How Stunning Storytelling Can Advance Your Career


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Online training hosted by GovLoop featuring Dr. Bill Brantley. Find more information here:

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How Stunning Storytelling Can Advance Your Career

  1. 1. How Stunning Storytelling Can Advance Your Career July 21, 2011 Brought to you by:
  2. 2. Today’s SpeakersAndy KrzmarzickCommunity ManagerGovLoopDr. Bill Brantley
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  4. 4. Housekeepingo Twitter Hash Tag: #gltraino At any time during the next hour, if you would like to submit a question, just look for the "Ask a question" console. The presenters will field your questions at the end.o If you have any technical difficulties during the Webinar, click on the Help button located below the slide window and you’ll receive technical assistance.o And finally, after this session is complete, we will be e- mailing you a link to the archived version of this Webinar, so you can view it again or share it with a colleague and a GovLoop training certificate.
  5. 5. How Stunning Storytelling Can Advance Your Career Dr. Bill Brantley
  6. 6. How I Learned About the Power of Stories
  7. 7. What Is A Story?A narrative account of an event or events. (The Story Factor by Annette Simmons)Stories have detail and emotional content. Stories are the way we learn and share knowledge.
  8. 8. Why Do Stories Work?
  9. 9. Why Use Stories in Job Hunting? Helps You Know Yourself• Establish your personality• Make you memorable• Establish trust• Branding
  10. 10. Building Your Stories: StructuresCAR – Challenge, Action, ResultsCCAR – Context, Challenge, Action, ResultsPAR – Problem, Action, ResultsPARLA – Problem, Action, Result, Learning, ApplicationSAR – Situation, Action, ResultSCARQ – Situation, Challenge, Action, Results-QuanitifiedSHARE – Situation, Hindrance, Action, Results, EvaluationSIA – Situation, Impact, AnalysisSMART – Situation with Metrics, Action, Results, Tie-inSOAR – Situation, Obstacle, Action, ResultSTAR – Situation, Task, Action, Result(Tell Me About Yourself by Katherine Hansen)
  11. 11. Building Your Stories: AnalysisGS-12: You qualify at the GS-12 level if you possess one (1) yearof specialized experience, equivalent to at least the GS-11 levelin the Federal government, which has equipped you with theskills needed to perform successfully the duties of the position.These include:• Conducting studies, analyzing findings and making recommendations on program operations.• Conducting detailed analyses of complex functions and work processes.• Participating in special studies.• Supporting the development and evaluation of policies.• Recommending actions to achieve program objectives and improvements.
  12. 12. Building Your Stories: Mining How do you find stories?• Past Resumes• Current and Past Job Descriptions• Work Awards• Work Diary (If you don’t have one, start one today!)• Colleagues (Past and Present)• Work Files and Email
  13. 13. Building Your Stories: Cataloging KSA Story Bank Collection of stories indexed by knowledge, skills, and abilities. Update at least every three months.
  14. 14. Your Five Essential Job Stories Who I Am My Vision Values in Action Why I Am Here I Know What You Are Thinking
  15. 15. How to Use Your Job Stories• The Elevator Story / Networking Stories: Who I Am and Teaching Stories• Resume Stories: Short Accomplishment Stories (Quantify when possible)• Cover Letter Stories: Who I Am and Skill Stories• Career Portfolio: All Five Job Stories and Teaching Stories• Interview: All Five Job Stories (especially vital for behavior- based interviews) • “Why we should hire you” story • “Shortcomings” stories
  16. 16. Storytelling Resources• Tell Me About Yourself: Storytelling to Get Jobs and Propel Your Career by Katherine Hansen• The Story Factor by Annette Simmons• The Leaders Guide to Storytelling: Mastering the Art and Discipline of Business Narrative by Stephen Denning• Improving Your Storytelling: Beyond the Basics for All Who Tell Stories in Work and Play by Doug Lipman• Job Hunting Partner• Video Your Stories – “Game Films”
  17. 17. Thank YouDr. Bill BrantleyBill@billbrantley.comBill.brantley@gmail.comPortfolio at
  18. 18. Today’s SpeakersAndy KrzmarzickCommunity ManagerGovLoopDr. Bill Brantley
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  20. 20. Thank You!