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My presentation at the NBWA Show in Las Vegas. 2011

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  1. 1. Moving Product Through Experiential Marketing and Social Media Garrett O’Shea EVP
  2. 2. GARRETT O’SHEAStarted my career in the trenches16 year experiential marketing veteranClients have included Miller, Heineken, AnheuserBusch as well as Diageo, Bacardi, and Brown FormanMost recent non beer & spirits client work includesDIRECTV, National Guard, GEICO, and ChevroletI’ve been on the forefront of change from traditionalto digital
  3. 3. Where Legal
  4. 4. What is Experiential Marketing?Experiential marketing allows customers to engage andinteract with brands in sensory waysIts the difference between telling people about the featuresof a product and letting them experience it for themselvesWhen done right, its the most powerful tool you can use tobreak through the clutter
  5. 5. Talk about clutter! There are over 1800 TV Channels
  6. 6. Be part of the conversationThey want to feel that they are part of the conversationIn some cases they are leading the conversationAnd the conversation is happening on the web through SocialMedia
  7. 7. The numbers are staggering53% of time spent on the internet is content consumption*AOL Nielsen 5/11906,000,000 hours per month on Social Networks*Nielsen 8/101,642,000,000 hours per month on Social Networks + Gaming+Email *Nielsen 8/1010,872,000,000 hours per year on the topthree alone *Nielsen 8/10
  8. 8. Its pretty clear If those were “productive” work hours you would have a company with over 5,226,923 Employees
  9. 9. You are not alone
  10. 10. You must create positive experiencesYou have to create positive experiences to build brandloyaltyWhen people have good experiences they want to talkabout them and share themSocial media is the go to place for sharingexperiences
  11. 11. The more popular examplesFacebook, MySpace, Google+ – sharing fun, family, photosHi5 – sharing games, musicFour Square – sharing updates, where you areYoutube – sharing videos both serious, funny, never been seen beforeTwitter – sharing your ideas in 140 characters or lessFlickr, Picasa, shutterfly – sharing photo librariesBlogs – sharing your thoughts and expertiseLinkedin – sharing business information and contactsWikipedia – Groups sharingDigg – sharing the best newsStumbleupon – sharing the web with likeminded peopleReddit – sharing the best of the web by votingMeetup – group sharingOrkut – sharing only what you want with who you want
  12. 12. The Good Ol’ Days You can still sell People love Our customers are morealmost anything with Free Stuff sophisticated in their brand a T-shirt relationships
  13. 13. Social Media is here to stayYou shouldn’t be left behind especially if you are inthe Relationship BusinessYou have to embrace Social Media as part of yourplan if you haven’t already
  14. 14. Social Media is here to stayI think we’ve got it pretty easy!
  15. 15. Social Media is here to stayBEER ISSOCIAL!
  16. 16. Some examples
  17. 17. Meet Drew25 years OldJust bought his first car “New” CarWorks in DC from WisconsinHas 400 Facebook FriendsRecipient of 1 of 500 CRUZEWARMING PARTIES @
  18. 18. Drew braggedDrew’s party wasshared with 400 of hisfriends on FacebookEvent generated 30photo “tags”Received 290 “views”Drew was overjoyed -thanks to his localChevy Dealer!
  19. 19. Brag events•  Relationship building experience with social media extension•  Events for Washington DC Chevy Dealers only•  Current Facebook views over 30,000 and counting•  The DC market is now #1 in the NE Region +30%
  20. 20. Check the box in two places Drive sales Bring in new customers
  21. 21. The fans love itUnprompted, Nutella fans started to discuss their love of “blackgold” or “chocolate heroin”Discussions started to snowballPrompted by the constant Nutella discussions on TwitterConversations about a product on Twitter led to an increase in salesof that product.This was completely unprompted by the Nutella productmanagement team.Purely as a peer-to-peer movement.
  22. 22. Happiness machine•  Experiential marketing stunt•  Launched by 1 Tweet!•  Coca-Cola Twitter Followers 390,000•  Current Youtube views 4,000,000•  Total budget $50,000
  23. 23. Give em’ an offer they can’t refuseGap teamed up with popular group-buying siteThey simply offered $50 worth of apparel for $25Generated 441,000 Groupons generating $11 million in revenueThe deal brought in a ton of cash!Ultimately new customers! Gap knew that 60% of their customerswere already shopping online.
  24. 24. The man your man can smell likeOld Spice was dying! P&G gave it one last run.They filmed web videos with spokesman Isaiah MustafaThe series was only supposed to be shown on the web andwere launched on their website and YouTubeAs they launched Isaiah used Twitter to answer questions andinteract with fans
  25. 25. The man your man can smell likeOn day 1 there were over 5,900,000 viewsMore than Obama’s acceptance speech!Over 40,000,000 views to dateEstimated 160,000 new customersOld Spice Facebook Fans 1,700,000Old Spice Twitter Followers 150,000Isaiah Mustafa Twitter Followers (Old Spice Guy) 64,000Sales Increased 107%
  26. 26. Social media sells blenders? Huh?Blendtec self proclaimed makers of “the worlds best blenders”created videos to share on youtube to prove their pointThey made simple videos demonstrating the kitchen accessoryblending everything from baseballs to an iPhone.
