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What happened at roswell new mexico
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What happened at roswell new mexico


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What happened at roswell new mexico

What happened at roswell new mexico

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  • 1. What Happened at Roswell New Mexico?By Chris PatrickOn July 8th, 1946; the Public Information Office of Roswell Army Airfield published an accountthat Airman had recovered a flying disc. The announcement sparked immediate mediaattention, and entered Roswell into the popular lexicon, though it was later recanted by the USMilitary.Of all the evidence that has ever poured in about UFO encounters, this is quite possibly themost damning evidence to ever come forth. Not necessarily because of the nature of theincident, or what happened, but rather, due to the reaction.Firstly, the Press Office at RAAF issued a statement that they had found a Flying Disc. Theterminology "Flying Disc" had been used in the common vernacular, to account for what wenow would call a UFO. Sightings had occurred as far back as 1800 in Texas, and continue to thisday. So it is, without a doubt in my mind, that the people, who found the object, honestlythought it wasnt of terrestrial origin.Immediately following this initial Press Release, the Army issued another statement, that whatwas really found was actually a weather balloon. So, in truth, the Army had changed itsposition, based upon the position it initially held.So, logically, dozens of people from Roswell and the Airfield nearby,having been in the region for some time, and many quite familiar withAircraft, had come to the conclusion that the object was a UFO. Then,within only 24 hours; the stance was changed, not by them, but possiblyby higher ups, who werent in the area, and may not even had the hands-on man hours of dealing with aircraft, let alone the debris, that the debriswas actually of terrestrial origin.The story was lost to time, until in 1978, one man stepped forward,breaking his silence, and stating that not only was an Alien Craft found... but that Alien Bodiesaccompanied it.Needless to say, this casts tons of doubt on the US Armys official story. However, what reallyhappened there... well, youll have to decide that for yourself.