeff Chao, Office of the Chief Information Officer, Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and CustomsEnforcementBIOSDr. Brantley is a Human Resources Specialist (IT) at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. He is currently detailedto OPM’s Open Government Team where he provides consulting on project management, knowledge management, andorganizational change. He is also an online instructor for the University of Louisville’s (Kentucky) Department of Communi-cation where teaches web site development and communication technologies. During his eleven years as an instructor atthe University of Louisville, Dr. Brantley taught a course in job-hunting for Communication students where he emphasizedthe use of storytelling in creating resumes and cover letters and preparing for interviews.Brent Bushey is an IT Program Manager at Department of Homeland Security, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. Hepreviously worked as Program Manager, E-gov services for the U.S. Department of Treasury and is a member of the ACT/IAC Voyagers class of 2007. He has a MPA from George Washington University, served as both a Teach for America mem-ber in New Orleans and the National Director for Recruitment for Teach for America. Outside of work, Brent enjoys curling,Golden Girls re-runs, and synchronized swimming.Jefferson Chao is an IT Program Manager at Department of Homeland Security, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.He previously worked as IT Specialist, General Services Administration and is a member of the ACT/IAC Voyagers classof 2007. He has a MA from George Mason University and received the 2007 Rising Star Award . Outside of work, Jeff is aYouTube celebrity and an unashamed Barenaked Ladies fan. Sessions
  14. 14. NEXT SUMMIT Wellness at Work: Get Your Erg On! Friday, July 29th 11:00 – 12:00 Location: Cameron & Hart Room Sitting in a cubicle all day is not good for your health. Come to this session to get tips on staying healthy at work on a range of topics from setting up an ergonomically fit office, daily stretches and eating healthy. Marissa McInnis, “Pilates at work rock star” and Program Analyst, American Indian Environmental Office, Office of International and Tribal Affairs, Environmental Protection AgencyBIOS Marissa McInnis balances her full time job in EPA’s tribal program by teaching pilates at gyms around DC. She has developed a suite of pilates-based exercises to perform at your desk. She was inspired to create these exercises after several co-workers with limited mobility expressed interest in her pilates classes. The sessions have taken off and she has conducted them once a week for the past four years. She has also been an advo- cate for office wellness, serving as co-chair on the EPA’s Office of Water wellness council and founding one in EPA’s Office of the Chief Financial Office. In those roles, she has hosted over 7 wellness workshops rangingfrom sleep hygeine to cycling 101 to vending machine reform. She believes that with some adjustments, an office job can beactive and healthy. She currently lives in DC and enjoys running, biking, and hiking with her husband and dog.Sessions
  15. 15. NEXT SUMMITAt NGGS, there are hundreds of smart people who are passionate about making change in government. We decided to putthat energy to use with two separate problem solving sessions.Small working groups will collaborate and solve issues taking place in specific areas of government. Be prepared to provideyour input and honest feedback to help make government better.We will take the results of these sessions to leaders in government facing these problems and your ideas will become solu-tions. Roll up your sleeves and join us and solve some problems. Problem Solving Session 1: How can informal learning be harnessed to sup- plement traditional training & development offerings? Friday, July 29th 11:00 – 12:00 Location: Russell Room Problem statement: Agency budgets are shrinking as training and development needs are growing. How can informal learning be har- nessed to supplement traditional training & development offerings?Solution seed:What concrete ways can we use informal learning to supplement traditional offerings in times of shrinking budget.How do we self-organize and learn from each other? How do we use mentoring, peer mentoring, and flash mentoring?Executive coaching? How do we use new technology like social networks and Q&A technology? How do we leverage theretired feds and wisdom. Problem Solving Session 2: Reinventing Acquisition Friday, July 29th 1:45 – 2:45 Location: Russell Room Problem statement: Government is the biggest buyer of everything from computers to pencils. Yet our acquisition process is filled with hun- dreds of rules, regulations, and complications making it slow to evolve and hard to bring in new companies and ideas into the process.Solution seed:GSA FAS is working hard to find solutions to the question - How do we inject innovation into the acquisition process?After framing the situation, we will break out into teams to come up with the best ideas for acquisition innovation. Whatare the freedoms the new acquisition professionals need? Are there newer tools that need to be developed - Yelp for gov-ernment? Are their better ways to do market research for approved schedules?The ideas In Session 2 will be judged by Steve Kempf, Commission, GSA Federal Acquisition Service, and the winnerwill get a top-secret prize!! Sessions