  27. 27. You bet social media sells blenders!Sales have increased by 700% since the campaign started inNovember 2006.They do no traditional advertisingTo date over 170,000,000 Views and counting
  28. 28. Digital Shelf Space
  29. 29. A Glimpse Into the not so distant future
  30. 30. Some folks in our space•  The craft beer segment is utilizing Social Media to drive brand awareness and create brand loyalty•  They have to… they can’t outspend the big guys
  31. 31. Stone Brewery excerptMore recently, with the digital communication platforms that have become availableto us, we’ve been able to speak directly to our fans and cultivate a community ofaficionados. That community is excited to engage with us and hear about our newsas soon as it becomes available, which is a far more effective way to spend ourtime than advertising. It’s all “opt-in” and that will always be a more powerful toolthan forcing people to look at your ad.Q: Since you do devote so many resources to your social and online efforts, I’mguessing it’s working. Can you talk a little about the results you’ve seen so far?What’s been effective and what hasn’t (and what you learned as a result)?A: We’ve had tremendous success with our social media. When I started in Januaryof 2010, we had 18,199 “Likes” and around 12,000 Twitter followers. Today, wehave 85,329 “Likes” and 29,036 Twitter followers, and our blog is (often) amongthe top 10 most read beer blogs on the web. I believe that success is due in largepart to having high standards for content. If the material is compelling and it’scompellingly delivered (i.e. funny), it works.*Social Media Case Study, Arik Hanson
  32. 32. A little about mobile devices
  33. 33. A little about mobile devices By 2013 it’s estimated that 90% of the people who havemobile devices will browse the internet with their hand held device
  34. 34. A Little About Mobile DevicesHarvard Business Review Sept, 2011“A one-star increase in a Yelp rating leads to a 5-9% increase inrevenue.”This mainly affects smaller, independent establishments.A Yelp review has no effect on an individual chain restaurant likeApplebees. Because people already have firm opinions of what theyget when they go there.Chain restaurants as a whole seem to have declined in marketshare as Yelp has grown in prominence.
  35. 35. A Little About Mobile Devices•  Location based social media game•  10 million people worldwide•  Over a billion check-ins, with millions every day•  Over 500,000 businesses are using the Merchant Platform
  36. 36. A Little About Mobile Devices•  As you “check in” you get points and work towards “badges”•  Post photos of the location and more
  37. 37. •  Retailers can give you offers for checking in!•  Similar to Yelp - you can leave feedback about your “experience”
  38. 38. Now What?
  39. 39. But It’s Important and it’s here to stayDepending on your market you can be consumer facing oraccount facing or even both.What are you doing to differentiate yourself from the otherguy?You need to create demand for your inventory!
  40. 40. Decide who you want to connect with?Here’s whatyou need to do Take Engage Inventory
  41. 41. Decide who you want toRetailers? connect with?Consumers?Both? Take Engage Inventory
  42. 42. Decide who you want to connect with?What areyou currentlydoing? Take Engage Inventory
  43. 43. Decide whoWith your you want toemployees connect with?customerspartnerssuppliersexperts Take Inventory Engage
  44. 44. Engage employeesSubcommitteeParticipationIdeasMotivationIncentives
  45. 45. Engage customers and partners Survey retailers What does their social media calendar look like? How can you plug in? Engage their bartenders and wait staff influencers! Local bar rags, newsletters, websites, blogs!
  46. 46. Engage suppliersBrewery partners, large and smallKnow what they are doing in the spaceGet as much social media lift from them as you can!
  47. 47. Engage experts
  48. 48. Some simple thought starters
  49. 49. When it comes to events•  Pre promote with twitter, Facebook, meet up•  During the Promotion: twitter, facebook, foursquare•  Post Promotion: Facebook, twitter, flicker•  Tie into existing events social media outreach•  Always have your own employees “check in”
  50. 50. When it comes to your suppliers•  How can you leverage what they are bringing to the table?•  Be a partner that helps them extend their social media•  If they don’t come in with a social media component ask why not?•  Big Brands have more assets, celebs, million dollar ideas, advertising – how can you bring it to life locally?
  51. 51. When it comes to retailers•  Connect with them via social media in the way they want to be connected to, if they don’t then pass•  Support the really good ones! Ask them how you can get involved.•  Imagine if you became the “go to” resource for social media and events•  Provide training classes or a support kit?
  52. 52. When it comes to you•  It’s all about engaging and empowering fans whether end customers or retailersThink about what you can do•  What local events are you involved with now?•  Community? Business? Social?•  Sponsoring any bands?
  53. 53. When it comes to you•  You have access to so much inventory•  Your in the beer industry•  And you have lots of employees
  54. 54. When it comes to you•  Celebrate customer service awards on Facebook and a photo album site•  Wait staff events!
  55. 55. When it comes to mobile devices•  Make sure your website works on a mobile device•  If you sell craft beers look to connect with the folks like Find Craft Beer
  56. 56. A few reasons why?
  57. 57. Why? Take these thoughts with you:•  You can be relevant to the consumer via social media•  There are plenty of people out there to help•  Who’s listening to what other people are saying about you?•  Building a digital relationship with existing and perspective clients will only help grow your business
  58. 58. Dear_________<insert name here> I am just leaving a fantastic seminar at NBWA. I’m excited about doing some really great work in the social media space to help drive our business.Please clear my calendar as soon as I get back and send the following message to all staff:“Attention <wholesaler> family. Please join me on <date> <time> if you are interested in helping us drive our business forward together by creating amazing experiences using social media. I look forward to seeing you there.”
  59. 59. Handouts available Or contact me anytimewww.slideshare.com goshea@redpeg.comNBWA.garrettoshea