Introducing Nantong


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Nantong, located in Jiangsu province, is one of the first 14 cities in China to open its investment doors to the world by becoming a specially designated area for foreign trade and investment.
The city of Nantong covers an area of 8,001 square kilometers, and has a population of 7.66 million. Nantong has been called the “Window of the Yangtze River Delta,” and also the “The First City in Modern China.”
On May 8, 2008, Premier Wen Jiabao ordered the development of Jiangsu’s coastline to be placed on a high level of importance in the national strategy to promote economic growth in the region. On June 10, 2009, the State Council then passed the “Development Plan of Coastal Areas in Jiangsu,” in which Nantong was listed as one of the three major cities whose development was to be accelerated. This ideal location has resulted in Nantong’s successful development in the Yangtze River Delta.
Situated on the eastern coast line of China, north of Shanghai, Nantong stands as one of the fastest developing cities in China. To the east of Nantong is the Yellow Sea, to
the south lies the Yangtze River, and to the north is the Northern Jiangsu Plain. Nantong is positioned only one hour North of Shanghai, and is referred to as being within the “One-Hour-Economic-Circle.”

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Introducing Nantong

  1. 1. Nantong Economical & Technological Development Area by Investment Promotion Center
  2. 2. Nantong - A City Embracing River and Sea • Total land area of 8001 km2 • Population of 7.8 million • The portal city at the estuary of the Yangtze River on the north • Known as “The First Modern City of China”:  “Land of Education”  “Land of Longevity”  “Land of Culture”  “Land of Peace”
  3. 3. Nantong – Covered by Two National Plans Regional Plan for Yangtze River Delta Region Costal Development Plan of Jiangsu Province
  4. 4. NETDA Overview• Approved by the State Council on Dec 19, 1984• One of China’s 14 first state-level development areas• Total area of 146.98 km2• ISO14001 certified Environmental Administrative System• Attracted foreign investors from over 30 countries and regions• More than 600 FDI enterprises, including 52 Fortune 500 enterprises
  5. 5. Go Nantong! Go NETDA! Convenient geographical locationComparatively Complete low cost supporting Why facilities NETDA, Nantong Beautiful Favorable living policiesenvironment Solid industrial foundation
  6. 6. Convenient geographical location •T junction of the east coastal line and the Yangzte River. •Next to the Yellow Sea on the east and the Yangzte River on the south. Nantong •Connected Shanghai and south Jiangsu with north Jiangsu
  7. 7. Convenient geographical location• Nantong- Known as the “Mini Northern Shanghai”, is the most potential investment city of Shanghai one-hour economic circle. NETDA is located right on the north bridgehead of Sutong Bridge. Nantong NETDA Suzhou Shanghai
  8. 8. Convenient geographical locationThere will be 5 river-crossing routes connecting with Shanghai andSouth Jiangsu to Nantong Sutong Bridge Chongqi Bridge Hutong Railway Chonghai Bridge Xitong Planning Bridge
  9. 9. Convenient geographical location• Nantong Port, one of China’s top 10 ports, has connected with more than 300 ports of over 70 countries and regions all around the world• Nantong Airport is in reconstruction and expansion to be the most important part of Shanghai international aviation hub. Nantong Airport Hongqiao Airport
  10. 10. Convenient geographical location Yancheng, Lianyungang, Huai’an, Suqian, Shandong Xuzhou, Henan Taizhou, Yangzhou, Anhui South Jiangsu Shanghai, Zhejiang
  11. 11. Complete supporting facilities• Sewage Treatment: 80000 ton per day• Centralized steam supply: 550 ton per hour• Two 220kv power substation and eight 110kv substations• High standard infrastructure: “Nine availables and one accessible”• National Export Processing Zone• Supporting Apartments——Sihai Home residential area
  12. 12. Favorable policies• Favorable policies for national economic and technological development area• Favorable policies to encourage R&D, high and new technology• Jianghai Talent Plan of Nantong and Xinghu Talent Plan of NETDA
  13. 13. Beautiful living environment• Land of Peace  Outstanding National Social Security City,  Highest prize “Chang’an (peace forever) Cup” in May, 2009  Highest satisfaction rate of public security in Jiangsu Province• Hometown of Education  6 Colleges and Universities  40 Technical Schools  30 National Enterprise Technology Centers  5 high-tech business incubators and 10 post-doc mobile stations  National recognized for its fundamental education  High-level Human recourses
  14. 14. Honors and awards A Model City of Social DevelopmentNational A livable city withHistorical entrepreneur spirit National Modeland City forCultural EnvironmentalCity Protection National National Garden City Sanitary City
  15. 15. Comparatively Lower Cost
  16. 16. Comparatively Lower Cost 50000 45000 40000 35000 Guangzhou 30000 25000 Beijing 20000 Shanghai 15000 Wuxi 10000 5000 Nanjing 0 Suzhou Annual Average Nantong Salary in cities and towns in 2008(Yuan/Year)
  17. 17. The Six Promoted Industries Electronics and Information Renewable Energy Modern Equipment Manufacturing Bio-pharmaceuticals New material Service outsourcing
  18. 18. Established Companies in NETADA
  19. 19. Welcome to NETDA, Nantong!Nantong has the perfect natural and social living environment,known as the “Paradise for investment” in China.