why prescribed drugs can never cure gout?


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gout, uric acid, purine, allopurinol, urate, colchicine, uloric

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why prescribed drugs can never cure gout?

  1. 1.     Why Pr W rescrib bed Drugs Ca Ne an ever Cure Goout?  
  2. 2.     out is a modern disease that is bec • Go coming moree widespread and common sinc the past few decades. ce w • Moore and more scientific st e tudies and reesearches aree carried out by medic cal profess sionals and ph harmaceutical companies to find the solution for this o s rap growing disease. pid  
  3. 3.     hus far, there are just a few effective go drugs that • Th w out t can effectively counter the ssymptoms bro ought by this s no otorious diseas se. • Thhese drugs a are either p pain killers that provide e temmporary reli ief to the patients or some anti inf flammatory a agents that rremove the swelling and reddness cause b gout attack Another typ of drugs is by k. pe s creeated for the suppressing tthe production of uric acid whhich is closely associated wi the disease ith e.  
  4. 4.     • Deespite the fact that these drugs can effec t ctively reduce e the discomforts that come wi the disease, all of them e ith are just temporary fix for the symptoms. e e • Noone of these mmodern drugs are designed to cure the s e roo of the prob ot blem. Those drrugs just delay or minimize y e the probability o the potentia attacks in th future. e of al he  
  5. 5.     ven though y • Ev you follow 10 percents t 00 the advice of f do octor to contr your diet and drink ple rol enty of water r whhile taking yo our prescribed medicines a d according the e schedule, still, g gout will attac sooner or la ck ater.  
  6. 6.     • Whhy? This is bbecause those urate cryst e tals that had for rmed within yyour joints are still floatin around or ng r de eposited in you joints. ur • Noone of those drugs is cre eated for the purpose of e f ge etting rid of th existing ura crystals. T he ate The sad fact is s tha it is easy f those urate crystals to f at for form, but nott easy to be remo oved.  
  7. 7.     • Avvoiding from c consuming tho ose high uric acid foods orr takking some uric acid suppre ession drugs like allopurinol can only mainta or slightly lower down the uric acid ain y lev in your blo vel ood. • In order to cure gout once a and for all, y you must first t ge rid of the ex et xisting urate crystals that are hidden in yo affected go our outy joints. The only way t do so is by to y rev versing the p process of how those urate crystals are w e e for rmed.  
  8. 8.     rate crystal is a product of the crystalliz • Ur f zation of uricc acid in the syno ovial fluid. The process of c crystallization can only take place under a condition called super r saturation. • Th concentration of uric acid must reach this extreme he e po oint to allow th formation o micro crysta he of al.  
  9. 9.     • Thhus, in order to reverse the crystalliza ation process, yo must first r ou reduce the co oncentration o uric acid so of o tha it gives spa for the ura crystals to dissolve and at ace ate o flo back to the blood stream for remova through the ow e m al e kid dneys. • Th can only be achieved through som alternative his me e tre eatments that can alkalize your body wit the help of t th f heerbs, high pH d diets and ioniz zed alkaline w water.  
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