The 4 hour body worked for me!

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The 4 hour body worked for me!

The 4 hour body worked for me!

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  • 1. The 4-Hour Body Worked For Me!By Steven M TannerTim Ferriss, the author of New York Times best seller, The 4-hour Workweekhas added another masterpiece to the best sellers list called The 4-HourBody. This book was a ten year work-in-progress that covers many uniqueareas that are related to "physical peak performance". Some of these areasinclude: weight loss, weight gain, sexual techniques, how to add 100lbs toyour bench press, how to hold your breath under water for more than threeminutes, training for a marathon in only 12 weeks, and strategies on how tolive forever. Sounds unrealistic?...Not really actually.I personally tried whats called the "Slo-Carb Diet" to see if it is possible to lose 20lbs in a monthwithout exercise, but rather sticking to a strict eating regimen. Here are my monthly results (Iweighed myself before breakfast every day at the same time on the same scale in the samelocation, completely naked so there was no room for the scale to make any errors):Jan 8th 176.6 (Heaviest of the month)Jan 9th 173.0 (Slo-Carb Diet Begins)Jan 10th 172.0Jan 11th 170.0Jan 12th 170.0Jan 13th 167.8Jan 14th 168.6 (Beginning of the Binge Day)Jan 15th 172.2 (Day After the Binge Day)Jan 16th 168.3 (End of the one week Slo-Carb diet)Jan 17th 168.8Jan 18th 168.2Jan 19th 171.0 (Forgot and weighed myself after breakfast instead of before)Jan 20th 168.8Jan 21st 168.0Jan 22nd 168.0Jan 23rd 168.0Jan 24th 167.0Jan 25th 166.6Jan 26th 165.6 (The lowest of the month)The reason why my weight kept declining after the diet is because my stomach shrank and I wasnot able to eat as much food. Losing eleven pounds in only two weeks... not too shabby. Thisbook is excellent for anyone looking to change their body in any shape or form. Hope you enjoyit as much as I did.