Can Repeated Gout Attacks Cause Permanent Damage to the Joints
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Can Repeated Gout Attacks Cause Permanent Damage to the Joints



Can Repeated Gout Attacks Cause Permanent Damage to the Joints

Can Repeated Gout Attacks Cause Permanent Damage to the Joints
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Can Repeated Gout Attacks Cause Permanent Damage to the Joints Presentation Transcript

  • 1.       Can Repeated Gout Attacks Cause Permanent Damage to the Joints?  
  • 2.     • Yes! It will and the damage is permanent and irreversible! Thus, you must take actions to prevent the condition from getting worse before it is too late. • Gout attack is an autoimmune reaction that is triggered by the urate crystals that form within the synovial fluid inside the joints. Formation of these tiny needle-like crystals can happen over night without any pre-warning or signs.  
  • 3.     • The sudden occurrence of these solid objects was treated as foreign invaders by the immune system and it will send signals through hormones and enzymes to activate a series of defensive mechanisms. • The same reaction that happens when the saliva of mosquito that bites you goes into your body, but in the case of gout, it happens deep inside the joint.  
  • 4.     • The inflammation or swelling will last for days with or without medications. Most people think that gout is gone after the pain is gone. • No way! The immune reaction will subside over time but that does not mean that the urate crystals have been removed.  
  • 5.     • This is because urate crystal is not anything organic. It is not virus, not bacteria, not fungus that can be destroyed with antibiotic or consumed by phagocytes (a type of white blood cells that eat or ingest harmful bacteria and dying cells). • After all, gout is not caused by any microbes. It is a disease that resulted from one's diet or lifestyle.  
  • 6.     • After the inflammation is over, those urate crystals will deposit inside the joints on the cartilage surface. • Whenever there is new urate crystals formed, another round of gout attack will be triggered and after that more sediment will stuck on the cartilage.  
  • 7.     • After a few years, this harsh layer of urate shell will become thicker and thicker. Some part of it will grow to be like sharp chisel or drill head. • Any excessive movement of the joints will force these 'urate chisels' to scratch on the surface of the opposite cartilage layer.  
  • 8.     • When part of the cartilage layer is completely being scrapped off, this condition is called cartilage lesion when the bones is exposed directly to the synovial fluids. • At this point, the particular joint will have higher risk of getting another form of arthritis will further damage the joint and eventually causes the joint to become immovable.  
  • 9.     • Do not wait until your joint is diagnosed with physical damage, you must actively take the initiative to reverse the process as soon as you know you are suffering from gout. Regretting later will not save your precious joints back.  
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