012411 world wwii italy facism 50m


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012411 world wwii italy facism 50m

  1. 1. DRAW A LINE SEPARATING TODAY & YESTERDAY 1) Write: Date: 01/24/11 , Topic: Italy-Fascism 2) Next line, write “ Opener #12 ” and then: 1) Write 1 high + 1 low in last 24 hours 2) Rate your understanding of yesterday: lost < 1-5 > too easy (3 is perfect) 3) Respond to the Opener by writing at least 1 sentences about : Your opinions/thoughts OR/AND Questions sparked by the clip OR/AND Summary of the clip OR/AND Announcements: None
  2. 2. Agenda 1) Italian Aggression Why am I learning this? 1) How did fascism take control? Reminder 1) Find & complete your 4 news pods
  3. 3. Notes #12a , Title: “ Italian Aggression ” 1) Italy (1861) : Relatively new country, united by Victor Emmanuel II 2) WWI Italy : Joined the allies with promise of Austrian land, but didn’t receive it.
  4. 4. 3) Weakness of Italian Democratic Monarchy: a) Political Parties Fight : Partisanship weaken gov b) Corruption : Politicians being bought c) Labor Riots : Unemployed troops and inspiration from new USSR (1917) Proportional Gov System: Chart of Italy's current splintered gov
  5. 5. 3) Benito Mussolini (1883-1945) : ‘Il Duce’ organized veterans (mad+trained=power) + protestors into Fascist Party (Symbolizing: sticks bundle to make an axe) 4) Fascist Party : Unity + authority a) Black Shirts (Fascisti) : Party security beat up opponents b) Ultranationalism : Promoted extreme Ital. pride 5) Fascism : Belief your ppl better than others + suppresses dissenters (Japan, Italy, Germany)
  6. 6. 6) Mussolini Rises to Power (1922) : Supporters march/control Rome and take power (army+rich) a) Fear : Opposition arrested/exiled/killed b) Propaganda : Censor+Use mass media to promote c) Youth Education : Youth train to obey d) Public Works : Builds public works to create jobs e) Military Victory : War promoted nationalism 7) Second Italo-Abyssinian (Ethopian) War (1935) : To revenge 1895 loss (bio-chem. warfare used)
  7. 8. 8) Totalitarianism : Gov has total power. Italy (1922), Russia (1917, Stalin-1924), Japan (1927), will model for Germany (1933). Common: Power to control everything, stop dissent COMMUNISM: Community Property/Forced Labor No Social Classes (Radical cultural change and no rich) FASCISM: Private Property/ Capitalism (Directed towards war production) Yes to Social Classes (Tradition and wealthy hierarchy reinforced)
  8. 9. Journ #12a , Title “ Italian Facism ” 1) Pretend you are an Italian WWI veteran. You were lucky to survive. You come home to find out that your country was betrayed by the Treaty of Versailles. You can’t find a job. Italy’s gov is in chaos and it’s economy is weak. Write how would feel listening to Mussolini talk about how Italy is a great and powerful country, all we have to do is stand up and take what is rightly ours. Be Prepared to Present
  9. 10. Journ #12b , Title “ Video: Musolini ” 1) Copy Source Title: Fascism 2…) Discuss questions on the board with a partner. Summarize your discussion ( include their name at the end ). Remember participation points are deducted if off task. 5 Reading/Film Qs Come From These Work Sections
  10. 11. Homework: 1) Study today’s notes + journal sections for a possible journal quiz . 2) Pick and listen to your 4 news podcast by next Monday. Journal Check: If your name is called, drop off your journal with Mr. Chiang ( if requested, points lost if your journal is not turned in )