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Getting Started with GoSoapBox - September 2013
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Getting Started with GoSoapBox - September 2013


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A brief overview of GoSoapBox.

A brief overview of GoSoapBox.

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. learn the basics in 1 minute!
  • 2. GoSoapBox is a digital space where you can interact with your students. We call each space an Event.
  • 3. Events can be created from your Account Dashboard. We recommend creating one event for each class or period you teach.
  • 4. Here’s what a blank Event looks like.
  • 5. Each Event has a Moderation Panel where you configure features, download data, and more.
  • 6. Students join your Event using an Event Access Code. You can find an Event’s Access Code in the Moderation Panel. Students can browse to to enter the Event Access Code. (any smartphone, tablet, or laptop will work)
  • 7. By default, students are prompted to enter their name. You can disable this “Names Required” feature in the Moderation Panel. Only you can see student names. Students will not be able to see the names of other students.
  • 8. This screen is “Enable and Disable Features” in the Moderation Panel. GoSoapBox has several useful features
  • 9. Know who’s confused with the Confusion Barometer Students see a simple toggle You get feedback in real-time
  • 10. No More Wasted Q&A Time with Social Q&A Students ask and vote for questions, so you know what’s most important. You can also use this asynchronously to generate questions before class.
  • 11. Get Simple Feedback With Polling Students can respond to polls and see the results directly in their browser.
  • 12. Already Have Polls in Your Slides? Try Instant Polling Select the number of fields and students can easily respond to your on-screen polls.
  • 13. Get Open-Ended Feedback with Discussions Discussions are a multi-purpose space for open-ended feedback. Responses can be short or long, and you can easily identify who said what.
  • 14. Easy Formative Assessment with Quizzes Create a series of multiple choice and short answer questions. Students can see how they did, and you can easily download a graded spreadsheet.
  • 15. That’s it for now. We’ve got a fully-stocked knowledge base at And you can always email us at