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Facebook (101) for Small Business

Facebook (101) for Small Business



Facebook (101) for Small Business - Presentation delivered at Guilford Technical Community College in Greensboro, NC by Mitch Miles of The 26.2 Group - - January 2013.

Facebook (101) for Small Business - Presentation delivered at Guilford Technical Community College in Greensboro, NC by Mitch Miles of The 26.2 Group - - January 2013.



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  • Mitch, Nice job! You've got a ton of content and your slides remained clear. That's no easy task. Congrats. Lisa
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  • am always asked – what is The 26.2 Group – why 26.2? So let me get that right out of the way … there are 26.2 Miles in a Marathon, My last name is Miles, so I teach - No matter what you do … whether it’s just life, parenting, marriage, sales & marketing, training, and especially now social media … take it one mile at a time, one social media channel at a time – don’t focus on the past, don’t get to anxious about the future – be in the moment. Marathon runners, will think occasionally about the finish line, however, the majority of the race they are focused on the next mile marker, the next stride, the next turn – they are in the moment … so that’s what I am going to ask of you during our time together … lets take one mile at a time, almost one slide at a time … Mitch Miles is President of The 26.2 Group, a social training and strategy organization based in the Piedmont Triad Region of North Carolina. He assists businesses with strategy, coaching and implementation of social media solutions in order to grow their business, stay connected to their clients, as well as engage strategic partners and vendors. Mitch currently teaches social media marketing at GTCC, and this summer is conducting several social media summer camps at The Proximity Hotel. 
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  • http://getpushing.wordpress.com/2012/10/08/smartphone-use-theyre-not-for-phone-calls/
  • http://getpushing.wordpress.com/2012/10/08/smartphone-use-theyre-not-for-phone-calls/
  • http://getpushing.wordpress.com/2012/10/08/smartphone-use-theyre-not-for-phone-calls/
  • http://gigaom.com/2012/11/08/half-of-smartphone-owners-consult-the-doctor-in-their-pocket/
  • http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/33565/34-Enlightening-Statistics-Marketers-Should-Know-About-Multi-Screen-Usage-Google-Data.aspx -
  • LESS is MORE
  • 3 Primary Learning Modalities
  • Podcasts Webinars Tele-seminars iTunes U iPad
  • Podcasts Webinars Tele-seminars iTunes U iPad
  • Tablets Smartphones 33% of all Facebook users update on the platform using a mobile device–but just 4% of those use an iPhone and 5% use an Android phone. iPad Wiki’s twitter Living Social Groupon Foursquare Gowalla
  • Google+ it’s all about you, your friends, your videos and photos, your conversations and your interest.
  • 50% of members are from outside the US 1 new user added every second
  • 50% of members are from outside the US http://learn.linkedin.com/groups/ - user guides – check them out
  • 50% of members are from outside the US http://learn.linkedin.com/groups/ - user guides – check them out
  • Local Business or Place Company, Organization or Institution Brand or Product Artist, Band or Public Figure Entertainment Cause or Community

Facebook (101) for Small Business Facebook (101) for Small Business Presentation Transcript

