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The journal of abduction encounter research
The journal of abduction encounter research
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The journal of abduction encounter research


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The journal of abduction encounter research

The journal of abduction encounter research

Published in: Education, News & Politics
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  • 1. Fourth Quarter 2008 Have you seen JAR? The Journal of Abduction-Encounter Research The new issue — JAR 7 — has arrived! To read the fascinating articles in this issue, Click here to Subscribe to JAR today! Only $20 a year! JAR IS AN EMAIL QUARTERLY ON THE UFO ABDUCTION-ENCOUNTER PHENOMENA & ITS IMPLICATIONS Articles this issue Alien machines I have seen By Nadine Lalich Technology which makes the processing of abductees oh-so-much-easier and may take all of Las Vegas with it. These vermillion-skinned, high ranking alien females in shiny robes can turn invisible! by Jayna Conkle Astounding! Orwellian! “Remembering” the future? Something new in regression results By Barbara Lamb Ken’s story has not happened yet. Was it a rehearsal or a prognostication? Hypnosis in ufology— in the USA, Brazil & elsewhere By Mário N. Rangel A leading Brazilian ufologist and hypnotist tells of his most fascinating cases. See important information below
  • 2. Reviews every credible UFO crash retrieval event worldwide to date. Presents74 alleged crashes since 1897. Includes compelling documents. Provides sufficient evi-dence to conclude UFOs have crashed on earth and governments have recovered them. HERE’S WHAT READERS SAY: “Goes far, far beyond the typical UFO book. . .a non-stop thriller, must read. . .” Robert Collins, Author, Exempt from Disclosure; “. . .a most worthy contribution to UFO literature,” Edgar Mitchell, 14 astronaut; “. . .exhaustive investigative work. . .extraordinarily mind boggling,” Richard Haines, PhD NASA scientist; “ Intriguing, controversial, fascinating. . .essential reading,” Nick Redfern, Author, UFOs: Covert Agenda; “. . .a breakthrough. . .unlike any other. . .” John Schuessler, Former Int’l Dir. Mufon; “Presses against US government’s UFO secrecy lid like steam in a pressure cooker. . . ,” Linda Moulton Howe TV producer, investigative reporter; “The implications for the history of mankind are profound,” Stanton Friedman, Top Secret/MAJIC; “I applaud but tremble at Ryan Wood’s chutzpah. . .brilliant,” Paul Davids, Pr., Roswell, Showtime movie; “. . .a great deal of new or little known information. . . ,” Stan Gordon, Author, Kecksburg; “One of the most important books in ufology,” Michael Salla, PhD Founder, Exopolitics Inst.; “Ryan Woods emerges as the leading expert in the world,” Steve Bassett Dir., Paradigm Research. Alien Experiences is a significant contribution to the literature on close encounters. Written with committment and clarity, the authors’ desire to help abductees shines through every page. — Journal of Abduction-Encounter Research (JAR)