Mobile First - 'Making Mobile core to your Customer Experience'


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From Met Office to Brittany Ferries, Olympic venues and some of the largest public sector bodies in the UK, GOSS Interactive will present real life client case studies and demonstrate how to develop a Mobile First strategy to deliver multi-channel customer experience. With over 7 million visitor to our clients sites each month, GOSS has seen mobile access in the UK increase from 13% a year ago, to 27% today and we project that this will be over 50% within the next 18 months. This session will help you to align your 'internet world' for a Mobile First economy.

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Mobile First - 'Making Mobile core to your Customer Experience'

  1. 1. Mobile First –Making Mobile core to yourCustomer ExperienceSimon SmithSalesDirectorGOSSAndy OrchardAccountManagerGOSSCassie BoothSenior WebsiteOfficerD4U
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Native Application
  4. 4. Full App -pros• Best UX• App store• Offline• Full phone facilities• Simple charging options
  5. 5. Full App -cons• 3 to 4 Apps needed• Expensive development• Completely separate• Offline may be restricted• Integration• Tracking
  6. 6. Mobile stylesheet /responsive design
  7. 7. Mobile stylesheet -pros• Simple and cheap (maybe)• Only one site• Integration• Less skills• Less fragmentation (maybe)• Tracking simple
  8. 8. Mobile stylesheet -cons• Not native experience• Less control• Slow• Not tailored• Limited phone features• Integration (maybe)• Reduced design options• Tracking obscured
  9. 9. Mobile Web – Fully Responsive
  10. 10. Mobile site –pros• Good UX• Focused content andservices• Most phone capabilities• Cheaper to build• Maintenance• Speed• Integration• Simple skillset• Accessibility• Tracking
  11. 11. Mobile site -cons• Additional site• Connected only• Not native• Integration (maybe)• Tracking (maybe)
  12. 12. Growth of Mobile Access61320273543520102030405060Aug-11 Mar-12 Aug-12 Mar-13 Aug-13 Mar-14 Aug-14%MobileMonth% of visitors via a mobile deviceBased on over 5m unique visitors to GOSS customer sites in August
  13. 13. 17Instant Mobile Engagement
  14. 14. Used for (local) decision making– Service location– Opening times– Phone number1890% of smartphone searches resulted in an action such asmaking a purchase or visiting a business. (Source Google)Behaviour Changing
  15. 15. • Case Study – Dorset For You
  16. 16. Mobile First –Making Mobile core to your Customer ExperienceMobile delivery during the OlympicsCassie Booth | Senior Website Officer fordorsetforyou.comWeymouth beach – 05/08/12 – Ben Ainslie wins gold
  17. 17. is the shared website forDorset County Council and the six district /borough councils in the countyThe 2012 Olympic and Paralympic sailing eventswere held in Weymouth. During this time, myteam was tasked with:• managing the council’s social media channels• keeping visitors and residents informed ofevents in the town and travel and transportissues• encouraging positive buzz and tourismWe anticipated higher levels of traffic reachingour site through mobile devices and realised theneed for a mobile solutionCassie Booth | Senior Website Officer
  18. 18. Our approachWhy we didn’t choose an app:Cost – expensive to develop (for each platform) and maintainSEO – you can’t land on an appAwareness – people may not know it existsUser experience – having to download & update itContent – we wanted all of our content optimised for a mobileCassie Booth | Senior Website Officer fordorsetforyou.comThere were three options available to us:• An app• A responsive design• New templates created for mobiles
  19. 19. Benefits of mobile templates• Look and feel is consistent with desktopsite - navigation familiar• Auto redirection to the mobile version ofthe site means instant access.Useful when posting links through socialmedia• All of our content is optimised• Option to rewrite mobile specific content• Best practise magnified. Encouragesconcise copy• Preview desktop page on a mobileCassie Booth | Senior Website Officer fordorsetforyou.comOption to create separateversion of content for mobiles
  20. 20. Desktop version:Cassie Booth | Senior Website Officer
  21. 21. Mobile preview:Cassie Booth | Senior Website Officer fordorsetforyou.comOur editors can see what theircontent will look like on avariety of mobile phones, inportrait and landscape beforeit goes live.We have also provided‘Writing for mobiles’ training.
  22. 22. How the mobile version of our site wasused during the OlympicsMany people were on the go, sopredictably, popular contentviewed on a mobile was:• Daily Events pages• What was happening on thebeach (Live Site)• Park and ride informationSince the Olympics, some lessobvious content has also provenpopular on mobiles - such asplanning application pages.Cassie Booth | Senior Website Officer
  23. 23. Mobile statisticsCassie Booth | Senior Website Officer fordorsetforyou.comPercentage of traffic to via a mobile device:• Feb 2011 – 2%• Feb 2012 – 5%• June 2012 – launches• July 2012 – 17% peak of mobile traffic during the Olympics• Jan 2013 – 16% peak during snow day• April 2013 – 12% average daily traffic
  24. 24. Customer feedbackCassie Booth | Senior Website Officer“the mobile site istasty”Sep 11, 12, 9:24 am“Mobile browsing isawesome.”Jul 03, 12, 2:57 pm*Genuine anonymousfeedback, not necessarilyprovided by Olympians
  25. 25. E-forms• Optimised e-forms for mobiles•• Users can report an incident of flytipping fromtheir mobile phone and attach pictures to theirreportCassie Booth | Senior Website Officer
  26. 26. LocalisationGOSS have just helped us launch our localisationfunctionality on the desktop version of the site, whichpersonalises our website to a user’s postcode.In the coming months this will be rolled out to themobile site, and we will be looking to provideinformation that is useful to a users current location:• Transport and travel information• Reporting graffiti, potholes, flytipping• Rubbish/recycling collection dates• Leisure centre opening times and classesCassie Booth | Senior Website Officer
  27. 27. Cassie BoothSenior Website Officer for dorsetforyou.comc.booth@dorsetforyou.com01305 252 353Social
  28. 28. Thank YouAny Questions?