Why your business needs fleet management


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Fleet management can help transportation-related companies reduce costs and improve efficiency. New technological innovations such as GPS tracking makes fleet management more effective and convenient than ever.

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Why your business needs fleet management

  1. 1. Why Your Business Needs Fleet Management
  2. 2. In today’s competitive market, every advantage counts. Fleet management can provide significant savings costs and operational efficiencies for companies that rely upon vehicle fleets. With the right fleet management system, you can see a return on your investment in a year or less in many cases as the efficiency of your company increases. Why Choose Fleet Management?
  3. 3. Fleet management refers to the management of a company or other organization’s transportation resources. This can include trucks, vans and cars and may also extend to rail cars. Fleet management encompasses a variety of activities, including financing, tracking the travel of vehicles, fuel and speed management, maintenance management and health and safety management for drivers. Fleet management helps companies reduce risk, improve efficiency, reduce fuel and maintenance costs and ensure compliance with government regulations. What Is Fleet Management?
  4. 4. Fleet management can provide a number of benefits to clients who take advantage of fleet management services, including: • Lower fuel costs • Reduced environmental impact • Improved planning • Improved cost control • More productivity and employee accountability • Data collection Benefits of Fleet Management
  5. 5. Going Green Carbon emissions and other environmental concerns are becoming an increasingly hot topic. By instituting good fleet management tactics now, you may put yourself one step ahead of regulatory agencies and reduce the disruption new laws and rules may have on your business.
  6. 6. Productivity Matters Fleet management helps companies get the most out of their vehicles and their people. A fleet management system can help you monitor individual’s driving habits and institute new rules to improve worker performance.
  7. 7. Benefits of Go Track Fleet Management Go Track can provide fleet management for companies seeking to increase efficiency and productivity. Go Track can help clients: • Know where their vehicles are, how fast they’re going and where they’re headed at all times. • Record vehicle information for review on Go Track servers. • Get email or text alerts if vehicles stray from your parameters, such as speed or distance. • Easy, convenient access to vehicle records.
  8. 8. Fleet Management For Families Modern telecommunications technology is making fleet management technologies accessible to individual consumers. Fleet management applications can help families reduce fuel consumption and better organize their time. Tracking applications can help families with young drivers monitor those drivers and ensure that they are practicing responsible driving habits and provide parents with more information about their children’s activities, such as when they’ve driven and for how long.
  9. 9. When Choosing A Fleet Management System When picking a fleet management system for your business, ask the following questions of your service provider? • What technology does the fleet management system use? • What is the average savings this system provides clients? • What data does the fleet management system collect? Time traveled, fuel consumption, routes, idle time, maintenance schedules, etc.?
  10. 10. About Go Track Go Track provides simple and effective GPS tracking solutions for individual and business consumers. Established in 2001, the company uses the latest GPS solutions to help businesses better manage their fleets and provide families with young drivers peace of mind. The company’s GPS tracking solutions also work with older vehicles, allowing tracking accessible to everyone. For more information visit us at: http://www.gotrack.com.