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  1. 1. Fougasse is a Provencal based French bread, with that characteristicshaping and holes in the middle. Just like all rustic breads, it has that crisp crustthat opens up to a tender, creamy interior. This delicious flat bread is usuallystuffed with bacon, cheese or olives. Variations including ones stuffed withanchovies, dried fruits, nuts, or herbs. In this gourmet food recipe by ChefStephane Raimbault of L’Oasis, he makes two types of fougasse breads withdifferent fillings.
  2. 2. One type of fougasse is stuffed with black olives and olive paste while theother is stuffed with lardon or thick bacon cubes and sprinkled with parmesancheese. The familiar fougasse pattern of a lattice (like the ear of wheat) is madejust before baking by slashing the stuffed dough. Aside from the pattern beingachieved, it also helps make the bread crunchy and easier to pull apart. Otherpopular patterns for the fougasse resemble a leaf or a tree. The recipe entails three components, which include the making of thedough, reparation of the creamy stuffing, and spreading the black olives andbacon. Meanwhile, in making the dough, regular flour is combined with chickpeaflour. The dough is kneaded in a machine so that it gets a light, refined texture.For the crust, it’s sprayed with water to make it crisp. A good fifteen to twentysquirts will do. The dough is folded to seal the stuffing. The creamy stuffing ismade from mixing the olive oil, milk, and flour. While the best bread is that fresh from the oven, the fougasse may also befrozen for longer storage and then heated for that special day when you’d like thecomfort of bread. Pair with a glass of aperitif. Serve the fougasse stuffed withblack olives and olive paste to your vegetarian guests while let the rest partake ofthe fougasse stuffed with the thick bacon cubes and parmesan cheese.
  3. 3. IngredientsDough:  6 cups flour  1 oz. yeast  0.7 lbs. chick-pea flour  1/3 lbs.. milk  4 cups water  2 cup olive oil  8 ½ tablespoons salt  1.8 oz. butter, cream  3.5 oz. milk  1.32 lbs. flour  3.5 oz. creampepperGarnish:  olive paste and chopped olives or diced bacon and parmesan cheese,gruyere cheese
  4. 4. Preparation Instruction:1. Combine the water and milk. Add the yeast then stir it well. Add the olive oil.Set aside.2. Make the dough. Combine the wheat flour and chickpea flour. Pour the mixtureinto a kneading machine, add the butter, then start the machine. Add the liquidmixture then wait for five minutes. Season with salt. Wait for another fiveminutes, then the dough is done. Turn the machine off, add a touch of flour, andthen take the dough out. Smoothen the dough by lifting it a little. Set aside thenlet the dough stand for 20 minutes.3. Meanwhile, prepare the stuffing. In a mixing bowl, combine the milk, olive oil,and flour. Add ground pepper and stir. Then set aside.4. After the dough has risen, cut it into 350g pieces. Smoothen each piece andfold it over on itself then let the balls of dough rise for another 5 minutes.5. Using a rolling pin, roll the dough into a rectangle. Cover some by spreading onit the stuffing made earlier. Make an olive garnish by mixing olives and olive pastethen spread on the stuffing covered dough but don’t cover them fully. Fold themover by taking both ends to the middle while slightly overlapping each other.Meanwhile, stuff the other dough with bacon. Sprinkle with parmesan. Lightly rolleach dough.6. Sprinkle the bacon-stuffed dough with Swiss cheese. Sprinkle the olive-filleddough with some flour. Cut through it in six’s using a dough cutter then separatethe pieces. Bake for 20 minutes.