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Navigating the Digital Government Roadmap

  1. 1. 36
  2. 2. THEGOVLOOPGUIDE2. WELCOME CONTENTS pages 4 About GovLoop Executive Summary 5 Technology Allow Agencies to Increase Productivity UP In The Cloud- The Promise of Cloud Computing 6 Federal Risk and Authorization Manage- ment Program (FedRAMP) Finding Efficiency, Leveraging Technology - Data Center Consolidation Securing Infrastructure in an Increasingly Digital Environment - Cyber Security
  3. 3. 3. STATEOFTECHNOLOGY The digital government strategy Delivering 21st Century Services to America The Mobile Revolution 14 The Digital Government Strategy 22 timeline - Infographic Technology enabling agencies to improve performanceDriving Organizational Success with Big DataGovernment Accountability Through Increased Transparency Government Websites 24Government Transparency In Focus: Open Tucson InitiativeBreaking All the Rules – Reinventing Rule Making TECHNOLOGY PROMOTES AGENCIES TO 36 INNOVATE PROACTIVELY Shared Services, Shared Savings About The Authors 39
  4. 4. THEGOVLOOPGUIDE4. ABOUT GOVLOOP Location GovLoop is headquartered in Washington D.C with a team of dedicated professionals who share a commitment to connect and improve government. GovLoop 734 15th St NW, Suite 500 Washington, DC 20005 Phone: (202) 407-7421 Fax: (202) 407-7501 GovLoop’s mission is to connect government members create and comment on nearly 1,000 to improve government. We aim to inspire blog posts and discussion forums every month. public sector professionals by acting as the knowledge network for government. GovLoop GovLoop works with top industry partners, to serves nearly 60,000 members by helping to provide resources and tools, such as guides, foster collaboration, solve problems and ad- infographics, online trainings and educational vance their government careers. events, all to help public sector professionals. GovLoop also promotes public service suc- The GovLoop community has been widely cess stories in popular news outlets such as recognized across multiple sectors. GovLoop the Washington Post, Huffington Post, Govern- members come from across the public sec- ment Technology, and other industry publica- tor; including federal, state, and local public tions. servants, industry experts and professionals grounded in academic research. Navigating the Digital Government Roadmap- was underwritten by the GovLoop Technology Today, GovLoop is the leading site for address- Solutions Council. Members of this council in- ing public sector issues. GovLoop is also the clude, Cisco, Google, GovDelivery, HP, IBM, Or- largest government niche network. GovLoop acle and Microsoft.
  5. 5. 5. STATEOFTECHNOLOGY EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 010100 10 1010010100 0 0 10 000010 IT 1001010010 0 01010100010 010101 1 0 1 0010011 110101 0010011 1 00 100 1 00010 1 1 1 10 01 010110 0 00100 01 01 1Advancements in technology has enabled gov- the default, and are required to provide twoernment to improve how services are delivered services on mobile devices within the nextto citizens. This guide focuses on technology year. This section highlights the digital gov-that has enabled government to increase pro- ernment strategy, mobile and the importanceductivity, improve performance and facilitates of more widely accessible government data.innovation in government. This guide showshow new and emerging technology is radi-cally changing the government landscape. TECHNOLOGY Enabling Agencies to Improve PerformanceTECHNOLOGY allowing agencies toincrease productivity For centuries, government has been collect- ing data about citizens and looking for waysIn this section, we highlight technology trends to use data to improve services. With emerg-that are allowing government agencies to in- ing technology, leveraging large volumes ofcrease their productivity within the agency. data to drive decision-making is now a real-These trends are cloud computing and data cen- ity. This section also explores ways govern-ter consolidations. With more information being ment can become more transparent, focus-stored in the cloud, there is an increasing need ing on government websites, data, the ruleto take proper measures to ensure security. This making process and Freedom of Informationsection will also focus on the growing need to Act (FOIA) procedures. Finally, this sectionimplement stronger cyber security protocols. explores the IT workforce, exploring initia- tives that are intended to develop the next generation of leaders in the public sector.THE Digital Government Strategy:Providing 21st Century Services to TECHNOLOGY Promoting Agencies toAmerica Innovate ProactivelyThe featured story of this report is The Digital The final section highlights how agencies canGovernment Strategy, which was released by do more with less through shared services.the Obama Administration on May 23, 2012. With fiscal uncertainty and deep budget cutsWith this memorandum, the Obama Adminis- on the horizon, government at all levels istration has set standards and goals for federal challenged to find ways to “do more with less.”agencies. Agencies will now make Open Data