  16. 16. NEXT SUMMIT Never Too Young to Plan – Financial Planning from TSP to Insurance Friday, July 29th 1:45 – 2:45 Location: Salon I, Grand Ballroom From TSP to FEGLI to HSAs, financial planning can be boring and full of acronyms. But it’s essential. Come to this session to learn the nuts and bolts about insurance and retirement in understandable English and tailored to the young fed experience. After all it’s not a benefit unless you understand it! Rebecca Schreiber, Certified Financial Planner, Solid Ground Financial Planning Erin Doyle, Benefits Officer, Department of Veterans Affairs Bobby WhiteSide, Benefits Officer, Client 4 Life InsuranceBIOSRebecca has always enjoyed using her financial aptitude to help people. Whether establishing startup companies or serv-ing the public through federal service she has always leveraged her skills to improve the lives of the people around her.Rebecca passed the Certified Financial Planner exam in March 2005 and came to Solid Ground shortly thereafter. Rebeccaspecializes in the needs of professionals in their 20s, 30s and 40s and their specific debt management, saving and investingneeds.Erin Doyle joined the Department of Veterans Affairs in March 2011 as the Benefits Officer, bringing extensive experiencein the areas of benefits and compensation. Since September 2007, Erin managed the NAF Army Health Benefits Program,serving as the subject matter expert and advisor to over 9000 participants located world-wide on not only health benefits,but the full range of benefits-related subjects to include Retirement, Life Insurance, Flexible Spending Accounts, and ThriftSavings. Prior to working for the Army, Erin was employed with the Department of Defense Civilian Personnel ManagementService and held positions in both Benefits Policy and Compensation.Sessions
  17. 17. NEXT SUMMIT Leading From Your Level – Managing Up & Sideways Friday, July 29th 1:45 – 2:45 Location: Salon II, Grand Ballroom Managing up is the best tactic for getting more interesting work and more responsibility. Learn how to lead from your level – from talking like your boss and make them look good, while also building relationships and alleys sideways .Lora Allen, Program Manager, Corporate Recruitment, Department of EducationKelly X. Jin, Enterprise Collaboration and Innovation, Office of the Administrator at GSAChris Marston, Assistant Secretary for Management, Department of EducationBIOS Lora proudly joined Homeland Security in late January 2011 to broaden her federal career in a program office within the National Protection and Programs Directorate! She supports policy and planning initiatives for a new national chemical security program, known as the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards program. Prior to DHS, Lora managed two department-wide HR programs (Corporate Recruitment Program and Presi- dential Management Fellows Program) for the U.S. Department of Education (ED). Lora is a graduate of the Presidential Management Fellows Program and has served on the Executive Board of Young GovernmentLeaders and Conversations about Leading. Kelly Jin serves as a Special Assistant within Administrator Martha Johnson’s Office at the U.S. General Ser- vices Administration (GSA). At GSA, Kelly advises on enterprise collaboration and innovative technologies, from crowd-sourcing to collaboration platforms. Before joining GSA, she led management consulting projects for Federal and commercial clients, specializing in sustainability and security. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania. Christopher M. “Chris” Marston is the Department of Education’s assistant secretary for management. He was nominated to his post by President George W. Bush on June 24, 2008, and confirmed by the Senate five weeks later on Aug. 1. As assistant secretary, he serves as the primary management adviser to Secretary Margaret Spellings, providing leadership in human resources, information management, facilities services, security and other related areas. He joined the Department as deputy assistant secretary for process improve- ment in January 2007 and served as acting assistant secretary from May 2008 until his confirmation. Sessions
