urate crystal the gem that gout patients hate very much


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urate crystal the gem that gout patients hate very much
gout, uric acid, purine, allopurinol, urate, colchicine, uloric

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urate crystal the gem that gout patients hate very much

  1. 1.     Ura Cr ate rystal - The Gem e Tha Gou Pat at ut tients Hate, s Ve Much! ery  
  2. 2.     out is a type of auto imm • Go mune disease in which the e bo ody is trying to defend itsel from a perc lf ceived foreign substance that i not suppose to be part o the body. is ed of • Th substance is not a viru or bacteria It is not a his us a. living micro organism.  
  3. 3.     • It is a stone! It is a type of micro crystal that formed t within your bod dy. It is often seen in the needle likee shape. • Th hese tiny mine eral crystals c can form in yyour blood, in the interstitial f e fluids between cells, and v very often, it t for rms inside the synovial fluid of your joint e d ts.  
  4. 4.     • Unnder certain conditions, it can app pear through ystallization o disappear b dissolving itself back in cry or by the ions form in the fluid that contains it. e n t • Wh hen the conceentration of uric acid level in your blood saturation point, these crys is close to the s stals will form lik the flower b ke blossoming duuring spring tim But when me. the uric acid l e level drops, these crystal will slowly ls y disssolve and bec come uric acid again. d  
  5. 5.     rate crystal or uric acid crystal is among the common • Ur r ames for this bio-chemical form gem. Among the na lly e scientists and researchers, it is known as monosodium t ura or MSU cr ate rystals. • It is the formattion of MSU crystals in the body tissues s tha causes the acute or chro at onic inflammat tory response e whhich is usually known as gout.  
  6. 6.     • If the uric acid level of a gou patient is a ut always on thee hig side, this provides an o gh optimum cond dition for the e forrmation of ura crystals and leaves no room for the ate e oppposite reactio which is th dissolving of crystals to on he o tak place. ke • Th result is m he more and mor urate cryst re tals will form within the victim body which will bring m m h more frequent t vis sits of the awf gout attack ful k.  
  7. 7.     • It takes years for those cr rystal deposits to reach a s pooint that brings acute gout attack. Thus, it is not easy y to remove the em by dissolving them. None of the e av vailable gout ddrugs is create for the pur ed rpose of uratee cryystals removaal. hese drugs can only t • Th temporary s suppress the e symptoms caus by the gout attack and not dealing se d with the root of the problem.  
  8. 8.     • Th is why mo of the me his ost edical practitio oners will tell yo that gout is not curable. All they can see and deal ou s with are just the surface of th problem. e he • Th hose drugs are either pain k e killer or anti-inflammatory. No one of them is designed to r s remove the ro oot.  
  9. 9.     • If you do not w want those cr rystals to kee forming in ep yo body, then you should t our n take active act tion to search for the alternative solutions. r THE T OUT THERE.   TRUTH IS O  
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