  6. 6. 10 010010 1 10010 1 01 1 1 THEGOVLOOPGUIDE 0 010 10010 0 10 01 11 0 01 1 6. 0110 010110 101 0001010101 1 00010 1 0 0110101011 1 10 000101 01 101010 0 010 0 101010010 101 0 0 0010 1 000101010 0101 01 01010 0 1010 101 10 1 01 0 0 0 0101010 0 1001001 1 00 010 01 0 00001 01 1 10010 1010101 000101 101 01 01 01 100 1 01 10 010 10 10 00 0101 0 0 0001 1 0 0 01000 0 100 0101 100 01 100100 00 0 000 10 010 0 10 00101 0 10 1 100101 1 010 0 10101 01 0 10 011 1 0 101 00 00 0 101 1 0 0110 101000 10 01 10 11000101010 0 0 0110 101000 0110101010 0 01 0 0110 1 10 01 01010 1 10 10 1 10 1 0 0 010 0 010 10 10 10010101 1 0 0010101 0 0 0110 010110 10 101 00 01 10 10 00 10 01010101011001 01 10 100110101001 1 101010 0 0 10 1 10 1 101010 00 00 10 01 00 1 01101 1 0101010 1 10 1 0 00 0 1010 0101010 10 0 10010 1 00 1001 1001 1 0101 00101 110011 010 101001 10 1 00 0 010101010 0 10001 011010101 0 1001 00 10001 001 0 0010 1 10 0 01 000 1010101 0 010 1 01 101 0 0 01 1000 0 01001 1 01 1 0 0 00100110 0 0 101 1 00 10 0 01010 1 0 0010 0110 0 00 0110 101001 0 1001010100 10 0101 00 0 0 101 1 10 1010 10 0101 0 0 00 0110 101000010010010001000 0 10 0 1 10 1 0 10 010101 0 10100101 000 10 0101010 0 0 1 10 0 010101 1 10 0101 0 1 10 010 0 1 0 0 0 10101 0 0 010101101 10 0 10101 1001010100 011010101 1 1 0 00 1 010 10 01 1001 1 01010 100 0 010 1 1 010101 1 0 110011 10001 10 010101 0 10101 1 0 00101010 000 1001010100 10 0011010101 1 10001 1001 00 0 0 01001 1 010101 101 10101 001 00 001 10 00 10001 0 0 1001 1 1010 10001010100 0 1 001 10 0101010 01 00101 0 0010 1 10 1010 0 ___________________________ 10010 101000 01 0010101 0 0 0 1 10 01010 0 0 0 0010101 10001010100 0 1 10 101010 10 0 011010101 1 10 0101010 0 00 01010 10 10101 0 0 10 1 0101010 1001 10101 00 10 10 00 0 1 0 10001010100 0 0101010 ______________ Across government, agencies are looking Although employees can now connect easily for innovative ways to improve productivity. across any device, new challenges have become With the development of cloud technology, apparent, and there are increasingly more secu- and a host of different collaboration tools, rity risks for government. Retaining security in technology now exists to instantly connect multiple environments and decreasing vulner- people around the globe. The use of cloud abilities is critical to improve productivity for services and mobile technology has been government. This section will highlight cloud a game changer across all sectors, allow- computing, data center consolidation, and cy- ing employees to access information when ber security as ways government can use tech- they want, and on what device they desire. nology to increase and maintain productivity.
  7. 7. 7. STATEOFTECHNOLOGY Up in the Cloud _________________________________________________ The Promise of Cloud _____________________________________________ Computing ______________________________ _________________________________________________ _____________________________________________CCloud computing continues more and more cloud initia- (3) Connecting In-to be one of the key trends tives being implemented in stantlyin government. Since 2009, government, there are manyPresident Obama’s Adminis- related benefits to moving to The cloud makes it easier thantration has been encourag- a cloud-based environment. ever before to connect with col-ing federal agencies to adopt leagues. The ability to instant-cloud technologies through Ten benefits of cloud tech- ly connect through the cloud,the Federal Government’s nology can be found below. collaborate on documents, andCloud Computing Initiative. share information is one of the (1) Ease of Sharing many benefits of the cloud.With this initiative, the Obama Information and DataAdministration hopes that (4) Driving Improvedby leveraging cloud comput- The cloud easily allows users to Decision Makinging, agencies can work to connect and share informationreduce waste, increase effi- across the agency. By sharing By sharing data and informa-ciency, and cut costs for the data, and resources, agencies tion, decision makers will havefederal government. With the can work collaboratively to access to the right informationadoption of cloud comput- solve cross-agency challenges. they need to make a, government at all levelshas found new efficiencies. (2) Sharing Best Some examples include agen- Practices cies using the cloud to connectIn May 2012, GovLoop ran a people in the field with deci-blog series that explored how Just like with data, best prac- sion makers back in the office.government can break down tices and resources can easilysilos, including the role of be shared through the cloud, This could be extremely use-emerging technology, such as whether this is certain initia- ful during a crisis, as decisioncloud technology. Cloud tech- tives or programs that the makers could address wherenology offers many benefits agency has started or long- to send supplies and how tofor government agencies. With standing projects or processes. best provide relief at risk areas.
