How to Run an Effective & Efficient Meeting


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Recent survey data reports that leaders spend between 30-40% of their week in meetings – that isn’t the worst of it, the survey also shares that leaders feel 50% of that meeting time is a waste of time!In a time where organizations want to ensure increased levels collaboration and teamwork it feels like more time is spent convening. This session will offer concrete tips on deciding what meetings are really necessary and for the ones that are, how to make meetings achieve the objective, take a minimum amount of time, and leave participants feeling that their time was well spent.

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  • is like Skype and a good collaboration tool for informal meetings.
  • This really kills me, if you are a manager and you are calling meetings that require your staff to wasting even 20% of their week, is that what we want to be paying for? What if you use consultants etc. Take a moment to think about your average week, figure out the amount of hours you spend in meetings, What percentage of your week do you spend in meetings?Let me see a show of hands for less than 10%Over 20%Over 30%Over 40%Do the rest of you even work? 
  • Jen to make list or call out what you hate?Biggest reason for holding meetings?
  • Apps for meetings:Sadun’s WhiteboardPreziCorkulousPenultimate (cool notetaking) or Notetaker HDMighty meetingBeesyNational research organization surveyed 5000 people in business and found that The most serious faults in human interaction are:68% said “Failure to see the others view point”36% said “Failure to show appreciation or give credit”34% said “Failure to size up others correctly”24% said “Lack of Leadership”
  • Who was who in the above
  • Ok when you have to hold a meeting don’t do it this way
  • If you need to go back to your list of things you HATE
  • How to Run an Effective & Efficient Meeting

    1. 1. How to Run an Effective & Efficient Meeting a.k.a Make Meetings Not Suck Jennifer Stanford, PMP, MHCS CEO Emergent Performance Solutions Human Capital at the Human Level
    2. 2. Session Objectives • To learn a few things • Have some fun • Meet some new friends • Walk away with new ways of looking at meetings that can be applied immediately 2012 Emergent Performance Solutions, LLC
    3. 3. I s T h i s Yo u r M e et i n g ? 2012 Emergent Performance Solutions, LLC
    4. 4. In the News: Up to 40% of week in According to a Wall meetings – of which Street Journal 50% is a waste of time! poll, Leaders list meetings as the single largest category of unproductive time on their schedules 2012 Emergent Performance Solutions, LLC
    5. 5. I d e nt i f y i n g t h e P ro b l e m –W hy Pe o p l e H ate M e et i n g s 1987 Survey1. People getting off subject2. No agenda3. Meeting too long4. Leader not prepared5. No conclusion reached6. Meeting disorganized7. No one controlled the meeting8. Irrelevant info presented9. Meeting was a waste of time10. Meeting started late 2012 Survey 1. Allowing attendees to ramble on 2. Not organized no agenda 3. Too long 4. Weak presenter or meeting leader 5. No specific action or walk away points 6. No clear purpose or objective 7. Not inspiring or motivating 8. Boring, nothing new or interesting 9. Repeating info for late arrivals 10. Doesn’t start on time or stay on track 2012 Emergent Performance Solutions, LLC
    6. 6. Yo u r L e n s - T h e 5 i n 5 E xe rc i s e Get in groups of 5 – in 5 minutes: Introduce yourselves  Discuss what you hate most about meetings (not on list) Why you think biggest reason is for holding meetings in your organization? 2012 Emergent Performance Solutions, LLC
    7. 7. Ty p e s o f M e et i n g s Status Consensus Decision Engagement Not weekly in Only when Right players Fun filled person needed Intranet, Cloud New policies/ Level of Chance to based, intensity procedures or authority? connect, reward of project work strategies to and recognition share Consider fun Send out prior and When decisions Quarterly at a quizzes for pizza request consensus impact others call minimum etc a meeting 2012 Emergent Performance Solutions, LLC
    8. 8. S h o u l d I S tay o r S h o u l d I G o ? The Power Behind the Decline Button Ask Yourself: 1. Does the status from the meeting impact my work directly? 2. Is my support required to get others on-board? 3. Am I the right decision maker? 4. Do I care about being a part of a high performing team? 2012 Emergent Performance Solutions, LLC
    9. 9. W h o s e i n my M e et i n g ? 4 different perspectives in the room: 1. The organized attendee (you said 8 it is 8:03!) 2. The logical attendee (why am I here, what problem are we solving?) 3. The action attendee (are we done yet, I have a world to conquer!) 4. The relational attendee (oh sue how was your weekend, I am so happy to hang with you guys!) 2012 Emergent Performance Solutions, LLC
    10. 10. W h at to Yo u O b s e r ve ? 2012 Emergent Performance Solutions, LLC
    11. 11. Te a m E xe rc i s e - P l a n a M e et i n g Considering the 4 perspectives I gave you… Let’s break into 4 large groups 1) Status 2) Consensus 3) Decision 4) Engagement Answer the following questions: A. What should you keep in mind about the 4 perspectives while planning your meeting? B. What is necessary to satisfy this perspective? C. What is a deal breaker? 2012 Emergent Performance Solutions, LLC
    12. 12. H ave a G re at Re st o f t h e C o n fe re n c e ! 2012 Emergent Performance Solutions, LLC