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How To Meet Open Gov Collaboration


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How To Meet Open Gov Collaboration

How To Meet Open Gov Collaboration

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  • 1. Open Gov : The New Rules of Collaboration
  • 2. SnowPocalypse
  • 3. Why Collaboration? Your agency’s Open Government Plan should explain in detail how your agency will improve COLLABORATION , including steps the agency will take to revise its current practices to further cooperation with other Federal and non-Federal governmental agencies, the public, and non-profit and private entities in fulfilling the agency’s core mission activities. The specific details should include proposed changes to internal management and administrative policies to improve collaboration.
  • 4. It’s Not New Shared Drive Focus Groups Email Intranet Listservs Events Directories Information Sharing Working Groups Knowledge Management
  • 5. How It’s Different Rise of Social Technologies Cultural and Generational Change Rise of mobile Rise of broadband Rise of video Dynamic not Static New consumer use cases - Facebook, Amazon Reviews, American Idol, Twitter, Skype, Banks
  • 6. Open Gov Directive
  • 7. OpenGov Collaboration Engage with State/Local stakeholders Internal Departmental and Agency Organized working groups on issues Get Feedback from public Create Knowledge repositories Solicit New Ideas Internally/Externally Find relevant experts and stakeholders Launch Focus groups
  • 8. Specifically….
  • 9. 9 Rules for OpenGov Collaboration Lessons from The GovLoop Playbook
  • 10. RULE 1
    • Problem:
    Identify What is the problem you want to solve ? Millions of government employees working on similar issues but no safe place to connect and share best practices.
  • 11. RULE 2 Enlistment Where is the target audience?
  • 12. RULE 3 Engagement How do we get them to connect?
  • 13. RULE 4 Empowerment How do we get them to own it?
  • 14. RULE 5 Energy How do we keep them energized?
  • 15. RULE 6 Enforcement How do we get them to… ?
  • 16. RULE 7 Enhancement How do we keep them coming back?
  • 17. RULE 8 WTF ?! ? W here’s T he F un?
  • 18. RULE 9 WIIFY ?!? W hat’s I n I t F or Y ou?
  • 19. Here to Help
    • Places/Help on G2G Collaboration
    • Share/Replicate Best Practices
    • Honor/Highlight Public Service
  • 20. Topics?
    • Food Safety
    • Emergency Management
    • Environmental Issues
    • Gov’t Recruitment
    • Public Health Outreach
    6. Grants and Grantees 7. Research 8. Transportation 9. Procurement 10. ??? Tell Us?
  • 21.
    • Steve Ressler
    • Founder and President
    • [email_address]
    • @GovLoop
    Questions Andrew Krzmarzick Community Manager [email_address] @KrazyKriz