  8. 8. 9678 9678 1234567897891067891012345 891012345678910 34567891012345 234567891012345678910 8910123456789 789101234567 7891012345678910123 7891012345678910 9678910 234567891012345678910 7891012345678910 3456789101234567 9678910 7891012345678910 34567891012345 9678910912345567891012345678 7891012345678910 789101234567891 789101234567891 ______________ _________________ ___________ _____________________ ___________ _____________________ _________________ _______________ __________________ _____________ _________________ _______________ 012345678910 8 10123456789106 45678910123456789106789 678 678 4567891012345 891012345678910 34567891012345678910 910123456789 89101234567 891012345678910 234567 89101234567 891012345678910 678910 34567891012345678910 891012345678910 456789101234567 678910 891012345678910 4567891012345 678910912345567891012345678 891012345678910 6723452345678910 ___________ _____________________ 45678910 678910120 _______________ __________________________ _____________________ 3456789101234567 3456789101234567 1234567897891067891012345 789101234567891 ____________________ 6723452345678910 _________ __________________ 456789101234567 456789101234567 10123456789106 45678910123456789106789 __________________ ___________________ __________________ _______________ THEGOVLOOPGUIDE8. (9) Achieve Cost Sav- ings Cost savings is usually men- tioned with cloud technology. (7) Recruit Top Tal- With cloud technology now (5) Connecting More ent available, agencies need to Decision Makers be smart as to how they think Do not forget that technol- about cost savings. If a new With the cloud, more decision ogy can also be a recruitment cloud initiative yields a cost makers can be connected and tool. Many future workers are saving, the saved money can work towards collaborative accustomed to using cloud be redistributed back into solutions. Getting all the right technologies to collaborate the agency to support other people at the table is always a on projects, they will expect initiatives. challenge, but the cloud helps to have this kind of technol- mitigate some of those barri- ogy at the workplace. (10) Improve Trans- ers. parency (8) Increase Effi- (6) Increase Telework ciency and With the ability to quickly Opportunities Productivity access information and share information through the With cloud technology im- With the cloud, people can be cloud, agencies can improve proving, the cloud provides more efficient and produc- their transparency efforts. The more opportunities for tele- tive by having the information cloud allows people to share working. Teleworking provides they need at their fingertips, the right information and al- many benefits to employees rather than searching and low people to quickly access and organizations. requesting information. the information they need.
