Once upon a time


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Once upon a time

  1. 1. Anna Vasa SchoolGolub-DobrzyńpresentsTHE ADVENTURES OF AMELKA
  2. 2. Once upon a time, in one of Polish lakes there was a small water drop − Amelka. It lived a happy and careless life with friends and family. Despite thehappiness Amelka was worried, because shedidn’t know what the purpose of its existencewas and how important it was in lives of otherorganisms.One hot, sunny day Amelka wasplaying with its friends, suddenlyit started to rise up in the air.Scared to death, it heard only its friends’ cry,but after a few seconds it realized that it was in
  3. 3. company of billions of other water drops,which it had never met before.They did not look like its family or friends, butAmelka noticed that it also did not resemblethem any more. It decided to talk with the restof water drops and find out what washappening. It came closer to one of them andasked:− Excuse me; do you know where we are?− Hello, I guess you’re new here. We are in theair and we consist in a cloud. If you want I can
  4. 4. tell you how it happened that we are all here −offered a friendly water drop.− Yes, please do! I am very willing to listen toyour story – exclaimed delighted Amelka.− So, when the sun is shining small drops likeyou and some bigger like me start to work, thatis we start to change our state of matter formliquid to gas. This is how the biggest adventureof our life starts.− Actually, I don’t think it is such a greatadventure. I’m scared and I want to go home.− Oh, please don’t worry. I’ve been here manytimes and I can assure you nothing wrong isgoing to happen to you- the friendly waterdrop cheered it up.
  5. 5. Suddenly Amelka realized that there were a lotof other water drops listening, but before it toldabout that its friend had disappeared. A fewseconds later another water drop came toAmelka, and said:− Hi, my name is Jela. I can see that you areworried. What’s the matter?− A friend that I was talking to has justdisappeared − it answered.− Don’t worry! You friend is fine. It haschanged into a raindrop. All of us are going todo the same.− Oh, you’re not completely right my friend –said some drop from the crowd – some of us
  6. 6. are going to change into a snowflake ora hailstone.− And what’s going to happen with me downthere? – Amelka asked while already fallingdown.− You’re going to find out from our friends,who are already there – the crowd was crying-we’re going to join you soon!Amelka was falling down for a while, thinkingwhat was going to happen next, when it noticedthat it reached its goal and it was on a land. Itdidn’t know what to do because there wasnobody else around. It didn’t wait long, whena familiar voice could be heard:
  7. 7. − Hello again. I’m sorry that I disappeared sosuddenly, but we can’t control that.− Oh, it’s OK, but I was really scared then −Amelka answered.− I would like to make it up to you. If youagree, I will show you around our drop-world.− Of course, I agree. It will be easier for me tocope all those complications I can meet.− Glad to hear that. I forgot to introducemyself, call me Ursus.− Nice to meet you, Ursus. My name is Amelka.− So, let me first introduce you to my oldfriends, they water plants. I’ll ask then to tellyou what his job is all about.
  8. 8. They set off to meet Ursus’ friends. Aftera while Amelka’s friend stopped to pointed ata nearby flower.− That is where my friends live − it said.− Oh! Ursus is coming! − Konga exclaimed,seeing Ursus from above.− Hello my dear friend, Konga. It’s beena while since we last saw each other. I’ve comewith my new friend. Amelka is willing to learnabout your work. Could you help us?− Of course – replied Konga – we are at yourdisposal.− Ok, so I’ll be going now, and you two talk alittle – it added and left.
  9. 9. − Thank you Konka that you’ve agreed to talkto me. I hope I’ll learn a lot about you − saidAmelka.− Let’s start from the fact that we water plants,we let them grow, bloom and bear fruits.Thanks to that people have got food. Plantsthat we water produce oxygen, which allowsliving organisms to breath.− Does that mean that without you plantscouldn’t exist? − Amelka asked.− Yes, it’s true. Thanks to us this world is sogreen.Then Ursus came back and before it managedto say hello something unbelievable happed.
  10. 10. Everybody except for Amelka knew what washappening. This was the next stage of theirjourney. After a while they were in dark,gloomy place, where there was no sunlight. Shestarted screaming:− Mr Ursus! Mr Ursus!− Don’t be afraid my dear, I’m here with you.We are in a place called underground − Ursuswas trying to calm her down.− We’ve sunk into the soil. All the drops thatare here also have sunk into are come from thedeeper layers of the soil. Together we createa spring, from which the water is drawn toa well.