  18. 18. NEXT SUMMIT Navigating Dunder Mifflin: The Skills No One Teaches You Friday, July 29th 1:45 – 2:45 Location: Cannon & Hart Room Every day, you spend hours reading and sending emails, attending meetings, listening in on conference calls, however, no one ever teaches you how to do these things effectively. In this session, you will learn tactical tips from feds like you on how to successfully manage your inbox, send great mail, facilitate great conference calls, and run effective meet- ings, along with other essential office skills. Andy Lowenthal, former Presidential Management Fellow, U.S. Department of StateBIO Andy Lowenthal is an expert in public sector people strategy and leadership development. Andy worked to strengthen our federal workforce at the non-profit Partnership for Public Service and as a Presidential Management Fellow at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management on Director Berry’s Recruitment Task Force. At OPM, he co-authored a study for the White House entitled “Making Government Cool: Re- vamping Recruitment.” Andy also worked in the Office of Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee at D.C. Public Schoolsto put a highly effective teacher in every classroom.At age eighteen, Andy first pursued his passion for public service at the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of ConsularAffairs. His graduate dissertation, “America’s Favorite Pastime: An Ethics of Public Leadership,” was awarded honors ofdistinction and accepted at the Global Dialogue on Ethical and Effective Governance in Amsterdam.Andy is a graduate of The George Washington University and the London School of Economics. He lives in New York City.Sessions
  19. 19. NEXT SUMMIT Andreas Addison Andreas serves the City of Richmond, Virginia as a Civic Innovation Team Manager focusing on applying best practices from around the country into internal operations and service delivery. As team manager, Andreas works with the Chief Administrative Officer and city leadership to develop strategies that build Richmond into a “Tier One City”. Currently, Andreas is pursuing his MBA at the University of Richmond. His studies have taken him to Austria, Hungary, Bratislava, Argentina, and South Africa. This followed his undergraduate studies atVirginia Tech where he studied Political Science, focusing on International Relations and Pre-law. Nicholas Charney Nicholas has been a journeyman public servant since 2007. He has worked both at the bottom and top of the hierarchical structures, on detailed policy analysis and on the coordination of Ministerial briefing books and calendars. He currently provides advice to policy makers and senior execs on how to use new collaborative technologies to gain efficiencies and foster innovation. He has been blogging openly about these opportuni- ties (and challenges) at He holds an undergraduate degree in Political Science, Int’l Relationsand Law from Carleton University and a Master’s degree in Conflict Studies from Saint Paul University. Matt Collier As a Senior Advisor to the Dir., Matt Collier advises Director John Berry on matters relating to the recruitment and retention of students and recent grads, and spurring innovation and improved performance in the Federal workforce. He was a leader of OPM’s work to research and create Pres. Obama’s Student Pathways initiative, launched via Executive Order in Dec. 2010. Matt now leads the effort to establish an agency-wide innovation practice, and is co-leading a comprehensive overhaul of OPM websites to enhance customer service. Christopher J. Dorobek Christopher J. Dorobek is the founder, editor and publisher of the DorobekINSIDER blog, a leading blog for the Federal government community. He is an award winning journalist and thought leader. In 2008, his editori- als in Federal Computer Week were recognized with the ASBPE national editorial award, and in 2010, he was awarded Federal Computer Week’s prestigious Federal 100 Award -- the first working journalist win that award in its more than 20 year history. Most recently, Dorobek served as the anchor of Federal News Radio 1500AM’s afternoon drive program, the DorobekINSIDER. Dorobek joined Federal News Radio in 2008 with nearly two decadesof experience covering government issues with an emphasis on government information technology. Fred Dust A Partner at IDEO, Fred leads Systems at Scale, the group responsible for helping clients with large, systemic questions about infrastructure, from governmental shifts to behavioral change and beyond. During his tenure with IDEO, he has taken Nike executives shopping, helped guide the realization of a future-focused education center at Stanford University, and he’s collaborated with the American Red Cross, the TSA. More recently, he’s worked with Gates Foundation, Rockefeller, Office of Social Security, USAID, and OPM. Keynote Speaker Bios
