ISPRM Symposium on Rehabilitation Disaster Relief at the 6th ISPRM World Conference in Puerto Rico 2011  <br />13 June 201...
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Bonacini technology and ethics.designing devices for all crdr.disaster.symp.poster.isprm11


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Bonacini technology and ethics.designing devices for all crdr.disaster.symp.poster.isprm11

  1. 1. ISPRM Symposium on Rehabilitation Disaster Relief at the 6th ISPRM World Conference in Puerto Rico 2011 <br />13 June 2011San Juan Puerto Rico<br />Technology and Ethics <br />Designing devices for all<br />Daniele Bonacini<br />Milan, Italy<br />Introduction<br />Methods & Materials<br />Results<br />Everyyearwemake a steptowardspeople’s needs, designingnewproducts, supportingnewathletes, helping people withouteconomicmeans. Nowwe are testing a fibercarbonfootthroughcompressionmouldingaimedtosubstitutetotally the SACH foot in the world and wehaveto complete the developmentofactiveAnklefootOrthosis. Nextyearwewill produce wheelchairs and developfurtheroursportsline. Herebelowourpatentedfeet (Walking MP, Roadwalking - the onlyonewith 3 touchs on the ground - Sprinter's King) and Mauro, Daniele, Federica, some ofouratheletes. <br />Prosthetic aids are usually design based on a mix of quantitative and qualitative data, tested internally by the companies and launched on market place at an expensive price. <br />Our approach:<br />1.Starting from sport devices: the hardest challenge<br />2.Adopting this method to design a prosthetic aid: starting from quantitative data and using high technology, like optoelectronic system, in order to actually improve the state of art.<br />3.Innovation of product and of process to obtain the high technology aid accessible to all people soon as possible, pursuing the mission “High technology accessible for all users”<br />Below: Kit for Haiti - Haiti 2010 - Haiti 2011<br />Our methodology:<br />1.Gait analysis of sound limb and limb with prosthetic foot available on market<br />2.Defining targets (functionalities of the sound limb) <br />eliminating the negative backward force component (FX) during the weight loading as the other existing feet <br />3.Degning and manufacturing a prototype<br />4.First FEM analysis <br />5.Structural check through static and fatigue experimental testing <br />6. Second FEM Analysis <br />7.Testing outside the product according to ISO 10328 (al contrariodeiconcorrenti) <br />8.Patenting new product in Europe and US<br />Prepreg Carbon Fiber textile it’s leggero, strenght,<br />elasticity (able to store and return elastic energy)<br />Testing by LAB - Politecnico<br />Gait and FEM Analysis<br />Conclusions<br />Eachstepletgrow the company and its social corporate responsibilityactivitity: we are in Haiti fromFebruary 2010 and wekeep on sendingprosthesesthankstoLions International. Wewill start at short to help people in Sirya and Iraq.<br />The main cause of the 90% ofprosthesisusers in developingcountriesisamputation due tolandmineexplosions. More than 80% out ofvictims are civilians, 1 out of 5 is a child. “Only 5-15% of people ofthesecountrieswhorequireassistivedeviceshaveaccesstothem: production is low and oftenoflimitedquality, there are fewtrainedpersonnel and costsmaybeprohibitive” (WHO)<br />Webelievethattechnology and ethicbyjoining the forcesofallactorsacting in eachcountry can reallychangethis situation. The objectiveofprostheticsistorestore, ascloseaspossible, the functionalcapacityformerlyheldby a limbdeficientperson, in the west as in developingcountries. High healthtechnologicaldevices can beaccessiblefor all. Technologytoallusersdoesn't mean profit for west industriesbutmeans: forcompanies, innovationstobring down pricesalways more and more withouthlosing the best results, implementing corporate social responsabilityprojectsto donate prosthesisto people who can't affordit; forstates and allotherentitiespromotingpersonswithdisabilitiesrights, provideaccesstodevicesfor all.<br />Corporate Social Responsability<br />