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Getting Sponsorship - Standard Presentation (Created by - India's biggest sponsorship marketplace)
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Getting Sponsorship - Standard Presentation (Created by - India's biggest sponsorship marketplace)


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The easiest step by step process to follow to create that winning presentation to source sponsorship for your next event. …

The easiest step by step process to follow to create that winning presentation to source sponsorship for your next event.

This is derived from Onspon's online platform where listing your event is complimentary and gets immediate access to multiple sponsors who check this platform for the next event fitting their brand needs.

Published in: Marketing, Business

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  • 1. What should your sponsorship deck have ?
  • 2. INTRODUCTION,HISTORY,TESTIMONIALS 1) Story telling as per the GENRE about the event. (CONNECT) 2) Information about organization. (CREDIBILTY) 3) Inception / continuity / legend (PRESTIGE VALUE) 4) What's in store? (EXCLUSIVITY) 5) Why attend? (BENEFITS) 6) What next? (RENEWAL) 7) What you believe in? (PRINCIPLES) 8) Who’s who’s? (ASSOCIATIONS) 9) Aim and purpose. (COMMON GROUNDS) 10) Any highlights about the event that would be necessary. 11) TESTIMONIALS: includes any sort of quotes or positive things that influential people/organizations have said about the events in the form of public statements or media interviews etc. 12) TESTIMONIALS: Mention about any award or recognition given to the event by a prestigious committee. Can include nominations also.
  • 3. VENUE / LOCATION / TIMING 1) VENUE : Can be differentiated on basis of area, town, city, state or region. 2) TIMING : Differentiated on the the basis of day, date ,season , national holidays or festivals. 3) LOCATION : Final venue i.e, hotels, restaurants, grounds etc. Accessibility, exposure and convenience. Maximum participation of target customers.
  • 4. FORMAT/EVENT LIST 1. Description of each event in detail. (OPPORTUNITY) 2. Specialty and purpose of each event. (what to look forward to) 3. Time, place, duration and venue of each one. 4. Importance or priority of each event. 5. Procedure for participation. (if relevant) 6. Prizes or awards descriptions if any. 7. The details of participants or the audience attending each type of the event. 8. Benefits to the participants and audiences through events. 9. Who conducts the event and functional/technical aspect. 10. Benefit to the sponsors through any events. 11. Any known faces/ organizations who are associated with the events.
  • 5. PREVIOUS YEAR 1) A recap of the event in the past years and the changes they went through.(RELIABILTY) 2) The list and variety of sponsors who sponsored the previous year. (MAIN) 3) the list and variety of sponsors who sponsored only certain events. (co-sponsors) 4) A track list of marketing and promotional activities that were done for the previous sponsors. 5) Benefits that the sponsored received before, after and during the event. 6) Benefits received by the participants and audiences from the sponsor’s side. 7) Response received from the previous year’s events. 8) Any positive feedback given by the previous sponsors about the event.(SATISFACTION)
  • 6. AUDIENCES/PARTICIPANTS 1. Information about the audiences that usually are a part of the event. (DEMOGRAPHICS : age, gender, nationality etc.) 2. The audience who is expected to attend the current year. 3. Highlighting certain section of people keeping the prospect sponsor in mind. 4. Audience reactions and responses from the previous year. 5. The feedback of the participants and winners. 6. VIP’s, VVIP,s , celebrities , socialites etc should be highlighted if any.
  • 7. SENTIMENTAL /EMOTIONAL VALUE 1. Corporate social responsibility 2. CAUSES ( social, environmental etc.) 3. How is it beneficial for target consumers or audiences? 4. How will it build brand image? 5. Opportunities to collaborate or support issues. 6. charity opportunities. 7. Highlight interacting opportunities.(if any) (eg,Make a friend)
  • 8. MARKETING PLANS 1) List of promotional activities that will be taking place for the events 2) Highlighting Media Coverage of the event and Celebrity/famous people affiliations. Can also include face of the event and viewership. 3) Marketing collaterals. 4) Steps for brand visibility, integration and imagery impact. 5) Benefits of marketing plans to the prospect sponsor. 6) Innovative methods and way to increase the sponsor presence in the event. 7) Selectivity in terms of promotional options. 8) PR Planning pertaining to the brand. 9) Case study of a previous sponsor who benefited from marketing plans in any way, including the details of their investment and return.
  • 9. BENEFITS AND RIGHTS 1) Additional benefits that the sponsor gets (eg, passes, hospitability, free entries etc) 2) Rights of the sponsor on the content pre event or post event. (if permitted) 3) associations and interaction with celebrities, socialites, vip’s, vvip’s, government institutions through the events . 4) extensive product/brand display and promotion.
  • 10. INVESTMENT 1. Evaluation of marketing plan 2. Sponsorship package
  • 11. List your event at India’s biggest sponsorship aggregation platform
  • 12. Planning Tools on offer
  • 13. Questions that are answered by How do I target the audience? Why should I sponsor this event? (benefit) What is the credential of the organizer ? Who else is sponsorin g the event? What is the cost? Does it justify the benefit? Who is going to come for the event? (audience) What branding opportunity do I provide ? What information would a sponsor look for ? Background of sponsor ! Which avenues does my sponsor associate What benefits can I offer ? How do I profile my audience ? seeker
  • 14. Best wishes for your next event Events Team @ Onspon Services Pvt. Ltd. Check out some interesting sponsorship content at :