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Four hour body reviews   is it possible to live super human
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Four hour body reviews is it possible to live super human


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Four hour body reviews is it possible to live super human

Four hour body reviews is it possible to live super human

Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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  • 1. Four Hour Body Reviews - Is It Possible toLive Super Human?By Jeff MillsIs it possible to have a rockin body doing only four hours of training or workouts each week?Many people are seeking positive reviews about the Four Hour Body book by Tim Ferriss to findout if the information within it is worth purchasing or if its just a useless table weight. TimFerriss thinks its completely possible to live the four hour body lifestyle and he has dedicatedover 10 years of his life documenting every experiment, weight loss strategy and collectedextensive case studies on himself to prove the four hour body can be achieved.Tim has been widely known as an entrepreneur who is always perfecting the human life tobecome as streamlined and productive as possible. We first saw this in his book dedicated tohuman production called, "The Four Hour Workweek." Now Tim is focusing in on the specificsof how to tweak the body and make it do "supernatural" things through chemistry, mind training,and body hacks.The three main areas that Tims book focuses in on are:1. Rapid Fat Loss2. Incredible Sex3. How to Become Super HumanThe book is really an encyclopedia of information dedicate do re-inventingyour body so that it performs at its utter peak.Its a thick tome, that you would not want to read cover to cover in 1 sitting, but one youd openup to find a simple home doctors remedy from, where you need to find a solution to an ailmentthat is bothering your body.One would zip to the specific chapter, read the solution and decide to apply the strategies orignore them.This book is full of body hacks and strategies that one can apply to become a much more healthyhuman being. But keep in mind, its not a medical book, nor endorsed by any governmentapproved heath or food agency. So, take the ideas he gives you into consideration before tryingany experiments at home.Well see if anyone tries any of the suggestions from Tim and tries to sue him in the future causeit does not work or worse, they get horribly sick. Check out what people are saying by searchingfor four hour body reviews and youll find many websites that have 100s of comments frompeople who have read the book and enjoy it or did not like it.