Accelerating Your Government Career With Social Media


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You might meet your next boss at a conference or social event, but what if you could be cultivating your professional network every single day?

With social media, you have an opportunity to position yourself as the go-to person in your field and get ahead faster than people who are not active online.

In this session, you'll learn how to:

- Leverage blogging as a tool to become recognized as an expert among your peers
- Connect with colleagues and expand your professional network more quickly using LinkedIn and Facebook
- Use communities like GovLoop and Quora to get quick answers to questions (and further demonstrate your own knowledge)
- Learn about a number of online, job-related resources and tools that are designed to help you make the right moves toward your dream job

If you view this presentation and implement just two or three out of the dozens of tips, you'll vault your career to a whole new level in a lot less time than it takes with more traditional approaches.

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  • Let me start by telling you a storyAnd like all good stories, it begins with….my mother.
  • About 4-5 years, when I was first started learning about social media, my mom was trying to set up an online business that would incorporate blogging and social media to teach about and promote her productsI was using blogger at the time to learn about social media and share what l learned with government colleaguesShe said that she was reading the blog of social media guru, Chris Brogan, and invited me to do the sameI was impressed by Chris, so I reached out to him directly and told him about my blogHe recommended that I get in touch with a guy he knows in Boston named Ari Herzog – another noted blogger who was covering the government spaceI used LinkedIn to launch my connection with Ari. We talked by phone initially, but kept in touch an almost daily basis on Twitter and GovLoop – interacting and promoting one another’s workEventually, Ari invited me to speak with him at an event in DC – I agreed and that speaking gig led to many moreIt was at one such event that I met Steve Ressler, the founder of GovLoopWe became fast friends and I worked hard as a volunteer for the GovLoop communityA year later, Steve hired me as the Community Manager – where I’ve been for the last 3 yearsI share this story to illustrate that I not only teach about the use of social media to advance your career– I have benefited directly from it!My hope today is that our time together will help you in Accelerating Your Career – especially a career in government – by using social media
  • Now I know what you’re saying already: it’s a tough job marketIt sure is and a recent survey by Jobvite confirms what you’re feeling61% of respondents to recent survey said it’s getting harder to find a job and I see this reality with the GovLoop fellows who have been actively engaging in job searches this year
  • We all know that it’s who you know that leads to new jobs – out of the 8 or 9 jobs that I’ve had in my career, 6 or 7 have come through friends and colleaguesIn fact, you just heard that I met Steve Ressler at an in-person eventThe bad news is that events are getting cut to save money and gone (or limited) are the days when you can attend your favorite conference(s) and network in personThat’s not to say that in-person networking isn’t important, it’s just becoming harderSo what’s your edge over the competition now? How do you establish and extend those kinds of relationships?
  • I’d content that online social networking is your best betYou can do it anytime and anywhereAll it takes is a little time, intention and consistency
