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What salespeople need to know about video conferencing


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Video conferencing allows salespeople to meet face-to-face with multiple prospects per day. Inside this report, find out how and where sales teams are leveraging this face-to-face communication …

Video conferencing allows salespeople to meet face-to-face with multiple prospects per day. Inside this report, find out how and where sales teams are leveraging this face-to-face communication tool.

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  • 1. TecTakes – Solution InsightWhat Salespeople Need to Know About Video Conferencing By David TalbottThere are many ways to sell, and many sales achieve the greatest impact in the limited time theysupport activities work together to nurture a buying have to spend with customers.decision, but most salespeople would agree thatone of their most powerful and productive sales In recent years, desktop video conferencing hasactivities is the face-to-face sales meeting. That is emerged as a valuable new sales tool. Traditionalthe opportunity salespeople have to build a video conferencing has been around for a while.personal rapport with their customers, build trust, Often referred to as telepresence, it relies onand gain understand of customers that goes costly, specially equipped conference rooms.beyond what they hear in a phone conversation or Desktop video conferencing works with normalread in an email. This is why salespeople spend a desktop PCs and web cameras as well as withgreat deal of time traveling to meet with some mobile devices equipped with front-facingcustomers. It is also a huge limiting factor on what cameras. It also works over the Internet. Thisa salesperson can do. After all, a salesperson can means video conferencing becomes available toonly be in so many places at once. anytime, anywhere there is Internet access.Salespeople have a long tradition of leveraging Early Internet based video conferencing solutionstechnology to maximize their productivity. They were unreliable and the video quality was poor.use customer relationship management (CRM) However increases in Internet bandwidth andapplications to more efficiently track and follow up improvements in streaming video technology haveon leads. Marketing organizations develop made the latest high-definition desktop videostrategies to better qualify leads before handing solutions both reliable and totally suited forthem off to sales, so that salespeople spend more business use. And, one of the most effective usesof their valuable time with higher quality prospects. of high-definition video conferencing is in sales.And salespeople are always refining their contactstrategies and their communications so that they 
  • 2. TecTakes – What Salespeople Need to Know About Video Conferencing Desktop Video Conferencing Sales people involved in a customer business decisionScenarios are located in different places. Desktop video conferencing provides a simple way to bring all theSales is an activity that involves a lot of decision makers together for one presentation in acollaboration between lots of people. This goes way that they can all see and interact with eachwell beyond communications between the other. This becomes a more efficient way tosalesperson and the customer. Here are several communicate that can accelerate businessways desktop video conferencing is being decisions.employed to support sales activities: Sales teams – For many business models, salesSales presentations – A good desktop video is a team effort. There may be an accountconferencing solution provides all the features one manager, but there may also be a solutionneeds to have an engaging, personalized meeting specialist, a business process analyst, and others.with customers. In addition to video feeds that All of these people must engage with theenable customers and salespeople to see each customers during the sales cycle. Theseother, there is desktop sharing, which enables communications become more complex if thosepresenters to show as they tell, and there are people are in different locations. A desktop videoannotation tools that enable context specific conferencing solution offers a simple way to bringhighlighting and visual augmentation. As long as all sales team members together in a conferenceall parties to the meeting have Internet access, the with the customer.meeting can be held anytime, anyplace. Product Demos – For certain kinds of products, aParticipants only need to be in front of a PC with desktop video conferencing solution is anInternet access. excellent platform for delivering product demos.Although a video conference is not the same as an With high-definition video, the presentation team isin-person sales call, it is far more engaging, and able to observe customer reactions to theoffers far more persuasive opportunity than a presentation, which is important for any follow-ontelephone call. That makes it a valuable tool for discussion.leveraging a salesperson’s limited time. Sales training – As any sales manager knows,Depending on the nature of the business, salespeople require training to stay current onsalespeople who spend a large portion of their product offerings and presentation strategies.time visiting customers in person may be able to They also need contact to help them stay focusedprepare for, travel to, and engage with a small and motivated. A desktop video conferencinghandful of customers each week. On the other platform provides a way to do this that is far morehand, using video conferencing and eliminating cost effective than bringing the entire sales forcethe travel may enable that salesperson to have the out of the field and into a motivational meeting. Asame number of sale calls every day. Even if a video conference also takes less time away fromvideo conference is not as fully effective at closing sales activities. As Mike Huska, CTO of Incentialbusiness as and in-person meeting, doubling or describes it, “Our virtual organization depends ontripling the meeting rate can increase the overall GoToMeeting with HDFaces video conferencing tosales productivity of the salesperson. maintain the company culture and promoteThere is an additional advantage video teamwork. We get tremendous value from videoconferencing has over in-person meetings. In an conferencing when we’re demoing a new productincreasingly mobile and global business to our staff because the reactions – positive orenvironment, it is often the case that different negative – are right there on people’s faces.” 
