Social Media Communication Techniques


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Delivered in a half-day workshop held on December 2012 for Indonesia state-owned electricity company's Social Media Ambassadorship program.

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  • Social Media Communication Techniques

    2. 2. • Understanding Blogging Techniques and Strategies (8AM-9AM) • Managing and Monitoring in Twittersphere (9AM-10AM) • Coffee Break (10AM- 10.15AM) • Commencing Facebook Traction and Engagement (10.15AM-11AM) • Photoblogging with Instagram (11AM-11.30AM) • Optimizing YouTube (11.30AM – 12PM) TRAINING AGENDA
    4. 4. • Promote our blog (for sure!) in any appropriate materials (email footer, mailing lists, forum, social networks, name card if necessary and even verbally) • Cross post and (again) promote it upon publishing or writing content, aimed to get the “viral effect” • Enable comment, regardless the moderation • Link to other blogs: colleague, friends, relatives, experts, idols • Link posts to other sites • Do “blog walking” once a while GETTING THE TRACTION
    5. 5. • Register into directory to get the exposure • Join blogging network or community • Above all, CONTENT is KING. It always be!  Write interesting pieces, and regularly  Be confident with your writing style  Watch out other similar blogs out there  Learn from the master  Enrich posts with picture, and video if necessary  Explore various type of pieces available (such as links, quotes) GETTING THE TRACTION (cont’d)
    6. 6. • Not only enable, but moderate comment as well to avoid spam • Reply the comment posted, especially when answer is needed concisely and politely • Pick a though-provoking topic as it will stimulate others to read and in the end leave comment OPTIMIZING THE ENGAGEMENT
    7. 7. • Leave our mark when visiting other blog  It means that we have read it  A way to appreciate the post  Hope other blogger will do the same like what we did  Write a meaningful, useful, and if possible insightful comment  Have at least two or three sentences • Spend time to mini-research our readers – To know their profile – To understand what catches their attention OPTIMIZING THE ENGAGEMENT (cont’d)
    8. 8. • What we will blog for? • Decide on engine (i.e. WordPress, TypePad, Blogspot, Drupal, Joomla) • Host by our own versus third-party (hosting provider or platform provider) • Choose hosting or third party provider THINGS TO CONSIDER
    9. 9. • Pick up our preferable theme and layout • Enable necessary apps and elements • Set alert on our own and everyone comment • Monitor and check control panel regularly • Keep sharing spirit alive! THINGS TO CONSIDER (cont’d)
    10. 10. • Always try to explore the possibility to link with our previous post • And don’t forget to do it with other sites too • Title of our article must be SEO-friendly • Watch out on file naming prior to uploading picture or any other files • Our writing ORIGINALITY really matters , as a basis for search engine ranks the site • NEVER try to twist or re-write content from other posts SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION
    11. 11. • Put credit whenever quoting other blogs, and sourced link • Give credentials when using files which are not our own, respect Intellectual Properties and to avoid possibly legal matters • Define major beats in our blog • Create categories and use them effectively • Be relevant and wise in defining and utilizing tag • Identify popular keyword and optimize it for future posts SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (cont’d)
    13. 13. 1. Form a group of five 2. Each group may decide on preferred blog platform 3. They have to create a ‘complete’ 300 words post in 30 minutes 4. Writing topic is good and interesting stuff about: a. Our company b. Our office colleague, department c. Working environment or organizational culture d. Our personal life e. Anything related to the company or ourselves EXERCISE INSTRUCTION
    14. 14. 4. A post constitutes with at least 1 (one) picture and 5 (five) paragraph 5. Each paragraph will have at least 3 (three) sentences 6. The post should be classified in at least one category and two tags EXERCISE INSTRUCTION (cont’d)
    16. 16. • Interesting post is inevitably mandatory • Write with our own style • Don’t shorten every single word or most of it • Use hashtag (#) or number for serial tweets • Avoid self-centered posts • Keep tweeting regularly to make ourselves “read” • Do test by tweeting various contents to know which post in particular attract our followers at the most • Posts “light” tweets in the morning MAINTAINING TRACTION
    17. 17. • Pick up and publish “practical” tweets in day time • Night is the time for “entertaining” post(s) • Scoping what we tweet in our Twitter bio • Let people know us further through Twitter profile • Place in proper profile picture (clear, firm) • Follow insightful and informative account to get the inspiration what to tweet • Categorize our account and join in the directory • Focused tweets attains sustained and loyal followers MAINTAINING TRACTION (cont’d)
    18. 18. • Schedule our tweet during busy day or for particular events • Don’t expect people will read all of our tweets except we mention them • Decide which language to use (if necessary) • Unfollow is just ONE CLICK away MAINTAINING TRACTION (cont’d) Credit:
    19. 19. • Always remember, Twitter is social network for INFORMATION • Leave a reply when mentioned even just to say “Thank you”, especially from someone we know ENGAGING WITH OTHERS
