gout is becoming a pandemic disease


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gout is becoming a pandemic disease

  1. 1.     Gout i Bec is coming a g Pandeemic D Diseas se!  
  2. 2.     • Go is becomin like a pand out ng demic disease Despite the e! e fac that it is n ct not contagious, but it has shown signs s an patterns of a pandemic d nd disease. • It is affect mor and more a re adult males a a very fast at t pa and the af ace ffected age gro oup is getting younger and g yo ounger.  
  3. 3.     • If I would to say gout is a pandemic diseas then what y se, t is the transferr ring agent th hat spreads tthis malicious s ness globally, especially in t illn the developed countries? d • Is it a virus, ba acteria, or fungus? No! The name of the e e ag gent is... Lifest tyle!  
  4. 4.     out can be co • Go onsidered as a social disease, a disease e wh here shows an analogical and significan correlation nt be etween lifesty yle habits, eespecially diet and social de evelopment. ake a trip som not so deve • Ta me eloped countr ries where for r the people livin there, the luxury of ha e ng aving yummy y meeaty food can only happens in their dreams. s  
  5. 5.     • If you ask amon the adult m ng males above the age of 30, ho many of t ow them or their friends and relatives are r e suffering from gout. You mi ight get blank stares with puuzzles wonderi ing what you are talking ab bout. • Go can be very rare in places like, so ra that most out ate t of the local citizens hardly heard of thro oughout their r lives!  
  6. 6.     • As stated by D Gillian McK s Dr. Keith in her ppopular book, yo are what yo eat! Gout is a result of what you put ou ou t int your mouth to h. out is a benchmark of how much meat and alcohol • Go w t yo have consumed through out your life. ou  
  7. 7.     here are many different the • Th y eories on how gout comes w s ab bout. Some sa it is becau ay use of the la ack of certain en nzyme in to body that ca help to ge rid of the an et e ex xcessive uric acids. • Soome say it is because of the weaken kidneys that s t fai iled to excrete the uric ac through ur cid rine properly. Soome even sa ay it is because of family genetic c inh heritance.  
  8. 8.     • Wh ever the reason it may be, one thin for sure is hat y ng s tha gout is prov at ven to be a di isease of a 'ric lifestyle. ch' • As more and m s more people having good lif as a result fe t of rapid econom developme my ent, more and more people e will join the rank of gout army.  
  9. 9.     • Go might not be a deadly disease but t out the impacts it t can bring to you and your fam immeasurable. u mily • No only it bri ot ings the unb bearable tortu uring pain, it t brings along e emotional str ress that can spread to o veryone else in the family. ev n  
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