  11. 11. − ‘A well’? What’s that? − Amelka asked surprised. − That is a mouth for underground water, a whole dug or drilled by a human − Ursus explained. − What are they for?− To draw water, which people use to a lot ofthings e.g. bathing, cleaning, watering lawns.
  12. 12. All of sudden Amelka noticed a big metalwhole. It has never seen such a thing before, soit wanted to find out quickly what it is andwhat it is for. − What’s that? − it asked. − These are waterworks. They are used to provide people with cold and hot water. − Are we going to go through them?− Yes, we are – Ursus answered.− What’s going to happen there? – Amelkakept asking.− You’re going to see soon.And they set off. They were walking andwalking and the further they were, the morecurious what was at the end of the dark
  13. 13. corridor Amleka was. At last the drop saw thelight. Delighted, it started to call:− Mr Ursus, Mr Ursus! Is that the end? This isit?Before Ursus answered two friendly waterdrops had greeted them.− Hello – one of them staret − My name isBuczynka and this is my sister Paulinka.− Hello – Ursus answered – I’m Ursus and thisis my companion Amelka.− Good morning − it said shyly – it’s nice tomeet you.
  14. 14. − It’s nice to meet you too − two sistersanswered.− Could you tell us something about the placewe are in? − Amelka asked kindly.− With pleasure. We are at the end ofwaterworks that is in one of people’s flats –started Buczynka. – Here people draw water,which they need to everyday lives.− To what for example?− We don’t know everything, but we were usedto some activities.− I’d really like to hear about them.− Two years ago – Paulinka started- whenI was here for the first time, I was used to do
  15. 15. the laundry. I was in an enormous machine,which is called ‘washing machine’. For almostan hour I was whirling and twirling with otherdrops. I was scared to death, but when themachine stopped I went back to my family.− I remember that very well sister − Buczynkathrew – I was really worried about you then.I’ve also had a similar adventure, before youcame Paulinka. I also was in a big machine, butits name was different. It was a ‘dishwasher’,which is used to washing dirty dishes.
  16. 16. − It’s very sad, but thanks to you people couldwear clean clothes and eat from clean plates –stated Amelka.− Yes, you’re right- the sisters agreed – we alsothink so.− I can tell my story − offered Ursus.− Yes, yes please do! − they all started to shout.− So, when I was your age we were heretogether with my brother Zetor. We werehappy and didn’t realize that we could beseparated. One day a man turned on a watertap and poured himself a glass of water, one ofthe water drops was my brother. Then, that
  17. 17. cruel man started to drinkand my beloved brotherbecame part of his body.− Oh, it’s so sad – Amelkathrew quietly.− I know, I was depressed.However, after some time I, myself, was usedto an interesting activity. At the beginningI didn’t know what is going on, but my friendstold me. We were used to fill a bath with water.After a while I came back to my previous life,but Zetor wasn’t with me any more.
  18. 18. When Amelka wanted to ask if the samesituation may happen to it, unexpectedly it wasin a place called ‘sink’. It didn’t know what wasgoing to happen. Looking up, it saw otherdrops waving to say ‘goodbye’, it was obviousthat they wouldn’t see again. Amelka becamesad and it started to miss them. It lookedaround, and saw a lot of white foam. Yes, it wasa sink with dirty dishes. Amelka was takingpart in washing dishes. It was very tiring.Before the activity had finished Amelka fellasleep.
  19. 19. It woke up the next day among billions of otherwater drops. Its parents said something aboutthat beautiful and magic place. A lot ofcolourful creatures and plants lived there. Atthe beginning it felt happy, but after a whileloneliness started to bother it. Amelka startedto look around and seek some familiar drops.Then it heard a happy calling, it was her family.You can’t imagine how delighted Amelka was.It didn’t know how come they were all there.Everything was clear when they started to saytheir stories. It appeared that a minute after itsevaporation the rest of the family did the same.Since then, Amelka lived a happy life with thefamily on the bottom of the sea. However, it
  20. 20. never forgot the adventures with Mr Ursus andpeople it had met. Amelka found all theanswers that bothered it.