    20. 20. • Mention other accounts for important event • Give compliment for something to celebrate about • Reduce the midnight post unless we have insomaniac or different time-zone followers • Reply is always to reply and ReTweet is always for forwarding or broadcasting tweets • Utilize Direct Message if conversation is too frequent and personal ENGAGING WITH OTHERS (cont’d)
    21. 21. • Remember the “40:40:20 composition”: 40% tweets, 40% replied and mention, and 20% reply • One-way account never gives a reply • When citing a tweet, mention the source (with or without “@”) or use double quotes (“”) • Indonesian Twitterverse busiest day and time are Thursday night, followed by Friday night and all day on weekends (*SalingSilang latest report) • All tweets are DOWNLOADABLE (NEW!) ENGAGING WITH OTHERS (cont’d)
    22. 22. • Tons of apps and tools out there. TweetDeck, HootSuite, and SproutSocial are three among others • Twitter only provides web for simply tweeting activities and open its API • Third party utilizes API to offer necessary apps and tools HOW TO MANAGE AND MONITOR
    23. 23. • It is important to manage several accounts own by an entity, department, organization, institution or corporation • Slightly important for more than two accounts hold by same person • Embrace Twitter Lists and Columns to classify and monitor similar accounts HOW TO MANAGE AND MONITOR(cont’d)
    24. 24. • We could use scheduled tweets, but no tools for recurring’s due to Twitter policy • Might need to mute tweets and or accounts for a while, for some reasons • Hashtag is column-able too • Pick-up which services utilized for picture, video and links • Set-up the notification (sound, alert, pop-up window) • Embrace ‘block’ and report as spam’ wisely HOW TO MANAGE AND MONITOR (cont’d)
    25. 25. • Particular tweets with certain period of time • Search first and analyze later • Based on specific keyword(s) • Manual vs Automatic • Various tools: Radian6, ThoughBuzz, Brandtology, SalingSilang • Impossible to get result with 100% accuracy with automated software • Engine inside the software will always learn new things ANALYZE TWEETS
    26. 26. • Furthermore, analyst help (read: manual intervention) will always needed • Exception: protected accounts and definitely aL4Y tweets • Within the tool, we could do analysis automatically and get the result in timely manner ANALYZE TWEETS (cont’d)
    27. 27. • Few software allows user to manage their Twitter account directly • Most of them are offered in trial and freemium model • Always possible to analyze everything, even our direct competitor • Result yielded in various format. TXT, PDF, HTML, XLS are the most common • For pictures, do utilize Twitpic to attain user views • For tweet with links, put on the map ANALYZE TWEETS (cont’d)
    30. 30. • Pretty similar content characteristics like in other social networks • But Facebook is network of FRIENDS, either meet in-person or online. You decide!  • Therefore, more personal life posts are frequently found in this respective network • Tag our friends in post, conversation, and photo properly and wisely • Form a group to accommodate similar interests • Might decide to allow post exposed in our timeline COMMUNICATION TECHNIQUES
    31. 31. • Traction and engagement measured through – Comment – Share – “Like” – Fan Page – Subscriber – “Talking This” – Check-Ins • Fake and spammer accounts are always there • Tools: SproutSocial, HootSuite, TweetDeck and many more UNDERSTANDING MEASUREMENT METRICS
    32. 32. PHOTOBLOGGING WITH INSTAGRAM Credit:VentureBeat
    33. 33. • Utilize proper hash tag so our pictures will be easily found • Not only proper, but also popular hash tag • Check for popular hash tag all over the web and pick that suit • Whenever needed and possible, optimize the number of maximum hashtag, which is 30 • Beautiful and meaningful pictures are always everyone’s fave. ATTAINING TRACTION
    34. 34. • Unfiltered photo usually gets more “Likes” • Align filter implementation with photo theme • Cross-post to wherever possible (Flickr, Tmblr, Facebook and Twitter) (Credit: Gigaom) ATTAINING TRACTION (cont’d)
    35. 35. • Learn basic photography (composition, angel, lighting, etc) • Identify spammer by observing his/her account (Credit: ATTAINING TRACTION (cont’d)
    36. 36. • Again, reply comment if we feel it’s necessary • Be honest. State the gear for picture taking e.g. prosumer camera, digicam, DLSR, or others • One always like to engage with truthful member GETTING THE ENGAGEMENT
    37. 37. • Like blog, do “photo walking” regularly • Like pictures and leave stand-amongst-the- crowd comment • Promote it at and Instagram Photo Gallery (Credit: Forbes) GETTING THE ENGAGEMENT (cont’d)
    39. 39. • Create quality and compelling video • Publish using SEO best practices • Engage with community, inside and outside the world’s second biggest search engine THINGS TO DO
    40. 40. • Make sure tags are relevant with content • The more tags the merrier. Just don’t abuse it • Spread tags out among our clips • Use adjectives. Folks are browsing and use adjectives to find what they want to view • Utilize some category descriptor tags • Match our title and description with our most important tags. Basic SEM practice applies • Don’t use natural language phrases and waste tag space on words like “and” or “to” THINGS TO DO (cont’d)
    41. 41. • Write as “original” as we could with our writing style • Different media, different content • Content is KING, traction is QUEEN and engagement is ACE • Be CONSISTENT in creating username for any (type) of social media accounts, to be easily remembered • Be thoughtful PRIOR to posting as Search Engines crawl almost everything, including our content • Quality of follower somehow is more important than its quantity • Keep the SHARING spirit ALIVE SUMMING EVERYTHING UP
    42. 42. THANK YOU!