  20. 20. NEXT SUMMIT Kathryn Fink Kathryn serves as a Strategy and Community maven with one goal: Meetups Everywhere About Most Every- thing. Currently, she partners with organizations/websites/bloggers/apps/ causes/media outlets/superheroes who wish to engage and scale their offline community by enabling their followers to self-organize using the free Meetup Everywhere platform. Power to the people! Daniel Patrick Forrester Daniel Patrick Forrester is an author, thought leader, and management consultant with over fifteen years ex- perience leading complex strategy and technology evolution engagements for senior executives from Fortune 100 and 500 companies, not for profits and federal government organizations. Forrester is the author of the forthcoming book (January 2011), “Consider: Harnessing the Power of Reflective Thinking in Your Organiza- tion” published by Palgrave Macmillan. Kenneth A. Gold, Ph.D. Kenneth A Gold, Ph.D. joined the Government Affairs Institute at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management in 1989 and became Director of the Institute in 1992. Before joining GAI, Dr. Gold taught at the American Univer- sity in Washington, D.C., and was Assistant Professor with the University’s School of International Service and with the School of Government and Public Affairs. He has also been a member of the Senior Staff at the Brookings Institution. Patrick Ibarra Patrick Ibarra is an entrepreneur of ideas, who seeks to challenge the status quo thinking of the “we’ve always done it that way” approach. With experience as a city manager and consultant in a Fortune 500 company, he brings a valuable perspective to his work with governments – recognizing their uniqueness while implementing leading edge solutions designed to achieve sustainable change and improved performance. Patrick is co-founder and partner of the Mejorando Group, a management consulting firm. Mejorando is aSpanish word meaning “getting better all the time.” The Mejorando Group’s clients include a variety of public sector agen-cies from the US. Kriste Jordan Smith, PMP Kriste’s fifteen-year federal sector career has spanned multiple agencies to deliver results. At the U.S. Dept. of Ed, she managed a wide range of complex endeavors from reducing class sizes in the nation’s schools to improving default rates for federal student loan programs. A recent graduate of the Department of Home- land Security’s (DHS) Senior Executive Service (SES) Candidate Development Program, her assignments included leading change at DHS headquarters and benchmarking the “Best Places To Work” practices at theGovernment Accountability Office. She has a diverse background from leading complex IT deployments to implementingacquisition management principles. Her current role is at the helm of a transformational change effort at the TSA.Keynote Speaker Bios
  21. 21. NEXT SUMMIT Jamie Naughton Jamie Naughton joined, Inc. in 2004 right after the company relocated from the bay area to Las Vegas. As Speaker of the House, Jamie works directly with CEO Tony Hsieh, focusing on the culture for which the company has become known. Her role is essential in creating and driving the architecture of the dynamic culture as well as focusing on culture R&D to ensure always stays relevant to both the employees and their customers. Jamie travels the country to help spread the concept that by focusing on youremployees and customers, good companies can become legendary companies. Steve Ressler Steve Ressler is an accomplished innovator, presenter, and author on matters related to social media and recruiting/retaining young government employees. He is the Founder and President of GovLoop, the premiere social network for people in and around government which connects and fosters collaboration among over 45,000 members. Mr. Ressler is also the co-founder of Young Government Leaders (YGL), a professional organization of over 2,000 government employees across the U.S. YGL’s mission is to educate, inspire, andtransform the next generation of government leaders, offering professional development, networking, and leadership op-portunities for its members.Evan RyanEvan Ryan possesses a unique blend of White House management, international outreach, and policy expertise. She wasan advisor to the Vice President-elect during the general election campaign and served as his Deputy Campaign Managerduring the primary cycle. Ryan served on the White House staff from 1994-2000, working for First Lady Hillary Rodham Clin-ton as Special Assistant to the First Lady’s Chief of Staff and then as Deputy Director of Scheduling. In the latter capacity,Ryan traveled to 22 countries to prepare Mrs. Clinton’s foreign trips, representing the First Lady’s office with senior govern-mental officials, U.S. embassy personnel, and non-governmental leaders. In 2000, Ryan was hired as Director of Schedul-ing for the Hillary 2000 U.S. Senate campaign in New York. In 2003-2004, during the Presidential primary season, Ryan wasDeputy Communications Director for John Kerry’s campaign. In 2005, Ryan was Deputy Chair for the Governance track ofthe Clinton Global Initiative in New York. Haley Van Dyck Haley Van Dyck is currently working on a Presidential Initiative at the United States Agency for International Development creating new and innovative ways to connect the American people to international development efforts. Prior to USAID she was Director of Citizen Engagement on the first new media department at the Fed- eral Communications Commission in Washington, DC which hailed comments from the Washington Post tobe “the most forward of the Obama Administration agencies to grasp Web 2.0.” Van Dyck was a member of the PresidentialTransition Team working with the Technological Innovation and Government Reform policy group. During the 2008 presiden-tial election, she worked in the new media department of the Obama for America campaign in the Chicago headquarters. Keynote Speaker Bios
