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Goviral is a digital promotion solution utilizing word of mouth methods by leveraging networks of influencers which spread across social media, especially twitter. Currently, there are more than 1,500 influencers who have already joined, with a total more than 60,000,000 audiences.

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Goviral Indonesia Profile

  1. 1. Our team Dono Indarto Creative Scriptwriter Rilly Yuniarda Creative Planner Unity Oktafi Account Director Azima Shallymar Account Manager Adryan Rezza Community Management Dianike Saraswati Creative Designer Joeykunda Dion Creative Copywriter Adjie Widyawan Creative Planner
  2. 2. What is the problem? Conclusion You have to be more creative to setup a campaign. You need an effective campaign method to deliver your Brands message to audience. You need a campaign that market will accept without pain. You need a campaign that utilize early adopters. You need a campaign on Social Media where the people communicate anything. • The market is getting smarter at identifying ad • The market level is entering : users are willing to pay as long as they don't see any advertisement on social media • Most people active on Social Media • Early adopter is more effective tools for Brands Promotions • People more willing to hear their friends suggestions than ads • Now is the word of mouth marketing era • Everything goes digital
  3. 3. Market Characteristics Nowadays Word of Mouth is still most trusted resource for people to Buy a Product or Choosing a Brand 92% believe to recommendations from people I know. 70% believe to consumers opinions posted online 58% believe to editorial content such as newspaper articles
  4. 4. Social Media Nowadays 85% of follower of brands on Twitter recommend brands to others. (Syncapse) 81% of online consumers’ purchase decisions are influenced by their friends’ social media posts versus 78% who are influenced by the posts of the brands they follow on social media. (Market Force) 43% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product when learning about it on social media. (Nielsen) 77% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product when learning about it from friends or family. (Nielsen) 79% of consumers who’ve followed a brand on Twitter did so in order to receive discounts or other incentives. (Market Force) 49% of consumers say friends and family are their top sources of brand awareness, up from 43% in 2009. (Jack Morton)
  5. 5. we are a magical effect that can make your Brands instantly famous overnight
  6. 6. What Is Goviral Indonesia ? Goviral Indonesia is a digital promotion solution utilizing word of mouth methods by leveraging networks of influencers or early adopters which spread across social media, especially Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Path, Google+, Youtube, etc There are more than 50,000 influencers/early adopters joined with the platform There more than 600,000,000 audiences, focusing in Indonesia More than 20,000 community managed
  7. 7. Campaign Stages Optimize and Monitoring Spreading The Message Creating The Message Understanding The Brands Our team will need to be briefed in length about your brand positioning and footprint. We have to agree upon how best to communicate the brand on influencers accounts. The objectives and the KPI of the campaign has to be clear and achievable within a given period of time. The next step is to create the message. As Social Media platform, there are several model of messaging policy. For example Twitter is a micro- blogging platform, the message has to be short, simple and actionable. We will advise you on several different tone and manner or rich content materials which would be most suitable for your Brands. The next step is to spread the message. We will deliver all the messages based on the scheduled through our platform. And we can monitor the campaign directly via a dashboard. When the campaign feedback goes wrong, we can hold the campaign, change the influencers, rework the copywriting, etc instantly. We believe that we want the best result for the campaign. But we don’t only want it. We always pursue the best result. You can challenge us with KPI on every campaign. Such as, traffics, leads, etc. We have team to optimize all of your campaign for KPI achievement.