  9. 9. 9. STATEOFTECHNOLOGYORACLE (NASDAQ: ORCL) is the world’s Oracle Public Sector Sector Resources Oracle Public Sector Resource Centermost complete, open, and integrated business Oracle Solutions for Public Sectorsoftware and hardware systems company. Using Oracle to Ease the Transition to Moderniza-With more than 370,000 customers—includ- tioning 100 of the Fortune 100—in more than 145 Recruit, Develop and Deploy Personnelcountries around the globe, Oracle is the only Improve Efficiency and Responsiveness at All Lev-vendor able to offer a complete technology els of Government Oracle Social Services: A Complete Platform forstack in which every layer is engineered to Integrated Program Deliverywork together as a single system. Oracle’s Oracle’s Cloud Solutions for Public Sectorindustry-leading public sector solutions give Public Sector Defense Solutionsorganizations unmatched benefits includingunbreakable security, high availability, scalabil- Oracle Offers the Public Sector Measurable Results City of Las Vegas Saves up to $1.7 Million in Con-ity, energy efficiency, powerful performance, sulting Costs for IT Infrastructure Upgradeand low total cost of ownership. State of Maryland Government Agencies Improve Inter-Agency Collaboration through a Shared Services Business Intelligence EnvironmentOracle Public Sector Solutions State of Indiana Standardizes Financial SystemsOracle delivers a complete platform of database, State-wide to Improve Efficiency and Transparencymiddleware, applications, servers, and storage—all Federal Aviation Administration Improves Perfor-based on open standards—to work together in the mance and Scalability of Shared Services Centercloud and in your data center. Database The Forestry Commission Reduces Testing Time for Big Data Solutions Online Services by 80% and Improves System Stabil- Business Intelligence and Reporting Applications ity Case Management and CRM Solutions U.S. Air Force Capabilities Integration Environment Cloud Computing Meets Extreme Growth Demands with Virtualization Data Center Transformation The United States Marine Corps Deploys Compre- Enterprise Security Solutions hensive Oracle Solution to Create a Global Combat Financial Management Solutions Support System Human Capital Management Solutions Integrated Workplace Management Solution More Oracle Public Sector Case Studies Oracle Database Procurement Applications Public Sector Planning and Budgeting Server and Storage Systems Tax and Revenue Management Solutions For more information, visit Virtualization Portfolio or call 1.800.ORACLE1 Security Solutions
  10. 10. THEGOVLOOPGUIDE _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ________________________________________ _ ______________________10. ________________________ _________________________________ ___________________ ______________________________ _________________ ______________________________ _____________________________ _______________ ______________ states the fol- agement lowing program goals: Enhances transparency Accelerate the adoption between government and of secure cloud solutions cloud service providers through reuse of assess- (CSPs) ments and authorizations Improves the trustworthi- Increase confidence in se- ness, reliability, consis- curity of cloud solutions tency, and quality of the Federal security authoriza- Achieve consistent secu- tion process Federal Risk and rity authorizations using Authorization a baseline set of agreed Key FedRAMP Documentation Management Program upon standards to be used (Resource list provided from for Cloud product approval (FedRAMP) in or outside of FedRAMP FedRAMP Security Con- Ensure consistent applica- trols: The baseline controls tion of existing security required for FedRAMP practices security assessments and F authorizations. Increase confidence in FedRAMP is a government- security assessments FedRAMP CONOPS: The wide program that helps gov- FedRAMP Program Man- ernment agencies implement Increase automation and agement Office’s Concept cloud based technology. At near real-time data for of Operations for FedRAM the core of FedRAMP is provid- continuous monitoring ing government officials with FedRAMP JAB Charter - The a standardized approach to se- states the Joint Authorization Board’s curity, authorization and moni- following program benefits: Charter detailing roles and toring of cloud-based services. responsibilities and gover- Increases re-use of exist- nance. With the implementation of ing security assessments FedRAMP, governmentwide ac- across agencies OMB Policy Memo – OMB quisition of cloud technology is policy guidance on issues expected to increase. With Fe- Saves significant cost, time ffecting FedRAMP dRAMP, cloud service provid- and resources – “do once, ers will have to use a third par- use many times” FedRAMP FAQs – provides ty to verify the company meets answers to most questions basic security requirements. Improves real-time secu- about FedRAMP FedRAMP is an extension of rity visibility the Obama Administration’s For questions regarding “Cloud First” strategy, de- Provides a uniform ap- FedRAMP: tailed by the memorandum re- proach to risk-based man- leased on December 8th, 2011.
  11. 11. ________________________________ 11. _______________________ STATEOFTECHNOLOGY____________________________ ______________________ _____________________________________________ Find efficiency: data center consolidation ______________________________ ________________________ not alone, and due to the nu- tal savings, and think critically merous successes reported by about how the savings can be Federal agencies, Federal CIO filtered back within the agency Steven VanRoekel has expand- ed his goals of closing redun- Best Practice - Culture dant data centers. By the end of 2015, agencies plan to close Change: Make it personal nearly 1,080 data centers, sur- passing goals set by the Fed- One of the key lessons for eral Data Center Consolidation culture change and data cen- D Initiative two years ago. Data ter consolidation is to always Data center consolidation is center consolidation is a prac- make it personal. Top-level typically part of the cloud tical solution to cutting costs, managers need to really show computing discussion, like increasing services, and im- how implementing data cen- cloud computing, there are proving efficiency for agencies. ter consolidation will make significant advantages to employees jobs easier, more consolidating data centers. efficient and help to achieve There are dozens of case stud- the goals of the agency. ies identifying the success Best Practice - Assessing that agencies are having with Business Value: Tie to The first step for an agency con- data center consolidation. Mission sidering data center consolida- tion is to look at the business One example of data center The first step for an agency value of new adoption or con- consolidation success comes considering data center con- solidation of services. Agen- from the Census Bureau, which solidation is to look at the cies should be sure to scope was able to close a 6,750 fa- business value of new adop- the project and make sure im- cility and free up $1.7 million tion or consolidation of ser- plementing the new technolo- annually in operating costs. vices. Agencies should be sure gy makes sense for the agency. to scope the project and make Likewise, when thinking about The Census Bureau strategy sure implementing the new costs, agencies need to be sure has allowed them to reduce technology makes sense for the that they identify total sav- data center power consump- agency. Likewise, when think- ings, and think critically about tion in all of their data centers ing about costs, agencies need how the savings can be fil- by 10%. The Census Bureaus is to be sure that they identify to- tered back within the agency.