  22. 22. NEXT SUMMIT Can’t have a rock star summit without rock star sponsors! Thank you for all your support!Level 1 Sponsors Aetna is proud to have offered health insurance plans to federal employees for over 60 years. We offer a broad range of health plans under FEHBP and began offering a dental PPO plan under FEDVIP in 2007. We have plans available to federal employees in all 50 states and our dental plan is avail- able to federal employees world-wide. Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) was founded 75 years ago to serve the insurance needs of Federal employees. Since then, GEICO has grown to over 10 million policyholders from all walks of life. GEICO’s commitment to the Federal work force remains strong. We are proud to support Next Generation of Government! GovDelivery is the leading provider of government communication solutions. GovDelivery’s digital communication management platform is the only com- prehensive government-to-citizen email and digital communication solution designed specifically for the public sector. GovDelivery serves more than 450 government entities worldwide including more than half of major U.S. federal agencies, hundreds of state, county, and city governments, metro- politan transportation authorities ,and both local authorities and the central government agencies in the United Kingdom. Government organizations use GovDelivery to leverage existing resources to save time, effort, and cost while reaching and expanding target audiences. For more information, visit Government agencies, nonprofits, and corporations are recognizing the power of branding to increase awareness of their missions and achieve market success. For more than 20 years, Rock Creek Strategic Marketing has been shaping the communications landscape—identifying opportunities, developing strategies, and implementing innovative, results-driven integrat- ed campaigns that give our clients the advantage necessary to succeed.Sponsors
  23. 23. NEXT SUMMITEducational Sponsors Thank You to the Graduate School for being a supportive educational part- ner. All summit attendees will earn 1.1 Continuing Education Units (CEU) for attending the Next Generation of Government Summit. After the summit, the Graduate School will email each attendee their certificate to the address provided on their registration form.Media Sponsors Sponsors
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  28. 28. NEXT SUMMITAdvisory BoardSummit Co-Hosts:Steve Ressler, Founder, GovLoop and Co-Founder, Young Government LeadersDave Uejio, President, Young Government LeadersAdvisory Board:Sam Abrams, GEICOAndreas Addison, City of RichmondLora Allen, Department of EducationTony Bardonille, AetnaJack Bienko, Small Business AdministrationStephanie Diamond, NASANoha Gaber, Emerging Leaders Network, Environmental Protection AgencyIna Gjikondi, George Washington UniversityKathrene Hansen, Federal Executive Board, LAStacy Kane, Emerging Leaders at DHSMelissa KlineRob Lalka, State DepartmentTim McManus, Partnership for Public ServiceJoanie Newhart, Office of Management BudgetJessica Ourisman, ASTDMegan Price, GovLoopAl Tyree, RaytheonTyler Robinson, Health and Human ServicesSteve Ressler, GovLoopJulie Saad, Office of Management BudgetCourtney Stanchock, AetnaTim Sommella, Young Government LeadersDave Uejio, National Institutes of Health & Young Government LeadersSue Webster, Federally Employed WomenKitty Wooley, Department of Education
  29. 29. NEXT SUMMITThe discussions, skills and experiences you gain from the summit don’tstop here. Check out these great tools to stay in the loop!1 Connect with peers and discuss lessons learned on GovLoop in the Next Generation of Government Group at: Join Young Government Leaders and attend events in your area. More information can be found at: www.youngovernmentleaders.org3 Update and manage your MingleStick account and contacts with the Mingle Manager at: http://manager.mingle360.comMore about GovLoop and YGL: GovLoop is the premier social network connecting over 45,000 government innovators from federal, state, and local government. The community is a great resource for all people in and around government, whether they are looking to connect with peers, col- laborate on projects or discover career-building opportunities. GovLoop is the place to be for today’s government leaders. Young Government Leaders (YGL) is a grassroots organization founded in 2003 as a happy hour crew of young folks interested in meeting other young, energized people in the federal government. Today, YGL is 1800+ supporters strong and growing. YGL is the only 501(c)(3) not for profit professional organization found and led by young feds. YGL has evolved in its mission to educate, inspire, and transform the next generation of government leaders, offering professional development, networking, and leadership opportunities for its Members. www.
  30. 30. NEXT SUMMITMap Meeting Room Level BallRoom Level Grand Ballroom
  31. 31. JW MarriottWashington D.C.