GovLoop Training Webinar: Social Media Basics Part 2


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GovLoop Training Webinar: Social Media Basics Part 2

  1. 1. Government Social Media: Why it Matters & How to Do It Part 2 - Social Media: Tools, Usage and Best Practices October 14, 2010 Brought to you by:
  2. 2. Today’s Speakers Steve Ressler President and Founder GovLoop Kristy Fifelski Web Services Program Manager City of Reno, Nevada Kay Morrison Senior Advisor, Office of Web Communications U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Kent Cunningham Government Solutions Architect Microsoft
  3. 3. Housekeeping • Twitter Hash Tag: #gltrain • At any time during the next hour, if you would like to submit a question, just look for the "Ask a question" console. The presenters will field your questions at the end. • If you have any technical difficulties during the Webinar, click on the Help button located below the slide window and you’ll receive technical assistance. • And finally, after this session is complete, we will be e-mailing you a link to the archived version of this Webinar, so you can view it again or share it with a colleague.
  4. 4. Government Social Media Presented by Kristy Fifelski City of Reno Web Services Manager Govloop – Microsoft Webinar Oct. 14, 2010 Hands-on tips from the City of Reno, Nevada
  5. 5. Reno’s current stats… Fans on Facebook: 8,524 Followers on Twitter: 1,624 YouTube Video views: 51,979
  6. 6. Why do people like connecting with Reno via social media? (we’re not even promoting it on our website…yet)  New
  7. 7. Our three recommendations Customize Integrate Have a sense of humor
  8. 8. Customize Most social media sites allow for some level of branding
  9. 9. Customize To logo or not to logo?
  10. 10. Integrate
  11. 11. Integrate Involver 
  12. 12. CMS integratio n
  13. 13. the power of the share button
  14. 14. Please have a sense of humor When is it okay?
  15. 15. Additional thoughts… Deleting comments Facebook ads Metrics/reporting
  16. 16. Contact Me! Kristy Fifelski Web Services Manager City of Reno, Nevada 775-785-5818
  17. 17. An exploration of social media best practices at EPA Kay Morrison US Environmental Protection Agency
  18. 18. Official Policy • It is EPA’s policy to use social media where appropriate in order to meet its mission of protecting human health and the environment. • We’re bound by all applicable laws, regulations, and requirements
  19. 19. Tips • Write for your audience • Use traditional and new means for outreach • Expect off topic comments • Keep reaching out to bring in new comments
  20. 20. Thanks!
  21. 21. Social Tools for Government Microsoft Public Sector Innovation +1-425-707-0914
  22. 22. Citizens want to engage Online and 24X7X365 Across a number of different mediums On whatever device they’re using at that moment
  23. 23. Citizen Engagement that’s Actionable! Gov 1.0 Gov 2.0 Gov 3.0? Personal Websites Blogs Virtual Workspaces Wikis Enterprise Portals RSS Feeds Instant /Txt Messaging Social Networks Presence Tagging Web Conferencing Social Bookmarking Expertise Location Personal Profiles Composite Application Mashups
  24. 24. Challenges for Government Adoption Risks Solutions Loss of control Governance & compliance Confidentiality risks Privacy & security settings Unfamiliarity of tools Familiar user experience Integrated and extensible More information silos existing infrastructure
  25. 25. MS Social Computing Platform
  26. 26. SharePoint 2010 "MySite"
  27. 27. My Network
  28. 28. Create a Social Network
  29. 29. Alerts
  30. 30. Note Board
  31. 31. Status Updates
  32. 32. Presence, Photos, and Contact Card Everywhere
  33. 33. Expertise Search - People
  34. 34. Ratings
  35. 35. Blogs
  36. 36. Wikis
  37. 37. VIDEO: Training, Public Announcements, Promotions/Campaigns
  38. 38. • Communications • Case Management • Search • Document and record • Citizen portal management • Interactive forms • Electronic Payment • Geographical IS • Dashboards • Intranet portal • Balanced Scorecard • Web space • Financial Management • Citizen contact center • Financial reporting • Lower Management Costs
  39. 39. Microsoft eGov 2.0 Toolkit • DEMO: • DOWNLOAD:
  40. 40. Municipality of Anchorage
  41. 41. Introducing Microsoft TownHall
  42. 42.
  43. 43. O’Reilly Gov 2.0 Conference
  44. 44. Not just on the web… everywhere Tablets PC / Mac Mobile Web Intranet Social Widgets for 3rd Party Sites
  45. 45. Facebook Integration
  46. 46. What does it cost? Microsoft TownHall • download at: software is available at no cost! Only requirement is that it run on the Azure platform • Customize in-house or • find partners at: engage our partners No servers to buy No new IT staff to hire No long term commitments
  47. 47.
  48. 48. Deciding what to measure • Avoid false metrics • Number of people signed up (you aren’t in this for advertising) • The number of blogs posted • Look for system level measures • Effective use on major projects • Reduction in e-mail (generally, on specific topics, corporate noise) • Range of adoption (departments, topics) • Does a new policy or idea get adopted easier. Can you track the spread? • Search metrics: fewer similar queries=right information faster • Number of connections per user • Cross posting of blogs, subscriptions to RSS and other feeds • Avg. number of participants with Wikis (also look at distribution – Wikis with most participants vs. universe of wikis)
  49. 49. Gartner MQ Social Software 12/2009 “Microsoft offers a broad set of capabilities that combine structured collaboration with core Social Computing capabilities” • Blogs • Wikis, • Podcasting • Discussion groups • ”people search Integration with desktop office applications and related offerings such as: • Productivity tools • Leading e-mail server • Unified Communications suite • "mixed-mode“ cloud deployments
  50. 50. Next Steps Experiment Monitor Learn
  51. 51. Audience Q&A
  52. 52. Thank You! To continue the discussion visit Microsoft on GovLoop at: