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Rowe Overview


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The ROWE overview presentation deck gives you high-level, general facts about a ROWE – what it is and why you need it. Use this as a base to build from.

The ROWE overview presentation deck gives you high-level, general facts about a ROWE – what it is and why you need it. Use this as a base to build from.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • A Results-Only Work Environment is a radical, commonsense rethinking of how we work and live. In a ROWE people stop putting in hours and faking their way through the day. Instead, they focus on results and only results.
  • You might be tempted to compare ROWE to other work-life balance programs. Please keep in mind that ROWE is different.
  • Transcript

    • 1.  
    • 2. Today’s agenda
      • Your agenda here
      © 2010 CultureRx,LLC.All Rights Reserved
    • 3. Results-Only Work Environment People are free to do whatever they want, whenever they want, as long as the work gets done. © 2010 CultureRx,LLC. All Rights Reserved
    • 4. ROWE is focused on :
      • Results, not face time
      • Acquiring and keeping good talent
      • Weeding out poor performers
      • Planning within and between departments
      • Eliminating non-value added activities
      • Promoting better communication and response times
      • Being efficient, effective and nimble.
      • Using common sense
      © 2010 CultureRx,LLC.All Rights Reserved
    • 5. A ROWE is all about getting the job done. In a ROWE adults don’t make excuses for poor performance. © 2010 CultureRx,LLC.All Rights Reserved
    • 6. ROWE is no t:
        • Telecommuting
        • Compressed workweek
        • Reduced hours
        • Flexible schedules
        • A “time off” program
        • In a ROWE managers don’t waste time managing flexibility; flexibility manages itself.
      © 2010 CultureRx,LLC.All Rights Reserved
    • 7. A ROWE is all about accountability and trust. A ROWE is a workplace for adults. © 2010 CultureRx,LLC.All Rights Reserved
    • 8. ROWE will :
      • Treat our people like responsible, professional adults
      • Create low turnover of great/good performers
      • Create high turnover of under/poor performers
      • Increase productivity
      • Reduce last minute requests due to poor planning
      • Reduce wasteful activity and drive efficiency
      • Give us competitive advantage - differentiate us from our competitors
      • Force us to get clear on measurable RESULTS
      © 2010 CultureRx,LLC.All Rights Reserved
    • 9. A ROWE is all about managing performance. No results ? No job. It’s that simple. © 2010 CultureRx,LLC.All Rights Reserved
    • 10. ROWE benefits
      • Retain the best talent
      • Maximize creativity
      • Foster innovation
      • Improve response to customers
      • Increase customer satisfaction
      • Expand individual and team capacity
      • Improve engagement and morale
      • Optimize the use of current tools and technology
      © 2010 CultureRx,LLC.All Rights Reserved
    • 11.