  12. 12. THEGOVLOOPGUIDE12. Securing Infrastructure in an Increasingly Digital Envi- ronment - Cyber Security 10 11000 10 100101 10 In a White House blog post, President Obama stated, “Cy- 010100 1 010001 10 1 01011 0 0101100 0 ber threat is one of the most 10 1010010100 0 1 010 1 10 10100 0 10 10 0101 0 0 10 serious economic and national 000010 0010101 1001010010 0 01010100010 010101 1 0100 0 1 110101 0010011 security challenges we face as 00101 0 0 1 00 000010 01001 0010 1 010 10 a nation” and that “America’s 01 01 0 1 00010 1 1 0 0 1 economic prosperity in the 1 10 01 010110 0 11010 0 00100 01 01 1000101 0010100110 21st century will depend on 1 0 1001 cyber security.” 10 1001 1 11 0 100 0 1 1 11 1 0001101011 00010010000 000 010 010 10 00101 0 01 101000 0 1 01 010 1 Protecting the nation from 0 0 1010 010101 000010 0010 010 10 cyber threats is critical. As 01001 0 citizens perform more daily 0 1000101 0 1001 transactions online with the 1001 Top 3 Challenges for Cyber 1 government and more infor- 01010100010 mation is shared, the govern- Security 010101 ment has a responsibility to make sure our personal infor- (1) Network Accessi- mation is protected. Although bility we are more connected than ever before, more information Agencies need to understand has been shared and there is who has access, when they more risk of information being have access and through what breached. kind of device people are ac- cessing the network. Knowing (3) Diversity of Net- Government agencies now this information is critical, as work Applications must improve infrastructure it will help agencies identify to protect against threats proper protocols for accessing Agencies sometimes develop and simultaneously reduce the networking, and assessing homegrown network applica- the number of cyber attacks network vulnerabilities. tions, which sometimes do within government. As at- not comply with agency wide tacks become more complex, (2) Diversity of De- standards, and may poten- agencies need to be ready to vices on Network tially open up networks to protect themselves and im- threats. prove infrastructure to reduce With increasing use of bring- the number of attacks. Cyber your-own-device policies and Although network applica- security affects all of us. With the variety of devices avail- tions are important for ef- government using more de- able in the market, IT pro- ficiency and productivity, vices, and employees access- fessionals are challenged to agencies need to be careful ing information in new ways, protect multiple devices, and while developing, and be sure government is challenged to often, across different operat- they meet all the right stan- keep all systems protected. ing systems. dards to retain security.
