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  • These are just a few of the government agencies offering information related to the statistics of juvenile drug use and delinquency. The most recognized of all is the D.A.R.E . Program and additional information can be obtained from the Office of Nation Drug Control Policy, Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration, and the Uniform Crime Report. Other public policy issues and groups and be found at ww.library.vanderbilt.edu/romans/pubpol.html.
  • Drug control experts presented these three strategies at an open hearing. Increase law enforcement by increasing borders patrol officers, officers to seek out those larger dealers, along with perform raids on known drug areas. Strengthen present community treatment programs and launch additional facilities for detoxification. Educate at risk youth on the hazards of illegal drugs and the abuse of other substances (Prescription and Alcohol).
  • Advantages associated with increasing law enforcement build safer neighborhoods due to more police presence therefore reducing crime or criminal acts. This increase could also create safer borders from drug traffickers and terrorist. The increase of law enforcement officers presence would altogether reduce crime. Disadvantages related to an increase in law enforcement would raise taxes to fund the increase, needed to pay these officers and all things associated (Patrol Cars, Uniforms, Training, etc.).
  • The advantages of community treatment programs are those addicted to controlled substances are sent through a detoxification process that is more successful than programs using a cold turkey system. The legal system is not weighed down with these types of offenses and jails are less crowded by placing offenders in treatment programs. Disadvantages of community treatment programs are the low success rates. This can be associated to the fact that upon completion violators are released to the same area where the drugs are still easily accessible and they are not prepared for temptations of peer pressure and the all important impulse for that feeling.
  • The advantage would be that education could focus on the affects of misuse and abuse of drugs along with the effect of addiction. The quality of drugs would improve requiring the approval from many agencies before being made available to the public. The disadvantages of legalization are that drugs are available for abuse and can interfere with daily life/work expectations much like the abuse of alcohol. Law will have to be made to tax and regulate the control of these drugs.
  • We must first identify and find a resolution to the primary reason why these crimes are relating to delinquent behavior and drug use. This is a critical time in today society to effectively react to juvenile drug use and crime in America. We are at a crucial junction of narrowing the gap between poverty and wealth in America. Getting back to the basics of family, and investing in our kids, there are our greatest asset.
  • To be in a neighborhood that can re- establish itself and the juveniles as a family we once took pride in, but which no longer seems to exist in most of our country. Ensure that there are proper levels of supervision for young people in their homes, in their schools, and on the streets of our cities. Lack of adequate supervision is a source of problems for many youth today. Guarantee that there are proper levels of supervision for young people in their homes, in their schools, and on the streets of our cities. Lack of adequate supervision is a source of problems for many youth today. There has been a breakdown in American families.
  • As your new Drug Czar I will increase the amount of law enforcement officers in high drug crime areas. Strengthen our borders and all entry points that drugs could be brought in. Initiate more HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area) I will use the US Military to interdict drugs before they enter the US.
  • I believe that I can guarantee to let our youths have a positive peer influence and always have access to this. Also have a positive role models so that they will not have to go out and look for gang members as a supportive measure nor will they feel the need to experiment with alcohol or drugs.
  • Drug czar presentation 240

    1. 1. CJS/240Instructor: Tamekia Simmons Axia College By: Debbie Dennis
    2. 2.  NCJRS or the National Criminal Justice Reference Service has publication on juvenile justice and juvenile substance abuse. NIDA a.k.a. the National Institute on Drug Abuse offers information on drugs abused and community guides. OJJDP or the Office of Juvenile and Delinquency Prevention work in partnership with other professionals seeking to improve juvenile justice policies and practices.
    3. 3.  Law Enforcement  Community Treatment Education-Legalization
    4. 4. The Advantages:Build Safer NeighborhoodsSecure the Nations BordersProvide Additional Officers for Other CrimesThe Disadvantages:Higher Taxes to Pay Officers
    5. 5. The Advantages:Reduction in Drug DependencyReduce the Impact on the Court SystemReduction in Prison Overcrowding/JailThe Disadvantages:Low Success RatesUpon Completion Drugs are Still Present
    6. 6. The Advantages:Focus on EducationControl Drug QualityThe Disadvantages:New Laws will have to be FormedDrugs are Available to a New Market
    7. 7.  We need definite answer to why there is such an increase in juvenile drug use We need answers to when and why there is such a spike in juvenile criminal activity
    8. 8. Re-establish community involvement in the well-being of our youth.It takes a whole community to educate a juvenile.
    9. 9. Upsurge Law Enforcement Officers in HighCrime AreasStrengthen Borders, Ports, and AirlinesIncrease Federal, State, and Local Drug Unitsthrough Federal GrantsIncrease Highway Interdiction TeamsUtilize Military for Foreign Drug Interdiction
    10. 10. Prevention did not end alcohol misuse, nor didauthorizing it, but the drugs that we are seeingtoday make it too treacherous to authorize. Theonly way to stop the addiction in the UnitedStates is to stop it from getting here and that iswhat I will do as your Drug Czar
    11. 11. Cole, G and Smith, C. (2008). Criminal Justice inAmerica. Belmont, CA: Thompson Wadsworth.http://www.icjia.state.il/public/indexposted Monday, April 20, 2009 11:27 AMSiegel, L. (2005). Juvenile Delinquency: the core.Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Publishing.
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