  • What I’d like to do today is share with you more than 30 ideasI am going to pitch a lot ideasYour job is to find 3 ideas that you can apply immediately – and get to work doing themI promise not to throw any curveballs or hit you with stray pitches…but it will definitely be coming at you 100 MPH
  • Let’s start with FacebookHow can you argue with 1 billion people being in one place online?Of course, in some ways, we all see and use Facebook for social and much more personal waysSo my thinking is that you want to mitigate the risk of Facebook negatively impacting your professional ascentBut I also think there are a couple proactive ways that you can leverage FB to advance your career
  • Here’s the quick summary of where we’re going with FB:What happens on Facebook does NOT stay on FacebookFix your picsProtect your privacyBe strategic with listsAnd Do not take it personal.
  • CareerBuilder surveyed more than 2,300 hiring managers to learn how they use Facebook40% of respondents said they screen candidates using social media, mostly Facebook and LinkedIn1/3 have rejected applicants because of what they foundSociety for Human Resources Management (SHRM) did a similar study last years and their results were similar So what was it that these hiring managers indicated were turn-offs to them?
  • - On the flip side, here’s what they said helped your cause as a job candidate
  • Great article by Gawker with an unscientific view of what your profile pic says about youFor instance:
  • Before you post, look at the Audience Selector – use the dropdown to choose who you wan to see the postNote: this feature remembers the audience you share with last, so you’ll want to keep that in mindYou can also use the Custom Privacy tool to share (or hide!) content from specific lists…
  • …which brings me to my next point: Be strategic with those listsFacebook already has three lists for you: Close Friends, Acquaintances and RestrictedPut people in these buckets based on their relationship with you – Facebook even says in Restricted – “This list is for people you’ve added as a friend, but just don’t want to share with, like your boss.We can talk about the value (or not) of friending your boss (and I do in another workshop I lead), but let’s suffice it to say that lists can help you sort out what content you…and what others see (or don’t see) of you
  • Lastly, for Facebook – you might not think that Facebook is for finding jobs. Check this out. In that Jobvite survey I cited earlier, they found that 52% of use Facebook to find workSo it’s a viable source – but what if you’re uneasy about mixing business and personal
  • There’s an app for that – and it’s called BranchOutYou can find it by searching in your App CenterWhy not expand your career network to include friends and family?After all, they are your strongest connections and they have your best interests in mindAnd again, how can you argue with 1 billion people who spend a whole lot of time in this one place online?
  • Every day I find something new on GovLoop.  We affectionately refer to these things as "shiny objects".  Be it a posting on leadership, government performance management, or helping out another young govie...I continue to take ideas from GovLoop to innovate in my position here at NIGP. The most successful take away from GL was a posting which helped me to conduct an interview with key stakeholder organizations for my project, record that interview, and turn it into a podcast...all for free.  My boss and CEO loved me for that one!
  • Personalize as much as possibleBe specific about who you are why you want to connectCite a common connectionTip: If you don’t know their email…use Google search.
  • Accelerating Your Government Career With Social Media