  13. 13. 13. STATEOFTECHNOLOGYCisco is the worldwide leader in net-working that transforms how Govern-ment and Education connect, commu-nicate, and collaborate. Since 1984,Cisco has led in the innovation of IP-based networking technologies, includ-ing routing, switching, security, TelePres-ence systems, unif ied communications,video, and wireless. The company’s re-sponsible business practices help en-sure accountability, business sustain-ability, and environmentally consciousoperations and products. Our technol-ogy is changing the nature of work andthe way we serve, educate, and defend.Helping government agencies maximize ef fectiveness in key areas:· Cloud Computing· Data Center Consolidation· Cyber Security· Mobile (Mobile Collaboration)· Telework· Bring Your Own DeviceFor more information, visit
  14. 14. THEGOVLOOPGUIDE14. THE DIGITAL GOVERNMENT STRATEGY DELIVERING 21st Century Services to data is released to the public in multiple forms. America Sometimes the data is used to develop apps, and at other times, data is collected and turned or centuries, government has into visualizations to help educate the public. been collecting data. Whether On May 23, 2012, the Obama Administration it was ancient civilians record- announced The Digital Government Strate- ing data about the stars, iden- gy which strives to change how government tifying weather patterns, collecting health works and delivers services to citizens. Presi- data information to avoid epidemics or col- dent Obama states, “I want us to ask ourselves lecting data about the citizenry, similar to a every day, how are we using technology to modern day census. Data has always been an make a real difference in people’s lives?” The integral part of how government operates. Digital Government Strategy challenges inno- vators across government to think how they Recently, more data has been released and can fully leverage emerging technology to im- made accessible for citizens. As more kinds of prove how services are delivered to Americans. data are collected, many agencies have made a shift towards open data initiatives, in which Within the Digital Government Strategy, fed-
  15. 15. 15. STATEOFTECHNOLOGYeral agencies are required government domains to help way to serve their custom-to make two core services streamline information and ers, decrease costs and oper-available to citizens on mo- make finding resources easier ate efficiently in a perilousbile devices by May 23, 2013, for citizens fiscal environment. This chal-giving agencies one year to lenge is reflected in the callmake the transition. Further, 5. Agencies must convert for developing two servicesthe memorandum requires two priority citizen services to on a mobile device within 12that government data be ma- mobile in the next 12 months months. As more citizens havechine readable and govern- adopted smart phones andment data be open by default. 6. Take two backend systems mobile technology is becom- and convert them to API’s ing increasingly more com-Federal Chief Information Of- mon in consumers lives, thereficer, Steve VanRoekel and 7. Create the Digital Innova- is truly a need for governmentFederal Chief Technology Of- tion Center: central effort to to reform services and pro-ficer, Todd Park announced the change web dynamic vide them in a mobile setting.Digital Government Strategyat TechCrunch’s Disrupt Con- 8. Private sector integration An excerpt from Presidentference in New York City. Obama’s memorandum reads, The Digital Government Strat- “Innovators in the privateEight core outcomes from the egy has been developed at a sector and the Federal Gov-Digital Government Strategy fascinating time for govern- ernment have used theseare: ment. The combination of a technological advances to fun- staggering economy and in- damentally change how they1. The new default for data is cresed demand for improved serve their customers. How-open, data should be public services by Americans has ever, it is time for the Federalwhen possible, available on added a new layer of complex- Government to do more. Fordemand, and agencies should ity to government agencies. far too long, the American peo-take a device agnostic ap- In many situations, govern- ple have been forced to navi-proach, providing flexibility to ment is operating in a restric- gate a labyrinth of informationcitizens and developers to use tive budgetary environment. across different Governmentand published data. With this dynamic function- programs in order to find the ing within government, mis- services they need. In addi-2. Government data should sion centric programs have tion, at a time when Americansbe social and a two way street, become more important to increasingly pay bills and buyallowing people to develop agencies than ever before. tickets on mobile devices, Gov-mobile apps. This will encour- ernment services often are notage increased participation to Regardless of the agency or optimized for smartphones ortransform government. department, agencies are tablets, assuming the servic- now called to identify the best es are even available online.”3. Agencies will create aslash developer page and con- DorobekINSIDER Resources GovLoop’s Daily Podcast, The DorobekINSIDER, had extensive cover-tinue to build upon age of the Digital Government Strategy announcement in New a spot to host governmnetdata How to guide for implementing the Digital Government Strategy Default Open Data: White House Launches New Digital Govern-4. Decreasing the number of ment Strategy