  • 3. TecTakes – What Salespeople Need to Know About Video Conferencing Many different kinds of companies are using  Simplicity of design so that starting adesktop video conferencing to enhance their sale meeting is as easy as the click of a button,process. For instance, TERIS, a company that and high reliability so that meetings canspecializes in providing information technology happen anytime without technical delays andsolutions for the legal industry, depends heavily on interruptions. This is important because itvideo conferencing not only for their technical enables impromptu meetings and increasessupport staff, but sales too. TERIS has been using responsiveness in sales situations.a conferencing solution for the past six years, andrecently they have added tablet-based  Full desktop sharing, including sharedconferencing for their employees. Sales teams are screen and annotation tools, with the abilityconstantly on the go, working from various to see both the shared screen and the videolocations. They depend on a conferencing solution feeds at the same time. This enables thethat is easy to use so they can quickly join a kind of rich meeting experience that is someeting from any location. Being able to important to advancing a sales cycle;conference from their tablets has made this even  Simple user controls such as mute and un-easier, and it has enabled them to be highly mute controls and instant messaging textresponsive to client needs. chat between participants during aSimilarly, Optio Solutions, LLC, an accounts conference;receivable management company, finds high-definition video conferencing especially valuable in  Integrated VoIP, as well as integrated phone-sales situations. Video conferencing helps their based audio with international toll-free options for easy voice communication. Thissalespeople establish relationships with clientsmore quickly, and they find customers are more makes it fast and easy to convene meetingsreceptive when they can see the person they’re regardless of attendee location;talking to rather than just a presentation.  Administrative features including securityImportant Features in a Video controls (password protection, data encryption, individual level security controls),Conferencing Solution Suitable for administrator remote control, attendanceBusiness-to-Business Sales reporting, and meeting recording andWhat are the essential features of a desktop video archiving;conferencing system that is suitable for business-  Supports mobile devices, such as smartto-business sales? A good business-grade video phones and tablets, because of theconferencing solution should include the following: increasing mobility of workers. This enables  Easy scheduling functions, with full impromptu video conferencing anytime, integration into standard email applications anyplace. Industry analysts report that three- like Outlook; fourths of the North American workforce consists of mobile workers at least part of the  High-definition video using standard desktop time. PC hardware that provides a smooth, clear video experience over normal Internet connections; 
  • 4. TecTakes – What Salespeople Need to Know About Video Conferencing Is High-Definition Desktop Video a replace in-person meetings is not the mostReplacement for In-Person Sales important question. The more important consideration is that initiating a desktop videoMeetings? conference is as easy as setting up a conferenceThe answer to that question depends on the call. With the additional value of high-definitioncircumstances. Video conferencing does not video, shared desktop, and annotation features,provide an experience that is totally equivalent to desktop video conferencing becomes an entirelyan in-person meeting, so in that sense it does not new kind of sales tool that is just now becomingreplace in-person meetings. However desktop available to business users. It fills a huge gap invideo conferencing adds an entirely new the communications spectrum between in-persondimension to technology enabled meetings. In meetings and the traditional conference call. Theresome instances, a high-definition video conference is great opportunity for sales organizations to takewill accomplish everything that a more costly and advantage of this technology to create a richer,time consuming in-person meeting would achieve. more responsive, and ultimately more fruitful engagement experience with their customers.However, asking if desktop video conferences can David Talbott is a Technology Analyst who specializes in mobile and cloud based technologies that are altering the way businesses operate and changing how people work. 
  • 5. TecTakes – What Salespeople Need to Know About Video Conferencing  About GoToMeeting Online Meetings Made Easy™ GoToMeeting is the extremely simple, extraordinarily powerful web conferencing service from Citrix. It integrates HD video conferencing, screen sharing and audio conferencing, allowing you to collaborate effectively online in a face-to-face environment. Hold unlimited meetings for one low flat fee and attend meetings from a Mac, PC and mobile devices. GoToMeeting will change the way you work – and perhaps a whole lot more.  Copyright © 2012 Citrix Online LLC. All rights reserved.