    1. Accelerating Your Government Career with Social Media Andrew Krzmarzick GovLoop Community Manager @krazykriz
    2. Housekeeping• Twitter Hash Tag: #gltrain• At any time during the next hour, if you would like to submit a question, just look for the "Ask a question" console. The presenters will field your questions at the end.• If you have any technical difficulties during the Webinar, click on the Help button located below the slide window and you’ll receive technical assistance.• And finally, after this session is complete, we will be e-mailing you a link to the archived version of this Webinar, so you can view it again or share it with a colleague, and a GovLoop training certificate. 2 2
    3. 3 3
    4. Today’s Speaker Andrew Krzmarzick GovLoop Community Manager @krazykriz
    5. A Social Media Career Story
    6. What’s Your Edge?
    7. “Networking”
    8. Today: ~7 Tools and 30+ Ideas 1. I’ll pitch. 2. You pick.
    9. 1. What happens on Facebook…2. Fix your pics.3. Protect your privacy.4. Be strategic with lists.5. Don’t take it personal.
    10. 1. What happens in…• Provocative/inappropriate photos/comments (49%)• Drinking or using drugs (45%)• “Poor communication skills” (35%)• Bad-mouthed a previous employer (33%)• Discriminatory comments: race, gender or religion (28%)• Lied about qualifications (22%) Source:
    11. 1. What happens in…• Good feel for candidates personality (58%)• Conveyed a professional image (55%)• Background info supported professional qualifications (54%)• Well-rounded, showed a wide range of interests (51%)• Great communication skills (49%)• Creativity (44%)• Others posted great references about the candidate (34%) Source:
    12. 2. Fix your pics.Source:
    13. 3. Protect your privacy.Source:
    14. 4. Be strategic with lists.Source:
    15. 5. Don’t take it personal.• 52% of job seekers use Facebook to help find work• up from 48% in Jobvite’s survey a year ago• sample of more than 2,000 adults in the U.S. Source:
    16. 5. Don’t take it personal.• Expand your career network to include friends/family• Capitalize on your strongest connections• Search where people spend most of their time online
    17. 1. Find Colleagues• Click on “Members” on GovLoop home page.• On the following page, click “Advanced Search.” ▫• Search by Name, Title, Current Agency or Organization…or even Educational Background.• Send a Friend Request (private).• Leave a note on their Comment Wall (public).
    18. 1. Find Colleagues
    19. 2. Become an Expert• Blog• Ask• Discuss
    20. 3. Read Guides / Infographs
    21. 3. Read Guides / Infographs
    22. 4.• USAJOBS data• Top categories• Refined search• Weekly email
    23. 4.• Google Maps• Expedia- like search tools• LinkedIn integration
    24. 5. GovLoop Mentors Program• First-of-its-kind, government-wide program ▫ Federal, state and local• ~150 pairings to date• Competitive process • Go to • Be a mentor or mentee. • Complete your profile.
    25. 6. Rock Your Resume• Join group• Review tips• Tweak resume
    26. 7. Attend Training!• Online• In-Person
    27. Candace’s Story“Honestly,I was bored, unemployed, andgoing through my morning ritual ofsending out about 25-30 resumes a day. Idid a Google search for something like"Government Contract Administration"and stumbled on a GovLoop blog post. Idug through the site, including the jobboard, and signed up!” – Candace
    28. 1. Update your profile!
    29. 2. Connect weekly.
    30. 3. Give details.
    31. 4. Leverage groups.
    32. 5. Recommend regularly.
    33. 6. Get Answers.
    34. 7. Integrate yourself.• Blog• Reading List• Slideshare• Twitter
    35. Jeffrey’s Story• Started the Chief Learning Officers Network in late November 2008.• Goal was to get 20-30 folks over a period of a year or so.• “I started the group because nothing was in existence in LinkedIn and thought our community needed something – a place, a forum, something to communicate around ideas.”• Today, 2,000+ group members
    36. Jeffrey’s Story1. Focused, active engagement leads to the greatest returns.2. As with any endeavor, the more you give, the more you receive.3. Establish a clear set of outcomes and a vision for the future.
    37. “How to Win Friends and Twinfluence People”Advice from Dr. Mark Drapeau (@cheeky_geeky)WIN FRIENDS TWINFLUENCE PEOPLE1. Be unique, but be yourself 6. Find the influencers2. Participate in conversation 7. Become an authority3. Provide value to a 8. Be creativecommunity 9. Reward with shout-outs4. Attract loyal followers 10. Always have fun5. Mix microsharing withother outlets
    38. 1. Tweet like an expert.2. Use Twitter hashtags.3. Connect with recruiters and employers.4. Build a relevant network.5. RT regularly.6. Leverage lists.7. Listen and learn.
    39. Stephanie & Sonny’s Story “Ive found social media to be extremely helpful for networking purposes. LinkedIn and Twitter in particular have helped me connect with a bunch of potential future employers.” “I first heard about my current job vacancy via Twitter :) So I can say without any reservation that social media has helped my career in a significant way.”
    40. 1. Search Yourself
    41. 2. Set up alerts.
    42. 3. Get a Reader
    43. 4. Talk “face to face.”
    44. Internal networks?1. Yes.2. Be helpful.3. Position yourself as a thought leader.4. Interact with senior leaders.5. Strive for balance. Source: government-agencies-slides.pdf
    45. Questions? Ideas? Examples?
    46. Next Up?• “Become a Brilliant Communicator”• “Framework of Managing Your Career”• “Networking from the Light Side of the Force”• Lightning Speakers• Networking
    47. Connect with me. I’ll connect you. 1. Friend Me on GovLoop: ewKrzmarzick 2. Find Me on LinkedIn: rzmarzick 3. Follow Me on Twitter