  16. 16. THEGOVLOOPGUIDE16. gram, which closely resembles with universities with well‐rec- Mobile is not the only way in- the prestigious and extreme- ognized technology programs, novators in the private sector ly competitive Presidential the Federal Government will have transformed how they Management Fellows (PMF) tap into the emerging talent deliver services. Everything program. The Technology Fel- pool and begin to build a sus- from cloud computing, data, lows Program website states: tainable pipeline of talent.” data center consolidation, and collaboration tools are being “The Technology Fellows Pro- Under the first federal CIO, used to transform the ability to gram seeks to cut bureaucratic Vivek Kundra, the 25-point deliver services to consumers. barriers to entering public ser- plan was developed, which During the announcement of vice and providing access to the Technology Fellows Pro- the Digital Government Strat- unique career opportunities gram was derived from. The egy, VanRoekel and Park also in Federal Agencies to highly new Technology Fellows Pro- provided insights into the talented technology profes- gram acknowledges that one new Technology Fellows Pro- sionals. By partnering directly critical way to make govern- 3 IT 3 Layers of Government Service Delivery Within the Digital Government Strategy, Federal CIO Steven VanRoekel established a conceptual model as to how government should deliver services. He identifies three distinct layers, the infor- mation layer, the platform layer and the presentation layer. These three layers separate information creation from information presentation—allowing us to create content and data once, and then use it in different ways In effect, this model represents a fundamental shift from the way our government provides digital services today INFORMATION The information layer contains digital information It includes structured information (e g , the most common concept of “data”) such as census and employment data, plus unstructured information (e g , content), such as fact sheets, press releases, and compliance guidance PLATFORM The platform layer includes all the systems and processes used to manage this information Examples include systems for content management, processes such as web API (Application Program- ming Interface) and application development, services that support mission critical IT functions such as human resources or financial management, as well as the hardware used to access information (e g , mobile devices) PRESENTATION The presentation layer defines the manner in which information is organized and provided to customers. It represents the way the government and private sector deliver government informa- tion (e g , data or content) digitally, whether through websites,16 mobile applications, or other modes of delivery
  17. 17. Focused on helping government organizations communicate with the public more effectively and efficiently, GovDelivery adapts world-class practices from the private sector and leverages new technologies while designing communication solutions that address the unique privacy, compliance and security needs faced by government.Solutions GovDelivery Digital Communication Management (DCM) provides organizations with an automated, on-demand public communication system. GovDelivery DCM empowers governments to provide citizens with better service and access to relevant information by proactively communicating official content through email, text messaging, RSS and social media. GovDelivery Collaboration creates a secure community to help you gather and organize stakeholders on unprecedented scale, with the flexibility to innovate and collaborate nationally with colleagues, citizens, businesses, government partners, consultants, and more. With GovDelivery Collaboration, you can eliminate the physical and technological barriers that often stifle the flow of communications and teamwork across your entire stakeholder base to more fully interact with your community in an effective, efficient and engaging manner. GovDelivery Transactional Messaging Service (TMS) makes critical, large-scale, transaction-focused email communication between government and the public more effective and reliable. With GovDelivery TMS, your organization can save time and money, while allowing your employees to focus on messaging and stakeholder interaction instead of technical email complexities and deliverability.Delivering Real Value Within the first six months of the [website’s] launch, the [State of Indiana] saw a return on investment between $200,000 and $250,000 through reduced postage, printing and mailing costs, and the state has seen annual savings of nearly $200,000. - Robert Paglia, Director, Indiana Department of Technology and “Within one hour, we generated more revenue than we did in weeks with the old method. People here were elated – we had reduced a truckload of work processing checks as well as printing and mailing costs.” - Margie Damgaard, Web Division Coordinator, Wisconsin DNR The U.S. Census Bureau ran a national campaign incorporating use of GovDelivery DCM to broaden its outreach and encourage members of the public to participate in the 2010 Census in a timely fashion. They engaged 103,000 subscribers, sending more than 2.4 million messages. The Census’s overall communications effectiveness saved $1.87 billion in taxpayer money. - U.S. Census Bureau Learn more visit: email: call: 866-276-5583 @govdelivery
  18. 18. THEGOVLOOPGUIDE18. ment more transparent, par- print developed not just for mation technology solutions.” ticipatory and collaborative is the people, but also by the to provide unique career op- people.” The final program of the Presi- portunities to talented tech- dential Innovation Fellows nology professionals to at- The second program men- program is the 20% Campaign, tract them to public service. tioned is, Open Data Initia- which looks to “Create a sys- tives, described as, “Stimulate tem that enables US govern- The program structure and a rising tide of innovation and ment programs to seamlessly application process is very entrepreneurship that utilizes move from making cash pay- similar to the competitive government data to create ments to support foreign pol- PMF program, as potential tools that help Americans in icy, development assistance, fellows follow the same ap- numerous ways – e.g., apps government operations or plication process as PMF’s, and services that help people commercial activities to using and are appointed to a two- find