  8. 8. Some of Our Celebrity Influencers @raisa6690 | I'm a singer, in love forever with it. In it for the love of music, not for the glitter and gold :) @DJ_Yasmin | one of Best DJ Of The Year Paranoia Awards 2013 - Best female DJ oty Paranoia Awards 2011 -#7 REDMA @radityadika | Seorang pencerita dalam berbagai macam medium: buku, film, dan digital. Next project: film SINGLE. Segera di bioskop @iko_uwais | Actor - Stuntman - Stage Combat & Fight Choreographer - Martial Artist - Management @sarseh | She is a television presenter and has her own show at Net TV called, @SarahSechan_NET @ardinarasti | actress, musician & song writer - Duta Anti Kekerasan pada Perempuan - icon of Kebaya4theWorld by Raden Sirait
  9. 9. Some of Our Community @indovidgram | Indonesia Instagram Video Community! Get featured : Video's title + @indovidgram + #indovidgram @skinnyindonesian24 | Andovi da Lopez and Jovial da Lopez. The da Lopez Brothers. Indonesian Vlogs, Skits and the occasional horrible music covers. @nyunyucom | website favorit anak muda. yang penting nggak penting! @TweetRAMALAN | The LARGEST ASTROLOGY in the WORLD. Check Official Instagram: @Tweet_RAMALAN. @malesbangetdotcom | adalah website kesukaan kita semua sejak 2002! @dagelan | :Dagelan-Asikin aja lagiii :D - Biggest meme community on Instagram.
  10. 10. Who Are The Audiences? Female 55% Male 45% Male Female 0000 Audiences by ages 12% 24% 38% 26% 13-17 yrs old 18-24 yrs old 25-34 yrs old > 35 yrs old
  11. 11. Where Are The Audiences? Our audience mostly in Indonesia. We are focusing on local community management. Our platform can identifying all the Influencers / Early adopters friends/followers/fans and divide their location into this metrics biggest population 2nd population 3rd population 4th population
  12. 12. Why Goviral Indonesia? • the biggest influencers network/buzzer management in Indonesia • flexibility is a must • work with more than 50,000 creative people in digital industry Our solutions are tailored to meet the needs of social media marketer, specifically bring high- value customer to your brand to increase leads, engagement, and virality. • Performance based campaigns are our daily food • not only talking about digital area, but you can utilize the influencers through offline activation • You can ask our influencers to participate, to try, to attend, etc your activations/events • Our specialties: • Fast, flexible, accurate • Performance based campaign • Outstanding campaign strategy
  13. 13. Sample of Works Trending Topic Indonesia: 19 September 2015 and 13 September 2015 #AkuAkan is one of AQUA campaign. The main objective of the campaign is content virality, participants generations, and drive traffic to Conversations generated : 17,425 Traffic delivered : 35,130 Participants : 1,928 Aug 1st Sep 2nd Sep 3rd Sep 4th Sep 5th Sep 4,417 551 1,574 2,622 1,178 410 Conversations
  14. 14. Sample of Works #CUPI is one of PONDS campaign. The main objective of the campaign is deliver the message that “Pipi kenyal setelah cuci muka dengan PONDS”. The KPI Campaign is about to generate 55,000 engagements. @fitrop Likes: 2,849 Comments: 108 Retweet: 85 Favorite: 11 Virality: 9,312 @SheilaRiven Likes: 341 Comments: 10 Retweet: 23 Favorite: 7 Virality: 319 @_wikidiw_ Likes: 4,076 Comments: 26 @devinaureel Likes: 16,184 Comments: 249 @zarryhendrik Likes: 343 Comments: 20 Retweet: 41 Favorite: 4 Virality: 5,733 @SitiJwryh Likes: 394 Comments: 33 Retweet: 2 Favorite: 2 Virality: 319 @vendryana Likes: 1,959 Comments: 40 @ardinhai Likes: 6,471 Comments: 212 Campaign Result: 83,076 engagements 4,810,389 exp.
  15. 15. Sample of Signature Summarecon Mall Bekasi Launching Campaign. Campaign Strategy: Create hype about Bekasi
  16. 16. Who Are The Clients? Category: Finance, Banking, and Insurance
  17. 17. Category: Consumer Goods Who Are The Clients?
  18. 18. Category: Electronics, Smartphones Who Are The Clients?
  19. 19. Category: Automotive, Transportation Who Are The Clients?
  20. 20. Category: Telecommunication, Technology Who Are The Clients?
  21. 21. Category: Online Commerce Who Are The Clients?
  22. 22. Category: Agency, TV, Event Organizer Who Are The Clients?
  23. 23. Goviral Indonesia Ciputra World One,  DBS Bank Tower Level 28  Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 3 - 5  Jakarta 12940 Phone: 021 2988 8411  Fax: 021 2988 8201 Email: