The Best Selling Ufology Books Collection    
Alien vs. God The original testimony, Alien vs. God, was written in November 2005 and is the result of overcoming acompute...
1                                                  ALIEN vs. GOD      The following article "ALIEN vs. GOD" was written to...
I have enjoyed your magazine for more than a year now and I admire your courage, perseverance anduncompromising determinat...
gathered together to destroy 99 to accomplish their own will and leave the one Gospel that was least likely toempower the ...
government officially separated church and state in the 1960s and virtually every crime indicator skyrocketed .?) And they...
or Satan on the other. If the opposition tries to oppose the Truth, there is chaos. If the opposition decides to donothing...
Regarding                                                Prophecies from the                                              ...
those that are with Him are called, chosen, and faithful".(Revelations--7:12-14 ).As far as the rest of the prophecies mad...
Betty Ann LucaMartinsville V A.December 17,2005Hello Scott,Thank you for your letter on ALIENS vs. GOD. I do hope you were...
Samjaza was Billy Meiers first alien contact. A lady at the lecture came up to me and said Billy hasntheard from Samjaza f...
to be reconstructed. Usually conversations with other airmen are summarized/reconstructed. Conversations withTall Whites a...
Were other servicemen killed by Tall Whites for offending them?     He explained an incident back in September 1965 near t...
supplies, make repairs, etc.  Since deep space craft arrived and left on schedule, this meant they were engaged in commerc...
He explained an incident involving a Tall White general who wouldnt brook any discussion and could becruel if he felt he w...
advanced propulsion systems?   Charles Hall comes across as very thoughtful and very intelligent. He has a degree in physi...
In the Earth in terms of colonizing it or taking over governments. He stressed the analogy of the use ofoverseas bases by ...
If the Tall Whites need the Earth as a base for their deep-space operations and commerce, than itwould be naive to believe...
Dr Michael E. Salla has held academic appointments in the School of International Service, AmericanUniversity, Washington,...
was in the possession of the investigative team. While I present only a brief overview of the information inthe specific c...
In the 215th Contact, Known as the Henoch Prophecies, special emphasis was placed on America andthe very times we are in. ...
possible that neg-ative or evil prophecies do not have to be fulfilled if the preceding causes will bepurposely changed in...
up an appointment with the psychiatrist to see if there was something he could prescribe. Since I believedthat the enemy i...
a brass serpent on a pole and then lived. (A serpent on a pole is todays symbol for the medicalprofession).  Ecclesiastes-...
saw myself in all forms of media on a daily basis. I would buy a peppermint patty and come home to apeppermint patty comme...
Our own thoughts, logic & reasoning are being used against us to lead us away from God and towhoever controls the technolo...
Literary criticism is a vast area, and I cannot attempt to survey it. Instead I will focus on that small partwhich involve...
12/12/06To the Editor, AFP;     I wonder how long it will be before we have to have a license in psychology before we can ...
when they realize the dilemma."   Is it possible that the psychologists that overcome this dilemma and accept the process ...
middle of the night and would then work perfectly. Twice, I had a crucifix that hung from my rear viewmirror in a locked c...
The Best Selling Ufology Books Collection    
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Volume 1

  1. 1. The Best Selling Ufology Books Collection
  2. 2. Alien vs. God The original testimony, Alien vs. God, was written in November 2005 and is the result of overcoming acomputerized mind control program by faith that I became involuntarily involved with in 1975 and is still ongoing.There are two attached articles from NEXUS magazine and many letters, newspaper headlines, movies, bookquotes, dreams and scripture that are included as witnesses to support my testimony throughout all the followingpages.Part 2 is the result of a drugging at the VA clinic that was the result of Them finding out that I had overcome theprogram. It was written during the time I was overcoming the drug, though it may not have been a drug at all butwas possibly induced via a computer. This caused me to return to 1975 when it all began with a newspaperheadline of CIA activities. Part 3 is the result of having received a notice for Jury duty shortly after the event at the VA, and shows how ajury can be selected when first summoned for jury duty service and lawyersin the courtroom. Part 4 opens the door to how computer programs are the governing force in our media and how truths arealmost always offensive to any structured system. It also discusses status, as serious roadblocks to truth. Part 5 returns to the VA regarding a stolen computer causing a threat to millions of vets supposedly at risk of IDtheft or at risk of the fear of ID theft. Part 6 is the result of having given the above testimony to the Martin County Sheriff which led to subliminalimaging, that he was able to see in the Stuart newspaper, attempting to seduce the sheriff. The newspaper pageis enclosed, and with the surrounding testimony, is compelling. Part 7 begins to explain how the computerized mind control program marginalizesinformation, people or groups of people that do not follow the program, or that do follow the program. It lays out aclear explanation of para psychology. Part 8 discusses how computerization of postal magazine distribution was the likely cause that blocked UFOmagazine from reaching the bookstores. And shows how "scanning" techniques in science fiction movies suchas Scanners, A Beautiful Mind and Minority Report, from as far back as 28 years have a clear objective and arestill in use today . It reveals some incredible results of a 15 state road trip, attempting to bring my testimony tojudges and courthouses. It also discusses how at least one of the intentions for the drugging at the VA was tomake me dependent on sleep medications that are actually sedative hypnotics intended to make us morereceptive to subliminal hypnotic suggestion that is everywhere in our media and is mentioned 10 times in thebook of Revelation. Part 9&10 gives an example of how the system can run us around in circles until we come around to a "moreacceptable" way of thinking. Also some interesting correspondence with John Hagee Ministries and howscripture continues guiding my testimony and untangling my confusion and not without opposition from the Paranormal. In fact, the pages show how the very mind control and subliminal imaging I was trying to explain beganleading me to start digging into people instead of staying focused on powers and principalities and nearlyconvinced me and others that my testimony was destroyed. It also touches on a VFW event, Operation ProudEagle and takes a look at corporate policy. It ends with an interesting article on accountability and a clearsolution. Deception is at the heart of mind control. and along with leading and misleading, its objective is to stopanyone "in the know" from standing on the Word of their testimony, overcoming manufactured strongholds andpassing through the "boundaries" and into the kingdom of Truth, the kingdom of heaven. Most all of the following pages are in a diary form or as events occurred. This makes it a story within a story. The next page is the original cover page then begins the testimony.
  3. 3. 1 ALIEN vs. GOD The following article "ALIEN vs. GOD" was written to Duncan Roads, the editor of NEXUS magazine. It wasalso presented at a freedom rally to the American free press and its patrons on November 11,2005. It was alsopresented at a UFO conference in Va. Beach on December 2nd to Popular Ufologists, abductees and manywriters including representatives of UFO magazine and to some smallChristian/political newspapers. It was also sent to Pastor John Hagee of TBN who distributed it throughout hisnetwork. . The editor of NEXUS acknowledged the article in his editorial indirectly saying, They will never let mepublish it so the best I can do is try to steer readers in that direction" . The editor of the American free press responded by devoting the entire back page of the newspaper to apicture of Jesus, Mary and Joseph in the manger with a caption saying "The last real newspaper in America" andtrying to include related articles in their paper. UFO magazine devoted most of their next magazine to a story called SERPO. Its a story that has beenleaked over the internet and the leaks were said to have hadmilitary characteristics. The leaks began shortly after the article "ALIEN vs. GOD"was received by the above three major communities. The editor of UFO magazine who always runs his editorial at the back of the magazine called" I get the lastword" refrained from having any editorial at all. A Pastor on Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN), after the SERPO story was released, shouted out that its Godthat gets the last word, revealing that many in the upper levels of the Christian community were closely followingUFO magazine. The June edition of UFO magazine informed readers that UFO and related stories were pouring in faster thanthey could pull them off the presses so beginning in June 2006 they started publishing monthly instead ofbimonthly. 105 copies were randomly sent to various businesses in the movie industry. Since the original release of ALIEN vs. GOD, many things have happened, such as attacks from differentsources, helping me to identify and write about missing links in my testimony. Most all additional papers that areenclosed have been released to my original network. The truth, like God, though hard to define, is something that will always lead to other truths and not awayfrom the truth and will never be able to be disproved because thats the nature of the truth. Though the following testimony gos back and forth from inspiring, logical and revealing to strange andirrational and back again. It’s the only way it can be told. A testimony is a search for the truth, spoken in truth, aprocess. 2 ALIEN vs. GODDear Duncan;Editor, Nexus Magazine.
  4. 4. I have enjoyed your magazine for more than a year now and I admire your courage, perseverance anduncompromising determination to expose the truth amidst the powers that-be and their technology and ability tocreate fear and intimidate us into submission.This speaks for itself of your character. Yet, I hold this against you (Revelations 2:1-7); You have sought the truth only from your own resources, thecarnal world, facts that you can see read and hear. You expose many lies and offer many solutions as thoughmankind has the ability and wisdom to resolve the enormous problems facing the world. I have yet to see asection of your magazine set aside to invite people with the perspective of the Word of God to shine "light on theissues that are ."plaguing: the world~. Are God and Jesus a dirty word? Are they foolishness? Are you afraidthey will hurt business? You seem to me a better man than that, at least from what I have read of your editorials. "For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but tous who are being saved it is the power of God. For it is written; "I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and bring tonothing the understanding of the prudent". Where is the wise? Where is the scribe? Where is the disputer of thisage? Has God not made foolish the wisdom of this world? For since in the wisdom of God the world throughwisdom did not know God, it pleased God through the foolishness of the message preached to save those whobelieve". (First Corinthians 1:18-21). Man is carnal, God is Spirit. This is why many understand the Word of God differently or are simply notinterested. So how does a carnal man interpret words inspired by God?There is only one way I know of and that is to take the first step and believe in God bybelieving in Jesus, which is to believe in Spirit. And that is exactly what Jesus tells us to do, over and over andover again. The more we believe the more faith we have. We cant have one without the other. Simplicity, as abusinessman, I’m sure youll agree that the answers always lie in simplicity. "Therefore do not fear them. For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not beknown". (Matthew-IO: 26) "For whoever has, to him more will be given, and he will have abundance; But whoever does not have, evenwhat he has will be taken away". (Matthew-13:12) In other words, we bring our worldly knowledge and problems with us into ourrelationship with the Word of God and as we believe, God reveals things to us. How much does He reveal? Howmuch do you believe? We both know that much money and effort has been spent to gather information of the accounts ofwitnesses regarding Aliens and everyone listens intently to these prophets that come in their name. But howmuch money and effort has been spent to gather information of the accounts from witnesses of the Spirit of Godand how interested would people be of their accounts? Lets take a hypothetical situation. Suppose you read the New Testament and found yourself, more andmore, coming into acceptance and belief in the Word of God and you went through some difficult times askingGod for forgiveness of your sins that you had committed as a result of the time you had spent living against HisWill. Then you corrected your ways to be in line with His Will and you experienced a day of complete joy and ofthe simplicity that is in Christ. And at that moment, someone called you outside from your office to look at arainbow that was more magnificent than any other you had ever seen. And people were getting out of their carsto look at it. Would you tell everyone that it 3was for you, when in fact, everyone saw it ?Many witnesses do exist in this world today, those who believe. Witnesses to the Spirit that searches the heartsand minds of people. If there were 100 Gospels written and only one was the Word of God and 100 rulers
  5. 5. gathered together to destroy 99 to accomplish their own will and leave the one Gospel that was least likely toempower the people. They would destroy the 99 that they could understand because they were not able tospiritually discern and leave the one written in Spirit that was intended for those who believe. How else would theHand of God work?Today we have reached a time in history where we have space shuttles and satellites orbiting the earth andmissions to the moon and mars and cloning just to name a few. But as a nation and a world, we have fallen farshort of our belief and faith in God, especially our government that has, unwittingly, separated church and state. "These people draw close to Me with their mouth and worship Me with their lips but their heart is far from Me.And in vain they worship me, teaching as doctrines thecommandments of men". (Matthew-I5:30). "By the deeds of the law no flesh will be justified in His sight, for by the law isknowledge of sin". (Romans-3:20). In fact, by adhering to the law, without God, we are all guilty of a wide range of sin that we all know areagainst God, ranging from swindling customers, to sexual immorality, to using depleted uranium weaponry inIraq. But if we truly believe in God, than our righteousness exceeds that of the kings of this earth. "Unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and the Pharisees, you will by no means enter thekingdom of heaven". (Matthew-5:20). So now the buzz is that we are in Revelations and I agree. But let’s look at another scenario. Suppose as acivilization, instead of moving further away from God, we moved closer to God and God blessed us. And wecontinued on to conquer worm holes and black matter and dimensions. And we multiplied and traveled thegalaxy. Then, thousands of years from now, after God had blessed us with so much knowledge and power, wedecided we wanted to do things our own way, without God and God cast us out. We were separated from theSpirit of God and all that was His. "We do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers ofthe darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places". (Ephesians-6:12)."Hosts" in my dictionary is described as armies."Alien" is described as A- A nonresident. B- To cause one to break a tie of affection or loyalty. C- To shift the title of property from one owner to another. God is present in mankind only when His Truth and Spirit reside in mans hearts and minds. But Satan is theruler of this world, the carnal world, the world of the flesh. We only have to look around us to see whos incharge. Hes not an obviously evil guy. He wants people to be nice and honest and obey the law. Why? Becausehe doesnt want chaos, he wants control, without God. His objective is to cast out God. The mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains, will do so until He is taken out ofthe way". (Thessalonians-2:7) God has been taken out of the way. Out of our schools, out of courtrooms, out of federal buildings and out ofthe hearts and minds of those who are running the show. And as they "deceive" people they govern, they takeGod out of their hearts and minds as well. 4 I read in your March-April 05 issue of Charles Hall’s account of tall white extraterrestrials and of the technologyexchange to our military of radio and communications systems in the 1960s. (Are you aware that the
  6. 6. government officially separated church and state in the 1960s and virtually every crime indicator skyrocketed .?) And they gave only technologies that they could use as well "if necessary". I found that very interestingconsidering a phenomenon going on in this country that no one is talking about. And it involves hundreds ofthousands, if not millions of people who are flocking into psychologists offices with a debilitating problem. ThatTV, newspapers and other media sources are talking to them.In some cases I heard of, they were committed to mental institutions or committedsuicide. One complained of having this problem since 1975. And in 1995 it turned into an assault and he developed aphone problem in which potential customers were unable to reach him. He would only receive specific types ofcalls, like from family, friends, banks, out of town, etc. He was run out of business 3 times and could never proveit was happening. He had no record and the courts had no case against him. Folders and messages wouldappear on his lap top computer screen right in front of his eyes while he was not plugged into a phone line. Thenin a period of less than a month, a virus destroyed his desktop computer. He couldnt risk going back on-line andhaving another computer destroyed, so he lost internet access. He wrote a letter on his laptop computer butwhen he tried to print it his printer no longer worked. He bought two new VCRs but they both ate his tapes andthen his $800.00 Sony TV would no longer turn on. While this month long terror went on in his life, the "images" he was receiving from the media became moreintense and he was convinced by them that he was going to be attacked with identity theft that could involvebanking, credit and his ability to get adecent job. It was likened to a demonic attack. What was really odd is thatthis month long incursion occurred during a time when he was throwing himself into the only good, positive andhopeful thing he could find, The Word of God. He overcame his fear of the adversary. He stopped worrying about tomorrow and is only concerned withfinding ways to encourage others to seek what he has found; That God is a living God and is present in the livesof those who believe. I was that guy. And I do know what all that was about. It was about covertly exercisingrighteousness by un-righteous powers-that-be, and it all involved communication technology. The mistake they made with me, is that not only was I not in violation of the law, butalthough I was not without sin, I was not guilty of what they were assaulting me for. It was as though they weretrying to be an artificial God. "Let no one deceive you by any means; for that day will not come until the falling away comes first, and theman of sin is revealed, the son of perdition. Who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or thatis worshiped, so that he sits as God, in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God". (Thessalonians-2:4). The NIV study Bible has notes on the bottom of each page that try to explain the actual meaning of words orphrases. "He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand orforehead, so that no one could buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the numberof his name". (Revelations-13:17). In the NIV study Bible, "buy or sell" is described as an economic boycott against Gods faithful servants.What happened to me is happening to many others in this country and possibly the world "who do not have avoice", and has been going on since at least 1975. 5 Let’s take another hypothetical situation. Lets place Truth or God on one side and the opposition to the Truth
  7. 7. or Satan on the other. If the opposition tries to oppose the Truth, there is chaos. If the opposition decides to donothing to avoid chaos, than the Truth easily overcomes the opposition. So either way, whatever happens, is a"natural" occurrence or God. Therefore Satan must oppose the Truth or he will fall. "Satan cannot be divided against himself or he will fall". (Matthew-2:26). "Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword" (Truth). (Matthew10:34) (Your editorial Duncan, Nexus, Nov.-Dec. 04 issue). Satan must overcome the Truth or the Spirit of God which resides in "Gods people" in order to reign over theearth. Can he do this? No. He has already been defeated. How? When Jesus, in "obedience" to His Father,raised Himself up on the cross, bare ass naked, for the whole world to see saying; "I am the way, the Truth and the life; no one comes to the Father except through Me". (John- 14:6). "Most assuredly, I say to you, he who does not enter the sheepfold by the door, butclimbs up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber. But he who enters by the door is the shepherd of thesheep. To him the doorkeeper opens and the sheep hear his voice. Most assuredly I say to you, I am the door of the sheep. all who ever came before Me are thieves androbbers, but the sheep did not hear them, I am the door. If anyone enters by Me he will be saved and will go inand out and find pasture. I am the good shepherd, the good shepherd gives His life for His sheep". (John-10:1-18). Though many leaders of this world claim to believe in God, that has nothing to do with having a relationshipwith God. Satan believes in God. He even uses scripture in the Bible to tempt Jesus. Hes free to use his owncarnal resources. So how do we know when a man says he believes in God, whether he believes in God the way Satanbelieves in God or if he has humbled himself before God, repented for his sins? corrected his ways and beenaccepted by God ? How do we know if he is the good shepherd and has gone through the door of repentance,correction and obedience to God and has been "born again of the Spirit" or if he is a thief, climbing over thefence to get at pasture (Truth)? How do we know if he is a man of God as he says he is, or is a liar, like his fatherthe devil?"Every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a badtree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Therefore, bytheir fruits you will know them".(Matthew 7:17-20). Judas could not forgive himself for betraying the Son of God, so he killed himself. How difficult would it be forthe kings of the earth, after so many heinous sins against the will of God and His people, to repent and stand inthe light of God while in the spotlight? To pass through the door of the sheepfold and find God? This is why Godspeople pray for their enemies, so that they may overcome. The only mortal sin is to knowingly take a standagainst the Holy Spirit. Then they can no longer pass through the door. Is it possible that some of our leaders orkings of the earth have taken a stand against the Almighty God and have made a deal with the devil ? "Why did the nations rage and the people plot vain things? The kings of the earth took their stand, and therulers were gathered together, against the Lord and against His Christ".Acts-4:25-26). 6 So! enough for now of the beast. let’s get back to the dragon ( Satan) the one we know is already condemned.
  8. 8. Regarding Prophecies from the Billy Meire Contacts NEXUS, September, October issue I read Bills amazing story with great interest and as far as your concern of skeptics go, I will say that I believehis story more than most. I listened closely to his prophetically accurate, scientific and world-event-relatedinformation he brought to you about such things as SARS, mad cow disease, near nuclear power plant accidentsand the order in which wars will break out and how countries will turn against countries. The article also said that"it stands as the most important story in all human history". Well! Thank God I no longer agree with that. On page 56 he goes on to say; "Prophecies are always changeable and can be changed for the better if manmakes positive changes in his "thoughts, feelings" and actions, leading to that which is better and positivelyprogressive. Prophecies always rest on . "specific" causes". This garbage, though it may be a true story, is a lie and sounds much more like a threat than a prophecy. Andthese prophecies mentioned are all things that could be managed by an advanced civilization that could manageour communications systems and/or our leaders that "worship" power and money. If a prophecy is changed, it’snot a prophecy. An even more interesting point he made on page 57, Quetzal was asked what the new millennium will bring tohumans according to the prophecies of Henoch. He replied, “I will do that in a moment, but I would like to explainbefore beginning that I am not authorized to give exact indication of years in an official manner". It’s amazinghow closely the events that he is not authorized to give dates on, align so closely to events that are mentioned inRevelations. It’s as though hes trying to take credit for them. To change the "thoughts and feelings" of peopleabout God and to make the people look to him with awe and fear and worship ALIENS. People that do not knowGod (His Words) and are not able to spiritually discern, are likely to do exactly that. He did deviate from Gods Word slightly, as Satan always does, such as when he said "every third humanbeing or every fourth human will lose his or her life". "A third of mankind was killed by three plagues of fire, smoke and sulfur that came out of their mouths. Andthey still did not repent". (Revelations-- 9:18). ---------------------------------------------- Let’s take a closer look at a section of Revelations, keeping in mind the Charles Hall account ofcommunications technology transfers to the military. "The dragon gave the beast his power and his throne and great authority~ One of the heads of the beastseemed to have a fatal wound but the fatal wound had been healed (Twin Towers?). The whole world wasastonished and followed the beast. Men worshiped the dragon because he had given authority to the beast, .andthey also worshiped the beast and asked Who is like the beast? Who can make war with him’? (Revelations--13:2-4). The power and authority that the beast was given was through communicationtechnology. The beast communicates with us through the media or his "image". The beast and his image arementioned 10 times in Revelations. Many people are already suffering from his image and those that are notsuffering but are enjoying and believing in the "Godless" image of the beast are being led into captivity. 7 "If anyone is to go into captivity, into captivity he will go. If anyone is to be killed by the sword, with the swordhe will be killed". (Revelations--13: IO)."Ten kings will receive authority from the beast and they will be of one mind and willmake war against the Lamb but the Lamb will overcome them, for He is Lord of lords and King of kings; and
  9. 9. those that are with Him are called, chosen, and faithful".(Revelations--7:12-14 ).As far as the rest of the prophecies made by this creep, Henoch, anyone can find theTruth by comparing them to prophesy in Revelations. All you need is a little faith. Thedifference is that the prophesy spoken by Jesus Christ will come to be because He and the Father are one. Q. So! What kind of a man doesnt believe in the devil? A. The same kind of a man that doesnt believe in God. Q. Who is God?"Now I saw heaven open, and behold, a white horse, and He who sat on him was called Faithful and True and inrighteousness He judges and makes war. His eyes were like a flame of fire, and on His head were many crowns.He had a name written that no one knew except Himself. He was clothed in a robe dipped in blood (Christ’sblood) And His name is called, The Word of God". (Revelations 19:II-13) Youll find Him in the New Testament To Billy Meier, Id like to say, "Youre keeping bad company." To the guy that advertises in the classified section of NEXUS, saying; "There are two Christs, the real one andthe one Paul invented" Id like to say that I know where your coming from. It is a bad idea to follow the wrongleader, lest we be distracted from the Truth and our loyalty be divided. But Paul never did anything but steer ustoward Jesus and the Gospel. So, no hard feelings but you can go jump in a lake. And to Charles Hall I would like to say, "May God bless you and give you peace and rest from your labor." And to you Duncan, Id like to say, "I have faith in you. Who else was I going to write to, the NY Times?" .References-- The Holy Bible, The New King James Version. Zondervan, NIV Study Bible. NEXUS Magazine. May God bless us all and keep us free and safe,. Scott Korrow 8
  10. 10. Betty Ann LucaMartinsville V A.December 17,2005Hello Scott,Thank you for your letter on ALIENS vs. GOD. I do hope you were able to hear my lecture on the Spiritualconnection between Faith and UFOs at A. RE. Your letter which I was able to read later is trueconfirmation that the Lord, and His people are aware of what is going on. Praise God! Ive done acomplete pictorial rendition of Revelation scripture which compliment Daniel and reveal through word andsymbols. what-will happen, till and when our Lord returns As for Billy Meiers continual contact withSenYaza and the others named Ptab, and Quetzal Ptah is one of the oldest Egyptian Gods and is calledthe developer, considered to be a great scientist, master engineer, architect, and chief craftsman of the socalled Egyptian gods, and claims he had a hand in creating and shaping man. His son was RA.supposedly Egypt’s firstdevine ruler ..Then there is Quetzel, which sounds like the mysterious Incan or Aztec bearded Quetzel Coatle whoappeared in central America wearing a feathered serpent headdress, and claimed to have come from thesky. Later left and promised to return to them.
  11. 11. Samjaza was Billy Meiers first alien contact. A lady at the lecture came up to me and said Billy hasntheard from Samjaza for a long time and that I should read his other encounters. I think not! I believe hehas continued to listen to Sarqjaza under the guise of Ptah and Quetzel. Their so called Henochprophesies reveal Satan is still using the names of old, so called gods of the past to fool people. Notice,they have used the holy "H"of YHWH in both Ptah-h, and H-enoch evidently to give it more distributionand power. God gave one of the "h’s” to Abraham, and the other h to Sarah as a blessing.Thanks again for your letter and papers on Billy Meier’s contacts and the tall whites. Keep up the goodwork.Have a joy filled Christmas,Blessings in Christ Jesus,Betty Ann Luca 11 CHARLES HALL ON THE TALL WHITE EXTRATERRESTRIALS While serving as a weather observer at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, in the mid- 1960s,Charles Hall had dealings with a mysterious group of Tall White Alien beings housed there and engaged in technology transfer with the US military.MOTIVATIONS OF THE TALL WHITE EXTRATERRESTRIALS AND THEIR EXOPOLlTICAL SIGNIFICANCE What follows is based on an interview with Charles Hall on 2 December 2004 regarding the existence of theTall White extraterrestrials that he met while serving at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, as a duty weatherobserver from 1965 to 1967. His experiences are recorded in his three volume book series Millennial Hospitality(for details, see /Charles_Hall/). I had earlier read the first two volumes of his book series and recorded my impressions in a short article(see I was put in touch with Charles Hall by Paola Harris, thefirst major UFO researcher to investigate the case thoroughly. (see http://www.paolaharris.itlhaIl1.htm). In the interview, I asked a series of questions and recorded his replies by taking notes. My aim inconducting the interview was to get a better idea of the motivations of the "Tall Whites" and their exopoliticalsignificance on earth. I began this evaluation of my interview by first outlining my questions and Charles Hallsreplies. (Note: The replies are recorded in the third person and we have adjusted the questions to the thirdperson style accordingly. Ed.) I finish with my evaluation of his testimony and book series which I believe arevitally important as a possible disclosure initiative that will attract much public attention and carrygreat exopolitical significance. -Michael E Salla, PhD 3 December 2004Why did he call the book a work of fiction?He had to protect himself and the men who served with him. He changed the names to protect the innocent,including himself and other servicemen. People he replaced had experienced severe psychological pressure andtrauma. Some wouldnt want to be mentioned so he didnt give their correct names. He affirmed that everything inthe books is true. It is as close to a documentary of events he experienced as possible.How did he recall all conversations recorded in the book?He didnt keep a diary, but kept a log book. He basically relied on memory in writing the book. He relived theemotions as he covered each experience, and this helped his recollection of events and conversations. Keyepisodes are basically etched into his mind. He had to summarize many conversations. Some conversations had
  12. 12. to be reconstructed. Usually conversations with other airmen are summarized/reconstructed. Conversations withTall Whites are close to verbatim, since the Tall Whites didnt talk much. Tall white men especially didnt speakmuch at all. Tall White women were more talkative than the men. If Tall Whites didnt wear their communicationequipment, then they wouldnt communicate atall. Charles wanted to capture all the emotions he experienced, and these are faithfully recorded in the book.When did he start writing the book?He first tried telling people about his experiences during 1965-1966. When he got a word processor in 1985, hebegan the typing process using floppy discs. Writing was a slow process for technical reasons and alsoemotionally, since he relived the experiences and this took much time. For example, it took six months before hecould control his fears of the Tall Whites back in 1965.When did he finish the book? Back in the 1980s he had trouble finding a potential publisher for his planned autobiography and also hadfamily responsibilities. In 2002 he became unemployed and began to edit, polish and publish what he had writtenso far. The publisher he found,, allowed him to publish it as a "print on demand" book where hecontrolled copyright, etc. He is still not satisfied with what has been published so far, and wants to edit the firstvolume one more time. Basically the book was a work in progress since 1985 up until 2002. Final editing wasdone from late 2002 to early 2003.Did he ever take photos? He never took any photos. When out there by himself he was worried about keeping himself alive, and takingphotos wasnt thought of. Initially he thought he was dreaming (thats why he believes Area 51 is called"Dreamland"). This was a reason why he never thought about taking photos. Later, when he realized that the TallWhites were real, he talked himself out of it when he went back to his base, so he didnt think about photos. Also, he didnt want to offend the Tall Whites and stayed on his best behavior. He didnt think taking pictureswas prudent and might offend them, and they could destroy the evidence anyway since they always had accessto his belongings.Did any other servicemen ever take pictures of Tall Whites that he was aware of? He is not aware of that happening, but recalled that in a paper-back book published back in the early 1990sthere is a set of pictures of Tall Whites which he believes are authentic. These were published by a New Jerseyhousewife who traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and said that she was waiting on a public highway whenshe saw a scout craft and she took six pictures of the Tall Whites standing six foot six inches tall. The implicationwas that some servicemen had taken the photos andsent them to the author, who gave a cover story for how she got the photos. He couldnt recall the name of thebook or the author.Has he ever been approached or briefed by agencies not to disclose the events on Nellis? No. He said that weather information was never classified. As a weather observer he was never part of aclassified project where security oaths were taken. The orders given to Charlie were classified, but nothing he didwas ever to be classified. That was a decision taken by a committee including the Tall Whites and others in thepentagon. The idea was that Charlie would be free to interact with the Tall Whites without being continuallybriefed. He said that the American generals would do anything to get technology transfers. Generals wouldpermit Tall Whites to Kill servicemen if they were offended threatened or harmed. He described an incident in his book where a serviceman had to beg for his life when he yelled at a TallWhite child. The only reason the Tall White didnt kill him, according to Charles, was that a Tall White male cameover to the Tall White female and told her that since the serviceman hadnt hurt the child, the American generalswouldnt understand why she would kill the serviceman. Charles said that the generals, however, thought militaryservice-men were expendable, and wouldnt allow any killing by the Tall Whites to stop technology transfers.
  13. 13. Were other servicemen killed by Tall Whites for offending them? He explained an incident back in September 1965 near the mountains at Indian Springs where the TallWhites had their main hanger. One of the cover stories for sightings of Tall Whites was that they were bighornsheep in the desert. One hunter wanted to shoot one of the "sheep" and rent-ed horses and went with his friend.The hunters eventually separated, and one hunter went near the hanger where the Tall Whites are based andtook a shot at one of the kids. The Tall Whites grabbed him and handed him to the human guards, who weremilitary personnel. The Human guards shot him and gave a cover story for his accidental death. The guardsfound his friend, beat him up and threw him into the brig for about six weeks. Charles said that usually if one wasnt hurting anyone and was just unarmed and hiking, etc., then the TallWhites wouldnt bother one. Basically, they would kill if threatened in any way. They believe in tit for tat. If you didnothing to scare or hurt them, the worst they would do was to scare you away pleasantly.Why does he say the generals were desperate for technology exchange with the Tall Whites? They would do anything to maintain good relations with the Tall Whites to get technology. The Tall White"Teacher" had conversations with Charles thatdemonstrated this. American generals wouldnt stop Tall Whites if they were intent on killing servicemen who hadhurt any Tall White child. Tall Whites exchanged technologies such as radio and communications systems butnot faster-than-light speed technology. Technology exchange was done on the basis of only those technologiesthat would benefit Tall Whites, such as good radio and communication that they could use as well if necessary.He gave the example that the Tall Whites would help with a nuclear-powered craft, but not propulsion systemsfor deep-space travel. Antigravity technologies which were deep-space capable were not shared with thegenerals. American generals were sometimes in the scout craft of the Tall Whites, so the technology for the scoutships was shared to an extent since the scout ships were made on Earth using materials here with theassistance of the US military. Tall Whites sometimes participated in classified meetings and helped withtechnology development. Charles described how much of the technology transfer occurred. Basically, the TallWhites would participate in classified meetings by sitting in and helping with some well-placed questions.In volume one, he describes an incident where mental images entered his mind about the Tall Whites inthe frontier era. Can he explain? Charles described how, when he was reading the history of the West and the history of Death Valley andIndian Springs, he remembered mental images of Tall Whites in the frontier era. These images just entered hismind when the Tall Whites were nearby, and left when the Tall Whites departed.In the book, he mentions 1954 as the first time that reports of the Tall Whites were made in the vicinity ofNellis. Is there any earlier date or evidence he thinks would support the presence of Tall Whites in thearea? He said that the legend of range four Harry (a description used for the Tall Whites by servicemen at the Nellisbase) went back at least as far as 1954.Does he think these mental images he observed were real historical events or fabricated? He felt that the mental images were based on real historical events. He noted that when the tall whitesmoved away, the images stopped. This suggested that the Tall Whites were feeding him these images to givehim historical information that they wanted to pass on.Does he believe that the Tall Whites have been in the Indian Springs area for a couple of hundred years? Yes. He was told that Pamela (a Tall White) was born in that valley during the James Madison era. Theylike the valley because its hot, and that is an important requirement for them.What does he think the motivations of the Tall Whites are in terms of their presence on earth?They used the base as a place for their deep-space-craft the same as the way theUS Navy would use a base in the Pacific. They used the base to refuel, repair and refit their deep-space craft. Hetalked about the long distances in space and the need for a base on a planet like Earth where they can get
  14. 14. supplies, make repairs, etc. Since deep space craft arrived and left on schedule, this meant they were engaged in commerce.Basically, does he believe they just wish to use Earth as a base for their deep-space travel and donthave any ulterior motive to colonize the Earth or dominate national governments? Yes, thats his belief. From the Tall Whites point of view, they are very happy with what they have. Becausetheir life-span is 10 times longer than ours, they take 10 times longer to age and also to heal. They were amazedat how quickly Hall could heal, and he described how they watched him closely when he bruised himself andhealed within a day. Charles argued that the Tall Whites like to keep to themselves and dont have any interest in colonizing ordominating the Earth or taking over governments. They just want to maintain friendly relations with the USgovernment so they can continue to use the base.In volume three, he describes an incident where he was burned by a microwave weapon. Can heelaborate? He explained how the pencil weapon can be used by the Tall Whites to cause great pain, death or sleep. Hedescribed an incident where a CIA guard tried to help a Tall White female in getting up the stairs at thecongressional building, but the guard inadvertently hurt the Tall White and she threatened the CIA guard, whohad to beg for his life. He explained that the pencil weapon can be used to stimulate calcium atomic frequencies to cause great painlike being burned, but one was not actually burned. When the iodine setting is used by the stun gun, it can cause one to bleed to death. He compared this to theblack plague when people would bleed to death due to arteries being weakened and blood leaking out, causingdeath. In an email, Charles clarified how the pencil weapon works. "the pencil weapon could be set to stimulate theatomic frequencies of sodium, calcium or iodine. Stimulating the sodium atoms caused immense pain because itcaused the nerves to discharge. If the weapon is set high enough, it can cause instant death. Stimulating thecalcium atoms caused the reverse (i.e., sleep, calmness, relaxation, etc.) because it causes the nerves to resetand relax. Stimulating the iodine atoms, of course, as described in book three, caused death by internal bleedingbecause it causes chemical changes that allow the blood to pass through the walls of the arteries in and aroundthe thyroid gland." He said that Tall Whites tempers can change very quickly from friendly to hostile. The pencil weapon was used against Charles in a misunderstanding that is described in his book, but theiodine setting was used which caused internalbleeding. He recalled seeing a friendly Tall White female approach him when he was lying hurt and she did a kind ofgraceful dance around him. In an email, he described that Tall White as " ... a young female, probably equivalent to a human youngwoman of age 19. She stood approximately 510"-511" tall. She had a male companion who I always guessedwas her brother because the two of them looked like fraternal twins. She and I were completely unafraid of eachother. On a number of evenings when I was making the morning balloon run, she would come up and standbeside or near me or slightly behind me. Frequently she would come within arm’s length and still not show theslightest fear of me. Likewise, when she came in that close, I also did not feel any particular fear of her either.Her brother, by comparison, was always noticeably afraid of me and always kept his distance fromme (usually he stayed back at least 50-60 feet). He obviously liked me, but also he obviously never trusted me.For example, he would never turn his back to me when he was anywhere in my area (i.e., within 100 feet."If this could occur to him after all the trust that was developed with the Tall Whites, what does thatsuggest for most members of humanity? The idea that Tall Whites can turn on one and use weapons, even despite all the good things that have beendone, is generally correct. Tall Whites differ very much in temperament and personality, as do humans.
  15. 15. He explained an incident involving a Tall White general who wouldnt brook any discussion and could becruel if he felt he was not being obeyed to the letter. Yet the Tall White doctor was quite friendly and wouldapproach very closely. The Tall White captain described in Charless book was a nice enough guy, but he onlycame around humans when it was necessary. He only wanted to know about humans to the extent that it wouldhelp him do his job. A cultural difference was evident, as in cases where Americans might befriend a Japaneseperson but wouldnt want to socialize with Japanese. He stressed that Tall Whites vary tremendously inpersonality.When was the last time he directly communicated with a Tall White? He referred to what is described in book three, which is when he left for military service in Vietnam in 1967.Subsequent to then, he has had no communication with the Tall Whites.Additional Comments from Charles J. Hall. There are many episodes he had that he didnt include in the books. For example, in 1965, Americangenerals passed through the military barracks where he slept. When that first happened, he thought he wasdreaming. He remembers generals talking to Tall Whites about taking Air Force officers with the Tall Whites onscout craft. In an email, Charles elaborated on this: "The American generals were discussing the possibility of theTall Whites taking two young American officers on board the Tall Whites black deep-space craft (i.e., to anothernearby star). I personally saw the American generals themselves with their Tall White counterparts boarding anddeboarding the white scout craft." He thought the discussion was too risky to include, since it included what hefelt was sensitive material that was probably classified. He stressed how the Tall Whites would followagreements to the letter. He gave the example of an agreement he had with the Tall Whites. They wouldbasically never sneak up behind him and scare him, and he would be sure never to do the same to them. Thisagreement was closely followed in all the interactions Charles had with the Tall Whites and helped him survive.Basically, he believed the Tall Whites could be trusted once they had agreed to something.Evaluation and Expolitical Analysis of Charles Hall. I found Charles Hall to be very credible and compelling in his response to questions. He displays greatintegrity and is quite sincere in describing solely the facts concerning his experiences. He described hisexperiences with Tall Whites in a very objective manner, and the emotional reality of the experiences was quitevivid and conveyedmuch information about his state of mind and the seriousness of the experiences he had. The emotions thatCharles objectively described in great detail conveyed the extent to which what he was experiencing shook hisworld view and the world views of those around him. Charless knowledge of the Tall Whites interaction with the US Air Force generals is very enlightening interms of the way agreements were followed to the letter. It appears that the Tall Whites are quite legalistic andthis seemed to be something that the US military found to be helpful in working with them. This is very significantin the technology exchanges that Hall described were vitally important for the US military. The Tall Whites werequite clear that only certain categories of technology would be shared categories that presumable would not givethe US military deep- space capabilities. According to Charles, this technology exchange involved the UScollaborating in theconstruction of scout craft used by the Tall Whites. Providing the required material for the Tall Whitespresumably would have helped US scientists understand the principles of space flight. Since this is what Charlesobserved in the mid-1960s, it may be presumed that larger constructions may have been attempted morerecently that havemore advanced propulsion systems than nuclear power. The expolitical question here is: what would the Tall Whites gain or have gained in return for allowing USauthorities to col-Iaborate in building larger spacecraft? If technology for smaller scout craft had been given inexchange for bas-ing rights, what Earth resources would be or have been traded for larger constructions usingmore
  16. 16. advanced propulsion systems? Charles Hall comes across as very thoughtful and very intelligent. He has a degree in physics and a mastersdegree in applied (nuclear) physics, and believes he has worked out some of the main principles of the TallWhites deep-space propulsion system. He didnt pull any punches in describing the intimidating behavior of the Tall Whites and their readiness touse deadly force to protect themselves and especially their children against potential threats, intended orotherwise. Even surprising or scaring Tall White children could lead to Tall White adults intimidating humans withtheir advancedweaponry, as he has made clear in his book series. Significantly, in his book he describes how the Tall Whites would threaten to kill humans who scared ordisobeyed them (for quotes, see In the interview, however, he focusedon how the Tall Whites would only respond when they were threatened in some way. He stressed the principal of"tit for tat" that the Tall Whites followed, which is well understood in human society and is a principal (lex talionis)found in biblical documents. It appears that in the inter-view Charles was portraying the Tall Whites in a morereasonable light than described in his book.While it is clear that Charles was being as objective as possible, the discrepancy between his book narration andthe interview, in terms of the conditions when the Tall Whites threatened to kill or intimidated military servicemenand humans in general, suggests he was painting a more sympathetic picture of their behavior than in the book.This is something I hope he can clarify later, since it helps contextualise the Tall Whites motives on Earth. Charles described the Tall Whites as having no ulterior designs
  17. 17. In the Earth in terms of colonizing it or taking over governments. He stressed the analogy of the use ofoverseas bases by the US military, such as in the case of US bases in Italy or the Pacific. The idea is thatthe use of such bases was purely to facilitate the operations of the US military, while local sovereignty andcustoms were recognized. So just as the US governmental military has no ulterior motive for control ofItaly through its base there, so too the Tall Whites have no ulterior motive to control the Earth. This isquite a controversial argument, since the control of bases throughout different periods of history has beencontentious and was part of the dynamics that drove colonialism. Indeed, the existence of military bases inSaudi Arabia was a major factor influencing regional perceptions of US motives in the Middle East andinfluenced events in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  18. 18. If the Tall Whites need the Earth as a base for their deep-space operations and commerce, than itwould be naive to believe they have no interest in influencing human affairs and political institutions.Human history shows that when foreign powers establish bases on ones territories, it’s hard to get suchpowers to leave and to prevent them from interfering with local political affairs. We may have alreadyachieved that point, due to agreements reached between the secret committee’s man-agingextraterrestrial affairs and the Tall Whites. Charles believes that the Tall Whites have been on earth since at least the early 1950s and possiblyas long as a hundred years or more, based on what some Tall Whites related to him and mental imageshe received when reading about the local history of Indian Springs. This will be a critical question toexplore, since obviously the time of the first appearance of the Tall Whites on Earth will influence ourassessment of their ultimate goal here. If they have been here for a century or more, as Hall suggestedand which he was influenced to believe by the Tall Whites, than it would be fair to assess that they haveno ulterior design on controlling the Earth. Presumable they could have easily taken control of the Earth inthe early 19th century. If, however, the Tall Whites appeared subsequent to the 1954 Eisenhower ET agreements (see than it is very likely that the Tall Whites have ulteriormotives which go Significantly beyond merely resupplying and repairing their deep-space craft on route toother interstellar locations. The use of time travel technologies might be used by the Tall Whites tobuttress the idea that they have been on Earth for centuries, but this could be entirely fabricated. I believethat the Tall Whites were associated with the 1954 Eisenhower-ET meetings and that they subsequentlyestablished their base in the Indian Springs area of Nevada in that time period. Charles was subtly influenced by the Tall Whites to believe they have been present in differentperiods of US history. The ability of the Tall Whites to refer to earlier historical periods and their presenceis possibly due to advanced technologies such as time travel which they can use to influence ourperceptions of their historical presence. This will be controversial, naturally, but is vitally important asknowledge of the Tall Whites becomes more widespread and their exopolitical significance is discussed. In sum, my view is that Charles Halls testimony is vitally important information that has greatexopolitical significance and is likely to gain widespread public interest. Already, various media outlets aretreating Charles Halls story as a major disclosure event, and Hall is generating much public interest dueto his obvious integrity, clarity and coherence. Halls disclosure of his experiences at Nellis Air Force Base at Indian Springs from 1965 to 1967 willlikely play a major role in public disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence and will help shape publicperceptions of extraterrestrials and their presence on Earth.About the Interviewee:Charles James Hall has a BS in Physics (1972) and an MA in Applied Physics (1973) from California StateUniversity at San Diego, as well as an MBA in Organizational Stress (1983) from Nova University, FortLauderdale, Florida. He has over 18 years experience in soft ware design, 15 years of this as a leadmember of software development teams. He has over nine years experience in designing/creatingwebsites, including military/government sites. He also has 18 years experience performing nuclear-relatedscientific analyses. He has a "secret" Department of Defense security clearance. To see his extensiveresume and find information on how to obtain copies of his three-volume book, Millennial Hospitality (seereview this issue), visit his website at the Interviewer:
  19. 19. Dr Michael E. Salla has held academic appointments in the School of International Service, AmericanUniversity, Washington, DC (1996-2001), and at the Department of Political Science, Australian NationalUniversity, Canberra, Australia (1994-96). He taught as an adjunct faculty member at George WashingtonUniversity, Washington, DC, in 2002. He has a PhD in Government from the University of Queensland,Australia, and an MA in Philosophy from the University of Melbourne, Australia. Dr Sallas February 2003 article, "An Exopolitical perspective on the Pre-emptiveUS-led War against Iraq", was published in NEXUS vol. 10, no. 3. His book,Exopolitics: Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence (Dandelion Books 2004), was reviewedin NEXUS vol. 11, no.S. The full text of this interview is at For otherinterviews and more info, visit Dr Sallas websites at and This article from NEXUS Magazine PROPHECIES FROM THE BILLY MEIRE CONTACTS So many of the Plejaren predictions given to Swiss contactee Billy Meire have come true, that wed be wise to heed the warning that terrible things will befall humanity and our planet if we cant learn to live together. PROOF BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT Many people are still unaware of the amazing story of " Billy" Edward Albert Meier, the now 67-yearold Swiss man whose voluntary, face-to-face contacts with extraterrestrial humans have been going on forthe past 62 years. For many years, Meier was dismissed by skeptics as a fraud and hoaxer. But the recentfailure of the top professional skeptics organization CFI-West, in Los Angeles, to duplicate even one of his"easily duplicated" UFO photos or film segments, followed by the sudden retraction by magician/debunkerJames Randi that the case is a hoax, has resulted in much deserved, renewed interest in the case. In addition to producing the clearest photos, films and videos of UFOs ever taken, as well as otherphysical evidence, for the past 48 years Meier has published the most specific, prophetically accurate,scientific and world-event-related information of any known source. Before you consider the propheticinformation below, please note that from his 251st Contact on February 3, 1995, Meier published advancewarning of the US attack on Iraq, the increase in Islamic terrorism to follow, the appearance of SARS, thespread of" mad cow disease", the renewed public concern over chemical warfare, and the near accident atthe nuclear power plant near Lyon, France (which occurred in August 2003). All of this information andmore from the 251st Contact was also published in Guido Moosbruggers book, And Yet They Fly!, inSeptember 2001-- well before any of the fore-told events occurred. Combine this unprecedented evidence and all of the following with the still irreproducible, scientificallyauthenticated physical evidence, and you may understand why this remarkable one armed man, who hasbeen the target of 19 documented assassination attempts, stands at the center of the most important storyin all human history.In the following article I give the numbers and dates of specific contacts between Billy Meier And thePlejaren, and then an overview of the information contained in each contact. The items called"corroborated" show the dates and sources of the earliest corroboration of Meiers information found by theresearchers. It should be noted that Genesis III published much of the material in volumes 1-4 of messagefrom the pleiades, with the earliest copyright being 1979-the date by which almost all of the information
  20. 20. was in the possession of the investigative team. While I present only a brief overview of the information inthe specific contacts, I hope that each contact will be published in its entirety in the near future. Exceptwhere attributed to Meire, the Plejaren are the source of the information.ABSENCE OF ERRONEOUS PROPHETIC INFORMATION. If, as some people might think, Meier somehow guessed or fabricated all of this specific, propheticallyaccurate information, it would be logical to assume that there would have to be an even more enormousbody of randomly generated erroneous information. Unfortunately for the skeptics there simply is no such voluminous body of inaccurate work. And its easyto prove this, since most of the information validated so far has been culled from a couple of thousandpages of the earliest English translations of the contact reports, published by Meier primarily between1975 and 1979, with additional information excerpted from contacts in the 1980s and 1990s Let me alsoadd that there are still thousands of pages of untranslated German texts and some unofficial Englishtranslations that contain additional, already published, prophetic information awaiting scrutiny.. Contact predictions CORROBORATED As you read (and research) the following, please consider the possibilities that the extraterrestrials andMeire are attempting to offer us assistance in solving the very serious problems we face.• 7TH CONTACT, FEBRUARY 25, AND 35TH CONTACT, SEPTEMBER, 1975: Connection of A-bomb testing, explosions to ozone damage; high-frequency "elementary radiations"unknown to terrestrial scientists; damage to earths rotation, magnetic disturbances, polar displacement;contribution of brominegases to ozone damage; penetration of UV through holes, killing micro-organisms and leading todisruptions in food chain, genetic mutations and other long-term negative effects for humans and theplanet.CORROBORATED: November 29, 1988, with report published by Lawrence Livermore NationalLaboratories announced this "new discovery": "Atom Bomb Testing Tied to Ozone Depletion".CORROBORATED: 1991, when National Public Radio confirmed the connection between bromine gasesand ozone layer damage.CORROBORATED: February 24, 1992, Los Angeles Times, "Ozone Hole Damages Food Chain".• 29TH CONTACT, JULY 7, 1975, AND 31ST CONTACT, JULY 17,1995: Contact involved specific information about Venus, unknown at the time, including composition ofatmospheric gases, surface temperatures, depth of clouds, wind speeds, atmospheric pressure coloration,variation in terrain, etc. CORROBORATED: October 1975 and August 1976, confirmed by probes from the USSR and USArespectively.WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO US?Meier and his extraterrestrial friends seem to be able to predict, i.e., accurately calculate, the results ofcasual actions known to them, originating from humanity and/or nature and the cosmos. And they havemade it clear thatcertain prophesied (undesired) events can still be changed for the better-if humanity recognizes its errorsand makes sufficient effort in the correct, positive direc-tion to alter those outcomes that can still bechanged .
  21. 21. In the 215th Contact, Known as the Henoch Prophecies, special emphasis was placed on America andthe very times we are in. (These prophecies are contained in the 2004 book, And Still They Fly!) Morerecent comments by Meire have also carried harsh and heavy warnings about the current Americanadministration and leadership and the danger of its leading the world into a cata-clysmic Third World War.Considering the credibility the Plejaren have established with their track record of accuracy since at least1975, it would be wise for us to give serious consideration to their warnings about the future. Of course itis up to each interested person to do the research necessary to determine the accuracy and authenticity ofthe Meier Contacts for themselves.Should the most important event in human sttory--contact between an earth human and extraterrestrialhumans-- actually have occurred, then we might realize that this is less about UFOs and extraterrestrialsthen it is about us-- and our future survival.THE HENOCH PROPHECIESPresented by Quetzal215th Contact, Saturday, February 28, 1987, 2.09 am© Billy Meier/ FIGU 2002-2004QUETZAL: ... Before I give you a clear account of the prophecies of Henoch, I would like to point out thatprophecies are always changeable and can be changed for the better if man makes positive changes inhis thoughts feelings and actions, leading to that which isCORROBORATED: February 1981;USGS (US Geological Survey) was producing a topographical map of Venus which, as discovered by theinvestigative team, further confirmed the details Meier had published five years earlier.• 31ST CONTACT, July 17,1975: Semjase informed Meier that Chimborazo, Ecuador, is the highestmountain on earth, contrary to Meier’s belief that it was Mt Everest.CORROBORATED: June 1996 in Earth magazine, 21 years later.• 45TH CONTACT, February 25, 1976: Semjase (Meiers extraterrestrial female contractor) warned him that our extraction of petroleumand natural gas from the Earth, the damming of waters andconstruction of huge cities are major factors contributing to increasedearthquakelvolanic activity. CORROBORATED: June 27, 1990, in the Good Life newspaper (now defunct),Los Angeles: " Earthquakes, Oil Interact".• 115TH CONTACT, OCTOBER 19,1978: Meier described existence of Jupiter’s rings, saying they are composed mainly of dust, particles,sulphur ions flung off by volcanoes on 10; described 10 as the most volcanically active body in the solarsystem, and smooth, level-surfaced with no water; described Europa as ice encrusted; Jupiter said tohave 17 "actual" moons (plejaren dont consider that all of Jupiters satellites meet their standards formoons); described nature of Jupiters huge funnel-shaped storm better and positively progressive.Prophecies always rest upon specific causes; these again result in certain effects, whereby these effectscan be changed at any time if only the preceding causes are changed in their form. Therefore, it is
  22. 22. possible that neg-ative or evil prophecies do not have to be fulfilled if the preceding causes will bepurposely changed in a manner that positivity and good develop instead of negativity and evil. However, this does not apply to predictions, as these rest upon events that cannot be changed, areinevitable and surely and definitely will occur in the future. Predictions rest upon a preview and thus on adirect viewing of the future, and have to do with neither prophecy nor with calculations of probability. Sowhen I make a portion of Henochs prophecies for the third millennium known to you, it does not mean thatthey have to be fulfilled, because the prerequisite of fulfillment in each case would be that the alreadyexisting causes continue to exist as also continue to be created in the future so that a fulfillment of theprophecies can come to pass. Thus, provided that human beings of Earth will become reason-able, the possibility exists that by areasonable change in the way of thinking as well asa reasonable development in feeling and an equallyreasonable way of acting, everything changes for the better and positive, whereby prophecies do nothave to be fulfilled. However, if this transformation does not occur, a very evil, wicked and negative timelies ahead for the earth and its entire population in the coming new millennium. BILLY MEIRE: Since the second world war, the thoughts, feelings and actions of the human being ofearth have changed much toward the positive and good, but all that achieved is not enough in my opinion,as the great transformation towards the better hasScott KorrowJensen Beach, FL10-23-06Dear John;But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and thepeople are notwarned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity;but his blood I will require at the watchmans hand. Ezekiel33:6 As you know, when we engage in spiritual warfare (not political warfare), we are attacked. Attacks arein proportion to the strength of our testimony. If we doubt our ability to stand up against the enemy thanwe will not engage, so the enemy will rule over us using fear. As the enemy engages us, one of two things must happen. 1- He will convince us that he has won, thus destroying our faith. 2-We will overcome and the enemys tactics will be exposed He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who overcomes I will giveto eat from the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God. Rev. 2:7 I had an appointment with the VA for an annual checkup. In my records they had information of mypast "problems" with the "image". The doctor asked if I was still experiencing these problems. I was happyto testify. Gave him a copy of my testimony and bragged about the supernatural power of the Word. I toldhim that only because of excitement and anxiousness I had a little trouble falling asleep and I didnt likethe groggy feeling of over the counter sleep aids and that it wasnt a serious problem. He suggested I set
  23. 23. up an appointment with the psychiatrist to see if there was something he could prescribe. Since I believedthat the enemy is high up in the upper ranks, I saw this as an opportunity to witness. When the secretary,in an attempt to cooperate with my schedule, began setting up a TV appointment, the doctor interrupted,telling the secretary that he wanted her to make a person to person appointment. When I met with the psychiatrist, I happily shared my testimony. I told him that the doctor set up theappointment for a mild sleeping aid for a minor problem. He began asking questions regarding my mentalstate of mind and it became clear that we were in "opposite frames of mind. I told him that if he couldnthear what I was saying the way I was saying it than I preferred not to say anything and I would look for anatural way of sleeping. He asked if I felt tired. I replied no more than normal". He asked if I would agreeto an anti-psychotic medication. Standing up, I said "absolutely not". He asked again if I was tired, I saidno. He said try omega 3 fish oil. We shook hands and I left. That evening I developed an overwhelming feeling of heavy medication. I had a hollow, dull, feeling inmy head and became paranoid when I tried to think. I became so depressed and tired that I could cry andthis is not characteristic of me. There was a ringing in my head and a caffeinated feeling that made italmost impossible to sleep. 24 I realized my only hope was to put my faith in the Word and in Jesus. I searched the scriptures in mymind and remembered that God did not make us of fear but of a sound mind. I calmed down. I continuedsearching and Iremembered Acts, 28-3 when Paul was bit by a viper that came out of the sticks because of the fire andheat and latched onto his hand and he shook it off. Pauls experience with the viper was evidence thatGod wanted me to overcome what seemed to be out of my control and the way the psychiatrist spokesounded much like hypnosis. I still feel strange but Im working, focused and positive but the strange hollow ringing in my head thatsounds like bugs chirping at night continues. I can feel the effects of the drug mostly when I stop to rest. Fish oil has nothing to do with sleeping but fish have everything to do with Jesus. To take away myability to serve God and fight the good fight of Truth and faith was the scariest thing the enemy could havedone to me.The end of my account number at the VA is 666In Christ.Scott Korrow A month after I wrote this letter, I read this verse in Revelation that sounds very much like a combination of hypnosis and an injected drug. For their power is in their mouth and in their tails; for their tails are like serpents, having heads; and with them they do harm. Revelation 9:19 Keith Moore did an entire sermon on Trinity Broadcast Network in February of parts of the Biblediscussing people bitten by serpents and their need to focus on the Word of God if they are, such as; Numbers-21:6-9 When the Lord sent serpents among the people and many died until they looked upon
  24. 24. a brass serpent on a pole and then lived. (A serpent on a pole is todays symbol for the medicalprofession). Ecclesiastes-10:8 & 11 - Whoever breaks through a wall will be bitten by a serpent. (uncovers secrets).And- A serpent may bite when it is not charmed. This is happening to many people in the country and they would not be devoting so much TV timetalking about it if they were not receiving many other testimonies from frightened people around thecountry. The Word of God is theonly way to explain to their viewers what is happening to them because there is no proof.Revelation 9:16 The number of the army of horseman was 200,000,000. The attack is coming from the two hundred million radical Islamics, of which many are living among usin key positions and this is why John Hagee is shouting out that "we are in world war three". Radical Islamworship the god of the earth, Lucifer. Satan, the father of all lies, is the father of all secrets, therefore only the Word of God can reveal thetruth, not politics. And many forces try to steer people away from it. We really do need to be pure of heartto see the truth and doesnt that make perfect sense? 25Scott KorrowJensen Beach, Fl.1/5/0 7To John Hagee Ministries; And when he had fasted forty days and forty nights, afterwards He was hungry. Now when the temptercame to Him, he said, "If you are the Son of God, command that these stones become bread." But Heanswered and said,"It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God". Again, the devil took Him up on an exceedingly high mountain, and showed Him all the kingdoms of theworld and their glory. And he said to Him "All these things I will give You if You will fall down and worshipme" Then Jesus said to him "Away with you Satan! For it is written You shall worship the Lord your Godand Him only you shall serve. “Matt.4:2-10 In 1975, I became a caretaker for Elizabeth Scott (Harms). She owned the secretarial service for the NYState legislator. I was alone on an 11 acre estate with no chores to speak of. Strange things happened inthe house and I was certain that the house was bugged. I awoke one morning with an incredibly wonderfulfeeling of being drugged. "I was a heavy beer drinker and smoker". I felt a oneness with the universe andwas totally alert for the first time that I could remember. I went to the end of the driveway to get theNewsday and the front page read in big bold letters.CIA TACTICS - DRUGGING, SPYING, ILLEGAL WIRETAPS, DOSSIERS.This was the beginning of a long and tormenting experience with the media and the images. They imitatedme and I
  25. 25. saw myself in all forms of media on a daily basis. I would buy a peppermint patty and come home to apeppermint patty commercial on TV. There was no question if this was real, only why. I had a friend thatwas a psychologist and he could tell many things about me and other people by their conversation suchas if someone had divorced parents or was divorced themselves. In other words, people fall intocategories.Consequently, the only reasonable explanation I was ever able to come up with for why, was that byfinding how to communicate with me, they might hope to communicate with others like me. When I beganlooking for answers in the New Testament, the powers-that-be seemed to instinctively know that I had tobe stopped. Without the Word, I’msure I would have died or gone insane. I was happy to have found something that was giving me so muchpeace and was happy to replace the media with the Word of God. I did not watch TV, go to a movie oreven look at a newspaper headline.I fasted for (more than) forty days and forty nights from "earthly food". My mind was transformed and Icame into the Spirit of God in less than two months. I then wrote my testimony ALIEN vs. GOD. Forarguments sake, if a Ford is the best made car but I convince you it is a Chevy and you believe me, howthan can you believe the truth? You cant. Nor can someone have one foot in the world and one foot in theWord and have their mind transformed to the perfect Will of God.My experience with the VA psychiatrist has taken a lot out of me. I realize how crazy this must sound, butthe drug I was given seems to act like a collar, I suffer terribly after sharing my testimony with someone. Istarted handing out flyers on windshield wipers with the same effect, feeling extremely tired and anabsence 26of thoughts in my head. This caused me to take a break from what I was doing and do some reading andlook in another direction. "All things work together for good for those that love God". I read a few booksthat I would recommend your reading, if I may, if you would really like to understand our adversary.Charles James Hall, Millennial Hospitality I, II & III.George P. Hansen, The Trickster and the Paranormal.I know Halls testimony is true because I can relate to many things that he says. For instance, he says thathe was important to the Tall Whites because "He could handle the knowledge". All the other weatherobservers were terrified of them, but Hall was able to function normally in his duties, with his friends andwith the Tall Whites. In his third book Hall describes the technology that was exchanged, at least to atrained eye. The Tall White teacher thanked Hall andsaid that because they were able to talk with him without him being afraid, they were able to adjust theirelectronics to his thoughts so that they could communicate with and get along with others of our race. In the store I work in, they are able to listen to what we say through the computers even in anotherstate. They use what the employees say to control the employees. The powers-that-be that are above thecorporations, no doubt do the same to them right to the top."When we sin, we become slaves to sin". (John 8:34)"Those that lead into captivity, into captivity they will go".(Revelation 13:10)
  26. 26. Our own thoughts, logic & reasoning are being used against us to lead us away from God and towhoever controls the technology. This is why we must transform our minds to the mind of Christ whilefasting from earthly food and tonot try to understand with our own understanding. I believe I have come this far because I have cut myselfoff from worldly communications for more than a year now. I know how deadly it is. I only "peek" in on itonce in awhile to see whats going on. The process of adjusting our thoughts to their electronics could explain the rise of the spirit of anti Christ,adjusting testimonies to their electronics. I have seen things in movie advertisements relating to mytestimony that supports this. I believe George Hansen managed to write such a complex book about deception and remain of soundmind because of his belief in the Word of God. He speaks of it as the only really stable thing on the face ofthe earth that does not contain Trickster constellations. In his last chapter he makes reference to John 1:1and to the image of the beast. (enclosed).In Christ,Scott Korrow Several weeks ago a horror movie came out and the billboard read "Some frequencies were not meant to be tapped into". And more recently" the movie Breach, and the billboard read, "The biggest security breach in US history. There are an increasing number of people who are now aware of the subliminal image of the beast but only through their hearing and understanding of the Word of God. For nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom. (Matthew 24:7) 27 Chapter 23 Literary Criticism, Meaning, and the Trickster In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1The trickster is a literary figure. He is central to the problem of meaning. In fact, the term hermeneutics(the study of interpretations) is derived from the name Hermes, the trickster of the Greeks. Meaning is the explicit concern of literary criticism, an innately reflexive discipline--it uses language tostudy language. Literary critics have long pondered the limitations of language and developed someunderstanding of them, and it is no accident that they have generated the most insights on the trickster. The trickster is also intimately involved with magic (psi). Though magic and meaning are not quiteidentical, they are closely related, and at times they blur into each other. The similarity is profound; onecan work through the other. Hermes is the messenger god and is central to information, language, andmeaning, but also to limits, and to reflexivity. These issues cannot be neatly disentangled, which is inkeeping with the trickster.