  • ABC’s & 123’s of GTCC Small Business Center Greensboro, NC February 1st 2013
  • I hope you are …
  • and not in …
  • Maybe after our timetogether this morning we can become …
  • The previousacronyms Were a few of TheWords added to the 2011 OxfordEnglish Dictionary
  • I know …
  • Question
  • too much information?
  • 2011 OxfordEnglish Dictionary
  • 1. First and Last Name2. Hometown3. Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream4. (1) Word That Describes You5. Specialty of Your Business6. (3) Words That Describe Your Business7. “I have to know ________ about facebook for today to be a success.”
  • Social Media in 201300 01 00 0 59Hours 15 26 37 48 1 2 3 4 Minutes Seconds
  • Still have a landline home phone?
  • Have only amobile phone?
  • 168 millionemails are sent
  • 13,000+ iPhone apps are downloaded
  • 98,000+ tweets320+ new usersregister on twitter
  • 510,040 comments695,000 status updatesare published on Facebook
  • 6,600 imagesare published on Flickr
  • 694,445 search queries on Google
  • 600 videos (25 hrs)are uploaded to YouTube
  • 370K+ minutes of calls done by Skype users
  • 20,000 new postsare published on Tumblr
  • 13K+ hrs of music streamingflows from Pandora
  • From Brian Solis
  • REMEMBERto take Social Media (facebook) 1 mile at a time
  • http://www.slideshare.net/gothe262
  • Our Roadmap Getting To Know One Another Mile #1 – Think Mobile Mile #2 - “ABC’s & 123’s of Social Media” Mile #3 – Get to know Google Mile #4 – First Impressions Mile #5 - Overview of Social Media Channels Mile #6 - FACEBOOK
  • Mile #1 – “Think Mobile”
  • Questions
  • Mile #2 – “Know Your ABC’s &123’s”
  • "ALL I REALLY NEED TO KNOW I LEARNED IN KINDERGARTEN" by Robert Fulghum.• Share everything.• Play fair• Dont hit people• Say youre sorry when you hurt somebody.• Wash your hands before you eat.• Flush. Take a nap every afternoon.• When you go out in the world, watch out for traffic, hold hands and stick together.• Clean up your own mess.
  • Theyre just kids …LinkedIn (2003) – 9 Yrs OldFacebook (2004) - 8 Yrs OldYouTube (2005) – 7 Yrs OldTwitter (2006) – 6 Yrs OldSlideShare (2006) – 6 Yrs OldPinterest (2010) – 2.5 Yrs Old
  • • Always Smile• Ask Questions• Apologize Quickly
  • • Be Real• Bully-Free Zone• Be a Friend• Be Respectful
  • • Consider Others• Clean Up Your Own Mess• Count Your Blessings
  • Mile #3 – “Get to know Google”
  • Your business isNOT what You say… It is what SAY!
  • Over 700 million people use Google every day? 8+ Billion Page Views Per Day 300+ Million Searches Per Hour
  • You Need A Google Account www.google.com
  • Search EngineGoogle Alerts
  • Example: Google Alert
  • ACTIVITY: Google Yourself
  • Mile #4 – “First Impressions”
  • “You don’t get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression“
  • These are 2nd Impressions
  • 1st Impression is online
  • Mile #5 – “Overview of Social Media Channels”
  • Kinesthetic Visual (65%) (5%)• Pictures • Doing• Graphs, Charts Auditory • Touching• Diagrams (35%) • Direct • Sound Involvement • Verbalization • Talking out loud
  • by the #’s
  • 15.8 minutes12.1 minutes
  • Google+ = Google Social Tools• Circles• Sparks• Hangouts• Mobile• Streams
  • JUMP IN An information network – used toshare and discover new information
  •  200+ Million Registered Users Over 100mn tweets are written every day 75% of traffic comes from outside of Twitter  Apps, Links, Mentions, Facebook, etc. 75% of Twitter usage is via mobile phone
  • Story ofConner Riley
  • Cisco Fatty
  • SlideShare is the World’s Largest Community for Sharing Slideshow Presentations AND JUMP IN Documents PDFs Webinars Videos
  •  Over 45 million monthly users Over 90 million monthly pageviews Can upload PowerPoint, OpenOffice and PDF presentations 70% of Users Have a College Degree
  •  3rd Largest Search Engine. Google is #1 Facebook is #2 Owned by Google 2+ Billion Views a Day Average person spends 15 minutes per day on YouTube. 70% of the activity on YouTube comes from outside US
  •  Median age of LinkedIn is 44 Business, Professional & Career Focused Over 200 Million Members in 200 Countries 61 % LinkedIn’s users are aged 35 or older. 80% are college educated
  • WHY
  • IS
  • #1 Social Networking Site for Business Professionals.
  • WHY?
  • – 1st Degree – personal, immediate network.– 2nd Degree – connected to at least one member of your 1st degree to introduce you.– 3rd Degree – connected to at least one member of your 2nd degree connection.
  • 510,040 comments695,000 status updatesare published on Facebook
  •  Over 1 billion facebook posts everyday. Over 80% Check facebook Once a Day. Median age of facebook is 38 (48 in USA) 61% of Facebook users are age 35 or older. Members over the age of 55 grew 513%
  • JUMP INWhat is the number oflanguages available on facebook?
  • JUMP INWhat % of facebook users areoutside of the United States?
  • Facebook Safety Center JUMP IN
  • Apps (applications) JUMP IN
  • News Feed JUMP INFacebook Newsfeed – See all the recent news with your friends
  • News feed JUMP IN
  • Graph Search P IN
  • 4 Areas of Facebook JUMP IN•Peop•Places Graph Search•Photos•InterestsGraph Searches unearth information shared by yourfriends, as well as public information on Facebookas a whole.
  • Apps (applications) JUMP IN
  • Apps cont. JUMP IN
  • TABLETSMOBILE 75% of American Householdsis only going to get better … plan on buying a tablet during 2012.
  • Profile vs. Page JUMP INBusinesses are only allowed to create pages NOT profiles.A business which opens a profile page is in direct violation of Facebook’s ‘Terms of Use’.
  • Profile vs. Page JUMP INFacebook Pages cannot add people as friends. They can ‘only’ like other Facebook Pages.When companies like each other on Facebook, they can help promote each other’s content.
  • Profile vs.JUMP IN PageThere is a 5000 friend limit on each profile.You can have an unlimited number of fans on your Facebook Page.
  • Profile vs.JUMP IN PageProfiles can interact in Facebook Groups! We love and use groups!Facebook Pages can not interact in groups, however, they can create events, just like a profile can.
  • Facebook and Twitter JUMP INLink Facebook to Twitter: every post becomes a tweet.DO NOT link Twitter to Facebook!To link Facebook to your Twitter account. Your posts become tweets http://facebook.com/twitter
  • “Cool Wand” JUMP IN
  • What are QR Codes?IN JUMP
  • Location Based
  • Stay Organized
  • Remember: Relationships MatterSocial Media is only one mile in yourmarketing marathon.
  • Don’t Forget:You’re business is like aneedle in a haystack …
  • Thank You!For Additional Social Media Coaching, please visit Mitch Miles and the 26.2 Group at the following mitchmiles - Twitter www.gothe262.com - Web LinkedIn.com/in/mitchmiles - LinkedIn mitch@gothe262.com - Web