the right health care pro- electronic payments such as year rotational position. vider, identify the college that mobile devices, smart cards provides the best value for and other methods.” In a recent White House blog, their money, save money on Federal CIO Steven VanRoekel electricity bills through smart- All these programs are great mentioned there has been er shopping, or keep their fam- steps forward, and it will be substantial interest in the pro- ilies safe by knowing which interesting to see how they gram, as he states, “There has products have been recalled.” unfold in the coming months. been a groundswell of interest Hopefully, these programs in the Presidential Innovation The third is the extremely suc- will recruit new talent into Fellows program, with 700 ap- cessful Blue Button Initiative by the federal space. With fel- plicants for Fellows positions, the VA. The White House states, lowship programs, it’s always and over 4,000 people in total “[this program] will develop easy to attract top talent, but expressing interest in follow- apps and create awareness of difficult to hold on to the tal- ing (and contributing to) their tools that help individuals get ent once the fellowship ends. progress.” access to their personal health records -- current medications The Digital Government Strat- The Presidential Innovation and drug allergies, claims and egy and Technology Fellows Fellows program has five proj- treatment data, and lab re- Program is just one of many ects that launched in 2012, ports – that can improve their initiatives set forth by the the website states the goal of health and healthcare.” Obama Administration that the project is “To improve the encourages the federal gov- lives of the American people, The fourth initiative looks to ernment to embrace emerg- saving taxpayer money, and reform the RFP process and ing technology. The Obama fueling job creation. This is in- help small business navigate Administration has set a high novation aimed at making a the federal government. This bar for government agencies. difference for all Americans.” program is called RFP-EZ and With numerous initiatives briefly described as, “Build a encouraging IT reform, the The five projects are MyGov, platform that makes it easier Administration understands which the White House briefly for small high-growth busi- that it is not just about pro- describes as, “Reimagine the nesses to navigate the fed- viding API’s, improved data, relationship between the fed- eral government, and enables technology standards, IT re- eral government and its citi- agencies to quickly source form is about a combination zens through an online foot- low-cost, high-impact infor- of all services, which will help
  19. 19. 19. STATEOFTECHNOLOGYto facilitate the needed re- Trusted Identities in Cyber- from the government, privateforms to government services. space (NSTIC) sector, public and two work- ing groups collaborated to de-Other executive orders and > The 25-Point Implementa- velop The Digital Governmentinitiatives developed by the tion Plan to Reform Federal Strategy. The two workingObama Administration focus- Information Technology Man- groups, the Mobility Strategying on technology to trans- agement (IT Reform) and Web Reform Task Forcesform government include: worked with the Office of Man- These Executive Orders have agement and Budget (OMB)> Executive Order 13571 led to further cloud adop- and General Services Adminis-(Streamlining Service Deliv- tion, increased use of shared tration (GSA) to identify solu-ery and Improving Customer services and improved man- tions for mobile government.Service) agement of IT programs. The Digital Government Strat- The Digital Government Strat-> Executive Order 13576 egy builds on these improve- egy incorporated insights from(Delivering an Efficient, Effec- ments, and focuses on deliv- citizens and federal workers. Intive, and Accountable Govern- ery of services as the priority. September of 2011, an onlinement) dialogue, National Dialogue The way the Digital Govern- on Improving Federal Improve-> The President’s Memoran- ment Strategy was developed ments, and in January 2012, Na-dum on Transparency and is a testament to the admin- tional Dialogue on the FederalOpen Government istration’s desire to create a Mobility Strategy, both were more transparent, participa- used to formulate the Digital> OMB Memorandum M-10- tory and collaborative gov- Government Strategy. In total,06 (Open Government Direc- ernment. The Digital Govern- the online forums produced ative) ment Strategy was developed combined total of 570 ideas through a multi-disciplinary and nearly 2,000 comments.> The National Strategy for approach, as practitioners The Digital Government Strategy sets out to accomplish three things: Enable Ensure Unlock the American people and an in- that as the government adjusts the power of government data to creasingly mobile workforce to to this new digital world, we seize spur innovation across our Nation access high-quality digital gov- the opportunity to procure and and improve the quality of servic- ernment information and services manage devices, applications, es for the American people. anywhere, anytime, on any device. and data in smart, secure and af- fordable ways. We must enable the public, en- Operationalizing an information- trepreneurs, and our own govern- centric model, we can architect Learning from the previous tran- ment programs to better leverage our systems for interoperabil- sition of moving information and the rich wealth of federal data to ity and openness, modernize our services online, we now have an pour into applications and servic- content publication model, and opportunity to break free from es by ensuring that data is open deliver better, device-agnostic the inefficient, costly, and frag- and machine-readable by default. digital services at a lower cost. mented practices of the past, build a sound governance struc- ture for digital services, and do mobile “right” from the beginning.