Soup of rice peas and carrots


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Looking for a tummy warming soup and at the same time healthy? Well look no further cause this is one of the healthiest soups you'll ever find.

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Soup of rice peas and carrots

  1. 1. Soup of Rice, Peas and Carrots To make a comforting and soul warming soup you only need a few simple ingredients, including green peas, carrots, rice, water, butter, salt and pepper. Since most of these are pantry staples they can be easily obtained in the local grocery or nearby market. This is a very convenient recipe since all the ingredients are cooked together in one pot that can be thrown together at anytime of the week and of the day. This colorful, flavorful and nutritious simple soup recipe makes a fantastic and light appetizer for any meal. During the winter season this also helps warm you up. Compared to the green peas and carrots the rice cooks longest so you want to cook the dish when the rice is thoroughly cooked and is nice and fluffy. You need not use stock since the butter already gives a rich flavor to the dish if you have but feel free to use it instead of water to make the dish even more flavorful. It is the delicate sweetness of both peas and carrots that gives a delectable flavor to the rice, which serves as the base for the soup. The very-pleasing-to-the-eyes colorful contrast of bright green and orange makes the soup even more delightful to savor spoon after spoon. While this recipe uses very few ingredients, to give it a bit of a kick, you can season the soup with your choice of herbs and spices. You can garnish the soup with fresh parsley. Or give it a little spice with some cumin or turmeric for a nice color. If you want it to warm you up all the more add chili powder to the soup. Otherwise, salt and pepper are just fine for seasoning the dish. This can also make a delicious side dish to meats and fish. Ingredients 3 cups green peas, shelled 2 carrots, peeled, sliced thin ½ cup rice, washed 6 cups water, boiling 2 tablespoons butter Seasonings to taste 1. Add all ingredients in a pot and allow it to cook for 20-25 minutes. Keep stirring often. 2. Cook covered. Let it simmer on medium flame. 3. Towards the end add the seasonings. Stir well. Serve hot in a soup bowl.