  27. 27. Literary criticism is a vast area, and I cannot attempt to survey it. Instead I will focus on that small partwhich involves structuralism. They fomented controversy, but they are still not too well understood despitethe resulting publicity. I introduced the French structuralist movement in the discussions of Claude Levi-Strauss, butstructuralism encompassed far more than anthropology. It also included literary criticism, religious studies,psychoanalysis, philosophy, and linguistics, and there were many variations of it. It was not a closed, self-consistent school, nor is it particularly easy to define. Readers who have only a passing familiarity withstructuralism should not feel intellectually inadequate if they failed to grasp its central issues. Even Levi-Strauss admitted that he didnt understand some of the uses to which his ideas were put. Ambiguity is animportant issue in the structuralist lineage; its not to be neglected or lamented. Ambiguity highlights thelimits of language, and the failure of meaning. As a movement, structuralism is dead. Its ideas cannot now be effectively understood withoutconsidering deconstructionism and poststructuralism. I will provide a brief overview of these and some ofthe people involved with them. Concepts from the structuralist lineage are now almost exclusively applied to literary endeavors. Thatrestrains the ideas, restricts them to text, and that makes them safe for academe. This chapter will escapethose shackles and cover anthropologicalideas that receive little attention by literary theorists. Onecommonality between literary andanthropological concepts is the theme of binary opposition-- a theme also found with the tricksterand in primitive classification. Structuralism, semiotics, deconstructionism, and poststructuralism all display the influence of Frenchphilosophy, which has a strongly rationalistic bent. It is marked by abstraction and little empirical content,and many decry it for that reason. However, the extremes make both the strengths and weaknesses ofrationalism apparent. The excesses are instructive. As I will show, deconstructionism is the logicalculmination of rationalism. This will surprise some and be abhorrent to others, because deconstructionismlays bare the pretensions of rationality. Strucralist Theory Structuralism emphasizes patterns of differences. Communication systems use patterns of matter or energy as signals. For example, computers utilize strings of J s and Os (bits); they may be printed on paper (matter) or put in the form of electronic impulses (energy). It is the arrangement that is important. But the meaning of the information lies outside the formal system. meaning requires interpretation, because the same "information" can mean quite different things to different people. It is here that ambiguity and the trickster enter.
  28. 28. 12/12/06To the Editor, AFP; I wonder how long it will be before we have to have a license in psychology before we can helpsomeone? And are psychologists really worth $200.00 plus an hour or are they more like taking a waterpill to quit smoking? The answer may be found in a book by George P. Hansen titled The Trickster and theParanormal. Hansen quotes Richard Warner, a medical director of a mental health center as admitting that manyforms of psychotherapy have little innate healing capacity. Hansen goes on to say that" Troubled peopleare unlikely to be helped by telling them that the planned treatment is objectively ineffective nor is thatinformation likely to help the therapist. Research indicates that a doctors confident attitude assists in thehealing process. Thus for a therapist to be maximally effective, he must "believe" in his method, but if atechnique is objectively worthless, the therapist must fool himself before he can help his patient.Deception and self deception are at the heart of the psychotherapeutic process. These "facts" are not loston student therapists, and Warner pointed out that some quit in despair
  29. 29. when they realize the dilemma." Is it possible that the psychologists that overcome this dilemma and accept the process of deceptionand self deception are the ones that are promoted up to corporate psychology or head wall street salesdepartments? Hansen goes on to say that" There is even evidence that advanced training in therapy makes one aworse therapist, but such findings have little impact on the legitimacy granted psychotherapy by theestablishment, including insurance companies, courts of law, academia, and government agencies".Imagine that.As form, I’m a true blue Christian that is blessed with the Spirit of Truth and I cant think of a single reasonwhy I would need a psychologist in the first place.In Christ.Scott Korrow After receiving this letter, the editor of American Free Press (AFP) responded by running a letter of their own that they had already published several months earlier about anxiety medications being harmful to people suffering from it, in effect saying that they are on top of the situation. They did not address the issue being raised but by responding to it, they showed that they recognized the importance of it. In many ways, editors are much like Psychologists as described above. What they publish has far more to do with the success of their publication than with the truth. 30Scott KorrowJensen Beach, Fl 2/27/07To John Hagee Ministries; 3The four living creatures, each having six wings, were full of eyes around and within. Rev. 4:8 In the book, The Trickster and the Paranormal, by George P Hansen, he states that "When thesupernatural and irrational are banished from consciousness, ( In favor of a structured society) they arenot destroyed, rather, they become exceedingly dangerous". This is because the supernatural (God) andthe Paranormal (Satan) are quite real. And when they show up in a structured society.How should we say it? All hell breaks loose? Last week I received a summons for jury duty. With everything I have been through over the years, theSpirit told me it was more than just chance.Though I rarely look at the media, that doesnt stop the powers-that-be from getting through to me. I havehad many terrifying dreams though I recover from them quickly because I understand some of the howand the why ( Lemelsonaward, enclosed ). I have had a switch on a flashlight that was completely broken and floppy go on in the
  30. 30. middle of the night and would then work perfectly. Twice, I had a crucifix that hung from my rear viewmirror in a locked car,completely tangled in its own string that would have been impossible on the bumpiest of roads. I had acollar pin with a cross over an American flag that disappeared from my night stand and reappeared twodays later, disappearedagain then showed up where it could not have been. After checking at the courthouse to see if there wasany way I could lose my mobile home through identity theft and being told "only if someone with false IDcame to the courthouse and obtained a duplicate copy of the title", I came home and found a key, in plainsight, on the threshold of the door to my house that had been securely placed in a channel of the sidingthat was hard even for me to remove.And some of the popular messages from the "image" were "Cingular, Raising the bar" "Life demandsLysol and thats a fact" and "Progressive insurance. By taking people out of their ability to buy and sellgradually, this masks the secret of what is happening and causes people to explain away what ishappening toothers. Ambiguity is in keeping with the Trickster.So! Getting back to the jury duty, I see this as how I could be brought to the next level of "raising the bar”.This also made me think of how strange it is to have 100 people show up for jury selection, wait for 4 or 5hours and than half of them be dismissed. Is it possible that this is where jury selection is made and Godis taken out of the courtroom and judgments are passed and that movies like the Devil’s Advocate andRunaway Jury are a misleading lie that leads us to believe that lawyers or a planted juror are swayingdecisions and to lead us to another form of "justice"? I think so. Perhaps with your resources you can lookinto this. I have postponed my jury date to July because Im not ready yet for what may follow. I could do whatothers have done and run from the law". But wouldn’t that show a lack of faith in God?In Christ.Scott Korrow 31 Click here to continue to "Volume 2" Click here for a printable version of "Volume 1" This document requires a PDF Reader - which is free to download. Click the "Get Adobe Reader" icon to download the reader............................This page was last updated: November 8, 2009 Click here to return to Intro page or to recomend this site to a friend
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