R+F Opportunity


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Don\'t Wait! Timing is Everything! Watch this short presentation and contact me today!

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R+F Opportunity

  1. 1. Redefining Business OwnershipChanging Skin. Changing Lives. CONFIDENTIAL [1]
  2. 2. Partnering with Entrepreneurs toDeliver Breakthrough Skincare Solutions and Substantial Income Potential CONFIDENTIAL [2]
  3. 3. Convergence is Creating New Business Opportunities+$2.5 Billion Spent Breakthroughs Annually on In Skincare Anti-aging TRADITIONAL Business Models are OBSOLETE Shift in Rise of the Power from Social Corporations to Economy Individuals CONFIDENTIAL [3]
  4. 4. The Right Business Model,at the Right Time, in the Right MarketProducts PresenceClinically Proven Solutions Trusted Dermatologists,That Deliver Results Established BrandSupport Direct Sales Modelto Monetize with Low Costthe Value of Entry,of Your Network High Profit PotentialPrograms Profit CONFIDENTIAL [4]
  5. 5. An Opportunity to Participatein a Billion Dollar, Growing Market U.S. Spending on Anti-Aging Skincare $5.0 Billion Significant Market Expansion $2.5 Billion 2009 2015Source: Euromonitor, Global Industry Analyst CONFIDENTIAL [6]
  6. 6. A Synergistic Approach to Skincare AMP-MD Delivery SystemANTI-AGE Regimen Patent Pending System Comprehensive Ensures the Delivery of Regimen Supports Key Anti-Aging the Natural Ingredients into Upper Processes that Layers of the Skin Strengthen the Skin’s Structure Designed for the Prevention and Correction of the Visible Signs of Aging Combines the Right Ingredients, in the Right Formulations, in the Right Order No Prescription Required, 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee CONFIDENTIAL [8]
  7. 7. Clinically Proven Benefits Average Improvement Before Treatment* 54% Radiance 51% Even Skin Tone 48% Fine Lines 46% Wrinkles 43% Visible Pores 43% Brown Spots 36% Softness % of Participants Experiencing an Improvement After Treatment* 100% Skin Texture 89% Fine Lines 84% Overall 84% Moisturization 68% Firmness 53% Even Skin Tone 36% Pore SizeSource: Independent 9 Week Clinical Trial , Results May Vary, *Skin Replicas of Crows Feet CONFIDENTIAL [9]
  8. 8. Transformative Results BEFORE AFTER CONFIDENTIAL [ 10 ]
  9. 9. Presence CONFIDENTIAL [ 11 ]
  10. 10. Trusted Dermatologists Two of the Most Recognized Names in Skincare “ dream A dermatological’sdream team A Dermatological Dreamteam. A dermatological Health Team — Women ” -Womens’ Health Health -Women’s  Successful Entrepreneurs  Trained at Stanford University School of Medicine  Creators of Proactiv®, the World’s Most Successful Acne Treatment  Redefined the Market for Acne Skincare, Redefining Anti-aging Skincare CONFIDENTIAL [ 12 ]
  11. 11. Our Direct Sales ModelFocuses on Where the Power Resides 2010 Direct Sales the Rising Star in Direct Sales2007Retail SalesA Leading Clinical Skincare Line in Prestige Department Stores CONFIDENTIAL [ 15 ]
  12. 12. Established Brand with Significant Media Coverage Print Television Web More Media Coverage than Any Other Direct Selling CompanySource: Meltwater News, US Coverage Only; Excludes Avon due to Extensive Paid Advertising CONFIDENTIAL [ 13 ]
  13. 13. A Unique Model  Leverage Your Network  Share the Product  Scale Efficiently and Quickly  No Product Inventory LOW Cost of Entry HIGH Profit Potential  Return on Your Investment in the First Month  Long-Term Residual Income  Unlimited Earning Potential CONFIDENTIAL [ 16 ]
  14. 14. Leverage the Exponential Value of Your Network you  Multiple “Generations” of Connections Drives Incremental Opportunities  Technology Enables Leverage, Speed and Duplication  Multiple Sources of Income: Sales and Commissions CONFIDENTIAL [ 17 ]
  15. 15. Programs CONFIDENTIAL [ 18 ]
  16. 16. Proven, Turnkey Business Support Customer Care Assessment Tools Training Email and Phone Sophisticated Ongoing Skincare Access to Registered “Prescription” Tools and Business Nurses with and Guidelines for Education From Dermatology Determining Leaders in Experience Skincare Needs the Field Business System Comprehensive Online and Offline Tools to Run Your Business Anytime, Anywhere CONFIDENTIAL [ 19 ]
  17. 17. A Business Opportunityfor Entrepreneurs with Diverse Backgrounds Stay-at-Home Mother and Wife of Former Major League Baseball Player Country Music Writer | Corporate Chief Financial Officer | Aesthetician Elementary School Teacher | Luxury Real Estate Agent | Attorney Home Schooling Mom| Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Beauty Industry Marketing Executive | General Contractor / Builder Former Professional Figure Skater | Public Relations Executive | Artist and Entrepreneur | Commercial Real Estate Broker | Corporate Sales Trainer CONFIDENTIAL [ 20 ]
  18. 18. Success Stories
  19. 19. Start Your Own Business Today It Takes Minutes to Get Started  Complete Online Application  Choose Your Product IMMEDIATE… … Creation of Personalized Storefront … Access to Business Tools … Delivery of Display Products and Materials CONFIDENTIAL [ 21 ]
  20. 20. Big Business Launch Kit $695 Over $1,300 in value, includes everything you need to successfully launch your Rodan + Fields Business
  21. 21. RFx Express Business Kit $995 Over $1,800 in value, includes everything you need to begin building your Rodan + Fields Business fast and help others do the same
  22. 22. Earn a Return on Investment Within Month 1
  23. 23. Long Term Income Potential
  24. 24. Lifestyle May 4th – May 8th 2011
  25. 25. The Right Business Model,at the Right Time, in the Right MarketProducts PresencePrograms Profit CONFIDENTIAL [ 22 ]
  26. 26. Imagine if your partnered with the doctors when they created Proactiv and transformed the acne market…They are now doing for aging skin what they did for acne, an even bigger category.
  27. 27. Redefining Business OwnershipChanging Skin. Changing Lives. CONFIDENTIAL [ 23 ]